Benefon Esc!

  • Released 1999
    150g, 23mm thickness
    Feature phone
    No card slot
  • N/A 138,922 hits
  • 9 Become a fan
    100x160 pixels, 20 lines
  • NO
    No video recorder
  • 700mAh

Benefon Esc! - Specs

Network Technology GSM
2G bands GSM 900 / 1800
Launch Announced 1999
Status Discontinued
Body Dimensions 129 x 49 x 23 mm, 138 cc (5.08 x 1.93 x 0.91 in)
Weight 150 g (5.29 oz)
Display Type Monochrome graphic
Resolution 100 x 160 pixels, 20 lines, 16:10 ratio
 Electro-luminescent lighting
Dynamic & user-selectable font size
Memory Card slot No
Phonebook 255
Call records 15 dialed, 10 received, 10 missed calls
Camera   No
Sound Loudspeaker No
Alert types Vibration; Downloadable monophonic ringtones
3.5mm jack No
 Personalised ringing melodies
Ascending alert
Several SMS alert tones and tone levels
Comms WLAN No
Bluetooth No
Infrared port Yes
Radio No
Features Sensors
Messaging SMS
Clock Yes
Alarm Yes
Games 3
Java No
 Predictive text input
Phone ON/OFF timers
Battery   Removable Li-Ion 700 mAh battery
Stand-by 140 h
Talk time 6 h
  Lithium ion 1200 mAh
Stand-by 240 h
Talk time 10 h
Misc Colors

Benefon Esc! - User Reviews

  • HI - im looking to get a Benefon Esc! if anyone has one to sell please let me know....

  • HI - im looking to get a Benefon Esc! if anyone has one to sell please let me know....

  • Hi a little late but just seen your post ref Benefon ESC, if you still need one have one in original box complete! regards Martin

  • look at new ebay lot used item

  • hi i am looking for the benephon esc. if you have that phone, i would like to buy. please let me know. thanks.

  • This piece is literrally first phone with built in GPS ever, almost 10 years before nokia first navigator phone

  • im looking for batteries of benefon esc gsm gps cellphone where can i get it? im in Botswana Southern Africa. Provide contacts please.

  • i have Benefon ESC! but i would need anew case and battery,the battery on it can't hook back to the phone unless i use a rubber band to support it also would like the phone serviced ,i like this ESC!,I do not want to throw it away ,i would not mind if you can fix it for me although is working quite alright ,but need proper fixing,i do not know were to take it to in the uk,your quick response will be email address is oyejide.a

  • Contact Itellifon. They are Australia's Benefon representitive. OZ Maps are diffinitaly available as they are loaded to my one. State by state even. Mine has Australia, QLD, World. Think it's a purchase software only though? No shortcuts or tricks. Ya want it, ya pay for it? Or buy one from someone in the region you come from. They're not designed to be a toy. They are the best handheld GPS to this day I believe. They do exactly what they were designed to do. Pick up satalites

  • They have 3 common failures when it comes to GPS. 1st being the flexible connection between the handset & the foldable GPS transmitter/reciever. The 2nd is a MAIN PCB GPS IC failure (rare). Not worth doing unless a certified electronics techinican. 3rd, suggestion is consulting a Benefon service agent for testing? If it ends up being user error or failure, I have no suggestions. Fold out GPS atenna, set GPS power to full, be outdoors for testing, ensure previous users settings are cleared. Simple yeah

  • I got number of new ESC as i was selling them while back. they are useful if useful still if use them for tracking your car or pet or anything u want to know the location of. The maps for this phone are easily loaded but you have to calibrate any map you want using Mapmaker a software made by Benefon. write me for details: maziz1966(at)

  • i got to a few of this phones and i am wondering if you can tell me how the hell do i turn on gps?everything i try simply doesent work!

  • There is a updated version of this phone called Benefon Esc! NT2002. There are other Benefon phones that are not presented on GSM Arena. GSM Arena dont seem to be updating the pages on this brand. I dont think this is a very big phone. considering the fact that it has GPS. My Nokia N70 is 108,8x53x21,8 compared to Ecs! 129x49x23. "A bag that occupies a large space is more likely to contain a lot of things then a bag that lies flat on the ground!"

  • hey, in singapore you can get in benefon dealer..for sin$3000

  • ya this fon is simply crap, go to singapore and ask them if they sell these kinda phone, they will die of laughter!

  • why am I so impressed on this phone??

  • asking about price?

  • I want to buy this phone (Benefon ESC)What am i doing?

  • i would like to know the telephone number of benefone in south africa.

  • You can use maps of anywhere in the world for free, using Spitfire ( They work amazingly well.

  • hi i have a esc and other benefon products but i have problems with the software and maps any one knows a better software custom made for tracking....

  • This Phone is Crap nobody even knows Benefone in Europe

  • There are no GPS maps for other countries like Saudi Arabia and other medial east countries.

  • How much is Benefon Esc ?

  • The ESQ is not discontinued. I bought one this month. Great free US maps of major metropolitan areas, interstates, mexican roads and towns.

  • i should be vrey mhuch obliged send me information about this mobil what differnt with nokia3650

  • I just want to know if the ESC is compateble for South-Africa, and do you have the maps availible for the GPS function. Could you also send me true a qoute on this phone.... Aswell as places in South-Africa that stock this phone...

  • Hi, can any one give me an indication of where i can find a benefon esc in south africa?

  • Good phone, good GPS... but very disappointed I cannot get maps to use the GPS facility in Australia

  • I need a lead to how I can purchase Benefone Esc in large quantity and at affordable price

  • Hi folks check out this cadget! Here in Finland even dogs have cellphones...

  • New ESC! NT2002 has launched and gps is even more effective and battery is very much long lasting than before.

  • Dear there, I was visiting your site and I do like for your stuff. And cause of that,I`ll like to make an order with you for: Can you supply me for this stuff? How much the price you offering to me? Please calculate for total cost including a quote with UPS Express. I'll pay with my credit card. Here is the Shipping/Billingaddress : Name : Mr.Sideq Address1 : City : State : Zip Code : Country : Phone : I hope we can make good bussiness. Thanks for your great cooperation. Send me good news

  • If you own one of these you know how good it is, but once a friend gets one you find our how VERY good it is, track each other, send routes and waypoints, amazing!! there is nothing else like it anywhere! special forces and police tracking units cant be wrong!! you will not regret buying one of these! there are plans to release a smaller colour screened GPRS version towards the end of the year.. I'll be getting one for sure!!

  • I love it. For a long diplay and the best for me is the predictive text feature please send me details on how I could get a special rate for buying it.Am in Kenya

  • You can buy ESC! from: or you can contact to this address: Starckrom LTD Calea Floreasca 91-111, Bloc F1, Tronson 3 t.+40-1-230 22 20 71401 BUCHAREST f.+40-1-230 06 96/230 13 26 [email protected] and [email protected] Maps you van get here:

  • do you have this phone launched in ROMANIA?if you don't ,please tell me how can i buy him and what is the cost.......THANK YOU!!

  • Please give me an information! I hard Benefon has a model of phone who can use 2 sim card in the same time. Please confirm me the information.

  • Sehr gute hande

  • This phone is great! Its water resistant and got 3 cool games and maps! Its even got downloadable ringtones!

  • this phone is very ugly and giant !!!!!!! it sucks!!! u must be crazy if u buy it!!!!!

  • i vonted him

  • i think that benefon esc is the brilliant and amazing phone in the world becouse it is made in finland and so does nokia so we now about these things have a nice summer

  • This phone is marvellous and very cool looking in live. It's as small as Nokia's 6110, but full of features. GPS is great feature, I can check my speed, direction and I can navigate etc.

  • That bug is the only one in ESC! and it's prepaired in the newest software, so go to the store where you bought it or send e-mail to Benefon, that's the way you will get new software. That's great phone.

  • Just bought it yesterday, it`s awesome! I recomend it! Lot`s of nice features! But I found a bug on my phone, The date states: wedensday 255.255.63582, and I can`t change the date! When I try to enter the calendar, the phone shuts down! Anyone out there who have encounterd this "bug"?

  • if you wanna buy it go to the beneshop!! -----beneshop

  • Even if the phone has introduced in 1999 it will be available just now 2001, because it has been so difficult to develope. So the phone is NEW phone and I suggest that you move it to upper layer in Benefon-section. I have use it now about 3 weeks and I have to say that this is unbelieveble, everything is working great.

  • What a phone, got it yesterday and is the greatest thing I've ever got. Don't look past the Q either, This brand is becoming a Ericsson and Nokia killer!! Anyone in Australia want one email me (Any Mobil in fact)

  • The product will be a platform for many incredible service. It gives a new meaning for the term "handset".

  • What the heck! U guy have the phone for three years already, but I'm still waiting for its' release in my country!!!!! Can't wait to combine my GPS and GSM into one unit!

  • Now that is something nice... Worth having! Best buy!

  • Perhana kun t�� prosu ei jaksa py�ritt�� noita karttoja. Hidas ku mik� ja painavakin. M� ly�n hanskat tiskiin.

  • Ang lupit... Sana magkameron ako libre... English Incredible... hope I can hav 1 for free =)

  • Three YEARS? Introduced in 1999?

  • I have now used Esc! about three years and I could say the phone is good.