Nokia 2650

  • Released 2004, Q2
    96g, 23mm thickness
    Feature phone
    No card slot
  • N/A 986,606 hits
  • 36 Become a fan
    128x128 pixels
  • NO
    No video recorder
  • 760mAh

Nokia 2650 - Specs

Network Technology GSM
2G bands GSM 900 / 1800
  GSM 850 / 1900 - Nokia 2651 for US
GPRS Class 4
Launch Announced 2004, Q2
Status Discontinued
Body Dimensions 85 x 46 x 23 mm, 77 cc (3.35 x 1.81 x 0.91 in)
Weight 96 g (3.39 oz)
Display Type 4096 colors
Resolution 128 x 128 pixels, 1:1 ratio
 4-way navi key
Downloadable themes
Memory Card slot No
Phonebook 256 x 5 fields, Photo call
Call records 10 dialed, 10 received, 10 missed calls
Camera   No
Sound Loudspeaker No
Alert types Vibration; Downloadable polyphonic, monophonic ringtones
3.5mm jack No
Comms WLAN No
Bluetooth No
Radio No
Features Sensors
Messaging SMS, MMS
Browser WAP 1.2.1, xHTML
Games Yes, downloadable
Languages Major European and Asia-Pacific languages
Java Yes, MIDP 1.0
 Predictive text input
Battery   Removable Li-Ion 760 mAh battery (BL-4C)
Stand-by Up to 300 h
Talk time Up to 3 h
Misc Colors Silver, Red, Brown
SAR EU 0.54 W/kg (head)    

Nokia 2650 - User Reviews

  • Me this phone . Mine was silver. You can buy it from ebay. The best ringing tone was "street wise".

  • I guess u looking for ringtone called Nocturnal... It was my fav ringtone for nokia...

  • That was my first phone and I still want it today where can I buy it?

  • This was my first phone, had so many great memories with it. it was so cool. it had a colored display :)

  • may be Nostalgia or Nuance

  • This was my first phone :) ... luvd it The lights were the best of it.. when ever there is a call coming , it used to ring and light too :D

  • I had this phone for years. It is a simple phone, no SD card, no camera, nothing fancy, just a plain old phone but it is reliable, durable and its battery lasted for days. It was one of the best phones, in my opinion, at the time it was brought out.

  • I had this phone before and i love it... (Though it doesnt have cam and no memory card..) aside from being small and stylish, it has a nice web browser... This is where i start using my fb on mobile.. So sad i lost it...

  • still trying to get the gprs function. cant seem to work since it keep saying "subscribe to gprs". so what is wrong with the phone. All other setting are very ok

  • It's made in 2004!!!! And even then it was an entry-level phone, not a quad-core, 12 GB DDR monster.

  • Terrible phone.Bad keypad, pathetic memory and hardly any web browser!!!1

  • Hey, has anybody had this type of device before? I had it 5 years ago, and there was a ringtone in it that I really love. Now, it's stuck in my head but I forgot its name, and I've been searching for it since a while. It's almost like ballet but on a bit of a fast beat and its name starts with N. Wish someone give me the name of it, and I would really appreciate it. :) Thank you!

  • It is has Ribbon probleme.And its network works not good.Gprs So Slow.

  • Na.Not worth it

  • this is a good phone .... nice web browser and really comfortable to use...:)

  • How do i get gprs enabled on my handset???

  • oh my god..... what is that????

  • there is an option Inside Message. go setting option of message than u will see an option,which is "dellete automaticalty when text come" keep that option off

  • save more money and buy expensive phones good for 2 years only!!!

  • This mobile sent sms items is authomatically deleted how to show that? Pls help me........

  • this phone is good my incle got it for 3 yaers and i just receive 3day before i post this msg. internet browser display web pages. good

  • i dont know.....

  • hey, i have purchase this handset b4 5 yrs. still it is working ok.

  • Hey I dropped this phone and now the screen is blacked out. Its still working though and I didn't save my contacts on to my sim so i was wondering if someone could give me the steps to getting to the button to save all contacts on the sim card. Thanks!!

  • this phne is great and reliable nothing is competion was is

  • This was my first phone, bought it about 4 years ago, i still use it today, it's a nice phone that does what you expext a phone to do. I found th volume to be insuficient in very loud areas, and recently the sim-card is a bit loose, so now and then the phone stops working and I have to re-enter my pin number. But I'm very pleased with how it worked over the last 4 years.

  • Great phone! It's just a phone with bright keypad lights and nothing more. Fine at the start but messy at the end.

  • after using 4 years, this phone very simple and adurable.. 3 months ago, i change flexible and until now..its works fine i love so much this phone

  • After 3 years of using, it's just a crap now - display dirty, key's need herculean effort to press, never had any bluetooth. Just inherited from my dad - I have no idea how he could stand it!

  • If you bought this phone just for texting and people calling you it it a good phone. If you want a phone with all the works it will cost you alot of money. This is a good phone for what it costs. This is a good basic phone for a first time user.

  • I think this phone doesn't have a special sloot for sim card, �What can I do?

  • i think it sohoel have had a sd slot

  • Had the phone for 4 years, now it finally died on me. I think the electric connectors in the hinge finally broke due to stress, or something, because it turns off when I fold it. I loved it for its simplicity - I bought it for calls and texting, and it performed great at both. Used it as an alarm clock and occasionally put reminders in the calendar, which was a pretty nifty feature (but nothing you'd use on a regular basis). The standby time was exceptional, talk time not so but I'm not a big caller. Going for a weekend trip without a charger was no problem. The only negative thing was the colour screen, which was completely worthless in bright sunlight.

  • I experienced a lot through using the 2650 fone and Im done with it now because it is giving problems like cutting some text in the smses and apart from that it good coz it's slim,stylish,portable.

  • i have used dis phone before,the only problem is that the keypad comes out .

  • good points: light in the hand stylish, - i like the the fact that one can fold it the 'fluorescent lights, --I JUST LOVE THAT bad points: small screen low tones, boring ones too keypad can be hard after so much use it finishes like a rag, all the plastick thing gets messy

  • I've been using the phone for two years's almost dead....i don't get it at cancels my received calls on its decides to hang up on my caller in the middle of a decides to show "insert sim card" out of no where....and best of all it started melting on charging it last night:D...I feel like i bought a joke and not a mobile's helariously a failure...I dunno who ever said Nokia was good at making phones...this one made me decide to never go fo Nokia again:S

  • I love this phone. I think all you jews should stop the insults!

  • very good

  • this phone has a very very very tinny screen, better buy a lense with this phone, so u can use it well.....

  • this fone is like a pillow and better use it as a tourch not a mobile:)))

  • many people said that tis phone look like a pad but i dun think so,i love tis phone and it will be the most coolest,luxuries,amazing,wonderful,incredible,un­believeble,beautiful, i've used before.I LOVE U NOKIA 2650

  • I love this phn!! How can I change the font size?? plz tell me!! =D =D

  • i have a silver one.. its a nice phone.. but i dun really like the keypad.. after using for a while the keypad is harder to press.. T-T sad isnt it.. lolx.. i dun really like the colour also..

  • Amazing design, i luv it ;)

  • This Nokia phone is a basic, no frills phone. It's for pple who want their mobile phones to just function as mobile phones. I've had this phone for almost 3 years already. Must say it has performed well. Of course it doesn't have many specs (no radio, mp3, camera, card slot etc) - just a plain and simple mobile phone. So basically you pay for what u get. I liked the fact that the sides light up when calls came in, so I cld put it on silent (and w/o vibration) and know a call is coming through. I also must add the (ugly) keypad keeps the phone pretty water resistant, sweat resistant etc. However after abt 2 years, some parts (the corners) started to peel. Anyway, who keeps their mobiles for so long nowadays! :P Well, it has just died on me after 3 years, it keeps turning on and off when I flip it open, so the mechanisms/connections inside are prob loose. Time to move on.

  • Nokia 2650 - fantastic. Easy to use and no complicated cameras, MP3, email or web junk. I say if you want a camera buy a camera. If you want a phone buy a phone

  • well, i like my phone. No frills....just make or answer your calls. Pretty straightforward. I like the displays too..i can do wthout the MP3s and stuff..i have stereos in the car, at home and office. why should my phone play music. Downside for me is inability to browse the web. And the battery goes out fast, plus i can't find a good one to replace it in Nigeria

  • frankly' i think this fone is gr8 but the people who wrote that fone is ugly i think they dont take care of it so why did they bought it from the beging any way its good and who said that its a bad reciver ther are wrong its good and the false may be from there operator not from the fone and the rapper keybad is not bas it looks pretty not bad thnx all salam from egy bay c bye u

  • hello everybody i purchased this phone nearly last year,at the the beginning it was going well although sometimes it didnt work but i guess that happens to all phones but now after nearly a year,,it is almost not working,, -when opening 3 quarters of the screen is black and the screen saver is still there and wont go ,,pressing the keys doesnt do anything -when talking sometimes it displays insert sim card -sometimes it doest ring at all ,,and doest respond to any calls as tall although the network dashes r complete -the cover is nearly removed -the light sequences nearly dont work or usualy hang i feel that i regret getting this phone,, coz it doesnt have so many feautures and now it is almost dead,,,, with this amount of money i could have bought any other brand with better and more features i'm almost worried to get another nokia phone i dont know what happened to them

  • Excellent, simply, stylish and very practical phone. It only lacks an infrared, bluetooth or USB port and the performance it's not that great, but who cares? It's just a phone! Who wants a swiss-knife-like-cellphone can go to a N73 or a K800. Sadly, in Brazil we just have the silver option and it's so expensive to fix it that it's better buy another one.

  • It's such a nice phone. Good display and bright light boosts the clarity of the screen. The only drawback is that it doesn't have bluetooth, infrared,edge and got only shared memory of 1Mb.

  • how can nokia even think of putting in a 1100 like keypad on such a nice clamshell.... i don have a prob with the design otherwise .... n all thoze dumbz ...compared high endz with this .... yo lack gray matterz dude...(eva heard the term low-end) get a n95 or k800 instead..... java 2.0 n a 65k screen would have been nice ...... ..yeah u don get a cam in that price...... :))))

  • Great phone, this was my first and the one I'm currently using until I get a new phone in september. The keypad is great and I don't know why people are complaining about it, the flashing is a great feature, and everything is simple and easy to use.i like how the sim card slot is at the side aswell, and I drop this phone ALOT and it still works perfecty fune. The only thing I don't really like is that the plastic on the inside is starting to peel off a bit at the bottom. I'd giive it a 9/10 for a low end phone.

  • this phone looks damn ugly... yakzzzz... thank god i'm not using this phone....

  • There's no beauty on Nokia 2650! The model must have been simply made by High Sch Engineering students on apprentice scheme!!

  • this fone is ugly to my brains seriously the point of fones r 4 thry to be nice and not pad looking! it looks like a pad ewwwwwwww why would u put one of those things to your ear

  • the fone is guly!!!!

  • Having using this phone as long as it has been on the market, I appreciate its ringtones, small size and functionality. The translucent keypad works great as a short range pocket light. Some problems with sound, especially at the time on connecting the call, like a small explosion. The design of the keypad is downright USSR 1970�s, but you will see it only a few seconds when answering or making a call. The blinking white and blue lights are helpful finding the phone when it rings. I would buy this product again, if I had to.

  • i had the roxy version 2650 and it is shi* no camera is the worse part and the screan iz way to small and it looks like a pad

  • this fone luks great but the downsides are- camera(at least a VGA) 2. no card slot 3.colour not enough (at least 65k) 4.and the lack of fm radio and MP3 playa besides these dis fone is awsum

  • 8anasakis, you can't compare a cheap �60 phone like the 2650 to a �400 phone like the K800.

  • This is a pretty cool phone i reckon the key padding is fine because if its raining and your txting it cant get water inside the phone i think it's a superb first phone not to many confusing features although it does have a awful range of signal! But overall i think its a cool phone

  • the fone is cool, but the only issue i have with it is the keypad, why in the world would nokia make something like that. i wish the keypad wasn't like that. but aside that it is a good piece.

  • Let's begin: 1) features: an extreme dissapointment: a)no Mp3 feature (OUTRAGEOUS!) b)no camera (IMPOSSIBLE!) 2)bad design (WHAT IS THIS, A SEAT-BELT PHONE?) very very very very very dissapointing design 3)performance: WEAK every cheap phone has the capabilities of a cheapskate phone as expected. --------------------------------------------- Last thing to say: I got the Sony Ericsson (the best brand) K800 phone which is perfect [3.2 MegaPixels, Cybershot, BestPic, is a 3g phone(a third-generation phone, that is what it means) Yeah, the k800 is the best phone out, no phone can compete the k800 as it has the best design, the best features, the best camera, and its stand by time is incredible! and... Yeah, the 2650 is the worst phone out...even the gx25 has better design... NOKIA is a huge dissapointment, when will NOKIA learn from the MASTER,and of course I am talking about Sony Ericsson!?

  • Hi All, I live in Australia and im looking for a mobile around $50- $150. Ive beeen looking at the Roxy 2650 and the LG KG225. What is the difference between the KG 220 and the 225? And what is the difference between this phone and the newer one- they look da same Vicki

  • it's a great phone. been using it since jan 2005 though got bad once i think it's sometin like flex an whonce fixed it's been working i love the blue light ex. at night or when u hve missed calls

  • if all you want is a fone for calling & texting & easy to use this is all you need

  • This phone is the most pathetic piece of technology I have ever had the misfortune of buying. DONT EVER BUY THIS PHONE!!!!!!!

  • It's one of the most third class sets from Nokia. It has very low signals, very low battery duration, and very low life of the Rebon.You should never buy this phone, if you don't want to waste your money.The only plus point is its soft keypad.

  • This phone was one of my favourites ever!! unfortunetly it took its last breath today as it fell in a poll of water in my boyfriends boat. It short circuted and is now completly broken. It was really cheap, worked great, excellent features and i loved the flip phone effect with the blue light.. that i will miss the most

  • its a lush phone x

  • How many text messages can this phone store?

  • What is the difference between Nokia 2650 and Nokia 2652?

  • i got this phone by jan 05 and still using it, i love this model, it has become my default handset. i use its features- timed profile, alarm, contact groups, folder organisation.. very well. All these days, the only problems arised are that i changed the keypad, and the cable in the mid-joint teared due to extensive use and i got it replaced. To me, the only problem with this model is the bad quality of the keypad, it'll tear out within a few months!...

  • My dad used it for about 6 months, then I used it for 8 months. Suddenly one day, it started restarting whenever flap is closed. NOkia service centre ppl say that the whole motherboard is damaged. got it repaired from some local store twice. The flap problem is fixed but it doesnt detect sim anymore. No chance of doing it coz i am planning to throw it in garbage. I wont recommend it to anyone. Easy to use until it breaks down. Repair costs are high because everytime phone has to be opened, the rubber keypad has to be peeled off and has to be glued back again. and the keypad peels off on its own. I have lost all faith in nokia and their customer care promises n all. One of my other handset 1100 had also troubled me a lot. I WILL NEVER BUY OR RECOMMEND NOKIA TO ANYONE.

  • this phone is grt...unfortunately it got wrecked...apart from that i loved it..small and easy...and the blue light is the best feature.

  • i owning this phone and i really love this phone than my n90.. this phone dint give me any problem.. i love u nokia 2650!!

  • i used it several times, no problem with it but will be good if u will put a camera.

  • am owning tis for past 1 of the sickest nokia has ever produced...had so many problems..i had to replace the strip has nthing to offer except the blue light..don ever dream to buy tis one...three sucks to nokia

  • This phone is ugly!!!!

  • hey this phone is so awful,had this before i had to press really hard just to key in a single key!!dududuh!!!

  • this phone has nothing to offer, except the blue light that flashes when ur being called or when u receive a msg.

  • i got the phone the gr8 Nokia 2650, wch is very useless to the core.. got this thinking that it will be rocking due to this light thing and all dat.. But unfortunately i ended up thrwing the phone in the garbage.. Thank God that the production of the phone is stopped.. So people wont be fall into the evil hands of this phone.. i pity myself for buying this phone... So for Heaven sake dont even buyin this phone even if u get it for free.............

  • i have this phone since april 2005. the major advantage of using this cell is that its cheap and compact. But the major disadvantage is: 1) key pads made of plastic will peel of. 2) the way the sim card is placed, sight carelessness will cause "insert sim probleam". I wont recomend this cell to anyone

  • Had one for nearly a year now, and all I can say is that the keypad just gets worse. It doesn't peel away, but the keys don't register half your presses, even when it's pretty new.

  • I have 1. i have it since november 2004. upto now, april 2006. So far, the Keypads are not peeling and there are no damages or defects. I loove the phoone. it's cheap and worth it. Believe me, it rocks!! And, i read some of the comments. Which they s...

  • I have 1. i have it since november 2004. upto now, april 2006. So far, the Keypads are not peeling and there are no damages or defects. I loove the phoone. it's cheap and worth it. Believe me, it rocks!! And, i read some of the comments. Which they say that, it freezes up. Nah-ah. your soo wrong. mine NEVER froze up, and NEVER turned off by itself. Maybe, your unit has a defect. I dropped mine for like almost 30 times. No defects or damage at all. So,all you people who say that Nokia 2650 sucks.. your soo wrong. My phone has been with me for about 15 months already, and there are no defects at all. So, all you Nokia 2650 haters. just shut up, if u have nothing good to say. :)

  • this is the bad phone i ever brought and this is the bad nokia design !!!! no quality !! i feel like wanna throw this phone far away from me !! to : all nokia managing director ! note : please do not design this type of phone any more !! bad bad bad !!! useless !!! nokia 3210 is much more better then this phone !! no quality !!

  • it's good n elegant..but.. it can't make us fun when bored loud speaker...

  • This phone is great to begin with, but I've had this phone for just over 12 months and its starting to do crazy stuff, like freeze for 10 seconds then turn off without warning! Happens a lot, espescially when texting... don't press the cancel key!

  • hey, nokia 2650 is just a showpiece nothing else,once it gets older all ur cover comes out. No camera, No radio,NO bluetooth and infra red and only high price! ppl if u wanna just a sweet phone then take it.

  • what a hell is this!!! i can't browse anymore my nokia 2650.. i can't see any image from the screen . .it is always in color black. . can you please make that phone a very reliable one. .

  • i love this phone - its easy to use and cool designed and if u havin any problems wit caller id - dont blame the phone, its normal - just put the country code b4 phone number and ull have it, simple as that!!!!

  • This phone is horrible.... It is not functional, not easy to use, not durable, the keypad peels after a while... If I ever decided to stop using a mobile, this wld be d reason!

  • is there any other casing that i can buy for this phone? my friend ask me to buy a casing for this phone but when i ask a cellphone station they said they have no casing for that model of nokia.

  • The 2650 is a tragic excuse. Six weeks of hell trying to get it fixed and still no luck. It is the biggest Lemon you can imagine. I have no faith in Nokia anymore with no help whatsoever in trying to fix or replace the phone which didn't work from the day it was born. Sure looks pretty but it is what is in the inside that counts. Shame Nokia for not recalling these phones. Very unhappy.

  • this phone is simply the nokia 3100 in a flip form...wata waste

  • This is the most disappointing thing I've ever bought. Can you believe in this technological age you get new phones that don't give caller ID? Is Nokia heading back to the stone age? Do I have to memorise my entire contact list to know who is calling? After one month the plastic cover over the hinge broke - though it's never been dropped or handled roughly. I hate the fact that it answers itself in 5 seconds. And the keypad is stubborn! Now that the cover is broken I can't even sell it. I never even considered getting anything but Nokia, but now I skip the Nokia-shelf altogether. Tragic!

  • phone sucks!! although its good tat the krypads r waterproof, its really hard to sms.. i dun recommend it for sms-ers (like me).. the screen is really small..

  • awfull phone, such a nasty keypad, i think 3310 is a lot better.

  • this phone has some design problem with the keypad, some keys are not functioning properly as the knob behind the letters are not pressing the button accurately.

  • Can anyone tell me how to set this dreadful phone so that my incoming text messages show the senders name instead of the number? I have to keep a piece of paper with all of my contacts numbers handy so that I can find out who sent me a message. I'll never havw another one of these.

  • I love this phone it is ultra thin and is the most ultra thin phone available in the world know to man. i enjoy the quality of the screen as it is has quality which is equal to my television. despite not having a camera this is still my most keen phone i will ever use. i am the height of fashion in my town with this so all you people who do not like this can suck an egg!

  • i like the front, umm siemens makes all round sturdy phones

  • Verry good , small phone, Alg�ria

  • Well, if you want a sturdy phone, i wouldnt go for a clamshell design because its just another thing to break. The regular rectangle shape is much better so i say go for the 5140 or 5140i

  • Danlak, if you want a very resistant phone for your employees you should get them 5140:s. They are slightly more expensive though, I am afraid...

  • I am considering purchasing this phone for my pool company employees, it needs to be hard wearing and resistant. I wuld assume because of its thick, basic clamshell design, rubber keypad with no gaps between that it would be so. Any comments?

  • i love it.

  • bought one for my wife. but recently she got me angry and out of stupid anger i submerged the phone in cold water for a couple of minutes while it was still switched on. wife was unaware. the phone went off by itself. happy that i had succeeded in destroying the phone, it was left un unused for a couple of days. i later made up with wife and, full of regrets, im went for the phone and tried to switch it back on. to my greatest shock and joy, it started working perfectly and up till now my wife hadn no idea what happened. a wonderful miracle. for me, its nokia tii death do us 2650!

  • very bad receiver, low network signal

  • one of my favorite phone...get the black color one..;)....

  • the phone is lovely especially the features and even its shape makes it so beautifull

  • i had this one almost 10 mnths. no complains. no defects. for people likes for purity and minimalism in things.

  • I work in a phone shop and this is one of worst phones you can buy! Out of the 10 we sell, 6 will come back with problems (software defaults, cover breaks, sms problems, and so on), not one I would recommend...

  • I call this the Nokia bananna-lounge phone because it looks like a bananne-lounge offense Nokia. Some of the Nokia features I really love in this phone are Nokia MP3 ringtones... they're just like normal MP3's but they have Nokia stickers on them. I also like the Nokia Bluetooth's almost the sma eas standard Bluetooth but the colour shade is slightly different can't be the same as everyone else you know. The WiFi feature is heaps good too... it's super times I can pick-up WiFi from a hotspot in a local Japanese cafe ...but I'm all the way in Australia... that's what I like to call a PowerFeature(TM). You know, some say it's possible to get better phones phones ...but I have my doubts...this ones a crowd pleaser... and I'm proud to brag about it. Good onya Nokia.... keep up the good work.

  • 2652 has recently come! and i must appreciate there is no odds as compared to anything ,it is totally money saving package , so guys chill out and go ahead ,grab 1 for urself.. an advise from your pal.... may jesus bless everyone see ya derek _grant

  • I think that is is ok for a child, but seriously, it looks bad and the screen is too small, and it's got so much space for a bigger one....

  • i want to tell every one out there that if yoll dont like the phone then y did yoll buy it . yoll cant check the details before buying . i have the phone since 3 months and i am verry happy for the price i paid (its worth it)

  • super ganda ng phone n 2!!!its so fAbulous..even without camera,,it still looks expensive and elegant!!!its features are very gooooooooooooood!!!!!!i would absolutely recommend this to those who are looking for a phone that is elegant but not expensive..(its only P5,300 in cyberzone!!!)i luv this phone!!!

  • After reading most of the comments on this site, I have come to the conclusion that this is the best phone in all the world, why? because I am buying one and I said its the best.

  • Bought it yesterday. One needs strong fingers to type many SMS messages. Don't like its keypad, but so far it functions OK, apart from deleting old sent items that been stored in the SIM I inserted into it. Anyone knows if it is possible to configure what goes into the SIM memory, and what goes to the phone memory? --B

  • eventhough this phone has a elegant design, this is not good enough in catching signals especially inside pockets. another worst thing is the keypad.Is it possible to change the keypad for this phone?

  • i dont how to get the casing of this fone is this a disposable fone????//// grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • well got it about 9 months ago..quite cute,n prety cheap..easy to use,although the vibration doesnt work wen ringing and only (sometimes) 4 messages..seems as though it has a life of its own.occasionaly deletes msgs.not very good quality,considering the inside cover is pealing at the sides.wudnt recomend it.

  • it is elegant! when it comes about the features-i would say not bad....but has given me the true value for my money so far. feel great to carry it small and sleek ...thanks nokia

  • little,simple and low price but still elegant....

  • this model seemed great at first sight!!!my boyfriend actually chose it for me...well a few days after purchase it started freezing. it freezes all the time, like when i get a call and i open the phone then it will freez up. i have really come to hate this phone. i even fight with my boyfriend becuase he made a bad choice! i hope i am not rude

  • very rocking colour

  • Just one question. My girlfriend got one last night. Conversation sound quality is lame. Has it happened to any of you with this phone? The sound is distorded if you raise the volume over let's say half way up, it is very difficult to understand what the caller is saying. I wonder if we got a bad unit and should have it replaced, or if it should go back to the store to never come back.. THX all.

  • I've had this phone for about 8 months now. I bought this because i wanted a basic phone that didn't have a camera and all that other crap, because i have a proper digital cam. THis phone has been fantastic. It's looks great, and its got a great flashing thing every time it rings or if you've missed a call, it flashes every 3 seconds to let you know. Its got a good size phone book. You can surf the net on it, but can't download which is a negative (u just have to go to the vodafone website - if you with vodaphone) and get it from there. It's really loud if you want it to be, both for ring tones and for speaking. People say that they don't like the rubber key pad, but i reckon it's great! NOthing gets stuck in the keys and i've got it wet a few times and nothing has eventuated from it, which is good. I've also dropped it on like a weekly if not daily basis and it can stand a fair bit. It's got a few scratches from it but nothing happend to the internal side of it. The calender is fantastic, I use the reminders every day! There are a few cool games that came with it. It is a simple menu setup to use, you'd have to be braindead not to understand it. I'd recommend it to anyone who doesn't want a camera with their phone! 9/10

  • the phone is awsome and the light is really grea this is the greatest phone i ever had my GF-m..n......u loves the phone as i do

  • I got one. And i'm not happy of my purchase. Screen is somehow good, enough for it. but the lack of any kind of ports is realy disturbing (no usb, no infrared and of course no blutooth.) Keypad is the worst design in nokia range. after a month or so, the keypads will start to disturb you. the direction keys have to be pressed pretty hard to answer. I wish I would have bought another phone.

  • its a really poor design the screen is way to small im so dissapointed in you nokia

  • It's affordable, user-friendly, simply stylish, light, non-bulky looking in pockets. Complaints? none yet.

  • it's the badest ( worsest } phone i buy it on my live 4 those reason : 1. bad rubber keybad (it's now doesn't clicked good and it's opened now and many bad things . 2. it's open from the center and there some metal with full dust i can't clean it woooooow . 3. if there is call and i wana 2 answer if didn't open it on one step and it's close again the call will will be refused . and many more of ugly thing i hate this phone and i will but it on the nearest recycle sorry 5 my bad language but it's not bad than this phone

  • i think this phone looks great! i know it isnt packed with advanced features like camera mp3 etc,but it beutifully simple, stylish and offers practical features that can come in handy in everyday life. an exellent phone!

  • in fact i was not panning to have this phone but my father bought it for my mother and she gave it to me but when i used it i was so happy for this good luck , it is so simple and cute olso it is is so small and light , but i think it must have an infra to make use of its memory size , rather than that it is very good phone

  • I think this is great looking phone. It's design is radical, totally different from other clampshell phones which all look alike except for some minor changes. Too bad, it lacks a colored outer screen. nokia should haveplace, at least, a 65k tft screen and also made the inner screen bigger and use also 65k tft lcd. And made it a triband. Finally, by reading the opinion, they should improve the hinges. If they just do the above suggestion, maybe they wont need to come out with 6010 anymore.

  • ATTENTION PLZ , i kept using this phone for 5 months and the truth is : This phone has a serious defects the most important one is that about answer phone calls , it only give you 5 seconds to answer your incoming call , if u didn't reply or cancel it will automaticly open the line after 5 seconds , and it's keybad also is so bad they used a very poor kind of rubber to made it , the keybad damaged after 3 months using only , am talking about serious defects here not about the luxury staff camera , mp3 ,mail and so on the buyer is know that he is bying a phone with no camera and no mp3 but he dosn't know that this phone is really the most worse phone was made by nokia WARNINg! ----> don't buy this phone or u will loose your money like me

  • hey guys chill......i was goin to buy sony ericson j300 but then i said i can get a better phone for the same expense,i heard abt nokia 2650 and then i said i want it and i buyed this 2 months ago and its 2 kool i mean functions r not so advanced,if it had a large screen and a large dynamic memory this would have rocked but i still like it its 2 good the people who like folding phones shold really buy it....peace out

  • Great device for its category! Good resolution screen for receiving photos, once I would never spend my money buying a phone with camera if I have 2 digital cameras, a small cheap one that I carry with me all the time and a good Sony one when I want professional pictures. Another thing that caught my eyes is the fact that I can insert the chip without having to remove the battery. The keypad is fine and the blue light on the side nice to watch. I was looking for a flip phone necessarily from Nokia, company that here in Brasil (together with Motorola) are the best in signal reception and layout, added to a good price. All my friends have a last generation mobile camera, but when I receive a call it�s mine that calls attention, the lights reminds the Motorola V80 LOL.. I have it for 6 months and never had problems, considering I use it all the time. Who wants a phone with basic features and don�t need anything else beyond that, this is the one.

  • One of the best fones I've bought, the keypad in itself is worth the price of the fone, I've had approx. 50 fones over the last 10 years and this ranks in the top 10%, simple, although downloading games can be a hassle. Any size finger can use this fone because of the keypad set-up, I don't have small, iffy fingers like some. Never looked at a camera fone as they have very little use and only add to the price, want a picture buy a digital camera that donloads straight to a printer. Great sounds already in the Tones folder, no True sounds but polyphonic and some mono, also a good selection of Wallpapers in the Graphics folder. A very good fone that can be bought on E-bay for approx. $150.00 half the R.R.P. ($299.00) a very easy to manage fone with quite a bit of memory for no's, sms's and the calendar. Gets my vote.

  • its not ugly! i want 2 buy a phone , n i liked it , its stylish AND its cheap, why do u ppl say its ugly? i dun find anything bad abt it, ofcors i havent used it so i cant say much abt its features..

  • it sucks. it looks like a remote controle

  • I think the quality/price is very very good! You have to look at this too, and afterall this is a very cool phone!

  • Piece of crap. The hingers is made up by superthin metal springs with the thickness of a razorblade. The two springs is holded togheter by a cheasy piece of plastic and the front is made up by rubber / soft plastic. It is waiting all day to break apart.

  • Got it from my employer (I work for a mobile operator) a few days ago. It works pretty well, but its looks put me off. Ugly, really ugly piece of equipment. Luckily my wife liked it very much, so I dumped it to her and am using my old, good Nokia 6510...

  • Its a girlie phone, my girl would like it :_) I didnt understand most of the post :-(, my suggestion to all: learn more english before posting, thanks!

  • Hi people. I have this fone, and a like it. Good functions for this PRICE U$90,00. I think it�s not ugly. My friends whant buy but is cute. Great VALUE fone.

  • Lol chrissy @ gecko. That's so true!

  • hehe this phone has a keypad lock

  • i think this is the worst piece of device nokia and finland has given the world,ok it is for someone with a tight budget,but for christ sake no camera,no fm,no mp3,what were they thinking!!!,frankly speaking the fone has nothing to offer :(..producing this fone is discriminating against people with tight budget

  • have no idea y nokia designed this phone don't buy it don't even accept it as a gift .it 'as only basic functions it kinda makes me think of a ghecko

  • i just bought mine... its good if you have a very tight budget and only looking for cheap fones that have basic features. looks stylish. its also my first colored screen phone and i think its worth the price.

  • i was going to buy a 2650, and i decided to come on here and see wat you people thought about it... but im getting mixed messages, so can anyone please rite me an email n let me kno if its good or not! [email protected]

  • You guys! Stop bagging out this phone! It has feelings too you know. I bought this phone and i think it looks really nice but now i feel like the biggest loser ever because people say that its ugly. Do i not want phone this now cos ugly ugly everyone says it is. Waaaaaaaa!

  • Ugly, Ugly Ugly Ugly Ugly. Very Ugly Phone. Seriously, who would buy this? If you have it...what the hell were you thinking when you bought it? It's hideous! Nokia were high when they designed it. Geeez! Did i mention it's UGLY?!

  • Hi GUYS,Stop making foolish comments about this SET. I believe every SET has its features but when U people fail to make a research on a particular SET before going for it, U'll begin complaining if its features are not OK by U. Dear, this SET is Ok by me becaues it looks simple and sophisticated.

  • I bought my 2650 last June 22, 2005. The features are great and simple and the look is quite cute. My only complaint is tha the buttons are "acting up." Some don't respond too well that you need to press harder or at an angle, and some don't respond at all. Will have it check-ed up this weekend. Hope it's nothing serious.

  • i have it and iam using it.reminds me of a beach chair ready to be is rugged just like any nokia phone,simple to handle and relatively hides alot as it clams up.curiosity pushed me to buy it-wanted to know what was inside this smooth piece of silver block.

  • it a great pfone.. i like it very much... it s all i need .. not very expensive.. but very nice... buy it people!!!!

  • i just bought this phone,i used to love this phone before now, but i feel so discouraged reading from the opinion of the people saying their dislike for this phone i thought it was so great, though i have not use this phone that much to know the performance of this phone. well i hope i went for the best, nokia 2650. thanks

  • I have teh phone... it is so ugleh... that i starting to like it ;) and above all: It is back to basic... tribute to teh 3310? hehe... well i can call other ppl.... they can call me... and i can send some text messages... phun huh?! just a phone for what it was build for !

  • guys, im from Uganda in africa..true this phone is basic ie no camera, no radio..but it gets the job done with style too. i simply failed to resist temptation of owning it at first sight. later you discover that it hungs,may be its a software problem. . but soon its back to its best.Though am tired of it afta only 3 months..,i loved the attention it drew when rung in crowds..the blue flashes before one picked are very cool.

  • Don't see why you guys are dissing this phone, Nokia have aimed for a certain market, end of the day it is a cheap phone, little different but has basic functionality that works well. You either like it or you don't...simple as that. I bought this phone last year for my girlfriend as a quick cheap solution because her phone was stolen. She loves it, i agree it's a little girly and cute....does the job.

  • raven, i do know my english but i think you dont. check what you wrote. i live in australia and nokia is very popular here i think your the one in a poor country.. i think the middle bit is really ugly i think this is one of the last phones on my list.

  • I get 4 my wife....It is ok 4 that money!!!

  • 1 you don`t know english ... your so lame...don`t judge the damn`s a very good phote...a smart phone...i have my phone since jan look`s and functions very well...if i may say the first day i bought it... if your from afganistan or other damned`s not our your city cell phones are made of crap. so don`t blame nokia central...blame your state...bye

  • Good value phone

  • Its a good enough phone but it is buggy. For example if you close the handset while one of the keys is held down the phone keeps beeping and crashes. Whenever I run out of battery power I have to pull the battery out and put it back in before I can use it again.

  • I enjoy the phone. Perhaps would be even nicer if it is slimmer? I got it in December 2004 and it "hung" a few times but seems okay now.Cannot understand why it did that though,

  • This is a GOOD phone. Very basic, but has a mad design. The clam shell outside is also funky..

  • hahhaha i laugh at this phone every time i see it because it is so ugly.. the middle bit looks disgusting.. my frineds agree too. this is a poorly made nokia phone. nokia can do better.

  • like the 1100,the key pad is soft,its really nice,its cute too,kinda looks like a girl's phone.

  • Hi Brethren,Stop making foolish comments about this SET. I believe every SET has its features but when U people fail to make a research on a particular SET before going for it, U'll begin complaining if its features are not OK by U. Dear, this SET is Ok by me becaues it looks simple and sophisticated.

  • hello sir l m very glad to here about the phone so i what u to relpy for to know about it.

  • I love it, it grows on you. good value for money I'd say (had it for several days now). how do you make it pick up when you unfold it?

  • i saw my cousin usin it..but didnt kno bout the function..and now days it's cheap..but now that see from ur talk then i guess..i dont like this set now...thanks to all

  • This phone is sooo ugly. It looks like some kind of fold up sun-lounge. It doesn't even have any great features. Very disappointing. Shame on you, Nokia.

  • i noticed that this phone is most commonly used by the women and the gays alike... :) hekhek it is so stylish and cool.. so buy ur 2650 unit now... :) hekhek

  • Hey,i got this phone for about half years already,um...this phones does not have... loudspeaker caller picture camera 4.just 4 polyphonic (i though it was 16 poly when i buy it!!) 5.the screen are easily got sratch I give up this phone! Who wanna buy it from me,email me,coz i need to get a new phone,like panasonic x700 or some nokia series 60 phone...

  • Does it have FM radio??

  • I got my phone for christmas and u can download free stuff from the internet and it is fun!!!!!!!!!! The size of the phone is jus handy for my handbag its not too big its just right and if anybody has a problem with the phone their want their head seeing to its the best phone ive ever had so there!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • It`s polyphonic or monophonic?! :-/ What are the pro`s for this phone? I want to buy a phone with detached screen.. I don`t know what to choose, a SIEMENS CF62 or this NoKiA?... Pls.. try to advise me... ok? 10x a lot! :D Buh-ByE!... P.S.: Or a SAMSUNG X450 ? :))

  • This telephone is sooooo dissapointing, mine is almost a year old and is falling apart already, all the plastics are comming lose, its scratches very just never going to buy a nokia anymore.....and also the menu is soo unlogical compared to my old motorola V60i

  • so it does or doesnt have a speaker?? thank for doing the research

  • The only comment about this phone there is no integrated speaker phone as stated in the brochure. I bought my unit the other day,which i believed that it has an integrated speakerphone. Due to my depression, I went to the store which i bought my unit, and complaint, they compare the manual and brochure. The store/network carrier call the attention of Nokia Office and ask about this product. Accdg. to Nokia office, they're mistake printing the brochure and they will issue a new brochure for this unit. Its too late for Nokia office to issue a new brochure, because many people was already depressed,although its is a nice handy unit. Nokia already created an impression to their customers.

  • Hi my name is jake and iv been using this phone for around 2 weeks, so far so good.

  • no sry it doesnt have a screen on the outside but im not sure if it has a speaker phone DOES IT HAVE A SPEAKER PHONE LOUD SPEAKER???????????????

  • does it have a speaker phone, loud speaker?? has it got a screen on the outside/

  • does it have a speaker phone, loud speaker??

  • its a good mobile,which basically have a very good ring tone,clearity as well as the look.the price is really amazing

  • I hear good things about this phone. I just wantedt to know if it had a speaker phone, loud speaker or w/e u call it thank you.

  • I hear good things about this phone. I just wantedt to know if it had a speaker phone, loud speaker or w/e u call it thank you.

  • When it closed, it's good. When opened...

  • The Nokia 2650 phone is simply a work of art ! The style is simply so unique, it stands out, keep it up ... NOKIA

  • exellent

  • Best opetion for its price

  • Bought 3 for the family - why would you buy anything else? A digital camera with 0.5 megapixels! You have to be joking, surely it is more about status than functionality.

  • Its basic, beautiful and has all necessary features. Great one to buy.

  • i've had this phone for about 3 months now and i can say it's great for what it is. it may not have dozens of features but it's all too good for the ones it has. it's a small phone and i can't really see where nokia could have placed a camera in it anyway. the display could have bigger though. also, the paint kinda chipped off a little after a while.

  • top phone nice

  • It's a very beautiful phone and I like the design but with a camera and an IR or Bluetooth it will be the best for many customers..

  • it's like a snake skin...ugly...

  • this is a verry beautifull phone and it has a nice has it all but a camera and an IR port.further more i am verry satisfied by it!!!!

  • How many polyphonic tones do the Nokia 2650 posses. I mean if you do not download how many polyphonic tones are in 2650 built in.

  • this is a very good phone i am using it for last 1 month and i like it very much.Just tell me how to do the photo call in this phone like i mean to say how to send phtos in my phone. Thanx Bye

  • my name is taju and i will like to purchase ur set that is nokia phones. i am a big business man here in africa. i also have a store in US. so, i will like to purchase it. thanks bye.

  • I have the Nokia 2651 which is the 850/1900 Mhz version I use here in the US on Cingular. I use the phone only as a backup to my V400p, but it's a nice little Nokia clamshell that has great RF and a long lasting battery. This phone does have the loudest ringers I have ever heard on any cell phone!

  • been using this fon 4 a while and man I must confess that I always have a problem with ma signal.this is bad for nokia cos this is ma tenth nokia fon and ma worse cos even the 3210 is way more than this one in gterms of reception,but wen it comes to looks thne man its very cute...wake up nokia.

  • I have signal problems all the time. At uni there are weak signal areas, and it seems as though I'm the only person who gets NO signal in these spots. Any ideas of how to boost signal strength? I'm not sure if it's a powersaving software function or just an antenna prob.

  • I've got the silver one. It's a basic phone so if that's what you are looking for, it's okay. But,keypad is too soft, heavy sms-users might not be too happy with this one. Looks-wise, it's okay when closed and the flashing lights to let u know if there's a pending call or sms is nice. But honestly, this phone is schizophrenic...metallic exterior does not match the cheap, rubbery, snake-like interior.

  • the simplest the best phone need camera or mp3.Just great

  • im from ireland and not too sure if it will b available in ireland,i like flip phones but there doesnt seem to be any really nice ones here.its crap.also why isnt there prices on the phones?

  • i am getting this phone today, and i must say it looks FAB! it has all the essential items you need, it looks great, and its quite funky. it doesnt need any other features, cos they arent worth it on a phone. all in all, i say this is a great phone, and i recommend it! well done nokia.

  • People! This is a low-end series 40 device, they arent built to have advanced features! most people never use infrared or mms for that matter, this is due to the lack of camera. There is no camera because the format of the casing couldnt fit it in at this stage. The 7250 showed this and was deeper to accomodate the CMOS. The signal problems will be largely corrected and I have never seen problems with MMS on the device. The series 40 structure means that only very low end software components are changed. 1. dont judege the device against feature phones. 2. most people would be happy with the feature set. 3. the look of the device is not meant to appeal to everyone (look at business market splicing on google to find out) 4. see ya

  • I like it this design!! but can you tell me exactly what his price is exactly in Malta? Thanks

  • Its great, looks good and simple is now more. It a phone what else do you want? Cameras aren�t good enough in phones as yet so aim sticking with having my ipod, camera and phone separate and the 2650 fits in to that combo.

  • winge thats all you lot ever do come on the phone is ok it send mms rings in and out and txts ok it asnt got camera or video but this is reflected in its price range it looks trendy enough and if your like me just wana use it for ringing and txting its good so if you wana go out and spend �200.00 on a camera/video so be it leave this little chappy alone

  • any malaysian one to buy this phone? it is a new phone with a nokia warranty not the AP warranty. Pls send me a e-mail to [email protected] with your hand phone no and i will call u back about the price and where u can pick up the phone or where u one me to post it to.

  • i like the design. actually i swapped my old 8310 for this one bcoz of the design. but later i realized that the monotone and black and white screen 8310 is much better than this one. if your after the style, this is the phone for you but i would advice you get other phone.

  • I found the phone very uncomfortable to use, the screen is too high up above the keypad & sending sms's is very inconvenient as one has to keep shifting focus. Whats more, the thing looks creepy - like an ugly white snake !! I returned it the next day for a Samsung D500...

  • this phone sucks. It looks like it has been designed by stevie wonder, and has faetures that wouldn't impress a five year old child.

  • I agree with your comment on the screen quality, Nokia seem to have the attitude of "if its not broken, dont fix it" policy. Great, until you look at other budget mobiles which have a larger screen and 64k colours! As for the polyphonic ringtones, 4 channels???? Standard is at least 40 now!

  • the set is a masterpiece of design but lacks in colour display Nokia should improve its display screens and the polyphonic ringtones still this set is for mobile crazers

  • How could Nokia even consider releasing this absolute insult of a mobile phone? Not 1 decent feature, and whoever designed it wants to keep their designing sun loungers for action man separate from work. Even the hinge bites your hand. After various atempts to destroy this phone in the slowest an most painfull way, I've decided never to touch Nokia again. GET A GRIP NOKIA.

  • does this phone work in canada? GSM 900 / GSM 1800

  • I have not been excited about mobile phones, until I saw this particular one. NOKIA 2650 is a masterpiece. Kudos! to NOKIA for CONNECTING People.

  • i think this phone's design is very nice, stylish and cool looking.

  • i love the handset

  • i think its nice effort from nokia to entre in flip model market.

  • hello all, i am planning to buy the brown one... does it have software problem or can I go for this one??? expecting reply from anyone who's using this... mail me... thank u.

  • phone as softwere problem it constantly drops its signal for the price your better off buying the sony ericsson z200 even though its two years old

  • well man!!!i like this phone..i wanna buy it!its my dream!11but anyone give me money? :P

  • i will like this phone if it has a camera..... if only.....

  • Tomorow i will buy that mattress. Yupiii !! POLITZIAAAAAAAAA Hi mom!

  • HI P'Rosy, IF u interesting to buy a mobile, let's try Nokia2650 in color screen . The price about "4700 - 4800 Baht".

  • HI P'Rosy, IF u interesting to buy a mobile, let's try Nokia2650 in color screen . The price about "4700 - 4800 Baht".

  • its a phone with colourful case and its technically rugged.2650 is the right phone 4 connecting people.

  • any malaysian one to buy this phone? it is a new phone with a nokia warranty not the AP warranty. Pls send me a e-mail to [email protected] with your hand phone no and i will call u back about the price and where u can pick up the phone or where u one me to post it to.

  • My 2650 in repair due to signal problem. Company try to cheat defectiv models sale in market? Why not stop sales?

  • I bought this phone because it was cheap and i like the flip 'cause then the screen doesn't get damaged in my bag. At the time of purchase i was a little ashamed of my ugly strange phone... i'd just like you all to know that he has grown on me and is now my most favourite phone... so easy to use and most importantly easy to hear people talking to you - all that ugly white space you guys whinging about and the size factor make it a bloody comfy phone.

  • is presentable

  • hi i was planning to buy a nokia 2650 id like to know if the resolution of the phones good or if it sucks.. and how about the sim tray is it really that fragile????

  • I bought this phone but sold it within 48hrs,.luckily. Basically, it is good phone with all the basic functions present which are important. Display quality is not very impressive but what more can u expect from 2 series.Inside of phone looks nice. Outside is bit too simple and lacks the feeling of something special when u hold it in ur hands. ** BUT IT IS NICE PHONE**** @T. Khan---warsaw

  • Newest phone but still DUAL BAND uh... SUCKS! And no infrared double SUCKS for Nokia!

  • I have recently purchased a nokia 2650 has anybody had problems with signal/antenna strength dropping out or very low

  • the tray for the SIM is highly fragile which could not withstand an operation of even 25 pul outs

  • Cool

  • to me...i prefer blue color...but there's no blueeeeeeee...silver n red is quite nice ler...

  • guyssss,,, i noticed that this phone doesn't store more than 50 sms ...!!!! when it reached about 50 it gives me warning that sms memory is full... i thought it was a bug or something because nokia phones are known of storing 150 sms... i recieved few more sms then it flashed "memory full" and stopped receiving !!!!! is there a way to sore more sms ???... i tried moving them to other folders, and tried changing some options but still it doesn't work... moreover, the phone memory has about 400 kb free.....

  • hi friend i want configurate mi nokia for messagin mms, i don't why, can you say my why configurate mi nokia is an 2651, i wait your answer in my mail thanks

  • Can anybody tell me if u take the call only by openning it ; or u can check first who's calling ... thx

  • I don't know much about phones but i really like this one. I would love it if it could have a camera!! Sam

  • Ill second that...

  • right.. this phone looks weird when open up... it looks like cobra... and also look like car seat phone...

  • rambo you must wake up nice phone

  • this phone is very cute n sporty

  • Is it me or does this fone look wierd wen opened up?

  • i need one and one of the credit cards

  • i wonder why the people incharge of this website didn't include the philippines as one of their markets for selling polytones and colored wall papers.i hope that you guys can find a way to include the philippines becuase most of the filipinos these days have cell phones and they want to personalize it with polytones or even monotones, pictures and colored wall papers. i hope in time "gsmarena" can expand their services to other countries, like mine, the philippines

  • hii i like thiz set but i want to noo tht can we install msn messanger in thiz 2650 if yes soo plz inform me and also tell me itz price

  • poor phone! good feture but no infrared port!

  • mabuhay from the philippines.. i used to have a samsung a200 but it was stolen after 2 years and now i have a nokia 2650 and so far i like it. for a change i have come to appriciate that it's colored and has cool features that i can use everyday. i like the small and flip design, very chic and very convenient. i can even use baby socks for accessories!! i am able to send and recieve mms, send email and downlaod polytones. scince i'm not very fond of large cellular phones and those with cameras because the main reason why i have a cell phone is to call and text. but as i said i have come to enjoy the other features this phone has. i didn't mind paying a little over a hundred dollars for this hahahaha! and i love the people's reactions when i use the phone because they can't believe that nokia came out with this design and they can't believe the price either!! (other phones in my country costs on average [for colored phones and camera phones] range from 150 to 500 dollars) so far i have no qualms about the phone and no problems.. if i run into one.. i'll get back here. :)

  • This site is very good but please wiil write cust eny mobile under any phon

  • Very Cheap for a seres 40 mobile

  • Merry christmas everybody. I saw on television that from the 300.000 already sold nokia's 2650 there are over 200.000 in repair! There has been a fault in the production, I got one myself and maybe I'm luck but I ain't got problems yet. I think it's a nice phone, original design, not expensive but there are more negative points than positive points and I have to say that in general this phone is not very good + the battery doesn't last more than a few days because of all that light! If you are thinking of buying it, Think twice. And for those who don't know, Nokia is having bad times, that's why they are making so much different phones, especially with the fold because nokia said in the beginning that customers would not like phones with a fold, they were wrong, terrible mistake.

  • i like the fone......... and it cost around 450 that expensive??????????

  • first,mary Christmas everyone. i'm from Croatia and I bouhgt Nokia2650 but I have problems with it.i can't send mms and i can't go to internet with it.i put my sim card in another mobile phone and realize that the problem is in my nokia because i can send mms from another mobile.i call service of nokia and they told me that problem is in my sim card,the another side told me that nokia have some software problem.i'd like to know is thet true what they say? please send me answer on my mail and sorry if i have many mistakes in this letter. :)

  • Bought this phone a week ago, seems very compact size, battery timing is good, for those who want good thing in small amount then this is best selection by the way its here in Pakistan Price is (8600/- PR) only, Regards, Emran.

  • I think you all need to get a life - its just a phone for god sake!

  • mmmmmmmmm,another example of a 'fashion',sure to get stared at for being different,but light on features- come on: 4 channel polyphonics!!New samsungs support up 64 channels,typical postage stamp size screen etc.Ok I guess it'll be fine for ppl who just want a 'phone',but their are better budget models out there with far better features.

  • yuksssss @ cushiony insides... arghhhhhhhHHH

  • does this 2650 nokia aim for ladies buyer...?it seem alittle sissy

  • u people need to catch up with the ever growing technology, not lagging behind the modern world with advance technology.

  • my SE k700 supports much more features than this trash. I've mp3 players, canon digital camera, consoles.. but why do i still choose a phone with so much features built in? Although i dun use my phone as a mp3 player, camera, console, but with the added features, i do not have the carry so much gagets around even when i'm leaving my house to the market, shops.

  • x-pert, where do u get the info saying this phone is ment for the elderly?? Dun make up your own story and fart around.

  • for the first time i saw nokia 2650 i fell in love with it. cool design great features. No need to get a camera phone or an mp3. just by them seperately. i want to by one of this but i dont have money..HAHA

  • Good sound quality, long battery, strong materials, it felt on the floor some times and no problem!!

  • whilst out at the shops lookin around for a flip fone the man suggested the nokia 2650. i was turned off it immediately because it just didn't look very professional. and plus the ugly pillow lookin cushioning on the inisde doesn't look very nice to me. thats why i decided against it! but good luck for ya'll who actually like it.

  • It is super for girls. i want to buy oane formy girlfred but..... it is nice because its nice..... :)

  • it is very nice

  • Woow I love that fone, Ive touched it in a shop and is soft and light. Under, theres 2 lights that tell u missed calls or messags. I'm agree with Ronaldinho, no needed camera bth or games. nokia rulezzzz

  • I'm going to buy this phone! I don't need stupid games, bad camera, and radio, mp3 and bluetooth and x-rays. Y han siemens cx65 and I returned it cos I get really disappointed of paying 250 euros for features I'll never use. I'm happy to see intelligent people who use the phone to call or messages, not for stupid cameras or games of fool teens.

  • Battery ok? Everything is fine but the battery sucks big time!

  • A great small phone! Compact, outstanding design (brown colour rules!), battery OK (7 days total using 15 min. a day). Sure, no features but I'm not a gadget guy. I've just got it and it's just perfect. A cheap Nokia really worth this money. I love it!

  • no camera but good design............

  • DAmn y NOKIA can be so stingy in this world.Giving customers 4096colors instead of 65k.:P

  • it is cool considering the phone but quite good design.its nice but not one of a kind

  • well i kile this mobile because this is flap & has very simple look.Onthe other side after a longe time noka company have introduce after longe time a flap mobile with cam .thank you

  • He sure is

  • please send me a free phone, its pretty expensive in Jamaica

  • really cool but bougous

  • To K and Unknown, DO you two know that this phone is to target old people and those who do not know how to read? The Largest Market in the world Nokia is targetting, CHINA. It has photo calling and do not need key pad lock feature. Font size is large too. Price? Sure enough to convince those who wants to buy one for their elderly. Next time you two, please wake up before you fart.

  • girls will need this phone

  • If u wan something real high tech then go for Nokia 6630

  • I have a nokia2650 and the set is so cool and trandy.

  • K, Are u aware that mobile phones have 262K colour LCD, radios, mp3s, gprs, bluetooth.... now days? The are more technology coming up with might confuse noobs like you.

  • K, Don't you think your life is boring by just talking and talking. Isn't it good to have a phone with added features instead of sticking to just voice commnuication? And by the way, while exchanging pictures, tones with my buddies... we do talk as well... We are some intelligence humans who can talk and enjoy yourself anytime. Without a phone, i find life worst. Maybe u spent your time by swinging from trees to trees and does't realises the importances of communication. People like us who lives around high end gagets finds it inconveniences not having a good phone with us at all times. U call this a perfect phone?? U must have not been leaving your house for years. This phone don't even have a infrared port, not to talk about some other advance features. This is far worst than my old N6610. In the 21st century, we can't be lagging behind technology all the times, catch up with it boy... And if u need some screwing, get a human, not with phone dude..

  • its a simple phone, but very elegant and very styleish only for good tasted people i recomend it

  • Dont buy this fone. Color fones are prone to use and waste battery. Flipping fones easily damages and this fone got no infrared.. But if you like the design, well go for it!! Buy the nokia 2300, cheaper with Radio FM function. I am a proud owner of N2300!!

  • Wow, how well i do adore this new phone. It's pritty nice and lovely. Really Cute to suite my kind of person. I hope Nokia will send me this phone soon free of charge. I seriously will look forward to recieving a reply from you regarding this phone. Sonny.

  • Man! Rubber keypad is outdated.

  • Ladies... This one is for you!! No camera, no infrared, no radio, blam!!! I think 3200 is better than this one!! But if you like a phone that is fliping in style, then get this!!

  • It would have been perfect if it had a camera.Nokia 7200 is perfect but looks masculine. I don't know which to buy and don't wanna go for Samsung which is 2nd best to NOKIA.Does it have Jazz ring tones?

  • i m not getting ur 2650 set in calcutta,want to know about the price,features.dealers r tellng will not be avalable in inform me.

  • actually,unknown,thats exactelly my are going to sit with friends around one table,exchanging pictures instead of talking to them in real..isnt that sad? do you even know how to entertain yourself nowdays without a phone?leave your phone at home for few days..youll see a whole new world. a phone is intended for making phone calls, not make love over the phone or with the phone. and this one is perfect enough for it.

  • K, I've an mp3 player, a canon digital cam. But why do i still wanna get a phone with the similar features? It's simple, we want to have more entertainment in one gaget instead of carrying so many things at one go. My friends who owns the latest models of handphones are always sharing their mp3s, wallpapers, midis, playing bluetooth games.... While those who does't have such phones will sit aside watching us... It makes a difference...

  • George michael, Did't u ever seen a 262K colour LCD phone? phone with mp3, radio, camera..?? U must be a frog-in-a-well. Open up your eyes and u'll see much much better gagets out there.

  • you english people are really pathetic..get a life! or is a phone a substitute for other things that you obviously don't get?:) it's just a phone,it's supposed to be used for phoning.if you want a mp3 player,buy an mp3 player,if you want a digi camera,buy a digi camera.. as for samsung,i don't find their designs any better..they are actually quite ugly.. this phone is nice..besides,what do you need a bigger screen for?it's just meant for writing a text message, not making love with it!

  • Nokia2650 is best nokia product i have ever seen.

  • Bad Design, another ugly phone from nokia!!

  • delete my posts and i'll still repost it again. years after years...

  • phone for girls to use it once a month

  • Nobody is using it..??? I can see the pictures myself! Thanks for comments, but no thanks - I need users review and I DON'T need discussions about design. Like children about toys they can't have!!!

  • is this a R2D2 mobile phone, or a nokia chair? price too big!

  • nds on it no were seems to sell them.

  • napkin married a deck chair and had a nokia

  • i think this look like a pad. and this will be the most expensive phone which look like a pad.

  • What's this poor design? It should be more impressive!

  • It looks cool ! Nokia is the best company for cells. What a nice phone...i'd buy it if i needed a phone now. But my 3100 is great by the way

  • when will this phone be available in the Americas? if anyone has any info please email me

  • look like my company product....ppl who like this den see this msg angry sorry don't angry this is true

  • I love it. It's superb...Can I know the price?.

  • this hp got radio?? help pls! thx

  • LOL, I don't think Nokia quite gets how to make a clamshell.

  • Nice looking and affordable. All the functions one would expect from a real phone without any complications, such as camera, MP3 player or radio. Still what about connectivity? USB? IRDA? Bluetooth? And whar about an exterior screen, that would normally show the time, signal and battery levels? If the battery *really* will hold for one week at a moderate use (as the specifications indicate), then it is perfect. Anyway I think it beats the Samsung that are renown for the need to be recharged every 2-3 days.

  • so i can just say it�s chit don�t u know why becose i am waiting for this model and then u said it�s in the third part of this year normally in september but even that nothing came and i can say just and advice that it�s better to be more serious and to say the truth ok and this my email and i hope that u will send me a message when it�s coming really or that nokia 6170 thank u

  • I would like to know the price and special features for the Nokia 2650 and the country of origin

  • This particular phone really does attracts women.. but keep in mind that some women are so stupid to mistaken this phone as her sanitary pad !!!

  • please i wanna know the price of nokia 2650 in egypt and kwait

  • Not the best looking phone on the market it has to be said, but then it is only meant to be a bottom-level entry into the clamshell mobile market. Something I am happy about as I have no need of a camera, games, mp3 player, quad-band, gadget-laden piece of technology when all I want to do is make a phone call! Well-done Nokia for introducing an alternative to the ever-increasing price and sophistication of the modern phone, and therefore saving me a substantial amount of money. As for the design, well a better colour scheme would be nice, but everything else is just pandering to the view that a mobile phone is nothing but an expensive fashion accessory instead of a practical device whose primary purpose is simply to MAKE PHONE CALLS. All those that complain about the minutiae of its design and function to the point where they sound as if there lives depend on it....GET A LIFE.

  • stylist phone for middle class n phone collector

  • This phone looks very diffrent?????

  • I have seen a dummy of this phone. I use it to rest my pen on it. My pen looks very comfortable resting on it HAHAHAHHAHA.

  • I agree with you guys about that "Space" between the keypad and the screen.I mean,that space couldve been brought to better use,like a bigger screen or something.Also,if this phone has a camera and MP3 Player then it'll be a pretty neat phone.I think this plain design is simplicity at its best.I prefer this sort of design than those fancy ones that Nokia is producing.It has the same problem with 7200 in the sense that,it has a BIG flip but a tiny screen.Its like having a big face and really small eyes.Just doesnt work out.

  • This phone looks like a deck chair. Fair enough its aimed at the youth without money, but come on, dont punish them...

  • yuck yuck

  • Wake up Nokia you slipped way down here whats the great white lagoon between the keys and screen. Would be intelligent and sell like a hot cake if it had a bigger screen 126 x 160 px. Nothing to show off very ugly, Whoops you forgot the external screen FIRE YOUR DESIGNER he knows nothing about FLIP Phones send him on sabatical to Samsung

  • what? is this a phone. ? so much for nokia

  • Hi yall, I think that this phone could have been designed much better. When you open the flip there is way too much "white" space between the keys and the screen. Nokia Could have easily packed in a 128 x 160 px screen. A 65K screen would not increase the costs too much, maybe around $30. Camera doesn't worry me at all, just the screen is important. Low Cost is important, but that doesn't mean that you have to get cheap and old technology in a new design. And I'm sure once this phone is out it won't be cheap either, it's a Nokia. cheers

  • the phone is too big if u look att te futures, it shuld be smaler.. wierd design in the opening mekanism is it any good? PS. nokia shuld make a similar phone but smaler.

  • It is a lower cost phone. So, it won't have amazing features. Not everyone wants, or can afford to have a phone with almost EVERYTHING.

  • Saw this phone last week . Only basic functions to make a call, but nice and small. Will be a success if the price is very cheap.

  • it's very nice and lovely.i will like to have one when is out.

  • Ok, again I have to add my comment. I won't even complain about the design...It's daring...not my taste whatsoever. But you know...there's someone out there who might like it....maybe.... Features? Do I really need to mention features? Someone said that people want simple technology that is easy to use. HOW ON EARTH is a good, bright, clear, decent, BIG color screen COMPLICATED????? I want to see MORE not focus on this little square, NOKIA are YOU REALLY THAT DUMB????? Do some Marketing Research!!!! How is a freakin' Flip-phone without an external screen NOT ANNOYING???? It possibly even answers the call if you just want to look who is actually trying to call?!? NOKIA, you know nothing about Flip phones. Get some help...quickly! The rest of the stuff is ordinary, nothing to be proud of.

  • The type and colour of this mobile is very extreme and is the new style of mobiles but i prefer to be with photo camera and video camera as others

  • When this phone is open its the type of phone you'd expect to see in a mental institution (it looks like the material they use for the padded cells), closed it just looks like a plain red box. VERY UGLY PHONE!!

  • this phone is ugly!!!!!! i dont care about the features is ure wudnt wanna be seen wit one of these

  • did you know that 7200 was designed for a Louis Vuitton designer? Is not so much a phone, is a upper class accessorie... this one has the same end, but in budget phones area. I would rate this one with an 8 and the 7200 with a 10 (from 0 to 10). Great look

  • Anyone else convince Nokia needs to fire their designer??????????? This phone is even worse than the 7200. I know its incredibly negative to focus on design, yes it has great features and is up to date but I wouldn't want to carry a phone around that looks like this. The 7200 was a horrendous design. I think Nokia can't make flip phones they all look so square, basic and bland. Come on Nokia, hire a new designer and you will make an AWESOME flip phone eventually!!!!

  • this is a fashion cheap phone, is not for old people with no style and no good taste... Some people will never have that... Great phone, probably i'll get one as second phone

  • Hey gerko guess what, its a cheap phone! Don't you think you are asking too much? Is price will be something around 100euros not 250 or up. Do you wanna compare it to that crapy send�s at the same price? this is mutch better

  • What is this piece of $h|t again? 4096 colors??? Class4 GPRS??? No IR or BT??? Ridiculous!

  • this one is so long, but mine is longer

  • jealous of nokia? hahah i'm one of the people who abandon nokia and goes for SE

  • I think it's an ideal phone from NOKIA for the less techy folks; people who don't need a camera or any other contraptions/complications, someone that simply needs to make and recieve phone calls.

  • come on lahx ppl.. jealous tat nokia fones are better den the others? sae it!! dunch nid to tok bad bout nokia when dey r actually gd kaes.. all nokia fones rawks to da core manx!! NOKIA NOKIA NUMBER 1~~~

  • Hello Nokia! Do you really think a low class phone like yours deserve such shitty design?

  • to admin, U can delete my posts or block my IP, but i'll never stop posting. I don't see anything wrong with the phrase "phone for girls to use it every month" U are dirty minded thinking of some things else. Decades after Decades, i'll still be posting, i'll see what can u do

  • nokia 2650 is very nice design. i like it. mayby i have buy 1.

  • wow. cant wait to buy this, always wanted a phone that looks like a deck chair

  • Just another example of Nokia going off the rails in design terms. Yeugh!!! Take a look at Phillips... Even they have Better design better software better spec!! I never thought I would be supporting Phillips over the big N, but they have been too compacent and have lost their edge.

  • Nokia , even we banglas can do better phones than u. whites. bah!

  • Oh my god! This is the most HORRIBLE piece of s*** I have ever seen! What are you thinking Nokia? WTF? The specs are ancient. Can you do better?

  • I like becouse is fresh and cool.I'm from Romania and hear Nokia is the best..........

  • i really love your products and i want you to send the price list of the phones to me.thanks.

  • Wow...Tis Is the longest phone i eva c!!!

  • Very Cool design !!! thats what people say when any phone from nokia comes out. All I know is that Nokia always and has been MAKING the MOST HORRIBLE AND UGLIEST PHONES in Market since beginning

  • 1: How do I do to acquire a cellular one as this? Here in Brazil he/she is not anything of so sophisticated and with a beautiful desine as this. . . . it beats the eyes in this and I fell in love

  • Flexi-Wings-Flip-Phone?Tamponokia?

  • shit phone no infared port no bluetooth and no camera. this phone sucks.

  • I'm sure that that rubber will crack in a few months, I would buy it if I were you

  • I like it. It's so cool. But yeah...I think the design is obviously for girls.

  • Again not a very desireable design, it's ugly... The display junk and overall performance is poor.

  • ugliest phon ever, monstrocity

  • crazy old nokia..

  • This is the first colour phone i've seen in my life.

  • a lame 4k colour screen again. is a 65k colour screen THAT EXPENSIVE TO MAKE? lol... nokia.. pls wake up from ur slumber..

  • Sexy,very sexy.I like.

  • Ugliest phone I have ever seen, perhaps there were less uglier phones but also from Nokia

  • NO MORE NOKIA NO MORE 2650. Is it for free ?? If i am nokia owner, i will fire my phone designer first then,i will sell my company to Moto or Samsung. Do you know word "silly" ??? I cant believe it is your design AH NOKIA OH it is from #1. I think BenQ from Asia have better design on this phone class.

  • It let me think of 3310 back side. It very old fashion. If they lunch such few years ago, i won't complain about its design surely. Classic design. No No No,It not have any design. Cheap looking. FXXKING 2650.

  • this fone looks really really dodgy and well..........crap if u ask me.....

  • 4096 color screen only & the screen very small. Not bad for nokia.

  • im a big nokia fan, cuz of its super fast menu and text. this phone is great, too bad it's only for europe and asia. they never come out w/ cool looking phones in america. that makes me mad. im moving to europe man

  • NOKIA, which market are u targeting?

  • The all-new, sanitary pad-shaped Nokia!

  • Hey, not too bad for 2nd Nokia's flip phone. That design, looks like it's match for woman. that's ordinary Nokia feature.., not better than old N7210.

  • 4096 colour LCD????? Hey nokia, we are in the yr 2004

  • wow wow wow!! this is the best phone i have ever seen!i think it could be from the future wow wow wow well done nokia another out standing phone from the gods above!!

  • not sure what i think of this it reminds me of a snake skin in one way i'd like to see it in the flesh

  • nice try for 2nd flip folder phone!

  • "beach chair" design

  • bad design? its like one of the worse! they should sell these in beaches! lol

  • Looks like a beach chair to me. How silly please be original nokia.

  • if only the screen had been better, this phone would have been perfect. Still a wicked phone though. Good on you nokia, just revise your screens

  • a good cheap mobile, we need mobiles like that for entry level. Don't ask for any more please !

  • Good for entry-level, i think

  • bad design, yakkkk