VK Mobile VK2010

  • Released 2005, Q4
    50g, 8.8mm thickness
    Feature phone
    64/128MB storage, no card slot
  • N/A 174,150 hits
  • 7 Become a fan
    128x160 pixels
  • NO
    No video recorder
  • 790mAh

VK Mobile VK2010 - Specs

Network Technology GSM
2G bands GSM 900 / 1800 / 1900
GPRS Class 10
Launch Announced 2005, Q4
Status Discontinued
Body Dimensions 90 x 50 x 8.8 mm (3.54 x 1.97 x 0.35 in)
Weight 50 g (1.76 oz)
Display Type OLED, 256K colors
Resolution 128 x 160 pixels
 Downloadable pictures and animations
Memory Card slot No
Phonebook 1000 entries
Call records 50 dialed, 50 received, 50 missed calls
Internal 64/128MB
Camera   No
Sound Loudspeaker No
Alert types Vibration; Downloadable polyphonic, MP3 ringtones
3.5mm jack No
Comms WLAN No
Bluetooth Yes
Radio No
USB Proprietary
Features Sensors
Messaging SMS, EMS, MMS
Browser WAP 2.0/xHTML
Games Yes
Java No
 MP3 player
Predictive text input
Battery   Removable Li-Ion 790 mAh battery
Stand-by Up to 150 h
Talk time Up to 3 h
Misc Colors Silver, Pink, Black

VK Mobile VK2010 - User Reviews

  • It simple, light and easy to hide when emergency time. Recommended for your second handphone. Don't be shy when you put on the meeting table.

  • Anyone know where I can buy this? Checked online stores that I know of, googled and checked ebay all with no luck.

  • I've owned a lot of "conversation piece" phones (early touchscreen phones, watch phones, etc.) and this is by far the one that provokes the most comments. It's not my everyday phone anymore, but it works well. It's easy to use and it holds a signal nicely. Granted, the music player isn't great and the battery life is pretty awful. But that's to be expected in a unit of this size and vintage.

  • mine display screen back light is so weak, that in sun light it is not possible to see anything!! and pixels burn in :( with white wallpaper there are burned in numbers on the screen (n)

  • this fone looks like stupid,hu invented it?u want us to use a calculator and a tv remote on the subway?yuck!i will be ashamed of my self if im of those hu have this fone!hahahhahaahahahahah

  • looks like a cheap mp4 player :)

  • Nice and simple the way I like it! Looks a bit like a calculator though.

  • Hands-on experience since November 2005. I love it!!! Simple! Smart! It makes sensation everywhere!!! Soo nice! The bonus is MP3 on 128Mb... It's only a phone, no gadgets inside!!! 10/10 Now i got too a Nokia 8850, a Nokia 8890 and a Nokia 8910i... real mobiles! not gadgets!! plus i got an Eten Glofiish X500 but i keep it just for the GPS!!! ;)

  • i am iranians ihope this phone come to our country ho he ha ho

  • like a iphone

  • It's obvious... lol The price/funtions aren't good... For the price of the phone you can get a mutch better equitment... lol :P

  • hi i am using a vk 2010 phone but when i swicth on the phone it writes searching please advise me on wat to do

  • Hahaha a calculator with a color screen.

  • Why did VK phones closed?

  • Beware Because VK Moblies company has closed...No Waranty on this phones...Just if the seller gives you one...

  • Could somebody tell me if the VK 2020 has the option to record the agenda with voices?

  • My favourite phone ever. Cool.

  • strange position of " 0 "

  • the easiest design i have ever seen. is it touch screen?

  • I can't get the english user's manual. can anybody help me? Do forward the web link of the site where I can get the manual please.

  • hiya, i have been looking any mobile not good face mobile, i am looking seeking white phone look like ipod or imobile, i found it this mobile VK2010 VKmobile from internet show me back and screen face. how i getting it please email me

  • We want mobile phones not a TV remote

  • wtf a calculater with a colour screen.

  • it looks cute..a bit like a mp3 player but i wouldn't buy it...vk phones aren't that great..i'd rather get a sony ericsson :D

  • I got this phone before from Ebay and use it for a month. My bottom line is...save your money. Pro: cute, stand out (no one have it, except you), look like a toy, very light weight. Con: weak signal, very short battery life, build quality (the phone/battery get hot when u listen to MP3 more then 10 minutes, bluetooth not work.) Hard to hold the phone to talk because of it length.

  • Cracking no feaute fone

  • I think its a great phone. I got mine three weeks ago. Can anybody help. I can't seem to save images on my screen.

  • I love this phone very much. Any idea how should i go about to buy it...

  • It looks like an ipod or even a remote control! :-)

  • Absolutely great! Small, uncomplicated and fast. SMS writing a pleasure. Lightweight. Groove!!!

  • Hello All and specially Dear NaghmeH I think this Phone Is more than FUN its some kind of style. anyway honey could you be a doll and tell me that if you are from iran and if this phone is available in irans market. thank you.

  • I love my mobile.Because its so small and Its too fun.!

  • it's a great mobile!!!! smaller is impossible... i hv one...and it's very easy to work with...

  • I just received this phone from ebay today - looks awesome - but there's one thing - its in languages such as italian, french, portugese - it DOESNT have English!!! Are there any ways to program this phone into english as well??

  • Its looks like they got a remote control.. slapped on a screen and called it a cell phone!!

  • Unfortenely this mobile can not play 3Gp videos...or any type of videos...only Gif's

  • Cough, iPod, Cough

  • release the phone already..what's the hold back..

  • Can anyone tell wether it can play 3gp movies or not? Description doesn't say. Only that it's 'MMS capable'.

  • Looks exactly like my sister's cheap calculator..

  • Apparently when they write 1Gb they mean 1 GigaBit, not 1 GigaBite (1 Bite = 8 Bits). Therefore 1Gb = 128MB. Shady... I wonder if KV2100's promised 2GB is of the same variety.

  • hit phone sexy is wel!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • only flaw is the pcsynk program, it�s not compatible with microsoft windows, you are able to download file to the phone via bluetooth, but not able to download from the phone to the pc. if you find a solution will you let me know? [email protected]

  • i really can�t tell how horrible i think is this. it�s like my little brother calculator.

  • can someone tell me why on the other site is written 512m and on gsmarena is only 64m or 128m. thank you, waiting for reply.

  • Is this phone or remote control ? ?

  • I have seen it in Ensitel in Portugal, 139.90, and i was amazed with that... I was going to bought one, but i think to read some opinions more. I don't knew this kind off celular phones. Now i'm thinking in Motorola L6 or VK2020 (219.90 on pixmania), Vk is smaller and lighter... =)

  • Couldn't resist it: just bought the phone here in Portugal for 149,90 euros! It's soooo cool! Comes with two batteries, one charger (second battery can be charged off the phone), headphones, sync usb cable. Still trying to figure out how to use PCSync with USB port...

  • a bit overpriced but nonetheless available:

  • It's the best mobile phone in the world!!! Very smart, thin,....Ineed just a small and smart mobile. Wher and when can I buy this in London?

  • what a carbon copy of the panasonic A200!! Excellent copying VK!!

  • What are you guys talking about? There is one "6" key and one "9" key and the "6" key has mno on it?????

  • is a very unfortunated combination betwen the an IPOD and a mobile phone... is on of the worst lookin' phones ever

  • wow thats great , first time in my life i saw a mobile with out "9" button and twice "6" button....

  • y does the phone in the image have 2 M-N-O-6 keys???

  • I don't understand why tehre is 2 memory ? is it 64 or 128 mb? on website it write 512 or 1 Gb NAND? what is NAND?

  • Hmmmm, the vk website gives this phones memory as being: 128x64 + 512Mb (or 1Gb) NAND BTW OLED is a good type because you don't need a backlight, and therefore reduces battery drain. Only problem is I've heard that the life cycle on them is a bit shorter than that of TFT.

  • oled is really good because you can see it in the sun but it does prove to be a bit heavy

  • This phone will be sell at China next week. The price is around USD250. But I am very interesting VK2100 instead of VK2010............

  • Is oled a good screen type?

  • this is a phone or an iPod

  • Great phone and the 2000 is getting good reviews so it should be a quality phone. I hope the battery life is ok. Anyone know where it will come out first? Want it!

  • Does this phone come in other colour like black?

  • looks good, love the weight and slimness, but NO Speakerphone! don't want to be fiddling around with cables and what not while driving with the cabled ear and mic kit! And I know this phone has blueetooth but I hate those bluetooth headsets, I used to like them until silly people thought it was cool to wear them all the time like going shopping etc and thinking that they are some sort of security guard or some stuff with their black sunglasses!!! LOL anyone know where I can get a super slim phone like this but with speakerphone too? I'd buy it straight away. why can't nokia make a phone like this? nokia normally build speakerphone in as standard and it's good too! justin

  • So Beautiful ^_^

  • the memory is 512MB NOT128

  • VK Nano

  • This fone, like motorola RoKR, are Itune fones , in colaboration with Itunes and Apple ipods... so the look of this fone is due to the feedback that apple got back from the ipod users from all over the world...

  • Its an iPod phone..by VK... and the commercial/photo on the screen looks exactly like the iPod commercial... cooool..i dont mind getting this phone..

  • yea but da memory sucks bigtime

  • well, actually it does look like an Ipod!! are they....ohh no i dont even want to think about it!!

  • It looks good, and I like the wieght, but it would be better if it had a card slot.

  • yea its tight

  • is that the ipod commercial on the screen?