VK Mobile VK1000

  • Released 2005, Q4
    23mm thickness
    Feature phone
    microSD (dedicated slot) slot
  • N/A 112,529 hits
  • 8 Become a fan
    128x143 pixels
  • 0.3MP
    No video recorder
  • 970mAh

VK Mobile VK1000 - Specs

Network Technology GSM
2G bands GSM 850 / 900 / 1800 / 1900
GPRS Class 10
Launch Announced 2005, Q4
Status Discontinued
Body Dimensions 76 x 44 x 23 mm (2.99 x 1.73 x 0.91 in)
Display Type STN, 65K colors
Resolution 128 x 143 pixels
 Second external CSTN display, 65K colors (96 x 64 pixels)
Downloadable pictures
Memory Card slot microSD (dedicated slot)
Phonebook Yes, Photocall
Call records 10 dialed, 10 received, 10 missed calls
Main Camera Single VGA
Video No
Selfie camera   No
Sound Loudspeaker No
Alert types Vibration; Downloadable polyphonic ringtones
3.5mm jack No
Comms WLAN No
Bluetooth No
Infrared port Yes
Radio No
Features Sensors
Messaging SMS, EMS, MMS
Browser WAP 2.0/xHTML
Games Yes
Java No
 MP3 player
Predictive text input
Battery   Removable Li-Ion battery
Misc Colors Pink, Orange, Black

VK Mobile VK1000 - User Reviews

  • I love this phone its so pick I want one

  • Does any1 know where I wud download or get a hold of the alarm tones that were on this fone, its sort of a private joke between me and my girlfreind and wud be halarious if I could get them......

  • i would not reccomend it to any1 cnt gt or send pics ringtones = rubbish NO SOUND ON VIDEO!!! omdzz its probz da worst fone iv seen had it 4 nearly a year a while ago nd its such a let dwn!!!!

  • sorry all bcoz of me.vk is the best mobile phone provider

  • same here i am also getting bored u focus and its the best mobile phone ever launched by vk mobile

  • gettn bored man!!

  • Sexxy n cool phone..wt ya say?

  • girls cell

  • Cute Phone..

  • oh poor .vk phones when i got it i was happy but when i gave it to my freind to use it it just went off and started to go on and off if you on it....how poor...ok it cute like me but it seem to be small and attractice like my gurl freind.hahahaha....ok poor i like to use motorola or nokia....ooopssss [email protected] like it but i hate it again ...

  • this phone looks soo cute! but it sucks that it has no way to send pics or receive it ughhh! does anyoneknow if this phone has speaker?? please tell me =) sn:san0clemente

  • i got this phone for christmas in a lilac colour, I would not recomend you buy this phone if it is photo and video quality you are looking for in a phone because this does not have it. It is a cute phone though the only downside is that i am finding it has VERY short battery life which is annoying!

  • My grandfather has this one. It is telling you when you have to take your pills, and it beeps when bbc news start.

  • I have just bought this mobile in orange and I would like to know if it recognizes the microsd of 1gb. Does someone know it? Thank you very much.

  • just wondered if anyone had ne idea how u get the name of the person who has sent u a message to appear when u recieve a message? all i get is the persons number, and then i have to look in my phone book to find out who sent me the message!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! soooo annoying!!!??

  • this phone is complete rubbish,nasty tones no sound on video,no memory, short battery life can't recieve pics

  • my little sis has this phone n all i can say is do not buy it! cute phone yes! good phone noway the camera is crap n the battery life is only like one day! u might aswell buy a plastic barbie toy phone the features would be beta!

  • My friend has this phone and it really is nothing more than a cute looking toy! Great for kids im sure but Overall a poor phone.

  • also it doesnt hold any music..... and the camera and video are poor qwality.... the video doesnt even have sound on it... and the ring tones jeez dont get me started.!!

  • i have this phone in black with the dimonds on the front and its the crapest phone ive ever had!!.. such a let down! .. i wouldnt recomend it to anyone .. the design is great and funky i agree but the features and phone itsself is a waste.. n well big let down for the money my mum payed for it (�100!!!) .. im just about to sell this phone on ebay so if you really want it look out for it.. lotsa love x

  • can u get this fone is Australia. And how much is it? Email Me xxxxxxxxx

  • How many songs depends on how big your micro sd memory card is!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • hey...whats the most amount of songs i can hold? approximately?? thankzzz also, why is all caps impolite?

  • hiya peple can peple please tell me bout tha reception is it gud?? and wats the price?? thanx y'all! byee

  • i really really like this phone i have a vk570 and am looking at getting this phone!please someone let me no where i can find out how much it is and how good the camera and mp3 are!

  • Wow it looks really cute..but in neva got anudda type of phone other than Nokia and LG..is it good? it looks really funky

  • it's cute, but... nokia rulez!

  • beautifull...realy

  • i hate this phone!!!!!!!!!!its sooooooo bad people onlyget it for the coulor get nokia its the only one i trust!!! claire xxx

  • my da is going to geet me a new phone and im getting this one it s so cute!!!some of my friends have it and they love it and don't mind i get it too!!! evangeline xxx

  • Great little phone, I have it in black. Used with 512mb micro sd card as a handy mp3 player.

  • Like where is this phone available at? I live in North Carolina and I have no clue where to look for it. Oh and how much is this phone?? I want it!!! :)

  • i�m so inluv of this little thing. my dad bought me this cellu for christmas, it�s so funny and sweet. very new york.

  • hia,im getting a new phone soon and i am not sure if i should get the 'vk 570 shimmer' or this one. one of my friends has the vk 530 and they are kinda the same,im not sure if she will be mad that i copied her but in a way i really like this one better than the shimmer.i should wait till the big day but i want to make the desicion now! PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!!!

  • i rely like this phone im in love !!!! is it avaviable in engalnd ?

  • Hi my boyfriend has brought me this phone and i really, really like it. It is very user friendly, and also goes with my hand bag.

  • do vk1000 avaliable in singapore? i found tat this fone is so cute... but short of video recording...

  • no it does not have sound when you video its not what i thought it would be better than that but it was not worth �90 that is what is paid for it other wise its a very good phone

  • hey anyone who has this fone can u plz tell me how good it is? like wat's the mp3 capacity and does it hav sound wen u video record?

  • hi i dont which 1 to vk 1000 or vk530 i think so far is one is better coz its a mp3 player and any with plz tell me if there is sound with the videos coz i no the vk530 doesnt and cam i get this phone in 02

  • I think this phone is cool my friend and my mam have it and I think its brill it has cool features and its PINK!

  • wat a colour

  • Hi, I just thought i would say i think this phone is amazing!!! and sets off my eye's wonderfully. The best mony i have ever spent.

  • K please administrators or any one answer ? can this phone come in black and has it got a mirror included when u press the clr button? is this the make where it has diamontees on the front

  • hi ya my best friend just got this phone and i wouldnt recomend it.its stupid.i still like it cuz its pink.but i think its the colour we are paying for and not the phone standards.

  • I tink itz a gud phone 2but it sucks cuz we cant get it

  • Oh god, this is just so cute ! But I had the "music" in front of it. Other then that It's cute !!!!!! Too bad, I can't get this since I just got the pink razor not to long ago ! dammmmit..

  • This cellphone is for fashion girls!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111Is really interesting

  • where is the infra red port

  • My mate used to have this phone and i thought it was reall y cool. i ecspecially like it as its my favourite colour colour pink!!! Its very light and compact and i can take it anywhere with me. Its one of the best phones ever!!!!

  • hey guys i've been looking all over to buy this pink phone. anyone know a website?

  • im not sure if i should buy this phone im really confused it looks good but how good is it really plz help!!!

  • Hi! I have the vk530 and I am ready for a new phone and I have my heart on this one and it looks like an upgrade to mine. But one problem with the vk530 it only lets you store 50 photos and 2 or 3 videos!! And there isn't even sound on the videos and I'm worried this will be the same. Theres hardly any memory either on vk530 and with this phone also having mp3 player I want to know wether you can store a deasent amount of music. Anyone with this phone please reply! from Alex xxxx

  • nice phone but the camera is crap!!! i got it as an early xmas pressie

  • huff puff. just when i thought VK were not gonna make a phone in completely pink, too late, ive already got the VK530! huff puff

  • wah!!i like the color of this phone, can u recommend where can i buy this hp? becoz i try to find it at my place but seem like hardly to get it..