Philips Savvy DB

  • Released 1999
    140g, 24mm thickness
    Feature phone
    No card slot
  • N/A 90,141 hits
  • 12 Become a fan
    2 lines
  • NO
    No video recorder

Philips Savvy DB - Specs

Network Technology GSM
2G bands GSM 900 / 1800
Launch Announced 1999
Status Discontinued
Body Dimensions 129 x 48 x 24 mm, 140 cc (5.08 x 1.89 x 0.94 in)
Weight 140 g (4.94 oz)
Display Type Monochrome graphic
Resolution 2 lines
Memory Card slot No
Call records 10 dialed, 10 received, 10 missed calls
Camera   No
Sound Loudspeaker No
Alert types Vibration; Monophonic ringtones
3.5mm jack No
Comms WLAN No
Bluetooth No
Radio No
Features Sensors
Messaging SMS
Clock Yes
Alarm Yes
Games 3
Java No
 Voice dial
Picture messaging
Battery   Removable NiMH battery
Stand-by 120 - 200 h
Talk time 2 - 4 h
Misc Colors 3 - Galaxy Black, Azur Nuit, Lune Galet

Philips Savvy DB - User Reviews

  • They did these in yellow and black too... just like Bees'

  • Those were the days..

  • Those were the days..

  • who has to buy a battery is not 500 euro Reidy

  • It was my first mobile phone. I liked it very much.

  • Excellent solid phone and i always took every opportunity to show off the voice dial on it.

  • it is my first mobile fone in 2000. the best at that time.

  • Can someone kindly tell me where I can get the batteries and the charger for the Philips Savvy DB? It is urgent please. I need to use it and I do not have the baatteries. Please quote the prices too. Thanks.

  • Where can one get the battery? Thanks

  • About the Philips Savvy DB Thanks for your comments about this mobile. I want to use it now 2011. Please can anyone say where one can get the batteries? I am physically in Spain but that does not matter. Waiting for a feedbacfk. Thanx.

  • It was my first cell phone. It was a good one for those times.

  • was my 2nd mobile after th brick i used to call my motorola lol back in the day that was remember the love calculator lol

  • My second phone, bought in 2000. It had a biorhythm application I was so proud about and the alarm was working even if the phone was off... Oh, and it had vibration alert! Sold it to get the Ericsson T10 which wasn't a good deal, because the battery in the latter lasted less than 12 hours in stand-by.

  • I had one of these phones back in the day. For its size, it was unusually light and easy to carry! And the tones are really loud. Unfortunately, I got tired of its two-liner nature, so I bought a Nokia 3210. But, then again, it's one easy-to-carry, snazzy phone! And if I ever come across one again, I'll buy it for old times' sake.

  • i never been forget this unit of gsm,this is my first mobile i ever had, that mobile make me laugh and cry, i expereiced so many things because of that, i learned how to love and be inlove for long time. i love that mobile..

  • This came out in 1999 not the early 1990's silly!

  • I remember this phoen- it was my first- so many memories, the voice activated dialling!

  • This was my very first phone! I cant beleive how small the screen was! and ofcouse it was basic, the phone is old, it was probably amazing when it first came out haha.

  • my very first gsm cellphone

  • This is an awful lot like the original savvy but just looks different. Again it is easy to use but i would prefer the menu to be up and down not left and right scrolling because i find it easer up and down scrolling.

  • sanjay the phone is 10 years old u spanner, they didnt even have digitial cameras then let alone camera phnoes, do some research first

  • No 5 megapixels, gps and 8GB? Is very bad for hand phone

  • Oh, please! I'm searching one tone of these phone. I don't remember the name. It's a very long with a rhytm very funny. Would you rec these tone and send me for e-mail? Please! If you want... [email protected] Thanks a lot!

  • soooooo sweet! My first phone too! How simple and easy to use. The screen was so small and green. BT Cellent! I was soooo cool when i pulled it out in class ha ha the first person to have a phone! Wow i miss it....good memories. The excitement of getting a text on it was amazing!

  • im currently still using this phone and i must say, in the 9 years ive owned it, its the best ever! better than all these fiddly things with their cameras and music things on them! whats wrong with basic?

  • This was my first mobile phone. Bought it in 1999. Ofcourse, I was very satisfied with it at the time, and I didn't have anything to compare it with. But now when I come to think of it, it wasn't such a good phone. I still remember it had a very tiny LCD-screen, only capable of showing two textlines. It was quite annoying to read an SMS on that tiny display. I can also still remember the big round button in the centre of the phone, used to navigate through the menu's. You could go left, right, up and down, depending on where you pressed this round button. It never worked quite well, and because the key's where very soft soft, working with it was sometimes really frustrating. You wanted to go right in a menu, but instead ended up going down. Also, the sound wasn 't that great either. Voices sounded very shreeky, and I still remember holding the phone not against my ear, but a few centimeters away from it, cause the harsh sound really hurted my ear. So all in all, it wasn't a real great phone, but I still have fond memories of it. It was, after all, my first phone, and I guess that ´┐Żll phones in 1999 where bad. But still I think they could have fitted a larger display.

  • this is my 1st phone i love it a lot....

  • i real admire this handset thought is old one but is nice.sure it lack update technology but at that particular time of 1990's was very suitable. i will always like it

  • This is my first cell phone. And I love it! This phone has all needed features. I feel some nostalgia...

  • This was my first mobile phone, and I was quite happy with it. It is obviously very old now, but at the time, it was ok. Durable and it had all the features I needed.

  • This was my first mobile phone. i was so excited at xmas when i recieved this =)

  • I used this phone before and it was my first one, this phone was really great, i still keep it until now, but unfortunately though it still can function very well but the battery was totally out of use and i couldn't get a new one since there's none in the stock. So i got myself a new philips brand and this phone since then became a special item in my memorabilia. Keep up the good work philips. Yeahhh!!!!

  • This was my first phone i remember how excited i was when i got it haha!! it was amazing, still is still got it and works great on 02 genie!

  • My first phone. 7 years old and still working perfectly!!!

  • First mobile I ever had after the first philips didnt work.I spilled water over the keypad and didnt work for one night.I didnt do it unexpectedly I was just a 9 year old kid.

  • This phone is lol...

  • Ah, the memories! The best thing about this phone was the 'Dream' ringtone... It lasted for about 5 minutes and was just plain awesome! I love the savvy DB...

  • Ahhhh.... my 1st ever phone, i still have memories of waking up in the morning and getting my days fortune told. oh how i miss the days of simplicity

  • this was my second mobile haha i loved it but now i have better ones by by savvy miss u

  • ^ hold 0 key

  • If i remember correctly, this phone could never be unlocked. I'm sure they only worked with the sim provided

  • my phone is locked to BTcellnet. i need the code to unblock it. please help. thanks in advanced.

  • how can I change the language from Netherland to English

  • just got a second phone..a siemens A50 as a back up to my comparison..the savvy is so user friendly and fits my hand better...wish i had got another one...

  • Hello, I would like to unlock my philips savvy, but do not know what to do. Could any one help me. If there is a code could you e/mail it to me . Many thanks Jas

  • pliz send me the service provider unlock codes for my phillips saavy. regards jay

  • this is my 1st fone.i liked it before but if your going to use it right are OUT OF THIS WORLD....

  • Wiil some kind soul tell me how to work this phone. I am stuck in West Africa. I don't speak French and this phone is in French. How do I lock it, change the language and ect?? Help an American out!!

  • the phone is rugged and strong very durable and longlasting i do like it

  • savvys were ace, in the 1800's but are outdated and rubbish. AVIOD!!!

  • i think that the Philips Savvy db is exellent at doing its job as a mobile phone and for texts but the extras that the phone have are limited and are nothing special. if your looking for style and features then this is not the phone you'll be wanting but as a standard mobile it does its job.

  • You can store numbers.

  • Hi every one,I'm Indika. And I'm still using the Philips Savvy DB.It's working well. But the only thing is the battery. I have to charge every two days time.Any way it's ok. I love it much.

  • 2 jonathan-i have a copy of the manual-u cant have it tho!

  • It's a good phone. my is older than thisLKfbvuiysdfzhuigydfuhbvokj

  • in truth i use this phone to masturbate with,its a nice size and it fits in my cunt quite well,and then i set it on vibrate and ring myself till i come,fantastic!

  • Here you can find Philips Savvy DB user manual in different languages:

  • it is a very reliable phone

  • i want to have a copy of the manual

  • I have some problems at temperatures bellow zero degrees Celsius. The phone goes crazy at the touch of the buttons. In rest, I am verry pleased of it.

  • I have this mobile, but I need instruction in polish language. If it posible send me by my e-mail. Thank You

  • Dear webmaster I have been using Mobile Phone Model Philips Savvy DB. Unfortunattly I have lost its manual so that I can not delete some unwanted memory. So please help me by giving me the instruction to delete name, messages. Your help will be appreciated in advance. Piangporn

  • hi i have a philips telefonica phone i live in new jersey how can i get it connectedb

  • savvys are good for re-stumping houses with

  • My philips savvy is a very good phone and serves it's purpose well

  • Where can i find ringtones for the philips savvy?

  • I've had my Savvy for 3 years. It makes and receives calls - this is what a phone should do. Battery life is excellent at 7 days standby. It doesn't have cool graphics or ringtones so if you want these buy another phone - but if you want a solid dependable phone this is for you.

  • I have a Philips Savvy DB. I serached and asked a lot about what kind of cheap and good phone to buy, and this is a good choice. Nice design, no problems, it does it job. I like it has vibrator. Nice new message ring tone. My battery it's not the best, but I'm pleased to have 2 days stand-by at more then 15 minutes talk. I think it's a nice and good phone. It does well its job.

  • i bought it for the couple weeks . i think its great the body fit my hand. the function easy to use.

  • Moby Phone

  • the greatest telephone i've ever used

  • HELLO JOHN. I want to help with this question, but I can't email you. SO, here's the answerd. THE LOVELY PHILIPS SAVVY DB CANNOT RECEIVE LOGOS because it's not possible for ringtones and logo's. If you want to have a logo, some other philips phones can have a logo (i think, but i'm not sure), but they are expensiver. HOPEFULLY YOU KEEP YOURE MOBILE PHONE, it's really a nice and a very good phone... SO, AUF WEDERSEHEN...

  • It's the best GSM in the world!!!!! IT IS NOT CRAP!!!!!! I've got this phone about 3-4 years and I haven't got no porblems in all this years!!!He's works very good ;Very good battery! I LOVE THIS PHONE!!

  • crap

  • I've got a savvy gsm 900/1800 but it has not got any GAMES or DATA(9600bps). Can you reply me about the reason why I am lacking these features please.

  • xlnt

  • ;)

  • i dont anderstand

  • de allerbeste gsm ter wereld!!!

  • This is the best small GSM !!!

  • How can I rest my mobile? after inserting my unlock code I make a mistake to give the wrong puk code.

  • salut

  • อยากใด้­;โลโก้คŭ­6;ะ

  • ma luge poima nmate viii so e telefon ebave

  • logo

  • best

  • If you're looking for a phone that's as strong as a bull and has a very userfriendly menu you 'll find it in the philips savvy. OK it may not be a fashion-item or the tiniest of phones but it has superb soundquality and a very easy to use interface. So for all you priceconscious non- fashionvictims outthere; be sure to buy this phone

  • the new savvy vogue is much much better!

  • This phone sucks! Its absolutely boring and the design stinks!

  • I forgot one thing to ask:Is it possible to get a ringtone at the phone.I mean something as the nokia can.Populair songs.I will ask you to sent an answer to my mail.Tnx.

  • I will say that's the phone is very good!I use it very much and haven't ever had a problem with it.I think it's a great compliment.Very good! :-)

  • Philips Savvy is great! Battery is very strong, phone is not too small but for this price is best you can buy. I'm use philips savvy db for last two years and only I can say: GREAT! Before I use'd nokia 5110, alcatel view and siemens C25, but philips is really brilliant!

  • Kak je dobar nemreš belivit

  • Is possible to get a manual of Savvy DB? Here in Mozambique are selling this Savvy Db with manual in Germany and something similar. There is a manual in english? Thanks Luis Riquelme Maputo, Mozambique, Africa

  • There are hardly any sites that let you download ringtones to your Philips Savvy DB (I've been looking everywhere!) and I think that there should be less sites for Nokia's and more for Philips Savvy DB's