LG B2100

  • Released 2005, Q2
    73g, 16mm thickness
    Feature phone
    1.3MB storage, no card slot
  • N/A 246,027 hits
  • 13 Become a fan
  • 1.5"
    128x128 pixels
  • 0.3MP
    No video recorder
  • 780mAh

LG B2100 - Specs

Network Technology GSM
2G bands GSM 900 / 1800 / 1900
GPRS Class 10
Launch Announced 2005, Q2
Status Discontinued
Body Dimensions 103 x 43 x 16 mm (4.06 x 1.69 x 0.63 in)
Weight 73 g (2.57 oz)
Display Type CSTN, 65K colors
Size 1.5 inches, 7.3 cm2 (~16.4% screen-to-body ratio)
Resolution 128 x 128 pixels, 1:1 ratio (~121 ppi density)
 Downloadable wallpapers
Memory Card slot No
Phonebook 200 x 6 fields, 7 groups
Call records 15 dialed, 15 received, 15 missed calls
Internal 1.3MB
 20 calendar items
Main Camera Single VGA
Video No
Selfie camera   No
Sound Loudspeaker No
Alert types Vibration; Downloadable polyphonic ringtones
3.5mm jack No
Comms WLAN No
Bluetooth No
Radio No
Features Sensors
Messaging SMS, EMS, MMS
Browser WAP 2.0/xHTML
Games 2 + downloadable
Java Yes
 Predictive text input
Voice memo
Battery   Removable Li-Ion 780 mAh battery
Stand-by Up to 250 h
Talk time Up to 3 h 30 min
Misc Colors

LG B2100 - User Reviews

  • When I look up this phone on eBay UK, the results come up with Samsung B2100 Xplorer, any help please?

  • This phone is also known as LG MG105

  • In 2005 it wasn't.

  • OMG!!! Why aren't you mad?! That is by far the worst deal I've ever seen!

  • Of course not, are you actually that stupid or what? It can't even compare to a $20 camera. It's that bad.

  • I brought this phone on 10th April 2012 and in around August-September 2014, it stopped working!!!

  • My first ever cellphone. Bought December 2005. I lent to surf the net using this phone. Lot of memories. Much Love.

  • visit to download

  • Can someone please send me a download link for the Java file of the 2 pre-installed games (Action in life and Halloween fever)?

  • This phone cannot be download of any apps with high memory version except for those apps that has low memory.

  • Just go to m.brothersoft.com on your mobile phone.

  • Very old now but good if you have cheap budget. If all you want to do is phone and text, definitely worth getting. If you want videos and better camera, Facebook, all that, I wouldn't recommend. Got this as a hand-me-down. I'm only 10!!

  • its a battery problem. if u have the phone change the battery

  • well i've only had this phone for about a year and all of a sudden nothing works and when i turn it on a little red light on the left hand side just works, what does this mean someone tell me its gettin to me

  • This phone is made only for my hands.I like it very much.Its performence is superb.

  • i love this set;its been mine since about 4 years now and i am so fond of it;cant get ova it.its just so portable and its unlike any of those usual stuffed sets in the world;and the most unique 'quality' about it,i tell u,is that it is almost unbreakable,it's body is extra reliable and bet it on me,mark my words dear users,you may throw it frm some thousandth floor above the grnd and it shall remain as it was there initially in your safe hands;it s indeed a masterpiece!!!

  • its only me.

  • this is my mobile its only me.

  • even this handset are waste but it may ok for to the poor one and need it so much. The cover is really hard to find. i think this fon just ok..

  • it looks so hot.

  • !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!what a exciting disgusting hand set it is. i am realy unpleased about it. i want to change the set.........but is it possible????????????????????????????????????????­

  • i got the same phone you guys indicated but the thing is its difffficult to find new covers,battery&chargers for ths LGB2100 why is that?

  • I'll admit this phone is not a great one, but for someone who has a poor budget, this phone does what it should (call and sms), and it does it properly. I've heard people complain about battery life, but so far i've not had any problems with that. I get over a week. If you're looking to get more out of a phone, then this isn't the phone you should get. The camera is indeed fairly useless. Otherwise, its very practical.

  • This is the worst phone i have ever seen...... Using more than 18 months(3years) a very poor battery life.. and the camera phone sucks....... No speaker... doesn't support usb cable.... Man this phone sucks.... Plz i recommend not to buy this phone....

  • well what does it say on the above specs? no bluetooth no infared no nothing , and cos the usb bit is blank i would take it as a no seeing as it has nothing else on there!!!!!!!!!! my god this phone is old what do u expect it to do .

  • I've managed to find a USB cable to connect to this phone but it isn't recognised by the PC, even after installing the drivers as it wants to connect using a serial port! Ah well. I tried sending pics from this phone to another newer one so that I could use that to send to PC but it sends a link to check the pics online. Had the phone since Oct 06 and it's been fine without being spectacular. It's a basic phone with a basic camera. Best thing is its size though. Battery life is getting a bit dodgy so I'll get a new phone soon. It will have lasted me about 20 months so that's not bad for �30!

  • I had this fone last year and i hate it so much , it is boring, no irda no bluetooth, no usb, it is a s***

  • i've been using this phone for almost a year and all of a sudden i am unable to use my sim card on this phone. i am able to use sim cards from other networks but sim cards from my current network is not available. how can i get my old network up and running again?

  • I'm getting a new phone this one is really annoying! Does anyone know how to get the photos onto the computer cause no USB leads fit it!!!

  • hi.. i am using this kind of Lg.. B2100 it's easy to handle or carry but when i am going home.. my cellphone is going to lost it's signal.. i dont know if it is because of the location or on the mobile..

  • send me the data cable software for this lg B2100 mobile phone. otherwise send me the web sites which is having the softwares

  • thought the phone was good but ended up getting a giant orange dot in the middle of the screen. yes it was from dropping it a few to many times but should phones really do that? ne way thought the camera was good, like the little button on the side which jst gets u to it, very large msg space and yea.

  • I have had this phone for almost year now it has never given me problems a very nice phone for midi music for ringtones. the internets allrite. allrite basic phone with few nice features worth the money like camera is allrite have to go into the settings to change camera options for the person having problems in black and white mode have to change settings easy once you know how cheers

  • This was given by my boyfriend and is very user friendly. I like simple camera phones and this really fits the all the criteria. I love this phone! c",)

  • hello, i need some help with my phone. All my pictures are black and white and very poor quality. Is there a way to change it? I am tired of trying to fix this and its really starting to annoy me. Can any one help me please

  • i've been using this phone for almost 8 months now and i find it very user friendly. stylish and very handy becuase of its size. but the problem is i'm having a hard time taking pictures at night, it is too dark. do you also have the same problem with me? thanks...

  • Hi, i just recently got the LG B2100 as a spare recently from a boot fair. I have found some old photos saved as wallpaper on the phone that i would like to delete but cant. Does anybody know how to delete photo's saved in the my album part of the phone. Thanks H.

  • Phone is OK but when using in-car charger I am not able to use the phone so not much use in an emergency. Anyone else have similar problem or is it just a duff car charger?

  • I bought this phone in May last year. I was attracted by the slick look and thought I should experiment with brand change. Weel, my experience has been a very sad one. From the beginning the battery proved very weak, I needed to recharge it every two days even when I did not use it. The phone colour scratches easily and it looks very unattractive after a relatively short time. After about six months a bright yellow spot appeared on the screen making it impossible for me to see my numbers dialed. The spot grew larger with time. I thought it was unique to me but have since met two other people with a similar problem. The camera is absolutely useless, the pictures look more black and white. It is not a user friendly phone. In my opinion it is not worth buying. Grace

  • this photo of the woman showing on this page of this lg mobile . is a fake . the screen cant produce a photo like that with the useless camera . so can we have a better photo of this phone

  • this is a lg con . no caller id only a built in pic of a childish image .

  • I've had this phone since Sep 05 and my gf got the same phone shortly after. iv only had once problem since having this nifty little fella and thats having it go through the washing machine. i now have my gf's one and its going strong!

  • I've had this phone for a year now, and I don't like it. For me, the called ID doesn't seem to work and missed calls only tell the date and time not the number of the caller. It is very slim and fits well into your pocket, but it is really not a great phone.

  • You cannot put ringtones on this phone it wont let you and the cables are blocked tighter than my drain. Its been on sale cheaply in argos recently and the birmingham virgin mobile shop in whsmith said that lg has always produced awful phones (only reccomending the shine) they said the chocolate also should be avoided. I feel LG is a poor womans samsung.

  • this is avery bad mobile i want the usb cable to put a ring tones .

  • this phone has dropped in price now its only �14.99 at virgin retail uk minus the broken camera which has been shut off by virgin

  • i need to lgb2100 phone's modem driver.??????/

  • this this not connecting via USB cable i m very tense. will u help me

  • I like the phone, its potable compared to other phones I wouldnt mind recommending someone, I like it, I havent had any problems and its been 1 year now, maybe in the future.

  • theres better choices around best forgotten just like a sendo

  • This phone is Light, Slim and Cheaper (maybe the cheapest) than the other basic Mobile Phones on market but even your kids would reject it. Its so complicated to do a basic but important things like SMS..the Battery has a problem too..u have to recharge at least twice a day with a shortest talktime as 1 1/2 hour..I'm always wondering why, and why the designers created such a weak functioning thing as this..Even an older technology phone like Nokia 3210 has a better handling than this one..Take it out of your shopping list!

  • if anyone looking for the user friendly mobile phone, pls do not buy this mobile.it's such a waste!! button is too hard n slow for SMS.for example,i have to type more than 5 times just to get 'c' and battery lifetime so short. i've been using this phone for only 2 weeks as it makes my life so complicated.

  • I bought this phone back in december of 2006 from virgin megastore and thought it was reasonably priced, small and it had a camera. In the manual it stated it had photo phone book (this is a lie as it only allows bit map images built into the phone not your own pictures (please this is the 21st Century). Camera is horrendous on this phone very poor quality taking pictures inside or outside (as if dipped in a coffee jar and gone brown). The phone went straight back to Virgin (the woman did not argue, funny i saw loads of them behind her with boxes opened up i can only assume many others had returned this pile of rubbish). Following week they had been reduced from �40 to �24 and even at this price i would not open my purse. They will stay there till they rot or will end up to india for those who will use a very basic phone.

  • THIS PHONE IS EXPIRED!!!!! One of my friends has it and she is absolutely embaressed about it. It has the worst camera I ever seen, it needs thousands of stupid cables and the most unlikely of all THE SCREEN RESOLUTION (128x128, like my mom's nokia 3200) AND THE SOFTWARE. I think that is one of the worst phones I ever seen.

  • The battery life is rather low and it is difficult to get ringtones and games compatible with this phone. Otherwise, its sleek, cheap and light. recommended for those who want to make life simple.

  • friends, i have find all the solution of b2100 like where to download driver, how to use phone as a modem. More detail go site or copy paste link

  • PLZ someone can help me? plzzz send me the Driver of this cell, i can find T_T wbarato@gmail.com

  • somebody gave me this phone and i have a kit w/ it that includes data cable and software cd needed to upload/download pictures and music. i already downloaded the software but when i tried to use the LG Contents Bank after connecting the data cable, i always get a message telling me that the serial port i used was in use and i can't proceed w/ uploading my camera pictures to my pc. can somebody tell me what to do? "help" options doesn't have troubleshooting guide and i don't have any idea how to make this work. please email me... thanks

  • i dont have the cd for this phones to transfer the things from pc to phones can any one expalne me how can i fint this sen me the comnts in my mail thnks for all

  • on lloween fever im on level 35 thats hard.

  • hey guys the phone is propa brill the camers is mint the weight is even better love da ringtunes dey kool cant belive da such a dinky phone can be so kool BUY THIS PHONE!!! 50 quid from ARGOS

  • Love the camera Love the weight

  • i jsut brought dis phone but da camera seems abit orange and i fink i brought it abit expensive 4 �60 can any1 tell me how 2 improve the camere quality plz

  • I have been given this phone for xmas nice phone, but cam seems orangy colour why is this hope you can help thank you

  • please i want to free my mobile lg B 2100by internet how i do please

  • Hi Every1 i have recently bought this phone and it is amzing although i want to connect it to my computer how do i do it?

  • I can't send my images to the pc.Because the software is not available.How can we buy or download it

  • software link :

  • I think you can get a data cable 4 this fone of, www.speedydelivery.co.uk ,,,, but does any1 know where to get the pc software from?????

  • Lg bobile B200 Model is waste, in this mobile only camera is avalble but there is no sending option

  • hi reader.i have bought lg b2100 past 2 days.i want to connect it with my pc.i have downloaded the software.but not able to connect.:-(.i also want drives for its modem bcoz i want to use it as a modem to connect to internet.pleasev mail me.i will be very thankful.:-)

  • im finkin about buyin dis 4 my bro for �30. would the usb cable for the lg chocolate work on the B2100 or not need reply by the 20th of da 10th 06 HURRY HURRY HURRY HURRY HURRY HURRY

  • LG provide a very good software pack for the B2100 mobile phone, it includes ring tones, images, animations, etc, that you can upload from a PC. Unfortunately when you buy the phone, the Data cable (model DK-20G) needed to sync PC to Phone is not included you have to purchase it seperately. Worse still the Data Cable costs almost half the price of the phone in the UK, and almost none of the stores have them!

  • I have had this phone since July, but have not bonded with it at all. I find the keys uncomfortable to use and too close together, however the main frustration is that it is too quiet. I frequently miss calls as, even with the profiles set to maximum volume I just can't hear it. The battery life is also sporadic. standby time is fine unti I actually use it, then the charge can run out in a matter of a few hours.

  • yo i had this fonne 4 bout 12 months and i put it on the charger one day and it woodnt turn on so its frozen anyone know how to fix this problem or have a better phone or solution email mi thnx luv yaz xoxo

  • how do i remove the numbers log in the recent messages?

  • My Name is Zubair & Recently I have bought B2100 LG Mobile Phone please let me know that is there function in this mobile that when anybody call to me his picture automatically displayed on my mobile phone screen. If yes then please let me know the procedure that how I can see the picture of calling person. Please note my E-Mail address " [email protected] "

  • Is there any other option to transfer the data from the B2100 cell phone to a computer? I am searching for drivers for my cell.If possible, kindly send that to my I.D. The user manual is not in English. where can i get the manual of B2100 in English.

  • tell me how to check manufacure-date on lg phones

  • I also need drivers for the lg b2100, can someone send me a link to the page where I can download it? or send me the driver, which would be much better. thanks in advance!

  • I think this new mobile phone is better than my old phone which is 3310 Nokia. But I would of liked to have new message tones with this LG B2100, the lack of not having new message tones and the camera isn't goood isn't quite worth the value, but it is still a lovely light phone.

  • This phone Sucks!!! keypads are very hard to press and the camera is useless, pictures are never clear at all.

  • does it always hang-up?

  • well, my N90 broke down so i had to buy mobile and i didnt wanna to spent much so i decided to buy this LG,, well i think its a good mobile its light, look good and finally has good battery but forget the camera as it vega.

  • there is any one now how to download agme

  • pls does anyone knows whether dis fone has bluetooth or infra red,some one should reply me and can it record songs loudly.

  • I have the LG B2110 since two weeks ago and comparing with my old Nokia 6100 (which I lost/was stolen): doesn t allow you to enter peoples name that are a little be longer than a very short First name + last name. If you set it in Quiet mode so that no one disturbs you when you are sleeping, even if you set the alarm, it doesnt sound. While writing SMS in order to enter numbers you need to change the status of the writing (capitals, automatic filling, numbers...) Furthermore, can someone tell me why it does not work in Mexico? I arrived in Mexico yesteday from France and simply shows " No network available". What should be done? Thx!

  • i have lg b2100 .but i need to know if it works in eritrea(africa)

  • I'm from Macedonia and I have this phone for 4 month and I think its good,but using time of batery is 2 or 2 and half days.That is my problem with this phone.

  • Official LG B2100 Software

  • can i have arabic language in this phone

  • If you are looking for a driver for this phone, see the B2050 on this site under software. It doesnt let you upload from the phone to the PC however.

  • Its nice one. I am in need of LG B2100 Software drivers to send photos from mobile to PC. Can anyone send me the software drivers? Thanks!

  • Hey, i have LG B2100. i am unable to send MMS from this phone. can someone help me.

  • I have had this phone for just over 12 months and it seemed to good to be true. It then froze and has not worked since. Can someone plz offer me some help!!!!

  • Oh i forget something. I bought it bundled with charger, handsfree, and serial cable so i can personalize my phone everyday.. Its very nice to connect internet with this cable too... ;-)

  • Nice phone, cheap price, I bought in Indonesia only 100 US$.. Nice menu, like Nokia I think, with good algorithm, so it make you fast to learn the menu. The camera not bad for VGA, but it need night modes to make it more fine.. If you wantto buy nice phone with nice design, nice menu, good GPRS, camera with cheap price. Please buy LG B2100....

  • pls, help me with usb drivers for LgB 2100.fanetatae@yahoo.com

  • this is one of the good cell phones,but help me to download drivers to connect this mobile to pc,tf u know how to download please message me to this [email protected],i will be thankful to them,please...........

  • it seems to be a gud mobile!!! i wantd to knw can i add my pics frm the comp to dis mob? if anyone knwz please tell...

  • it seems to be a gud mobile!!! i wantd to knw can i add my photographs from the computer to dis mob...

  • I got this fone about 9 monthes ago and this camera not gr8 and keys are small but a sturday fone won't break not as good at a nokia 3315 though those 3315s are indestructible i dropped it off da roof and it still worked the sound recording 2 short though and its not hard to get to the msg u may have received u have to press right on the arrow button and it brings the msg up

  • i have this fone and now i am over it it is really boring and it keeps on getting frozen, takes ages to load things and doesnt have video. it cant hold very many messages also. the good thing is that it holds alot of photos which is what i need. i also think the recordings dont go for long enough you cant even record a song becauseit only goes for 25 seconds . its pretty crappy. thankyou.

  • No it's not a good deal, because it's 115 all new, with 12 months guarantee. Sorry for that ;)....

  • it's cool but am stocked on my headpieace profile i can't deactivate i need cable driver and phone software i will be happy to recieve it

  • How can I transfer to pc using the cable, I plugged in and it didnt notice it. Is there some software/driver I need?

  • The new phone cost 115$ in my country(Bulgaria).

  • anybody know how much these phones ratail for? i just bought one second hand for $100 and im want to know if i got a good deal!

  • Hey any one know how to pass level 19? If any one does email me a walkthrough of the level. David

  • Please send me a usb driver for Lg B2100,Thanks very much

  • I found drivers for syncing with pc at lge.com.

  • i like the lg mobile but the recording sound time is to low please if u can increase it les see

  • I want to know where i can get an software for this phone!! please help me!!

  • Did someone mention about Lg B2100 data cable driver? Send me a link yo where I can download the driver, I would be greathfull

  • I got a cable with this phone but I dont have the software required to add or delete photos to the phone. Pls tell me where Can i get the software for that ... Would be grateful for them .. Thanks Neo

  • i bought it 2 weeks ago. data cable is good and also battery attachement is with ease. design is questionalble. but the secreen resulution is rather clear. polyfonic ringtones quality is average. and camera is not good at all. so if u want time passing phone buy that one.

  • just 190.00

  • Very nice phone. But cannot figure out how to download my pictures. Could you please let me know how to do this. Thanks

  • Thanks to your great site, I made up my mind to upgrade to the LG B2100. Got it last weekend and played nicely. My previous phone was a Nokia 3300, so this is a vast improvement, although I miss some functionality of the Nokia, like the auto caps - with the LG you need to keep cycling between ABC, abc & 123. Also, the alarm of the LG does not go off when the phone is switched off. I don't like the fact that the screen goes completely dead when in standby mode, but I guess it saves battery life. Unlike most other phones, when receiving a SMS, reading it is not a simple one key operation, with the LG you must navigate all the way to the SMS menu. I still need to get the key-unlock right, for some reason, I somehow always need a few re-tries to get it to unlock. I found it very easy to navigate my way around the LG's menus, mostly identical to the Nokia. The Calendar/Orginaser is great, one of the reasons I got it. The best feature is the Favorites function where you can customise shortcuts to your most frequently used functions on the phone. The other fixed shortcuts on the arrows key are also very handy. A simple thing that is nice, is the auto keylock. The very small size makes it fit into any pocket without even knowing its there, although the keys get a little small, they are still usable with thick fingers. The camera is not great, about what you can expect from a VGA, but this is not what you buy this phone for. The phone feels solid and the keys positive. I'm not sorry I got it. Thanks again GSM-Arena for this great service, you made it so easy to decide on a phone.

  • Got myself a USB cable but cant find any drivers for it... Anyone knbow where to find a USB driver for this ?? Any help appreciated (not that I am expecting any but one can always hope :)

  • hey does anyone know how to download games onto this phone, coz i ve tried and it hasnt worked if ya know how to just leave an opinon thing or send me an e-mail thanx :D

  • well i bought the phone and about 4 weeks later it broke!! What a gyp. i still have the phone and its working better than ever YAY!! I also got the cable cord which is the same as the LG C1100. It was only 20 aussie dollars. I got the software from www.lgmobile.com and everything works

  • Aussies after the cable can get it from Force..

  • The cable cord is the same as the C1100

  • So, I bought mine today in South Africa. I'm a dunce - really - when it comes to anything technological! The guy in the store couldn't help much. So I take pics and I want to download to my PC. How do I? What do I need? Thanks much.

  • Im using this phone for 6 months, and its great. very easy to use. i got the USB cable along with the phone, and the data trasnfer speed is also great. i've lost the CD which came with it. can any body tell that from where can i download its applications?

  • I have had this phone for over a year now and its been wonderful, easy to use and wonderful to handle. The camera feature is great too. Unfortunately as mentioned by someone else the usb cable is nowhere to be found. thanks

  • Hey ive had this phone 4 bout 2 years now n its been gr8 4 mi nuthin has gawn rong besides a cople of times it has frozen but it worked faster after i jumped into the pool with it 4 30 minuted but it was alrite nuthin rong wif it stilll its the best and ost sufficient fone i hav had out of 5

  • i like the phone the camera is good but the data cable is nowhere to be found not even at the LG store. i like the games and the it is nice looking. i recomend it!

  • well i brought this phone and it was only 8 weeks old when it went back to the shop coz the stupid thing didnt wanna turn on at all. I lost all my pics not that the camera was a good one but anyways i lost em all coz the phone wouldnt turn on at all. Also when i got messages half the time i got this egg timer looking like thing and it didnt clear for an hour or so, which meant i could not use the phone how dumb. Well now i got another phone its a samsung x640...

  • if u r like me then u probably want the computer cable 4 the LG B2100. I looked everywhere on the net with no luck so i tried shops. I went 2 my local westfield (marion, in Adelaide) and looked. I went to All Phones- no luck, Crazy Johns-No Luck, The Vodafone Shop- No Luck and Dicksmith with the same result. so i tried the optus shop and they have ordered one for me!!!

  • very nice mobile. plz send me download programe. thanks saghir

  • When I first saw the phone i was in love with it but it didnt have a cable. I still dont have a data cable. The manual says it has a data cable but where can you get one. I've looked on Ebay and every site i know. Can you get one in Australia? Someone please help me!!!

  • Hi, i'm from Holland. I got the LG B2100 today, the first time i saw it i liked it. its just awesome. But is there a USB Cable to attatch it to the pc?

  • Well, - the phone has a cable that comes with it. - the software for all lg phones + ringtones + pictures are available at the site www.wowlg.com - the cable works perfectly, all you need on your computer is a serial port, you know the port with all the pins and stuff. - the camera looks a little complex for basic users, but its quality and clarity is very good only one better i have seen on an N70. - GPRS class 10 -- man thats fast very fast, so browsing should not be a problem. - Size and weight for a normal camera phone is very good. - The phones price is very good. I say go for it. Man the problem with the vibrator is minor it can be solved if you can get in contact with lg customer care. i'll post the customer care number later on ahm,... tomorrow. Fully satisfied man the phone rocks... rgrds ittan

  • Can anyone help me? my vibrate option is broken!

  • hi !!! cable exist for this LG cell phone???????

  • does any usb cable exist for this LG cell phone?

  • Hi I am from turkey and i buy that phone about 3 weeks ago and i loved it very much. First of all it's very slim and has good looking! It's so SMART!!! girls love it very much:) but i still haven't got data cable. I can't find it, But i guess it can't take good photos at low light. does it have night mode? please answer it! but i can say it's very goodand i recommend it stronglyyy!

  • Well i am satisfied with the phone.and to connect it with comp u have to set the mode= serial and set the baud rate 115200.in LG contents program (ofcourse after installing it from the cd that came with it )hope it helps!!

  • I bought this monbile 3 months back and i am replacing it today with a nokia mobile.This is the worst mobile of the world.I had to get it fixed atleast 5 times.You can't even download a few ringtones and wallpapers.The phone hangs every now and then.The picture quality is ok but no video.I beg people to not buy this mobile.This is the worst day of my life.

  • LG-B2100 is slim and cool. A data cable for transfering data to pc, as described in the manual book, was unfortunately not given upon purchasing. Besides, the "Schedule" part in the handphone software need to be improved.

  • its very stylish,but i want to know how to transfer data between my mobile and p.c,if anyone knows it do tell me.

  • i am on a cell c contract and am using the lg b2100 - however recently when i try to make a call all it says is network busy call failed. cell c and lg have reset the phone to the original factory settings, technicians at lg and cell c have tried everything possible. the strange thing is i can received calls etc but can't make calls. on the menu screen a small money bag appears sometimes on the left side of the screen. we have tried everything, the phone won't make calls out and the call barring wont let me cancel call barring. please help

  • LG B2100 is nice phone and i have got the phone.keep designer nice phones for the people.THANKS

  • Hello...Good Phone. I like the GPRS fast.. But the camera is not good.. :( i have LG B2100 that's why i knew...

  • Good Phone. But recently incurred a problem. I was sending an sms and it turned off, i turned it back on and it just froze. Turned it off by taking the battery out, then turned it on again but the same thing kept reacurring. Now i cant recieve or dial calls. anyone know the problem, it isnt the battery cause it can turn on and its not the sim cause it woorks on other phones. Im guessing its the phone. Do you think i should take it back

  • yeah it comes up with a com port cable. and using that u can download/transfer anything b/w ur pc and phone.

  • wheres a good internet site where i can download polyphonic ringtones with my lgb2100 it seems none of them say this fone

  • I'm thinking of buying this phone but I'm not sure whether I should because looking at all the opinions made me stuck in a dilemma. Does this phone have a some kind of plug to connect with the computer to transfer stuff? Is the camera picture quality good?

  • pfft i cant even beat lvl 9 on holoween fever

  • Does anybody know how to beat stage 40 on halloween fever!!!! I've played since last week!! I think it's last stage coz it's impossible...isn't it? If you're god!!, send me how to beat stage 40!!! plz...

  • PPL!.. this fone is fanstastic...if u want a phone with bluetooth and IR then why dont you get one??? this fones looks are great and so are the features..its 100% reliable and s top standard fone...its sexy thin and its tooo light :D its gooood as ESCPECIALLY for the price :|:| its the best ... any questions??? email me

  • hi i want know how to transfert data for the pc where can i find lg internet kit modem driver if you have solution please send me it in [email protected]

  • somebody stole my previous phone (nokia 6230)and i had to replace it imediately with something cheap.. For 110� i think this phone is more than ok. of course i miss bluetooth or irda but has a lot of other gr8 functions, it is very easy and fun to use and also very stable. The design is quite nice too, it is also very light, and also comes with the BEST quality of polyphonic ringtones. Some cons: not very powerful battery / bad vibration

  • hey ppl, i have had this phone only 3 days and i love it already. I take it 2 school and every 1 says how good it looks and cant believe it when i tell them how cheap it is. (i payed $150 in australia). All the features a good and the camera quility is very good 4 the price of the phone. So every1 who is thinking of buying this phone i recomend it.

  • Best of the Best

  • how can i downnload java games using cables?

  • How do you activate wap. What is it?

  • I bought my mobile one week ago, it had just arrived in the store. And I regret that I bought it! The battery is ok! But I miss IR or BluteTooth. And the sound and vribation is horrible! The games are boring and the T9 is quite hard to use! But the mobilephone is worth the money, it cost 1000NOK here, and I payed 1NOK, so I'm quite happy about it! Butt still I miss BluteTooth... And a better camera! You can't even think about taking a picture unless there's lot og light. And you risk that the pictures is to bright.. But if you're looking for a small, cheap, light and simpel mobile this is the mobile for you ;)

  • well.. this is a cheap phone , certainly it ll has a problem,, the battery is so weak you have to charge it almost two by two days i cant indicate to buy this phone, believe it

  • Just got my phone yesterday and so far I love it but I have a few things I want to be able to do and I cant figure out how (I may not be able to do these things), would love some advise..... 1. Is it possible to save a photo of a person so that it come up when the person is calling you??? 2. Is it posible to save a recorded sound (from the voice recorder) as a ring tone??? Any info would be very much appreciated! Thank you!

  • i need driver for this mobile.

  • Well, its been weeks now since i last bought this handphone and now i know how to removed the network locking. Just call the customer care and they'll asist you. Now for the real comment bout this LG B2100. Its light, easy navigation but my Nokia 3310 does better than that,i luv to play with the camera, you can save and view all those picture. It provides a world time and even a unit converter...you know, cm convert to m or mm convert to cm and all. Has a voice recorder too.You can even download games from the web.Need to download polyphonic ringtones?Just click on to this web. In short, I luv this phone!Great for the pocket too..Still wonder how all the functions work then go and have the manuals download.

  • Hi, i was wondering, where go i get the data cable so i can connect the phone to my pc. Also i would like to know if there is a way to make recorded music to be my ringtone. Thanx whoever can help

  • I bought my phone about 5 months ago and it is the best the only problems i have it unlocking the WAP and MMS feature how do i do that??? and is there a way to get a data cable anywhere??

  • I recorded a song via the voice recorder, how do i set IT as my ringtone?

  • I need help with my B2100. Just bought it yesterday and I was wondering how to unlock the LG B2100 network coz I was thinking to use this phone with a different Network outside Australia. It bothers me when I saw this note behind the Optus cover box �Network Locking: This handset is locked to the Optus Network. An $80 fee applies if network locking is removed within the first 6 months of activation. Alternatively, if you have recharged up to the value of $80, no fee applies.� So how to unlock it? Do I need to go to the mobile shop to unlock it or do I need to recharge the Optus prepaid up to the value of $80 and then it automatically unlock itself?Anyone...please help.

  • i baught 1 about 4 months ago now and i found it all good and all but where do i get the data cable for it so i can connect it to my pc.

  • What kind of games can you download to phone?

  • does anybody how i can recieve ringtones by MMS? i can download them of the net but when my friend sends them to me from his nokia they come up as a blank msg. can someone pls tell me how to get them????

  • i luv this phone. it's way better than the old crappy nokia i had. i luv taking photos and playing that halloween game. only problem is the screen is scratched and i want to know if u can get replacement screens. also how do u get past level 19 on halloween fever? can some1 please email me back with some answers???

  • this phone's on/off button is the one that u use 2 put down/hang a call(u need 2 press & hold it for 5 seconds)

  • Please tell me how to beat level 9

  • this might sound dumb but i just wanted to no how you can share this phone with you computer

  • hey can you record sounds on this fone? is there face plates for this phone? can u download pic of ur computer and put them on?can someone plz email me quick!!!

  • I think its a cool handset. the price was so cheap. and its easy to share with my PC.Sajev.... U can use cable data, which bundled with this cellphone. then u install the driver which in the CD driver. After u install it, U turn on LG content bank application that showed in your desktop. then U connect ur cellphone with PC en UPLOAD ur foto or oict to PC. ur pict its now on ur PC (Program File-LG conten bank-upload). Finish........

  • To transfer picture or photos, u can use a cable data which bundle with this phone. but u must instal the driver first

  • I found this cell phone cool.But my problem is how to transfter pictures from my cell phone to Pc.Can somebody help me plzzz?send me sajeev_[email protected]

  • um does any one no if you can take a picture on your phone and then send it to an email address via the interent on your phone?

  • I can only send and seem i can't receive MMS because all the downloads always fail. What might be the problem?

  • Need software to download the captured photographs from my mobile camera(LGB21oo). Only datakid is available with me.

  • i baught the Lg B2100 yesterday and it wont turn on! the guy behind the counter reckons i need to charge the phone for 12-14 hours and i have but it wont turn on! whenever i take the charger out it the screen goes black and there doesnt seem to be a power button for this phone, can someone PLEASE help me!?

  • I just got this phone yesterday, I am a Vodacom subscriber,now the problem is that it is receiving calls but when I try to make outgoing calls, it tells me, "Call end,Network busy"..Whats up with that, it is so frustrating & I really ike the phone.

  • hey just asking can you change the cover and keyboard if yes How?

  • ringtones are in the profiles then you personalise the profile then activate it

  • I just got my phone today and it seems great. I've worked out most of the menus but I can't find anywhere in any of the menus that allows you to select the ringtone, and I thought there were supposed to be about 40 to choose from that come with the phone. My previous Nokia made it easy to find this function on the menu. Can someone tell me where to find this? I would really like to personalise my phone.

  • on the LG site it says no voice memo. does it or not?

  • it is a very sleek camera phone with a very good performence, even working for samsung i will give 100 points to this phone.

  • If you are having so much trouble with sending and recieving mms messages and your with optus then all you ahve to do is go to www.optuszoo.com and follow the prombs... And if that don't work call you connection company (eg. optus) and ask them to activate it.

  • Hi, I just got an LG B2100 for my birthday, but the keypad doesn't seem to be working very well ie. when I sms very quickly, the keypad is lagging, so not every key I press will input data into the phone. Camera also seems pretty dim. Are these problems with only my phone?

  • Hey guys i got the phone about 3 months ago and so far its goin good except a couple of little thing 1: can u buy a new screen for it because it sits in my pocket a fair bit and it gets scratched. 2:can i buy ring tones off the net. and 3: how do u beat stage 32 on halloween fever its imposible. if any1 can help me plz email me asap. cheerz

  • I just bought this phone (in AUS). All in all, happy with my purchase. Just some little details: first, the data cable, as you've probably read below. One other small issue that bothers me is the total lack of volume control! I mean, what if I'm on a tram and can't hear my call at all? Yeah...

  • i just got a LG B2100 and it's a great phone but i can't recive and send mms which is really anoying. if any one can help me please send me a message or somthing i really need your help. and i havent tried yet but can u buy tones for it?

  • I am thinkikng about buying this phone. But i dont know if it is a rip of a great deal the pic so it pretty mad but it say in me 1.3 mb and that is low i think i am just wont to know who much is it couse i dont realy know?

  • can u set recorded sounds as a ringtone?

  • i wanna buy this ph one so i was gonna chek it out . 1 Question can you veiw all the pics once you have taken them? because you should be able too.

  • i have to admit, for the price it's a really nice looking phone..i thought it would cost a lot more when i saw the "dummy phone" in the mobile phone shop. when found out it was 169 bucks i thought it must have really shit features...but i was surprised to find the camera does 640x480 in quality and you can also do 10 voice recordings up to 20seconds each which is actually pretty good sounding quality. the metric converter is really good as well you can convert from like say cm to inches and kg to Ib. its also got a world clock so you can see the time in all the countries over the world. All in all, for the price i think its a bloody good phone. the only thing i dont like is the response time when writing an sms. the predictive text input doesnt keep up with you sometimes if your writing fast. my old nokia 3315 and 1100 were much faster

  • i saw this phone on the newspaper for the price or rm599(malaysian ringgit).and i was just wondering if this is true.well..i find this found very eye-catching and i'm thinking ti buy it.but then the only problem is it doesnt have a MP3 or a radio.

  • In order to activate your phone for mms and others you need to connect to GPRS OR WAP. if you are with optus you can do that over OPTUS ZOO (optuszoo.com) im sure if your with anyone else it would be similar. they just send the system settings to your handset. -john

  • hi - i have the same problem as rebecca... i cant send or recieve mms messages or download anything.... what do i need to do in able to be be able to do it?

  • Hi! I am from Brazil, this a pretty phone, so light... I had a SonyEricsson phone, but this is so much better, better resolution and better hardware!

  • hi there i purchased a LG B2100 although it has a camera i'm not quite sure how it works taking a photo is all fine and well but are you able to assist me in finding out how to get photo's from the phone to be developed cheers rebecca

  • i bought mine 4 days ago...when i saw it 4 the first time...i fell totally in love-it's a great fone...but i am still a bit dumb...please tell me-why cant i receive nor send MMS or any other downloadables...?

  • im thinking about gettin a new phone, and this looks like a good one. i want to get a cheapish phone, but i want a cam, because when u got a kid, you just have to have those pics.. just wondering if you can get other covers for it, because that is the only thing i am wondering with it.. the rest of the phone sounds awesome!

  • Im from Australia and it seems the cover on the phone pictured has a better cover to the Aus B2100. I'm not going to buy one of them from all the way from the US so is it possibe to buy a new cover in Aus?

  • 4 days ago i put this fone on lay bye at bigw at stockland in townsville its a very cool fone for anybody who doesnt want to pay to much for a camera fone but still wants qaulity.........

  • I find it very nice for an inexpensive phone, the only difficulty I had was obtaining the data cable, which took 3 conversations (two of them rather unpleasant, with people who didn't seem to know very much, one of whom indeed proved to be just wrong), and three emails, which eventually yielded the information that the thing to get is the data cable and software for the F2100 (from www.gmashop.com.au), install for the G71xx models). At any event, LG does have an Aussie web page and contact phone and email, which puts them ahead of some outfits (eg. Motorola), even if they don't quite have their act together for supporting this unit. Next target: car charger!

  • has this phone got a good camera???? like good qulity?

  • I think the phone is good but for those travelling to Australia and want a phone that can be used oversea's outside of Australia the unlocking system for this phone is not straight forward. I had to wait upto 2-3 weeks to get this phone unlocked so I can use it on NZ Networks. Apparently it was a security thing that needed to be completed by the manufacturer. Apart from that technical glinch I find the phone very good.

  • to the comment i made below, u can see the sent messages, so there's no probs with the phone, especially for the price.

  • I love this phone, i used to have a nokia 3315 and really needed an upgrade and this phone is perfect. the only prob i hav with it is that it doesn't save the 'sent' messages,(at least i don't think it does) otherwise i really like it...and it's so thin, great for a pocket.

  • well this fone is pretty cool n i just found a ringtone web for b2100

  • well thsi is the best fone i eva had i just bought it yesterday it was 169 bucks it got a camera polyringtones internet it perfect 4 me...i ugre u all to buy buy buy!!!

  • well i bought 1 only thing is...ive serched web and looked ,however where is the data cable/cd for it how can u download pics to pc if u cant find 1 that is compatiable for it??? if u find 1 send me a link,should be intresting,states in manual it has 1 but who sells it?? tricky

  • i like this phione but u cant get free ring tones or anything! it is light and has a camera and is cheap so i guess that is the only reall good things about it!

  • nice,sleek & afforadble.good camera zoom. 95 marks out of 100.

  • i love it

  • does it have other covers? just wondering....

  • i brought the phone because it was cheap and has everything that a exspensive phone has the only problem is that the scrolling is slow

  • cool phone..but is it worht buyin?

  • this is the "i cant afford anything else with a camera " option

  • i think this phone is great ! its small & light.i think its gonna be cheap as well

  • well, no great features, i like the design, altough the screen is a bit to small :)..

  • this phone is light...

  • I think that this phone is not such good,but what does it cost??

  • Yet another budget phone with no real stand-out features. Oh well.