Pantech GI100

  • Released 2004, Q2
    82g, 22mm thickness
    Feature phone
    13.5MB storage, no card slot
  • N/A 162,780 hits
  • 8 Become a fan
    128x160 pixels
  • 1.3MP
    Video recorder
  • 780mAh

Pantech GI100 - Specs

Network Technology GSM
2G bands GSM 900 / 1800
GPRS Class 10
Launch Announced 2004, Q2
Status Discontinued
Body Dimensions 82 x 40 x 22 mm (3.23 x 1.57 x 0.87 in)
Weight 82 g (2.89 oz)
Display Type TFT, 256K colors
Resolution 128 x 160 pixels
 External 256K colors TFT (128 x 160 pixels)
Downloadable logos
Memory Card slot No
Phonebook 800 entries, Photo call
Call records 20 dialed, 20 received, 20 missed calls
Internal 13.5MB
Main Camera Single 1.3 MP
Features LED flash
Video Yes
Selfie camera   No
Sound Loudspeaker No
Alert types Vibration; Downloadable polyphonic ringtones
3.5mm jack No
Comms WLAN No
Bluetooth No
Radio No
Features Sensors Fingerprint (front-mounted)
Messaging SMS, EMS, MMS
Browser WAP 1.2.1
Games Yes
Java Yes, MIDP 1.0
 Predictive text input
Voice memo(max 30 sec)
Battery   Removable Li-Ion 780 mAh battery
Stand-by Up to 90 h
Talk time Up to 3 h
Misc Colors B.Silver, P.Silver

Pantech GI100 - User Reviews

  • Romania,12 years ago,i was barely a child then. Greeting from Bucharest

  • This was way ahead of it's time. It's scary.

  • It's... very square, the edges are rough, like the Nextbit Robin and Razer Phone.

  • True. Greetings

  • Now it's 2017 and this phone release was in 2004 . This phone is the grandmom of the all fingerprint smartphones . I've read most of the comment below and the people who had wrote their opinion there, they were so updated in their time i believe. Thanks pantech company for they revolution in smartphones world 👏👏👏&#128­079;😉

  • I have this phone and yess its in working condition... i want to know if a spare battery is available... i am from india mumbai... dont mind ordering it online on some website..

  • Any body knows how to eliminate from Finger print reco. since its not matching my print? if there is any way or code !!! Urgent plz & thanx in advance.

  • I am Indain and have GI100 mdl phone its very nice and simply recently my phone LCD'S DAMAGEd no display and not working my phone so please inform service centres in India (available in Andrapradesh State of India) TanQ

  • It's a good phone,but how I can get the internet parameters?somebody can help me?

  • hello people ,i'm from romania.i have a pantech GI100 and i don't know where to repair it.DO U KNOW???

  • excellent choice without blutooth!!!

  • excellent

  • two thing makes this phone special: the fingerprint recognition, 1.3mp CCD flashed camera.the bad thing with this phone don't trust fingerprint recognition it can be easily BLOCKED.

  • i bought this phone cinse 1 year i found it very elegant , smart , usiful specially the fingerprint recognaition wonderful to keep all your data far from any one but many option is needed

  • Does anyone else have a problem with the volume level? I have my phone at the maximum volume, but I can still barely hear people (and I checked with everyone I know... it's not just me! :)

  • best pictuer

  • Phone is great for someone who wants only phone...If you want multimedia device buy some nokia or panasonic...Security 10/10 but nothing else special.

  • Sorry Malek, can't help you there. Nadia, I'm not sure where to download....try Googling it... the problem with the phone is that it's not a very common phone like Samsung or Nokia, so findgin applications for it is hard. You can try and using ur Wap browser (if the Gi-100 has any) to d/l it.

  • It's a great phone but i would like to know: can i download sounds and animated wallpapers? If yes, can you help me?? thanks a lot

  • Hello, I have a problem,i have lost my charger.Can they send me,how much it costs, and where I can buy is very important for me i was waiting for your answer My email adress: [email protected]

  • Hey stacey... i think u'd be better off saving ur money and getting some other phone..!! I got this for Christmas thinking it was a great phone with the VideoID and all but trust me...the camera is really useless eventhough it's 1.3MP..!! I'm a Nokia user and when i switched to the Gi-100, the interface was not very user-friendly. It uses Samsung's interface and is about 3 yrs old!! Nope...doesn't have infra-red nor Bluetooth. But what is good about this phone is that it's small, light, and the box includes a cable (to transfer ringtones etc), 2 batteries, CD-rom and charger. If u're into T9 for txting...this is gonna be a hassle. The T9 function doesn't stay on. Meaning you turn it on for one msg, the next msg u send, u have to turn it on again. I had to sell it off at a loss!! In my opinion, it sure looks nice and all, but that's all it is. Looks can be deceiving..!! Hope this helps..!

  • Hi this phone looks wicked and i was wondering if anyone could answer me some questions. Does it have infared/bluetooth? or an mp3 player? where do i get one in the uk/from the uk? Help me please Thank you

  • very nice!first mobile that has to use the owner finger prices to lock & unlock keypad...kind of save but if damage the costing is wow...:0 other problem is that the parts is veryhard to find...

  • This phone is very nice.. but the cam not so good... and no mp3, blue tool, radio, infare. every thing dun have.... the fuction not so good.... if people still your phone then they cannot use it because got the finger print right . but they can throw it way right... in the end the phone still lost....

  • Hi it the greatest phone ever!!!But i would like to know that once u lock your keypad what do we do to make it active once again?

  • Its too cool.A piece of ingeneouos security.......i have one.

  • does this have any MP3 player....?

  • paul, press menu button then option 4 then option 3 and that will take you to language settings. can't you just use a shaver adaptor?

  • hi , this mobile is realy good & best security ... I HAVE IT ... thanks

  • Does anyone know how to change the language into English? Also to get a 2 pin (Japanese) adaptor to UK 3-pin? Thanks!!

  • yes this phone works fine in the u.k, currently using it on the 02 network and wap and mms and text all work fine. very happy with it and for those of you that have said this sucks clearly hasn't seen one in the flesh or actually used it.

  • i just bought this phone last 2 weeks n what i can tell is .....marvellous...happening....and really great for those who like to have a phone beside the wellknown brand of hphone...believe me....coz u may found a great of security tech inside.

  • eh... no offence but tis hp really cannot make it lo the camara suk everytink inside suk except the finger print recgo onli lo.. is a waste of $$ but after all the design is nice lo.. n moreva i get it at a damn cheap price so its ok wif mi though

  • This phone is a waste of time and money. No one should buy this phone. Really the fingerprint recognition is a great idea, there is no doubt about that. However the phone lacks the build quality and features such as infared, and decent camera. In my opinion this phone is rubbish.

  • this phone i reckon just suks! da only gud thing is da fingerprint, the so called mega pixel camera isnt even as gud as my Nokia VGA camera. No offence pantech, but i reckon ur copying samsung style phones

  • Hi! Eversince I've since this in the commercial, i fell in love with this phone already but up till now I haven't seen it personally. I was thinking of buying here (Singapore) but I don't know where to find it. I'm going crazy looking for it everytime I would visit the mall, but there is always none...If anyone of you live in Singapore, please tell me where can I find this cel I really like to have one...thanks

  • I just hate one thing about PANTECH... Why in the world does it not have blutooth and infrared... But this company is not bad...

  • Hi does anyone know if you can use this phone in the uk plz thnkz alot !!!

  • I've been waiting on a phone with fingerprint recognition for so long! can someone please tell me if you are able to lock your phone using your fingerprint? I had 2 phones stolen from me within 1 year!

  • Any mp3 player,please??

  • No, this one can't be used in the USA due to different frequency. US uses 1900 MHZ

  • Is anyone know this phone work in USA?

  • it is the best ever with all the necessary and required functions.

  • O yea, forget to add, it's the best clamshell/flip phone u can get for its look and feature. Only one displeasure, I agree that Pantech can learn to design its menu interface from nokia.

  • This is a phone that makes those who dare not buy her get jealous because we are able to decide to buy it and own it! (not the price factor ok) It's a designer's phone, and it's a very personal phone. Not only it can store secret numbers, there's a security feature so that u can lock your SMS messages, photo alabum, etc. to ur preference. U people have to see the 3D view of the phone b4 deciding its aesthetic ok. About the camera, those who complained dun have the skill to adjust the settings (try to press number 1-5 in snapshot mode). Bluetooth? why wasting time with bluetooth for a phone, get a PDA or digicam to satisfy ur memory and resolution reqs LOL, why not condemn digital camera which dun have bluetooth till now.

  • The finger print is for u to set the special phone no and lock the phone.

  • just wanna know what the finger print effect is for. How good is the phone?

  • If u all don't no how to play with this phone, don't simply complaint. I can take any photo at night time, I didn't see any problem. Unique phone.

  • need to know does it hav memory slots,how far we can record video,whats the maximum capacity to hold external memory,and does it hyave blue tooth.please let em know becouse iam eager to buy this one by quitting nokiya phone.bye gulshan

  • wow!!!! its a phone of the future thumbprint recognition wow that advice to pantech_---keep it secured ok no hacking.

  • Hi all friends.... I am pleased that I bought this cellphone, because with this cellphone you can speak as well as you can spaek with the expensivest cellphones. With this cellphone you can get photoes same as a cybershot ( not absoloutly , just same as ). but this cellphone has many deficits like it's pcsync, in many cellphones you can do all that you want in it's menus, but in this phone you can do some transfers onlyyy. for example, I want to add some games to this cellphone, but I can not, i struggle too much but I can not.............

  • good

  • To:- Kel Unknown 2004-12-13 08:34:11 Everything is true what you said...... except the picture quality is terrible! (pls. note that most hand phone camera quality under bright light is fine)

  • i suggest that pantech make very own gprs web site for downloading. it gave much convinent to look for games and musics plus system error appear once i'm download a file from GPRS and save it wrong in the hidden folder accidentally, i can't delete it. it just waste my memories away ! That stupic, plus change the cable connection for handphone to P.C in USB port.The sms function is still not flexi enough, pls just see how nokia did it, i can't change the operater logo. included a funtion that i can hide all the icons on idle screen we can paste our favourate pics.why can,t we paste on the IDLE screen ( using pantech GI100 camcorder recored short KB movie) for our likes. You restricting yourself too much. It stupic! Even businessman need leisure , at least from his handphone too!! Thank you, please improve! i feel like i waste my money

  • cnet is stating that the phone has 256mb RAM memory... u know? processor?

  • this is the coolest of them all as it has a 13.8Mb of Memory , Video caller id , 1.3 Mpx camera and its light and small . It comes in a cool black or lavender color . the Finger print feature is really great as it can use to play games as well . the technology is beyond all phones out there

  • no bluetooth ? OMG

  • Cnet says it has 256mb memory ?? "With regard to other features, this mobile utilizes the same icon-based main menu and intuitive SMS system as its predecessor, the G800. It also offers a whopping 256 MB of flash memory and melodious 64-chord polyphonic ringtones."

  • This phone is half the size of the mit M900. Camera/picture quality of this GI100 is terrible.

  • too bad it doesn't have a mp3 player...but mit m900 support mp3

  • Different size, same resolution(128x160)

  • internal 1.8" external 1.1"

  • the size of the external screen is the SAME SIZE as the internal one?? u sure?? this phone is a bit interesting...

  • wow..this phone is cool...guess the unique feature of this phone is the secret dial list... u can scan ur fnger and it automatically dial to the person u wan to call n when u go to dial list..there isnt any records...more of a privacy phone i guesss

  • What's this? Back to the 80's??

  • Lousy camera with dark & colourless pictures. The build-in flash is helpless. Resolution on a par with phone costing half as much or less, only 128 X 128.

  • When will it be available in Britain? And for what retail price?

  • Terrible picture except under very bright sunlight. Pantech must be using the lowest quality camera to save cost! I sold mine after three days of owing.

  • brought this nice looking phone today. disappointed to find that the quality of the picture is not up to standard taken indoor (too dark & not clear even set to the highest standard with the flash on). the quality of the picture is fine taken under bright day-light, the same is apply to the video.

  • what a fantastic portable!Pantech really does the most beautiful portables i ve ever seen and this one is the best!

  • This is awesome...stylish. Big front screen,modernized shape is best to me. sooner I saw this, I got into this bad boy...reall really wanna buy...I will soon get this like my gorgeous my friend.

  • The feature of Finger print recognition is great, I love it very much. But, for an mega pixel phone, the memory size of 14MB is too small.

  • i just looked & played with this phone at a electronic store as this is the first day this phone is available in my country. the retail price in hong kong is hk$3,780. which is$370. this phone is about the same size as the g500. it has nice features & beautiful screen like other pantech phone models. the phone is quite nice looking except for the atenna & the hook for the strap at the back(both look odd). the style & colour combination is more for man than woman although the size is small.

  • Does anyone think that this phone will be released in Britain. Never seem to see any Pantech pphones available with any netwqork provider. Does anybody know of any British companies that will sell this phone sim free?

  • to sally green This phone looks nice yeah cos it's anorexic. the things on a diet. its got nothing but bonz. no flesh. it should take up modelling. it'll be a winner. i know pple love trendy designs and stuff but could you really picture yourself using that phone everyday watching it lose those deceptive looks.? i have nothing against you really but i jus think some phone are too beautiful for everyday use you know. sort of like driving micheal schumacher's F1 car to work.GET my point? see ya round

  • This phone looks nice.

  • This looks almost like the perfect phone with 1.3m camera, finger print... only quirk is the antenna...

  • This Company "Pantech" is third mobile vendor of Korea.(After Samsung, LG). We can see articles about this model in Korea newspaper.. It means it must be hot issue in Korea. AS I know the GI100 is going to be launched in Russia Market, First. I also really expect to have it

  • It is great security feature to intgrate into phone. hopeful cost of phone won't be too high!

  • what coutry is this phone from? however is has the best camera i guess and fingerprint When will it be out?

  • heavy set matey?

  • where can i find in delhi,india

  • fingerprint sensor.............pantech is competing inda big phone market

  • got mp3 ringtones?