Motorola MPx

  • Released 2004, Q1
    174g, 24mm thickness
    Microsoft PocketPC 2003 SE
    32MB storage, MMC/SD slot
  • N/A 746,327 hits
  • 13 Become a fan
  • 2.8"
    240x320 pixels
  • 1.3MP
    Video recorder
    TI OMAP 1710
  • 960mAh

Motorola MPx - Specs

Network Technology GSM
2G bands GSM 900 / 1800 / 1900
Launch Announced 2004, Q1
Status Discontinued
Body Dimensions 99.7 x 61.2 x 24 mm, 140 cc (3.93 x 2.41 x 0.94 in)
Weight 174 g (6.14 oz)
Keyboard QWERTY
Display Type TFT resistive touchscreen, 65k colors
Size 2.8 inches, 42 x 57 mm, 24.3 cm2 (~39.8% screen-to-body ratio)
Resolution 240 x 320 pixels, 4:3 ratio (~143 ppi density)
 Second color STN display (96 x 64 pixels)
Dual hinges allow to open the device in both portrait and landscape mode
Platform OS Microsoft PocketPC 2003 SE
Chipset TI OMAP 1710
CPU 200 MHz ARM926EJ-S
Memory Card slot MMC/SD
Internal 32MB
 16 MB free
Main Camera Single 1.3 MP
Features LED flash
Video Yes
Selfie camera   No
Sound Loudspeaker No
Alert types Vibration; Polyphonic(24) ringtones
3.5mm jack No
Comms WLAN Wi-Fi 802.11b
Bluetooth 1.1
Infrared port Yes
Radio No
USB Proprietary
Features Sensors
Browser WAP 2.0/xHTML, HTML
 Pocket Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, PDF viewer)
WMV/MP4 player
Battery   Removable Li-Ion 960 mAh battery
Stand-by Up to 100 h
Talk time Up to 3 h
Misc Colors

Motorola MPx - User Reviews

  • Best phone EVER..... Had it 2004 till now and will keep till ever....

  • Wi-Fi in 2004? It's not like you'd want to browse the modern web on THIS PHONE!

  • motorola or some other company should make more phones like these! A flip smartphone with stylus, using 1.5ghz krait cpu or something, would be phenomenal!

  • Very Good Model, I hope Motorola can produce phone like this model again ( MPx ) , especially run with windows mobile. I'm and people really really loves this model, come on motorola.

  • i dont have a charger part can help me to now here are the pin of the phone charger thans

  • i wish that motorola may produce a windows mobile phone like this model again in the future, people really like this model. pleaseeee.....motorola....

  • I just got this phone motorola mpx and I am unable to use this, because OS is running in the chine's version can any one solve this problem..... [email protected]

  • Hi I was wondering if the camera on the phone can be updated? seemsto be quite dark when taking photos

  • Get real people! This section is meant for user comments regarding the phone, a review or whatever! This section is NOT meant for flaming each other, shopping guides or SUPPORT REQUESTS !!!

  • i have one, blue color. but it seems to be not working properly this few months, also the battery now last for 1 hour only. Can i send for service or repair. i love this phone!

  • no

  • How come this phone has not introduced in the Philippines..a lot of here loves windows powered phone..especially from know, you do unique phone..and great one..but still left behind..Why? I know why...Promoting new models..but the availability or the presence of the product is invisible...and only introduce to particular country..and that country doesn't even appreciated your mobile will not get into the top again..if you stuck with the school....

  • i have got a moto mpx however i see that it has on a test version and i cant access the phone. so what can i do to fix this problem?

  • i really like the specs and design of this phone, you really dont see it often on the street and thats what i look for, phones that are different but rare. i just have one question, how do you upgrade the software to optimize battery perfomance, and what hardware is needed?

  • I just got this phone motorola mpx and I cant use the wifi can you tell me how to use it and any other software like voip I could use to talk on it free,. thanks Pete my email is [email protected]

  • Anyone know how to configure the settings for web and MMS access. Can't send and receive pictures. Could with previous Razr.

  • If this looks massive in landscape mode in the pic then what would it look like in potrait ?

  • For those of you that have one of these phones what is your opinion of the battery life? I'm used to having an extra battery for my cell phones and am concerned that battery life may be poor on the MPX300 and availability of an extra one may not be possible.

  • Hey, you can try ebay. I lucked up and got one for 51 bucks. The only problem is that it doesn't read memory cards, but who cares, I got wifi and everything else. I just use the mpx220, that i own, for my music needs.

  • I have this phone and I love is a little big but I don't care at all. I only use it for the text and web..and it has all the features that a 2008 phone motorola should have stayed in this direction but you never know with motorola what you are going to get. I am thinking about trading in my blackberry and nokia e61i and keeping this phone...wooow

  • I have a chance to buy this phone brand new, should I?

  • I was taking a trip down memory lane for motorola, and I ran into this phone. It put a big smile on my face. I wanted this phone so bad but it was to damn expensive. Has anyone used or is currently using and how is it? And were can I get? Thanx, eddie

  • anyone know of any drivers or reg tweaks to read FAT32 sd cards

  • it does support mp3s as ringtones, not sure about video, haven't tried that. i found that after it a bit it works fairly well

  • Does anyone know if this phone RECORDS video? and if it supports MP3 ringtones? I would appreciate any answers, cause Im thinking of buying 1 off ebay.. Thanks

  • can i upgrade to windows mobile 6 on this phone? please advise

  • how can i get the manual? here

  • my question is why does this phone not keep a charge , and why does the phone cut off every 5 seconds

  • I just got the Motorola MPx, without many of the accessories however and I have many questions. Is there any other Motorola that uses the same data cord? How can I put MP3s as ringtones? How can I update the operating system?

  • i've a motorola mpx its in chinese how to i change it to english ? if u noe pls rely [email protected] thankz

  • I just got a brand new MPx300, the only problem I'm having is that some of the ringers don't work(I look into the properties os the ringer and the shows a MIDI format, is that correct or should it be WAV format) and I can't seem to get the Windows Media Player to work(I tap on it to access it and nothing happens & it will not even try to play songs from the my storage card). But it will play recored noted. Also can't access Media Center on it. When it says it needs to connect to internet to set the activation clock(takes a long time and windows hour glass keeps spinning and spinning) and a failure pop-up window come up, it says "unable to access time update server". Can anyone help me out with this? You can email me at [email protected] Thank You in Advance!

  • I just got a brand new MPx300, the only problem I'm having is that some of the ringers don't work(I look into the properties os the ringer and the shows a MIDI format, is that correct or should it be WAV format) and I can't seem to get the Windows Media Player to work(I tap on it to access it and nothing happens & it will not even try to play songs from the my storage card). But it will play recored noted. Also can't access Media Center on it. When it says it needs to connect to internet to set the activation clock(takes a long time and windows hour glass keeps spinning and spinning) and a failure pop-up window come up, it says "unable to access time update server". Can anyone help me out with this? You can email me at [email protected] Thank You in Advance!

  • I just got a brand new MPx300, the only problem I'm having is that some of the ringers to work and I can't seem to get the windows media player to work. Can anyone help me out with this? You can email me at [email protected] Thank You in Advance!

  • Originally this phone doesn't record video. boohooo. But you may use for the qvga dispaly a program which records divx or png-based video, and simply use the full screen viewfinder. An record audio in another apllication. This qvga video will be much better then the qcif 3gp videos with amr. That's Windows Mobile. STUPIDMOTO!! The same would happen with Linuxmotos, I can't belive that they really can only record video in qcif with amr sound

  • i just got the motorola mpx 300 and its in japanese or chinese how do i change it to english?

  • To convert to English, try going to Settings > System > Regional Settings and change the region to English(and what ever country you want! I've never done this because mine came in English(US) format already, but it's worth a try!

  • I am a lover of sweet mobile phones and this is one, old now but still very stlyish! Could You please make it more available now? especially here in Nigeria. You would make Money from it!

  • is the speakers on this phone loud?

  • the most beautiful smart phone ever made

  • Hi! I just got this phone and it's in japanese or chinese. I don't understand it and can't work this phone. So I was wondering if anyone can tell me how to change the language to English? PLEASE PLEASE REPLY!!!

  • i got my 300mpx but language is in chines canany any one help me please

  • Thanks for the answer Corky But I try to install Skype and I can chat but not talk. If you are able to use skype talk, please tell me how. All tricks will be appreciated. Also when you overclock the MPX300 do you have option to modified the speed? Does It affect the battery hours? And if yes just tell me how you overclock the MPX to run skype talk. Thank you again my email: [email protected]

  • hey everyone, to the below question, yes you can use skype on this and call people with it! i do it all the time, for anyone with an mpx, you definitely want the overclock software here: this'll make ur mpx much faster! you can use 4gb sd cards in the mpx no probs, might go higher but dont have anything bigger! to the person who says 'videos? dont think so' UR wrong! windows media player on it plaays wmv videos fine OR get tcpmp here: any more questions, just ask me!! this'll play pretty much ANYTHING!

  • Is it possible to use skype or a VOIP program on this phone?

  • Phone is in chinese. that is my only problem. any suggestions on how I can update this to english? the guy i bought it from said he would send me an email but I never got it. thanks.

  • Now my MPx just shuts off for no reason. This is becoming a big pain in the a*%! It's fine when it not carried around but everytime I reach for it when its on my hip or in my pocket, it normally shut off. It boots up just fine but it can cut itself off any old time, I'm getting tired of it!

  • This is such a beautiful phone, when you open it up all the keys lit up, it is so cool and high-tech. It looks better than any other phone in the market. I can still get them brand new here for $300 in China.

  • This phone should not have been discontinued. It's like way cool.

  • you can get tv through MobileTV. it depends if your country has the avaibility of MobileTV. i think it's also a video streaming because of windows media player.

  • Does any one know what size memory card works in MPx & where I can purchase it?

  • Can you get mobile Tv for this phone? If so how can you. Thanks

  • Did some mention videos?I dont think so, Unless you have a software for that. Advise please...

  • Having owned one for more than a year now, the housing tends to leave some marks made by the keyboard. Furthermore, I can say Im gentle with phones, very gentle with the MPX as it can flip two ways, but the edge of the housing cracked and chipped off. Now, Id appreciate it if someone could advise me on how I could improve the phone's and its software, where to get them(free is better)..etc. Is it possible to upgrade to windows mobile 5.0?

  • Worked over time trying to find one... Did, and it just kicks my Sony P910 all over the place. Plus it has that Gee Whiz Factor... So, they are selling Used on eBay for more than $800. bucks, some less but not Mint. Find one that's like new, drop the bucks, it's less than the original $1200. And you have Technical Marvel at Bargain basement prices...

  • this fone absolutely roks!!i wish nokia releases a business fone like this of the same size but camera shud be 2 mp!!!!!!!

  • is windows mobile 2003 compatible with powerpoint?i heard that some are not compatible with powerpoint,which one of the windows is compatible?

  • it not cancel. they still make it

  • I think the solution for poor battrery life is to get a spare battery. They have them on ebay and so does my friend.

  • I do not know why so many people saying that this is 1 of the best fon tat they hv seen. I bought mine in Jan 2005 but guess what, the screen had started 2 function differently. I have tried many many time to re-align it but still the same old problem. I will appreciate if anyone could tell me what software I need to install into it to make it better.

  • OK- everytime I come to this site I'm amazed at all the people posting questions here. Wouldn't it make more sense to CALL YOUR SERVICE PROVIDER(On another phone, of course) if you can't make calls, than to ask for help on some obscure phone-opinion site that maybe 2 people per month look at? Come on now.Youwill be waiting forever for an answer dude.

  • This is one of the best mobilephones and it is better than some new... But i can't find them in croatia

  • I just got brand new Moto MPX 300 but I can't make or receive phone calls does any one have answer how can I fix problem? Thank you.

  • A business associate from Hong Kong bought a new MPX while in Singapore recently. He had managed to find one after walking into a mobile phone shop by chance. He said it was a good deal compared to Hong Kong but I can't say for sure since I do not know. Those of you interested may email me (Don't want to be seen as advertising or anything to that effect)and I will check with him on where he got it from.

  • I just bought a mpx300 off a seller on ebay in new condition. It is abosoulutley awsum. It is the best phone I have ever owned. Wifi is great. Internet is great on it. Great software pack. Im going to buy a second one and put it on the shelf in case I cant get this one serviced. Only problem...No spare batteries available anywhere! Not even from motorola. the samsung is junk compared to this one. I had a treo 600 and it was a good pda but a lousy phone for reception.

  • i have this phone and it's just a way too advanced and working perfectly with new rom version. i swear that battery can last for morethan 3,4 days since i upgraded.woooow.lot's of thing has changed and now with cpu increas software it can increas up to 500MHz.very fast.i'm selling it if anyone interested. [email protected]

  • I love my MPX 300. I downloaded and installed the march update and it works great. I love the design and webbrowsing. I have a 2 Gig SD card, makes a very good mp3 player. Problem, Flash and internal memory is small. Can't install programs that require main memory installs. not worried that they don't make them anymore..I got mine

  • I really wanted this phone, but now its been diccontinued :( If it was such a good phone, why has it stopped?

  • this is the best phone of motorola the design is very costumized it has all camera,video,palm,phone is pretty good

  • Symbian OS are also great!!! Try the NOKIA 6680 Smartphone!

  • this is a reminder to all smartphone buyers. if ever a unit is discontinued, quality and user friendly wise, its not good. If you want a pocketpc or smartphone, what I can recommend is either the O2 or I-Mate pocketpc/smartphone brands...

  • Hello, I am pretty desperate over here. I bought an MPX and I can't get the internet to work. I have cingular which means I need it to be EDGE compatible which at this moment it is not. If anyone knows how to get the internet to work please let me know. Other then that I like the phone ALOT and would definitely keep it. I just need internet on a regular basis. THanks!

  • first excuse the caps. is anyone familiar with hooking this phone up to cingular in nyc? if you are local, it is best but i can be walked thru it. important point, you need to be skilled to set up my mpx just received for me. i can pay you by the hour. please let me know if you want to take it on. i'm here. email me: [email protected] thanks. e

  • A friend who works at Motorola says the Mpx is cancelled, they are deciding to release and make way for the new Motorola Q phone, which they want to compete with the black berry. It's super thin, but lacks the clamshell design everyone liked, also seems to have no wifi. Here is the link to the Q phone:

  • im really inersted in getting this phone but since its discontinued i dont think so ...... so is there any one who wants to exchange a motorola E1000 for MPx?? but the phone cannot have a network lock

  • I have one of these phones that works on the AT&T wireless networks. I love it but now that it is discontinued who will be able to repair it? I wonder if I have to get another phone since cingular is now at&t. This suxs

  • it cancel is bcuz this fone does not come in wid a very good feedbacks on majortiy , cause i own this fone once, n i've ask most of the user wid this fone.. most of the answer is same.. this fone's memory n ram is very little so it will hang easily n crash, 2ndly the dual flip , use it less then 7 months u will feel the side that support the dual flip very diff.. abit loosen.. i really like this fone alot when i first saw it.. then when the 2nd month i bought it.. but i'm upset after i bought.. cuz alot of ppl keep complaining n return it back to those phone shops.. and my fone is having the same prob as theirs

  • I can surely say that it was WORTH my $1200. I have this phone and believe me, it's the BEST cellphone/pda I have ever seen. Don't know why is discontinued, but let me know if you have any news on it - [email protected]. Thanks

  • Wow--- i don't like what i see here about the cancelled of this phone.I was really looking forward to get one of this phone for my birthday in september.....Najh

  • Im sorry M but they stopped making this phone , its discontinued as you can see and I dont think u will find it in any shop .. if your lucky u might find it in black market stores :D

  • Just bought this (used) MPx300, Great! I really don't understand why Motorola has cancelled production of this phone. This phone has everything you want (except UMTS) Does anyone know Motorola's real reason of canceling?

  • Hi, does anyone know where I can get this phone???

  • Hi every1 I have this fone ( I swear ) I got it a while ago but the color is blue , its very nice I dont know y its discontinued , but I just wanted to tell u that its a great fone but the only problem is the memory RAM the Imates feel faster and better

  • This phone has been discontinued. No one can lay hands on this.

  • Can this phone set mp3 as ringtones?

  • this phone is frickin awesome. samsung totally ripped it off. the mpx300 is the most beautiful and well desinged cell ever. no one can top that

  • This mobile can play mp3, mid/midi, wav/wave, avi, mpeg/mpg, or else. That's depend on software you install in mobile. This mobile is really great. How to upgrade from "WM2003SE" to "WM2005"? Where I can have "WM2005" software for free? Where I can get guide for upgrade that software?

  • Hey, i got the prototype verson, is that the engeneer version? can it be upgraded to full version?

  • mr bean for ur info the MPx has an mp3 player using the built-in windows media player, or using 3rd party software like pocket music. i use my MPx regularly to play mp3 songs and to watch movies too. fantastic phone!

  • I have this phone and it is a dream. Just a shame the did not put WM2005 on it because that would relieve the internal ram and would make running large applications on it better. The Motorola march rom improved this PDA/Phone a lot, you can find it at the web anywhere.

  • very nice phone and has great graphics! only problem is that it doesn't have mp3 player. exept from that it is a great phone!

  • Hahaha... Maybe you got "MPX 300" for "Engineering Version". In "Engineering Version" will happen always hang and battery life worst. That's doesn't happen for "Full Version".

  • tis mpx300 always hang and u take out batt without swift off THEN all data will be lost!!!!!!suck batt life more worst!!!to all buyer if u buy tis mpx good luck.haha

  • Try updating to the March ROM. It fixes most of the 'answering calls' problems. The early roms were rubbish and it was almost impossible to answer a call if you were doing anything else.

  • To everyone posted... Iam planning to buy this MPx.All the functions i liked but iam confused of one thing. Can i record video clips? There is nothing mentioned about video recording.If anybody knows, pls email me- - [email protected]

  • The next MPX is comming. After summer will arrive the new MPX (maybe Mpx400?) with the new OS Windows Mobile 5.0. Just wait some months!!!!

  • i bought tis hp when it was first launched in msia at beginning of jan. sorry to say, it's nightmare for me. due to the limited ram and processor. it hangs whenever there is more than ONE function going. i ended up cant even answer phone calls proberly.

  • Motorola confirms MPx cull By Tony Smith Published Tuesday 19th April 2005 13:20 GMT Motorola has knocked its MPx Windows Mobile-based handset on the head, a company spokesman has confirmed. Reports published last week that the company had cancelled orders with its Asian manufacturing partners suggested that the MPx wasn't long for this world, but there was the possibility that Motorola would produce the device itself. However, a company spokesman last night told website PhoneScoop that the MPx was indeed effectively dead. The handset had been made available in limited quantities in a number of Asian markets, but its broader availability will now not extend beyond enterprise-oriented market trials, the spokesman said. The MPx was launched in February 2004. The dual-hinged clamshell design contained a 2.8in 320 x 240 touch-sensitive display, stylus, QWERTY micro-keyboard and a Wi-Fi adaptor. The screen could be opened in either portrait or landscape orientation. In March, the MPx was upgraded to Windows Mobile 2003 Second Edition, at which point Motorola said the phone would ship in the second half of the year. The following October, the Wi-Fi Alliance said it had certified the MPx for 802.11 interoperability. � Source :

  • I already use MPX for 3 weeks. I already install around 7 program in my "MPX" include "SKYPE", that's mobile don't have any problem. That's mobile can use SD Card for 1 GB. In Indonesia, I sell it for 10.500.000 rupiahs; for outside of Indonesia for US$ 1.170. The price without shipping.If you want buy, you can contact me at my e-mail. Limited Edition, only 1 unit left.

  • has anyone idea about how mach is it when it's arrive in markets?

  • i am from the philippines. it is a great phone indeed. too bad the the memory is quite low. if you dont install any program except for SKYPE and our contact... it will do just fine. wifi is good, bluetooth is likewise. it is unforturnate that motorola discontinued the model, this phone could have been a heartsweeper for many. if anyone is interested in buying my unit, you can email me or send me an sms or call me (09178488291) ... is a good phone, it is not a test has an original charger, headset and usb DATA cable...

  • Bad News to who wait that's MPX. Motorola doesn't continue / discontinue that product to sell to the markets. I already has that's MPX. Really Great Mobile. My friend in Indonesia has 1 unit to sell but only have mobile "Motorola MPX" and the charger. That's unit not the engineering version. The condition is the mobile has small scratch in the body of that mobile. Who want order, please ask me at "[email protected]". Limited stock !!! Only 1 unit.

  • Neway...i don't know which cell phone i want to choices are this Motorola MPx, O2 XDA IIs. so, which one of these two are much better....

  • Motorola confirmed two days ago that they have ditched this model. No reason was given. It had only been released in Malaysia and some small Asian countries. Just google for mpx on

  • wada shiiiieets this mobile can flip out both sideways and upwards!!!! i saw someone with it SOOO COOOOL~ g0su~

  • Can anyone tell if its possible to have a navigation system working on this phone like on a normal pocket pc???????

  • Iam planning to buy this phone , but somebody told me that a new version is coming this spring with 64MB Ram and better processor,so Iam waiting for that.But no one has got the actual date for it.If anyone has got information for new MPX please mail me at [email protected]

  • tis fone is equiped with bluetooth as mention in this website. i think N9500 is better than tis fone. but i would recommend u on SEp910. u can compare the fone by reading the opinion about the fone. it sure worth to read the opinion first before u buy a fone.

  • is this phone equiped with bluetooth?which one is better?nokia 9500 or this motorola mpx?

  • will this phone be available to customers who have service with cingular wireless?

  • Does anyone if this phone will be even available in the US? what carrier will it be carried with? Price? any responses will help.. thanks...

  • kenneth this is the page u need

  • I first saw this phone in a plane coming back from China....Can you tell me when it will be made available in Canada Thanks Yvon

  • Bought phone in Malaysia, no trouble with UK SIMM card. Beautiful design, and with 1gb SD card, very useful for storing files and as a electronic photo storaged and display album. Gets lots of comments in bars! Apart from that, very poor battery life which means need to back up every day, software continually hangs, phone locks up regularly, sound on phone poor and dont seem to be able to turn it up, have a problem with power button which means I am continually having to remove battery to turn it off. It's got to the point where I always carry another small phone with me as a back up and swap out the SIMM card. Not what i would have expected for such an expensive piece of equipment.

  • TO ASton... can u gimme the web page for the phone u recommened...t mobile... i need to check it out n c wats that.. thx! and i use to own this fone too.. i sold it after a month n i sold it half price of wat i bought..ahha totally making my life busier then easier..

  • when will it be available in indonesia??

  • This phone is cool and the dual open lid is fantastic and This phone is available for Rs 36000/- in Bangalore India

  • I think it is a very gooooood phone. But I can't find it in Indonesia.

  • I suggest you all try Annextek SP230. The battery life is fantastic. No hang up. It comes with big internal memory i.e 64Mb, high speed processor 400MHz. Good looking. Go and visit Unfortunately there is no camera or bluetooth or wifi. Well I seldom use bluetooth but I use SDIO wifi to surf internet or wireless dail up. For camera, I rather use real camera to take pictures. Its size is smaller than O2 and tougher than MPx.

  • Looks good but i dont think it will be durablebcoz od dual flip.Isn't it?

  • Where did you get the latest Firmware?

  • No more hang after upgraded to new firmware/rom (8th Feb version)

  • It looks usefull . Need more info . Is it ever going to be available in Greece ?

  • i havnt had the mobile phone but i read about it and it sounds really good. so i was thinking i mite get it for my next upgrade in 2 months.if u hav a coment please tell because i dont want to get the rong phone.

  • Does any body know if this phone can take video recording? also does this phone show picture caller id when someone call you?

  • I bought this phone from It USA version. Battery is thicker and support 850/900/1800. The problem of this phone is lack of MEMORY... the battery can last for 1-2 days.

  • I waited 5 months for this phone. And after getting it from malaysia, I have one thing to say - its really really crap. Yes i was also taken by its unique concept of opening in portrait mode and landscape, and I must say thats a great concept. keyboard is also excellent. But thats where it ends. there are 4 main problems with this phone. 1st is the memory. Some of the main software you need, you cannot install on the SD card so u end up having to install it on the internal memory - of which there is only about 10MB to spare!! u end up fighting all day long to try and free up internal RAM. 2nd issue is that the phone is very very slow. 3rd issue is the battery life - it doesnt last more than 1 day. And the final issue is that it hangs and crashes several times a day. Now in my opinion NO mobile phone should hang!!! But actually what annoyed me the most of this phone is that u cant do much with one hand. You always need the pen. i sold mine after 2 weeks and bought the SonyEricsson 910i - Symbian is far far superior to the Miscrosoft operating system. So guys, I know this is a tempting phone but if u want something of this concept, wait for the T-Mobile MDA4. That promises to be a great phone. You may email me if you have questions.

  • I would really like to know when this will be available int he US and who will be the carrier?? I keep hearing approximate dates and they keep getting pushed back. I am anxious to get this phone.

  • This phone is a piece of junk. It is a great idea, but the battery life simply sucks. If it is fully charged, it will last in standby for less than 24 hours. It consumes the battery at a little more than 4% per hour!!(no use whatsoever, no calls received, no calls made, and no screen light on - the unit is simply not used at all!) Now is you decide to use the phone at all, good luck! The specs say it has 3 hours of talk time and 103 hours of standby. I have no idea who dreamed up these numbers, but they are simply not true.

  • hmm.......!!! this is the phone i'm looking for !!!

  • i lov it but do dis phone had a mp3 ? and when i want can i order it from you?

  • Had this phone for nearly 2 months. Hangs on me too often. Battery life not good - many features but no use if battery does not last. OS too slow compared to symbian. Changing phone today.

  • This is a great phone. Just got it like 3 weeks ago. Do anyone have any softwares for this phone or can teach me how to install? Can

  • excellent but i might be gettin an o2 xda4 once it comes out.

  • Does anyone know where the latest bios can be found for the MPX? My ROM date is Nov 24, 2004 (ver Thanks. BTW, I have had this phone for 2 months now, and I love it.

  • The mpx300 is dissapointing! Battery life is only 6 to 7 hrs. Word completion application doesnt work. The phone hangs a few times a week.

  • Can anyone tell me where to download the PC suite for MPX/MPX300?

  • I installed all the games and applications in the sd and then do the hard reset. It will save some memory but i have to open it by the explorer. I still have problem to install a chinese software where it don't have to intall in the main memory, anybody can help?

  • also it has everything that the motorola mpx has but with a full vga screen (i think it might mean that we will get to see the first 256k pda/pocket pc anyway as stated it is twice as much as 65k)

  • i just was only after seeing the T-Mobile MDA IV wow what an amazing pda/pocket pc. 520 mhz thats even faster than the gizmondo and that was very fast at 400 mhz (even faster than the sony psp and nintendo ds put together). 3g fast networks. competes with the greatest communicators out at the moment could very well be the best also video calling as this is the first 3g pocket pc/pda.

  • Bro, Brilliant phone..

  • built in camera just like a built in webcam (well for taking pictures anyway) just not used for video messaging ah well i don't really care about video messaging feature anyway.

  • great for browsing the internet and play classic games for arcade, sega, super nintendo and new games for game boy advance and playstation also there is a nintendo 64 emulator somewhere on the internet for it i will have to search for it. awesome for storing mp3s and movies also and great camera quality from what i have seen. like a high specs mini laptop be cool to use on the go definately great for me as a pocket computer.

  • When will this beast be released in USA? Moto people can't or won't say. Reckon they are just kicking back laughing at all the press its making OR are they working late nights to fix the bugs and give us what we are hoping for? Anyone buy an Ebay version yet? What are they like?

  • did you ever see the gamepark that could accept any amount of expansion memory so you can make it store over the usual 1gb since it is unlimited expansion

  • and hopefully it has a 256k colour screen, has more internal memory, more RAM, more memory expansion (hopefully 2gb unlike 1gb in the current version), an fm radio would be cool too but that won't happen and will just probably be an accessory.

  • i might just wait for it hopefully it still has the laptop look

  • I got the phone. I have been using it for about 4 days now. The battery life is an embarresment to Motorola. I have to say it is slow. and sometimes you will have to reset it. I paid about 1200 US$. I heard there is a new version coming up with more memory and better screen. i would say waite.

  • well usually this costs between �800-�1000 but i can get you the actual phone for �400 with 128mb sd card and a free software conversion disc allowing you to use a lot of pda software on it.

  • I have been waiting for this mobile for a while.. finally i could see the light at the end of the tunnel. however it pains me to see how much we pay extra to get these things to us over here in Saudi..they over-charge us BIG time!!! what i really liked is the design and the connectivity features (USB, BlueTooth, and WiFi) but i really didnt like the fact that it doesnt support MP3 rings. is there anyway such feature can be added by motorola....??? i hope i could get a reply....

  • why to det the cheap price for this phone ?

  • i just like it

  • this phone is so cool i got one for cheap and i got to say it is the best pocket pc/pda that i've seen so far if you want to know where to get it cheap just ask.

  • To me it is the finest of motorolla phones. thankx

  • the motorola mpx 300 is on sale on ebay.

  • Disappointed by the battery performance.Hope Motorola will quickly produce improve the battery's performance.

  • Still haven't seen MPx, even if it should be large enough to notice. I presume it will be further delayed?

  • best pocket pc/smartphone out at the minute has everything that i want i can also buy accessories for this to play fm radio which will make this greater than a lot of the phones out there best motorola phone at the moment better than what other brands have achieved and cool form factor. well done motorola!!! keep up the good work...

  • yes i was thinkin about it and was comparing the mpx with the sidekick 2 it may look cooler looking when closed but is nothing compared to the specs of the mpx as the mpx is far superior so i made up my mind what i want.

  • there is a second generation of the motorola mpx in spring 2005 with 64MB RAM instead of the 32MB RAM in the current version so the new one will be twice as fast hopefully there will be other improvements like the colour screen

  • A few words of caution on the Sidekick... it has a few games you can download, but it's NOT anything like a Gameboy nor does it pretend to be. Also the OS is Sidekick specific and can't be tweaked by a typical user. It allows viewing of MS Word documents and pdf file, jpegs, but no movies, Excel, or other stuff. It's mainly a way of send/receiving (communicating) mail, surfing the web. It will Outlook sync... sort of, but again it's not a Windows OS by any means. The Sidekick camera is rather weak, but usable. Again, I believe the Moto MPx will be a quantum leap over the Sidekick... we'll soon find out.

  • also the sidkick 2 looks like it will be cool for gaming with the directional pad and the gba look plus the qwerty keyboard looks cool and the colours are cool it also looks to have the same kind of user interface as the Gizmondo (the new gaming console phone out Feb 2nd) so i guess it has Windows os does this mean that it will support windows mobile 2003 files or not ?

  • wow i just seen the Sidekick 2 looks pretty awesome thanks for the info a-poda it looks like a game boy advance then when you flip up the screen it is like a laptop go to: to see what it looks like

  • Seeing as this phone isn't out yet,perhaps motorola can correct some glaring flaws with this phone. 1.Needs a 256k screen.65k screens are so 2003/2004-ish. 2.Windows Mobile 2004,codename "Magneto" is going to be out soon.You can't install new windows mobile OSes like you can with XP,so this is gonna be a huge complaint among dissatisfied customers.

  • Memory and battery life seem to be issues, but everything else seems to be there and then some. As a Sidekick 2 user I am pretty happy with my toy, but the MPx has potential to be a real tool and a toy. Can't wait to hold one in my hands to see if it has that WOW appeal. Hope T-mobile picks it up and is available soon here in US... for a decent price... er, make that a fair price.

  • i am iraniyan. i like mpx300

  • yeah exactly Cool Dude

  • Can anyone tell me if the MPx can play MIDI files or not... TQ

  • I totally agree with the other guy.. this fone rox and looks like a laptop but the thing is that the keypad is a bit small and might be hard to use..but this it rox like a mini pocket pc..

  • is like a mini laptop cause it folds like a laptop

  • The concept of the MPX is ok but I motorla took to long to get this one out I already found pda\cell just as good or better and they wont cost me an arm and leg. Nice pda to look at but too much hype

  • cool as a handheld computer excellent features i might get this

  • looks like a 1970's trasistor radio

  • it just arrived in malaysia , and i saw it near some shops near my workplace...looks reaaly beautiful ...i like the shpae and the shape of thekeys...much better than the nokia comminucator's small outer screen..but both too expensive, for that price i can get a laptop!!

  • Waited a long time for this....disappointed...any suggestions for another pda phone?

  • hi! i love mobile phones. and for me flip phones are the best. i have a LG u8120 its a nice flip phone. i had it for atleast 4 months now. but now that i saw the motorola mpx, i said to my self its going to be my next phone,and surely the last phone. i mean look at it!!! its beautiful. michael /australia

  • I heard the processor is 200mhz and the L2 is 512k like an Intel processor inside but modified by motorola engineers... hmm.. will it be nice... if using AMD processor nowadays.. lolz

  • Its HUGE! Its a TWO handed opperation just to flip this brick up! And dont MOTO knows that.. size DOES matter to CONSUMERS?!

  • it is a great phone! The only concern is the processor speed....200MHz ??to operate BT, Wi-Fi, MS OS....?? No way, u will regret! I used O2 Xphone & HP h6315 (within 3mths)b4 which run on TI processor 200MHz, u will see the performance when more applications run or your RAM used >60%. To run MS OS with Wi-Fi & BT, min processor speed is 400MHz.

  • The phone has 32MB of *system* RAM, which can NOT be extended. This 32MB of memory is the only place where you can store applications and temp files created by the operating system. An 1GB SD card doesn't help you much, if your 32MB RAM is full of applications and you can't install anything else on it.

  • brick is right!

  • ok features but i hate the form factor big brick looking phone even bigger than the nec phone that i had and that was BIG!!!!!!!!!!

  • looks like a heavy portable cassette radio from the 70's. I don't trust motorola

  • No expandable memory!?I've looked at the specs for this on several websites- even the specs on this site suggest an sd slot and this review- certainly relates to it having an sd slot.I can't seeing this being wrong as this is one of the best mobile sites i have found and is pretty well respected too.

  • This phone's form factor is the best, by far, of any smartphone on the market at this time. It's such a shame Motorola is killing the phone with the 32MB RAM (which can NOT be extended) and a slow 200MHz processor. I actually got to try this phone a few months ago. It is not too heavy and it's smaller than the pictures would have you think. The double hinge form factor works perfectly. A very cool phone, too bad about the specs.

  • I agree with ya mate! this is definitely an expensive heap of junk! Don't waste your hard earned bucks and go for an xda2 mini instead!

  • Please find detail of attachment for your kind reference.

  • looks like my star trek beemer

  • imate jam looks better ! 32mb ram ! would be suprised if it could run solitaire ! lol

  • watch out mpx imate jam looking better !

  • Well done motorola, this phone is really smart, and can use in multi function, I use it and satisfied of it, so stylish

  • looks like a portable cassette radio from the 1970's

  • is it a phone? or PDA? It's too heavy and big plus motorola quality you can trust RIGHT! I won't even think about buying it even if it's 10 bucks!

  • 200mhz? 32MB of ram? i'll pass...

  • too heavy, expensive, poor quality, and will break in no time

  • is it okay for u to send me copies of prices and the pictures to go with it (whole sale prices) thanks

  • one of the WORST phone ever and it's motorola the most unreliable maker for cell phone nowdays!

  • Prabably one of the "BEST PHONES EVER MADE"! It has everything.Hopefully it wont come out way to expensive...

  • for you retards out there this is probably the best smart pho0ne out in the market right now if you take under concideration its size and features seemply does it all but i can also say that i will not be buying it because its just to expensive i would rather buy a p900 that costs 1/6 th of its price

  • this is the ossam handset i have ever seen in my simply rocks. i give 9 out of 10 to this handset .

  • also it's WAY TOO HEAVY to carry around like a cell phone. motorola has NO sense of conception how cellular phone is going to be used!

  • Windoze sux ass! This piece of crap belongs in the rubbish bin! nuff said.

  • way too expensive and another piece of junk from motorola

  • when will it be available IT LOOKS GREAT

  • well... as far as im concern. mpx rocks. EAT DUST nokia... hahaha.. for the person who mention that motorola has no creativity and still using flip phone tech... for you ignorant information.. MOTOROLA is the FATHER of flip phones.. remember the all so mighty STAR TAC?? even other phone makers like nokia and sonyericsson are making flip phones... anywaz... the one thing im concerned about is the battery life though..other than that nothing can compare to its greatness..not even 9500... im way too ready to get this phone when it is out... i actually wanted to get P910 but for the price and size.. i think i'll slap myself on the face .. twice. mpx is much better and another thing... it does have infra red .. the port in on the top of the phone, next to the earphone port. so no worries. i must admit that the built in memory is rather small but with a 1GB expansion.. who cares.. this phone should be out in asia mid 2005 ... so ... in the mean time.. i think i'll try out E680 .. it runs on linux .. seems cool...

  • brick ! very heavy and big ! it costs too much !

  • Hello Moto, when are you going to release this beast?

  • so guys ready for the first exclusive review of mpx!!!!!!!!!!! check this out. ctry opening this page and u will get a- of the test prototype with more than 30 pics and everthing about the phone. hope u guy will be happy for this

  • the motorola mpx is simply out of this world and i would like to buy this the only problem is i am unaware from where i can purchase it. if anyon can help me please let me know. thanks

  • this phone has been delayed for a long time and stop crying about the price, that wont lower it! expect it early or mid 2k5! it is expected to retail around $900 without any carrier or contracts!

  • Hi there, Where can i buy this pocket PC??

  • does this use mp3 ringtones? or is it just polyphonic

  • i never liked your phones but this particular mypx has really scartered my head gosh the phone is ggggggoooooddddd. i wish i could have one now.

  • Totally Cool... Juz like mitshubishi.. The latest one.. but better... Rox

  • man these is good. love to have and i will ok

  • i am willing to pay through credit card i want 3 items pls

  • definitely communicator killer

  • has it for 4,448.88$

  • waaaaaaaay toooooooo expensive for a piece fo junk! don't waste your money and don't be fooled into buying it because of the looks. quality of the phone and workmanship is very poor, you will regret getting one and paying a fortune for it. settle for some other brand, there's alot of good cell phone on the market, forget about motorola

  • In Europe is around 650 euro

  • that's $1399.99USD including tax

  • $1799 CAD $13899,99 USD including tax.. i think its worth it! do you guys know if i can download a yahoo messenger in the mpx? thanks!

  • is it bout the size of a "Kyocera 7135 Smartphone" from verizon wireless?..cause I think the dimensions are similar...hope they make one that has the 850 band for better service!! or quad it!!

  • anyone know how much the price of this mobile?

  • Gentlmen, I have been around that phone for a while now. For those who are comparing it with 9500, I saw nokia 9500, and it sucks, it sucks great time. Keyboard is so wrong, keys are wide but short, so its like pressing 3 keys at the time. I saw it in Gitex dubai Unlike MPX where it redefines perfection (despite the memory silliness), the keybaord is great, specially with the thumb design. i actually had the chance to play around with an engineering model in gitex. It's just great, and its NOT as some are saying a big device,l on the opposite, it fits greatly in my pocket. The dual design is fantastic. Just a note that some of you might not know: the device opens by default in flip mode, with the numeric keypad activated. So without pressing anything, it flips. Then if you close it and press that small upper buttong, it will open in laptop mode. The screen is acceptable. the outside buttons work as promised allowing full function of the device without opening it. Couldnt test the camera, but resolution is good enough. Finally for those comparing it with XDAII or III, I think there is no point of comparison. XDAxxx is bulky and big though I like it. The only device that resemble the mpx is the 9500, but like I said its way out of the league. I beleive this is the best device ever. I hope they will release it soonest possible. It's one of a kind, and nothing like it.

  • i cant wait to get my hands on this baby!!!this phone is gonna be a big hit i am trying to be part of that. i got a sidekick 2 i fine that great but too big this phone has all that good stuff but small size,gotta get it,,

  • hmm, too bad its not quad band or edge technology, but this is hot, wonder how the battery life will last casue i got the mpx220 and its killa ill...well if this comes out i might get this one too, hopefully it gets good service on the east side of america cause my mpx220 get service everywhere!! well se how the real review is when it comes out, hope its not that expensive....argh

  • Its good

  • Can you tell me when this will be released and if this product will be for sale on your site. MPX Motorola. Thanks Alysia.

  • i think it is an awesome phone and i would love one!

  • It looks nice, but what about the battery life?is it last long time?When will it released officially in Middle East?. Please, any one who is got the answer for the above, he can contct me. Thanks.

  • It's a cool phone. Whe will it be released in South Africa?

  • I would interested to know what type of processor being used in Motorola MPx?

  • i think this phone is going to rock all phones..

  • love dizz phone!!! when does it come out?? can it b used as tmobile or what?? thanx!

  • You can already buy them over here:

  • Looks like it won't be available until early next year!! Check out the link below for the latest update along with some updated photos.

  • does anyone have one and would want to sell it? e-mail me [email protected]

  • if this looks massive in landscape mode in the pic then what would it look like in potrait ? good features though.

  • hi. please email for me when Motorola MPX release. thanks.

  • all i have 2 say is this is the f**ken best thing on the planet!

  • When is it going to be released???

  • This is a must have phone, but when it will be available in US ?

  • This phone looks great, I wish it is a Nokia.

  • i would like to buy this phonne right now how can I please email back

  • I want to know if it could (like the Sony-Ericsson P series) display a picture and have a different ringtone for each caller. And does it display it on the little screen? Can it use MP3'a as ringtone?

  • its everything i have ever wanted and i cant have it yet i am sad.

  • 1.Your call records can have 20 dialed, 20 received, and 20 missed calls will be good. 2. Should have vibration /ring, ring and vibrate,ring, vibration modes.

  • It's Great PDA ...... It's the best PDA Phone in the world .............. I want buy it ............ trully I dream about it.

  • the mpx is one of the four phones im considering buying...the nokia 7610, se k700, se t630, motorola mpx...butthe mpx is way too expensive...for that price i can get a notebook!!

  • all the feature is perfect and i don't have problem with it size and weight,the only problem is the price.I think the price is up than $500.

  • If u buy a phone and a PDA u will have to take both, stupid and more heavier... noo user...( for jazzy000)

  • I think it's really a phone designed for business people,I can't wait to have one,I will definitely show it to my friends!

  • OK I have to say, however impressive this phone looks, i would not under any circumstances consider buying this phone. For starters, its size, and weight. This is almost like having a pocket PC, and pocket PC's are probably better. Yes I admit, it looks AMAZING feature wise, but really, its just TOO big. And heavy. Its a pity really, but If i wanted something like this I would buy a pocket PC and a mobile phone together, and it would probably be cheaper that way...

  • Ummm i think this phone would be price around 700-800 us dollar. Trust me it would be around that only. So collect all your money and get one when it is available. U shud accept the fact when it is price at 700-800 us dollar cuz it has similar function to that of 02 xda2 and P900. So start collecting yor money.. And one more thing these days phone doesnot need infrared becuz it already has bluetooth and WIfi in the phone so wads the need of infrared when theres is bluetooth.. anyways bye c ayh take care every1.

  • Nowadays phones doesn't need infrared port cuz it alredy has bluetooth and this phone seem to be the perfect copetitor for 02 xda2 .. I really like both the phone this phone seem to be lil betta having wi-fi. I think it would be price smth similar to P900 or nearly 02 xda2 cuz it has similar function and features.

  • Cool .. when will it be avaliable in India ? Tom

  • Email me when this phone is available!!! I love it!!!

  • I love this phone, but i need to know when it is going to be available in the market. I found a web page that they are selling it for $3200, that is rediculasley high

  • You're right if it seen merely as a phone. But you should compare the weight with a phone PLUS a pda, then it aint that bad. But sure, we would all love to jump technology some years ahead and have it thinner, lighter, last longer etc etc....

  • How's com the MIDP 2.0 is not mentioned in the features list, Does this device support it? any body knows for sure?

  • Too big and heavy, feels like a portable TV set from the 70's. Good camera resolution.

  • please notify me when the motorola MPX available for sale in singapore. i'm really interested in this phone. please send more detail to me. thanks

  • Waaaaaaaaaaaaaayyy too heavy!!

  • ok its gr8 mobile ill definately go for this ok its really very sexy set in the mobile history good luck motorola kkep it up my best wishes with u always ok good luk for all the time

  • actually i weanna the price displayb with each and every motorola hand sets that will be good enough

  • Can someone inform us when this phone starts shipping (unlocked), this phone is a must have for professionals.

  • Please let me know when will these phone be arrived. Very interested. Thank You

  • Aside from the tiny amount of RAM (the OS supposedly takes up 28MB of that 32MB, people!) and possible battery issues (Motorola aren't known for being good with battery life) this phone looks pretty awesome. Does anyone here know if it's coming to Australia? Or will we have to import the damn thing? Motorola Australia give no information whatsoever, they are clueless.

  • I would like to know where I can purchase the MPX 300 in Adelaide South Australia before 18/9/04 as I need it for traveling purposes I am currently with Optus World

  • This is very gud lookin fone, can anyone tel me the price tag in u.K and is it available in india yet?

  • Can you shut off flash when you don't need it or want to use it ??

  • but acording to the phone shop, if ur touchscreen handphone got problem, they will not fix for u i dunno y can anybody explain?

  • Wi-Fi is cool. But the keypad is... kinda wierd, I wonder we would wrongly press the buttons oftenly...

  • Congratulations to MOTO for coming up with the almost perfect phone. Moto has been the pioneer. I hope it will maintain upgrading its product.

  • this phone got touchscreen y still need the keyboard?? cant write it using the pen?? and izzit got MP3 ringtones inside?? im from malaysia hope this will launch at malaysia!! from, lye

  • Motorola mpx is the phone i have been waiting for,and to me is the best of a liken.pls let me know when it will be lunched in U.K,cause if i dont lay my hands on the mpx i will stop making use of mobile phones,i hope the processor speed is up to 400mhz.desing,function 100percent.

  • let me know when this phone will be available, I wish I knew the dimension size..

  • Very interested. Have used HP200LX, hp100lx and hp95 palmtops for more than 10 years. I've tried a palm Tungsten E but don't like using a stylus. I'm surprised the don't have IR capability as this is easy to connect to printers and beam to another unit. I'm considering Syware to develop a data base I can synchronize. My Old Nokia will go pretty soon (when the battery starts to wear out it's usually time to change phones). I imagine when they actually get to market, we'll learn a bit more. I'm interested in the new HP iPaq with the key board but prefer the case design on the MPX, the ability to take more memory and the back-up camera. If the spacing on the keyboard is good, that's almost enough in itself.I will need to do something in the enxt few months. John Miner

  • Please, notify me when the "Motorola MPx 300 is available for sale and also what the total amount is on purchase price. Thank you, Robert Drexler Haven Park West, Inc

  • You guys are gonna love this link, the photos are amazing of the mpx.

  • Please inform me as to how to purchase and who is the service provider.

  • the phone also as the same feature as the mpx200 where they have a SD and MMC slot for extra memory

  • I cannot wait, what will be the release date please .....

  • Finaly a pfone with everything on it ; a touchscreen , megapix. cam, and MP3 player ! But why sooo big ?

  • This looks like a must-have phone. But will the price be as prohibitive as a P900

  • yeah, i know it's so perfect...but the price !!!!!!!!!! $ 920 !!!! kyaaa

  • I'm interested in purchasing this item. Please advise of release date.

  • Best smart phone on the market

  • this phone is very good options.

  • This is the best fone available.

  • best mobile ever seen . good features .great model . expensive rate . not affordable

  • It supports video recording/playing, but dont know which format it will record in, and it does have a Windows Media Player! Yet, unreleased is the processor speed.

  • Hi can I find out what type and speed of the processor mpx300 is using?

  • will the motorola mpx support mpeg (moving picture expert group) or be able to record live video, like the nokia 3660?

  • Looks very powerful....wonder the battery life though. hmmmmm...

  • zafa ahi.. por favor innoven

  • not bad at all.May be we can compare with nokia9500

  • i wanted to know if i should buy this or mpx 220 when they are available?? i'm thinking for mpx 220....

  • i need to know who is gonna be the service provider for this mpx300 and would like to know when this is coming out

  • i dunno....kiss symbian goodbye? i wouldn't be so sure abot that..symbian is pretty powerful society..thats the has a whole bunch of people from everywhere supportin' it, even worshipin is decent OS and is widely spread and accepted, so...i wouldn't be so sure that microsoft will win this one easy , if M$ wins at all

  • Oh yeah, the mpx is going to be the p900, the treo, the 9500 killer. It's that good. The keyboard might be a little screwed up, but remember that they phones are not out yet and the keyboards will be changed. I personally prefer one of those simple qwerty keyboards. But we'll see, I'm sure motorola will come out with a decent keyboard layout. I see this as a phone/pda/pocket pc I can use for a long long time. And will be getting it as soon as it hits the market. Reports say that's in September.

  • Look, first of all. Motorola are coming out with some great phones. The mpx100 and mpx220 are almost identical in features, cept one is candy bar and the other a clam shell. Those two are smartphones and so far, looks great. Even come with a superb 1.3 mega pixel camera, with flash. The mpx is superb, it's running windows mobile 2003 SE, is a pocket pc phone edition and it will play mp3s, wmas, wmv, etc. And it does have an infrared port. No idea why it says no in the specifications here. It's heavy, I'll give you that, but it's just 24 grams more than the Sony Ericsson p900, so stop complaining. It's the size of a pack of cigarettes. And it's small for a pocket pc. It'll have all the functionality of a pocket pc in a smartphone size. So there you go, way better than a smartphone, way better than anyphone. And for those of you dissin microsoft, give them some time. The windows mobile and smartphone operating systems are going to win in the long run, kiss symbian goodbye. Microsoft is the future in the smartphone/pocket pc market.

  • This will get a LOT of press coervarge and has a bit of a chance of dethroning the Treo as the "IT" smart phone. Very clever keyboard design!! I hope it is also robust and durable. I suppose that you can talk on the phone through and ear bud, while typeing ont he keaybord.. A must have feature for today's harried mobile worker.

  • i think its a cool phone

  • i think its a cool phone

  • where's the infrared port?

  • I think there will be a great competition bitween this phone and the new "p1000" of sony ericsson which is not yet announced. I'll buy the winner.

  • Where can I buy this "phone"???

  • unfortunately the keyboard layout is not well designed

  • for the picture galery goto:

  • Will there be a version for left-handed people available? :(

  • Does anyone, anywhere, have any idea when this phone will be available?

  • this phone is the smallest laptop on earth

  • this phone of course heavy. It is a PDA phone running on Pocket PC

  • To those who are still criticising MOTO, please bare in mind the leader in hand phones 10 years ago.... you amatures. And do you know who owns the satelite phone company now?

  • Why are they making is it so heavy? And isn't the 64K color a little out dated? Motorola should not put all the latest tech. in and still leave some behind. Maybe there is going to be a model which is lighter and packed with the features left out on this one.....sigh

  • when the hell are all these megapixel phones coming in the market its like i have been waiting for years i cant wait any longer

  • How do i figure out what phone provider this phone is compatable with.

  • when are all these megapixel phones coming out anyway?

  • WOW Great est ever GO moto Go

  • Every Body is going MOTO MAD

  • It's cool..

  • I have a MPX200.. and it rocks.. man the MPx300 is gonna kick butt. Having a Microsoft OS has really paid off. Everything works so easy - just the way I need it. Go MOTO go!

  • Wow!!! Great work! I rescently have nokia 9210i but i'm wandering if i should replace it with 9500 or MPx. If it wasn't for the Windows i would choose the MPx without even looking at nokia 9500, but windows is the most problemous OS in the whole worl. Well, they are both GREAT WORK! P.S. Motorola is going UP ! ! !

  • can this phone set mp3 as ringtones and what about other add-on applications like there are for symbian operating system mobiles like the p900 like can u use this as a remote? and what about downloading games

  • can the unknown person who stated that its coming in dubai in september confirm and for estimated how much in dollars or dirhams

  • announced in Dubai in september 2004

  • This one is quite OK

  • There are advantages to flip phones, such as it protects the main screen of the phone and its better for craming more features into it because of its built and a bigger screen can be put in.I am really surprised that a touch screen and a two way open flip can be installed into this.

  • This is a very nice and full featured phone...But the only problem( or the biggest one)is that I DO NOT BELIEVE IN MICROSOFT PRODUCTS because of numerous bugs and security holes. but I hope this one truely serves the Motorola's class level of productions. as a clam-shell with no touch screen I vote V1000

  • Motorola is going for the kill now!

  • Hmmmm.... I think this will be the most excellent phone for Motorola this year hmm.... i think i better buy this 1. Good job Moto keep it up!!!

  • I think this is the best phone . It goes beyond P900 . But why no infrared port? What this is going to be released and at what price

  • any1 hv any idea when wil dis phone b released? i read fr sum sites sayin dat it wil b released at 30/06/2004, is it true? or can i buy online? cant wait 2 gt 1!

  • motorola suks!!! looking for flipped handphone? motorola suits you motorola loves flipped handphone ******** no creation !!! ********

  • it even has wi-fi! i think it's the first for a phone

  • sorry, not pocket pc, microsoft smartphone 2003 os

  • shit, i looked through so many other phones of other brands, and never paid attention to motorola, since i thought motorola wouldn't produce great phones...but when i finally click on motorola's page, shit man, they already have 3 phones with megapixel camera..when other brands only have 1 now...and i have to say, this phone and MPx100 are by far the best phones announced, i first thought s700 was the best, but now, this has to be better, as it is a smartphone with windows pocket pc operating system..well done motorola..

  • hey anyone has an idea when this mpx will be coming in the markets and for how much?

  • I am currently using the MIO8380 and the media player works great!

  • ALL windows powerd phones have media players which means they can play any media file that your computer can Mtv,MP3,Wma etc etc and they even have MSN built into them!

  • why no mp3 for the mpx?

  • Good shape and small, light and ellegance but when will it come to Indonesia

  • I'm looking for hp with big display but protected, (since I cracked my Sony P800 display), small size and have pocket PC feature. This hp is what I'm waiting for...but why no infrared port ?

  • when will the mpx be available in stores how much will it cost and is it available for use with the cingular employee rate plans

  • This is an excellent smartphone that Motorola has done their homework on. I like the unique keyboard design and resolution of the built in cam. I have connection direct with a rep from Moto and recieved lots of inquiries- I had a very very limited supply. Was quite fortunate to have some! The unit will create quite a following due to all the features and applications the unit has.

  • I think is the greatest phone ever maid, And I believe your guys will keep doing a wonderfull job making new models...

  • jus wanna knoe if this phone is GSM or not help i meant tri band an will it work in canada

  • What the walking stick for?

  • Please watch following films for more detail of MPx. this phone should be quite cool! If not using microsoft OS.

  • this gadget is wicked!

  • In terms of design i would RATHER have this phone than the 9500,i hope this phone does not come out tooo soon!

  • A lot of nice new phones from Motorola. Looks good on paper, but will they ever come out? I'm still waiting for the V600 to be released in Asia, by the time they release it the phone is already outdated!!!

  • Microsoft seems to have a found a new idea to place their investments....interesting

  • now i have the 6600 and the mpx200 !! but all i want to say now is the phone is fuckin great , way too cool!! great job motorola !!! and mocrosoft of course !!!

  • motorola has released more phones in the last couple of days than it has all year. crazy

  • Dear Sir, Im looking for Motorola Phones MPX. I'll need can by handwriting and hope have Chinese also (or the MPX phone can add the original complex form of a simplified Chinese character language) opption). I'm live in Taiwan then hope will hear from you soon. Please let me know the best price. Appreciate your pay attention! Best Regards, Jenny

  • nothing is comparable to Nokia 9500

  • Btw, there is a leak saying that 1 of the phone maker is going to put a Bluetooth chip in the watch as the phone's display, 2 chip in the phone to communicate with the watch and a Blutooth handsfree... Sound like wireless wearable computer...

  • Well...the screen is not the latest technology. Highest camera resolution...that's yet to confirm by the time it launched...Looks like Motorola is Bullishing back into 1st position as it previously was. Sigh... the firmware will be a problem again...

  • Motorola is the luxury king of mobile phones. Sony Ericsson/Nokia and Siemens are sub par to Moto's designs. But I do like the Nokia 9500 though, kick ass.

  • More pics and espicailly from the inside.

  • Excellent work, motorola. Congratulations!

  • shut it muppet!!

  • Wow...thaz de what I'm talkin bout...shizzle meh nizzle...Big up the Sinista INTL' and Sho_gun Dynasty.Phone real F*CKING BAD