Nokia 6250

  • Released 2000
    167g, 27mm thickness
    Feature phone
    No card slot
  • N/A 290,725 hits
  • 28 Become a fan
    96x60 pixels, 6 lines
  • NO
    No video recorder
  • 1200mAh

Nokia 6250 - Specs

Network Technology GSM
2G bands GSM 900 / 1800
Launch Announced 2000
Status Discontinued
Body Dimensions 142 x 50-58 x 23-27 mm, 159 cc
Weight 167 g (5.89 oz)
Display Type Monochrome graphic
Resolution 96 x 60 pixels, 6 lines, 16:10 ratio
 Dynamic font size
Memory Card slot No
Phonebook 500
Call records 10 dialed, 10 received, 10 missed calls
 3 phone numbers per name
150 text messages
10 voice dial numbers
Camera   No
Sound Loudspeaker No
Alert types Vibration; Downloadable monophonic ringtones
3.5mm jack No
 Profile Selection
Ascending ringing tones
Personal alert tones
Comms WLAN No
Bluetooth No
Infrared port Yes
Radio No
Features Sensors Sound level meter
Messaging SMS
Browser WAP 1.1
Clock Yes
Alarm Yes
Games 3 Games (Snake II, Opposite, Pairs II)
Languages Major European and Asian languages
Java No
 Voice recognition
Predictive text input
Infrared transfer of data between compatible phones
Task journal
Battery   Removable Li-Ion 1200 mAh battery (BLL-2)
Stand-by Up to 336 h
Talk time Up to 5 h 50 min
Misc Colors Black Night, Grey Dusk and Red Sunset

Nokia 6250 - User Reviews

  • man... i hope HMD relaunches this like the 8110 4G.

  • WHAAAAT????? Nokia 3310 got a relaunch at MWC 2017 for superior durability?? What about MEEEEEEE??????? WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!­

  • the most robust phone ever it can break glass,hammer nails,and smash some bricks and hollow blocks.

  • you will find the Nokia 6250 in various colours available from Hong Kong, you will also find the batteries you require too, just search for Nokia 6250 and you will find them there. A word of advice DON'T buy them from UK warehouses or in bulk, private sales maybe ok but beware.

  • This is the best phone nokia did I have mine in 2001 which lasted until 2008 when I can no longer find replacement battery for sale , though it has many scratches , dent in 1 side but so far this is the best hope nokia will make this kind of phone in the future

  • i'll take it if dj. don't wanna it but how u will send it to me i'm in egypt.

  • i have one orange color 300$.

  • i want to buy Nokia 6250 orange color. because in my country so difficult, pls help.

  • Nokia 3270 is much better waterproof,shockproof work fine especially those are in the oil and gas industry.. who is out there during hot or rainy weather e.g Mud Engineers and Liquid Mud Plant Operators..Drillers..Tool Pusher

  • Today (17/09/2010) I purchased 4 Nokia 6250's from a uk dealer, all are brand new, unlocked, boxed and complete, to go with the one I have had since 2003 which is still working on the original battery. I've also obtained the matching desk charger DCV-6 and the DDC-1 additional desktop battery chargerfrom a seperate source. I use 2 Nokia LPS-1 Induction Loop systems and 2 covert earpiece's with the 6250 on occasions. I firmly believe the 6250 is one of the very few excellent phones that Nokia have ever turned out, others include the 6210 and 6310i. Intrakota, coventry, uk.

  • guest that u have not seen the N97

  • this phone very cool. it's like phone with headphone attached

  • Indeed, will be a good idea to create a new phone with superior durability but the features that we encounter often on today's phones, like bluetooth conectivity, micro SD card, LCD/TFT 252k colours with at least 120x128 pixels and so on. 6255 will be a great name for this new phone.

  • Its a shame that nokia wont update this phone.

  • My first 6250 from dec 2000 has now got some problems. I run over it with my lawnmover! Even the SIM-card was in three pieses. Byt why worry? I took one of my four (4) reserve 6250-phones and started the "new" with my doubleSIM from the carphone! And as have copied the phonebook manually there's no problem either. The four is from my collegus in Fire Dept who has listend to much on ads for new phones. I have not had ANY problem with 6250 or battery ever (over 7000 hours on callingstats) and that even in very heavy fire- and rescue operations! And sorry... Nokia will not build an new similar one! I have talked with their developing people i Finland. But you can look for the Sonim-phone instead. Xp1 or 3 is similar. Xp3 Quest have more gadgets. Xp2 is arriving soon and is a 3G phone.

  • a phone that i ve no chance of buying it. now, one of my friend still have it n im in a way of begging him to sell it to me.. hehehehe. hope it works with him. wish me luck. thanks

  • This is the best phone nokia ever made mine also still functions and is still in use bny me ecxept that it has many scratches hope nokia will again make this kind of phone

  • This is probably the best phone I have as it is not only sturdy and waterproof, mine still functions and I used it for every day use in my market stall hope nokia will launce this model but newer version of this

  • This phone, though not soup-to-date software, is actually the sturdiest i have ever had..,y older bro and were fighting one time, i threw this at him, he dodged it and hit the wind shield and cracked it but the phone was just good as new!

  • wht a lame phone.

  • I have a couple of these - I bought several on ebay as replacements for my one after seven years. I got three, of which two had older firmware which didn't have the featyures I need (WAP didnt work properly). So there are two "as new" ones sitting on my coffee table! Email me (pete at

  • Where can we purchase a "NEW"/"OLD STOCK" Nokia 6250? I know it has been stopped now in Europe which was a BIG MISTAKE as mine lasted six years of hard work in a Forestry business. Come on Nokia make a new version again. Have been given the Samsung SGH-M110 which I doubt will survive and the buttons are so small.

  • check out for your next one. I think it blows the Nokia out of the water. PLUS, its not discontinued ;)

  • You have missed the design point, it was never meant to be pretty, it was desigened for outdoor use/builders & all we want to do is talk to customers. at the time the 6250 was released there were plenty of fancy 'fragile' phones arround, did you use or own a 6250 & what was your profession at the time, John.

  • Please look on EBAY, there is a seller who sells the 6250 from Hong Kong, John.

  • I am now on my third 6350, having recently purchased one from Hong Kong. 3210 & all the fancy phones last hours or days, dropped in a bath, off scaffolding, down drains & its still going strong. why oh why did Nokia discontinue this phone? anyone from Nokia please answer. I have suposedley upgraded to a Samsung Solid, sorry Samsung no comparision, to many gimics. My only constructive coments would be for it to include a camera with memory card & USB conection. Occasionally on site had to go home & get digital camera to photograph incidents, faults or parts required. What an age we live in, why when something works do we have to go & change it? John.

  • a phone with a helmet!!! made for war!!

  • Hello, I run a Forestry business and purchased this 6250 because we needed a robust mobile. The first one died from hard work and the second is still going several years later. Try leaving a mobile in a coat pocket half full with water and sawdust then using it! Wish Nokia or someone would make a new version!!!!!!!!

  • hi guys, anyone there want 2 buy my nokia 6250. unit is in good condition ryt now. am from manila philippines. jx txt me +639272241698

  • i need this phone now wow what a quqlity build

  • i have this fone up to now/ its very durable/ ive been changed front and back cover twice/i love this unit......

  • who is dat weirdo? (look down)

  • Aha yes, ai laike deez sell-u-lar telephones much very. You must send me ten trillion free samples then maybe I will buy one for real yes plz. Mai address is: Pieceofshitstreet 8 2934 HF Calcutta India I am very very very legitimate buyer. Ai haf American Express card which of course eez not fraudulent. Ai steal it from very stupid tourist from USA. So as you can see, ai am good buyer and maybe will buy one once I receive ten trillion free samples. Thank you for your cooperation yes plz.

  • Hello; I have been trying hard to learn where I can purchase the discontinued nokia 6250 but you have not responded to my previous e-mail. Why ?

  • This my favorite nokia

  • I am looking for a 6250. Willing to buy a used one as long as the price is right. I am from Quezon City, Manila, Philippines

  • I think, it is the best of the Nokia's mobiles!! But I'm a little-bit sad, 'cause the Nokia didn't make a "6350" model: with the 6310i's software and with 6250's durability. Have you ever seen the Nokia 5140? I think, it will be a very-very good phone! :-)

  • nokia 6250 is great for outddor use and its water dust shock resistance and that phone really great try it

  • It's a profficinal mobile I'hope it;s back on the market, ido miss it

  • Is it possible to adapt the 6250 to work on GSM 1900 .... Please advise

  • my opinion about nokia 6250 :1The body is robber :1 It good for all this e.g engeenia. muntain clamber .buildingcontrator and the people that they are doing add work

  • I think is the best phone ever made.Buy it if you find it,Couse i dont find it and i m looking about for 2 months for it.Send me an e-mail if u know where i could find it.I live in Romania,Arad.

  • I would like to have such a phone...

  • is it true that its phone memory is 500 not 255 as seen in the nokia website? does this have multiple entries? and memory for sms messages?

  • I think it is rubbish

  • Can i buy nokia 5210. i am bulgarian

  • How can I find the type 6250 in Indonesia/Jakarta .. there is no stock available anymore and can you send me the 6250 with all colors. thanks

  • Hi., my opinion about this telephone it's very smart & durable machine but the infrared not sending but recived . that's all

  • please send me user guide about 6250 in english language by e-mail

  • very Nice!!!

  • absolutely fantastic, no need to worry about common damage.possible improvements:addition of gprs, sms memory expansion,larger keys

  • (Stronger) mobile phones in the world!!!. That`s GOOD!.

  • Whats this supposed to be? It looks very ugly!

  • yep.. it's tough alright... but what if the screen was hit by a pointed object and you have to change its casing? how easy can you dismantle this thing and put it back together again? i suggest... bullet-proof screens too.. =P

  • ------------------------------- What can I say - the other "Desmond" likes to use my name and mail. ------------------------------- But he is righ by the way - if Nokia can give me one free phone, I'll choose this one (or the 9210) because If I'm not mistaken it is shock resistant, waterproof...

  • If only Nokia can give me one free phone, I'll choose this.

  • Just bought it today..Its just like the other phones before it 6150/6210..Its bulky,tough,and its great!Just dont expect it to be a leap forward.

  • i'm from manila, philippines and i'd like to buy a 6250 but i want to see and test it first. i don't know where to go to buy this phone. it seems that its not yet available here in the philippines.

  • superior design, optimal weight, very expensive.