LG M4300

  • Released 2005, Q1
    110g, 25mm thickness
    Feature phone
    miniSD slot
  • N/A 259,220 hits
  • 10 Become a fan
    176x220 pixels
  • 0.3MP
    Video recorder
  • 1300mAh

LG M4300 - Specs

Network Technology GSM
2G bands GSM 900 / 1800 / 1900
GPRS Class 10
EDGE Class 6
Launch Announced 2005, Q1
Status Discontinued
Body Dimensions 94 x 48 x 25 mm (3.70 x 1.89 x 0.98 in)
Weight 110 g (3.88 oz)
Display Type TFT, 256K colors
Resolution 176 x 220 pixels
 Second external OLED display, 65K colors, (96 x 96 pixels)
Downloadable wallpapers
Memory Card slot miniSD
Phonebook 255 entries, Photo call
Call records 10 dialed, 10 received, 10 missed calls
Main Camera Single VGA
Features LED flash
Video Yes
Selfie camera   No
Sound Loudspeaker No
Alert types Vibration; Downloadable polyphonic, MP3 ringtones
3.5mm jack No
 3D sound
Comms WLAN No
Bluetooth 1.2
Infrared port Yes
Radio No
USB Proprietary
Features Sensors
Messaging SMS, EMS, MMS
Browser WAP 2.0/xHTML
Games Yes
Java Yes
 MP3, AAC player
Predictive text input
Battery   Removable Li-Ion battery
Misc Colors

LG M4300 - User Reviews

  • this phone is like popo....i cant even listan to 1 song then the battery dies...one word for this phone..CRAP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • This is the worst phone i have ever use.....This phn sucks....Never buy LG mobile.I only use this set for 5 month and after that this product was totally use less.Itz motherboard was get short....itz battery life is so short,camera is horrible in night,earpiece is weak n u can't set any Mp3 song directly as ringtone.U need to transfer the song in the set memory first and then set it as a ringtone..... LG only take my money without giving me any satisfaction.....

  • i used to own this unit.. please dont waste ur money.. disadvantages: 1) battery life last for only 24 hours even you dont use it.. (its real, 24 hours only.. standby time..) 2) speaker phone sounds not really good unlike nokia 3) default message tone, you cannot use installed tones as message tone only for ringtone 4) images saved to sd card cannot be used as wallpaper unless you move it to phone memory 5) late display of characters that you typed from the keypad. about a second to appear on the screen after you typed a character 6) low resolution of images using the camera of this phone 7) cannot play other video formats, only play videos taken from this phone, but this phone only saves 20 seconds per video, and playback of the video consumes a lot of battery charge.. 8) gprs connection cannot be activated 9) like images, music mp3 cannot use as ringtone unless you saved it to phone memory 10) phone memory only have almost 25mb of memory note: this opinion is based from a user once own this unit.. i hav nothing against lg electronics.. their other products are really good, except this one. actually i our television and refrigerator is lg...

  • this phone really sucks... battery is weak.. i charge it every 6 hours when im using it to send messages. and when you use the camera or music player, it's battery will only lasts for a minute.. even if its full charge you can only play about 4-5 songs. this unit is really bad... waste of money..

  • looking cool and good. well am yet to use this phone

  • Battery is really bad! I'm changing this away in a month.

  • S dis fone da same as d lg model lg g262 and d lg m4410? Cuz my husband has one and this phone acts up sometimes. Does it give you guys messages like emergency call only and then sometimes it takes a while to load what you have on your phone? Replays d same message please wait and u just have 2 turn it off and turn it back on agen? Anyone having the same problem?

  • this stupid phone i buy winth 1 month than the screen spoit....than memory , adapter & batter less than half year also spoit.... _l_(o.O)_l_

  • I like the features of this phone. It's cool. But I don't know if I'll get one of this. Coz I don't like the comments that I've read about it. They say it "SUCKS!". But I don't know if I'll believe it. Maybe I'll just get another one better than this. Just to be sure? hahaha(^_^)

  • Why, I can't download games from my computer to the phone?

  • this is possibly the worst phone i have ever gotten. the camera cant take a decent picture to save a life and the speakers suk! ive had mine for about a week and one has already blown out. WASTE OF MONEY

  • dowes it playes video files?

  • Why LG mobile phones don't have FM radio????

  • hello f... riends :))) the mobile is great,but ... is someone know more info about it?!?

  • does anyone know how to move picture files throughout all the folders?

  • SAVE your money! I will never buy another LG again. Poor reception, no tech support, and constantly freezing up. I would throw it in the trash, but I don't want to harm the envioment by adding more crap to it. E bay special**

  • mp3 !!! terrible.....camera....hahahha..joke-----anyone got a bargpole!!!!!!!!!

  • it costs $1000 bucks in brazil , oh crap. wtf!!!

  • i have had this phone for less than 3 months and i would have rather bought a lemon... its horrible my phonebook does not read all the names entered it freezes it drops calls left right and center and it does not have have good signal... says it has bluetooth but the our North American model doesnt.. worst cell phone i have ever owned

  • for god sake.. phone book pic can be onli attached to phone contact when the contact is store on phone not SIM.... i think u better check it out with the phone promoter... abt gprs.. its gotta do with service provider.. eg in sg we have m1, singtel starhub... its nthin wrong with the phone... if u need help go find ya service provider lah...

  • MP3 i tested.. max up to 400kbps okie.. i know above 600 kbps got problem onli

  • its not a speaker phone.. LG262 is this model asia title.. it support bluetooth.. no ppl use infra already... tts out of date technology

  • I've bought this phone back in Malaysia, it was in September 2005, right when it just came out. I had to choose between it and Samsung SGH-Z500. I chose this one, and I think I made a mistake. Don't get me wrong. this phone is good, but can't meet up to today's G3 standards. The MIDI on this phone sounds a bit different and better than some of the newest Nokia models. The mp3 is great, except you have to format your tracks to 192 kbs or less. The EMS feature is excellent. As for Caller ID's, you can't just place any pic you have in the caller's profile, No. You have to go to the guy and take a snap of him to make an ID for him, now that's retarded.As for EDGE connection, or WAP connection whatever it is, since I've bought it, I couldn't connect till now to any network. I don't know what's wrong with this phone. Also, you can't delete un-needed GPRS network profiles. for example, when I bought it to use it in the Gulf region, I don't need the remaining 9 network profiles for the malyasia/srrounding countries region, so when trying to delete, u just can't. I was thinking about factory resetting. but I don't think there's any solution. The battery life doesn't last long. in standby, it lasts 2 1/2 to 3 days max. and LG's website wasn't helpful since it was very picky in regional distribution for downloads, I didn't find my country's name, so I'm out. The worest part of this phone is the storage of data. You can't attach a ringtone to anyone unless its on the phone, not on the memory card, the same goes for the rest of the data. Forget Nokia, this is very similar to Siemens older models pathetic feature. Overall, I'd give this phone 3.5 out of 5 for the rest of whatsoever.

  • does anyone noe how long does the video of this phone last?

  • Yeah, it's also sold as the G262 in Malaysia. Here it comes with a 1.3 megapixel camera, but no infrared. And yup, it's quite good, felt solid and well-built and easy to use too. Nokia users should have no problems migrating to this phone

  • This is the same model as G262. The one thing about the Model number is that Korea is using this model number (i.e. M4300 and M4200) and Asia is using model number of LG G262 as model number for this phone.

  • oh well, this phone doesnt support speaker phone. N i think this is LG262... i'm using rite now .... not too bad .... n easy to be used too :)

  • is there's somebody can explain me bout this phone named as LG G262 in Indonesia? it has a same shape and a same features except 1.3 megapixel camera..it's confused me, thx

  • i dont think it has a speaker phone

  • does anyone know if this phone has speakerphone?

  • look like a Great phone to me..but looks can be deceiving ..if anyone out there can tell me is this phone definitely a worth buy...write u comments..

  • Can this phone zoom-into an image or a photo after it's taken ?

  • Can someone tell me if the M4300 wallpaper is fullscreen(176*220) or 176*144 ?

  • I think this is the most stylish LG phone ive ever seen... But im not buying it...

  • the look is so good but the camera is kinda low quality... too bad...

  • It costa 210 EURO-s in Croatia.I like it very much.

  • plz..plz..plz how many memory in lg m4410 and how many memory card {MINISD} in this phone

  • Worlds best performance production car and your the developer of this phone which is apparently designed by porsche and you cant even spell PORSCHE.Tell me, is it twin turbo?

  • CEJ, Further enhancements in data capability over the core GSM network will be provided with the introduction of Enhanced Data rates for GSM Evolution - known as EDGE*. This will achieve the delivery of advanced mobile services such as the downloading of video and music clips, full multimedia messaging, high-speed colour Internet access and e-mail on the move. EDGE (or Enhanced Data Rates for Global Evolution) is a 3G technology that delivers broadband-like data speeds to mobile devices. It allows consumers to connect to the Internet and send and receive data, including digital images, web pages and photographs, three times faster than possible with an ordinary GSM/GPRS network. EDGE enables GSM operators to offer higher-speed mobile-data access, serve more mobile-data customers, and free up GSM network capacity to accommodate additional voice traffic. Google is a handy tool!

  • Can somebody please explain to me what EDGE is?

  • "This phone is designed by porche. I'm developer of this mobile..." Je right..

  • This phone is designed by porche. I'm developer of this mobile...

  • I know what I want 4 Christmas!:))

  • I think i love this phone,it is realy my dream but i dont think i will be buy it in Croatia.:(Bed.It has everything I need.Very,very nice!

  • I heard this was designed by Porsche..??

  • I heard that its coming out mid july. as for the price, i've searched and searched and thanx to 'Simon Say' recomending www.adpost.com/us/ it said $270 which is roughly �150. Don't get too excited i think it might be an internet cheaper phone. So expect �200+ maybe �250 (non-contract) if applicable. there you go you've got a figure to get your heads around!!

  • when is this phone comming out? and does it have speaker phone

  • How could Samsung E 720 be a better fone than this except for the megapixel camera? E 720 doesnt even have a memory slot and the same old shape of E 700....

  • it sounds like a great phone, but can someone please tell me how much it is?? or ruffly what the cost is.

  • Is the best phone i have ever seen.it's so cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • This was out 2Q 2004 under the brand of LG CYON. Korea uses CDMA 2000, so the phone differs greatly. the features have been degraded. E720 is a much better phone. it offers 1.0mp camera, unlimited video (amount of capacity left), much smaller handset and bluetooth. LG was never known to have better design or better build than Samsung.

  • phone will be out in korea begin Q3. later on the phone will ship to north-america and europe. i love it! better then E720? sure thing. its LG not a samsung. with LG you get a nice design and a good phone for a good price.

  • is it out yet???

  • This phone looks great a little masculine but the options are just what I'm looking for. EDGE is a definate plus. The design is sexy, it looks like a car!

  • E720 is not better than this one - are you nuts? It's memory cannot be expanded and 80MB is not enough!!

  • very tacky how they label it "Music Phone" .. I sure hope they have FM radio.. else it isn't much of a music phone.

  • LOOKS the BOMB...cool..when is it out??

  • Phone has how much memory??

  • sure u can't find it cuz it's not out yet, it's coming soon, btw i don't recommend it, Samsung D500 & E720 r much better than that LG

  • Hi, does anyone know where I can buy this mobile phone? I live in the UK and cannot seem to find it ANYWHERE... if any knows PLEASE POST, Thanx :)

  • i really hope this phone comes out beause it has a an Mp3 player and all :) i was just wondering if it is going to come out here and how much it is going to cost ....

  • There is one web site where is price of that phone. but what's gonna be price in europe? Hope not over 300e! I Want it too! anyway... I hope this message help you with your waiting...

  • I hope there is a Currency converter and Calculator? You dont mention this in profile? as most people use these functions, I know i do with my business Manufacturing Fire proof power poles worldwide, Yes i love this phone an improvment over my LG U8120, One day you may introduce security codes for my naked girlfriends Videos and Photos. HOPE IT COMES TO AUSTRALIA. Well done.

  • Come to Norway you dirty boy!! :D

  • When does this phone come to norway and whats the price? Please answer! I am dying to know!!

  • this phone is meant for european market :(. Sigh

  • sexy phone......when is it coming out??

  • hai all has any one purchased this m4300 if so please tell me how it is... and i couldnt find a shop in ghana which sells this piece... can i be able to purchase it directly from lg... if so send me the url of lg sales coun... call me 233208280589..i need it now.any amount

  • hai all has any one purchased this m4300 if so please tell me how it is... and i couldnt find a shop in tamil nadu in india which sells this piece... can i be able to purchase it directly from lg... if so send me the url of lg sales counter.... thanks in advance for the all pain u take ..

  • dis phone is lush wen is it cuming out coz i cnt wait no longer n how much coz i bet it cost a bomb

  • where i can access GPRS/MMS OTA(Over-Thea-Air) setttings

  • This phone looks like a brand sports car of a sought.looks plush and magnificent.no other phone comes near it and any other person would wish to have one.

  • when is this phone comming to norway??? please answer

  • this handset lookslike a panda on speed...its rubbish prob gud features but wudnt ave a handset that looks like a panda

  • this phone is the best!!!!!

  • this phone looks good. I am thinking about it, but I want to compare this phone with samsung E720 and panasonic X800 first.

  • I really like this phone! I hope it does come to Australia! I was reading before that the US doesnt get many LG phones that come out. Here is Aussie, LG have about 5, give or take phones. I see the really nice phones, and they never come here! Lets hope this one does lol! :(

  • It's a nice phone but sadly it's only for European market...................

  • Obviously no one knows of the release date or its price. It was merely announced... so just give them time, they'll release all that info much closer to when they're putting it out.

  • Great phone, smooth design, and great capabilities, by all means wll U ppl who intend on buying one plz do, you won't regret it TRUST ME!!!

  • i wanna get one !!

  • This is a kool fone, but how much does it cost and when is it getting to australia? It has everything on it that is needed and i hope at a reasonable price. ?????????????????????????????

  • wht the price of this mobile????cud plz somebody let me know...

  • Don't know Hannah. Very few LG's make their way over here.

  • When does this come out for U.S???

  • hey yall its homie h again wuz up my nizzles for shizzles? this phone is so cool just like my girl caleb. well ill see yall l8er homie whatevers peace! h-unit!!!

  • This phone is so cool it looks sexy ha ha. i want this phone but i have alltel and alltel never gets any nice phones well ill "post" later peace out homie g's! h-unit

  • when will this phone be coming out in the uk?

  • Hmm I love this phone!! but is it only in black? its kinda depressing... isnt there a silver colored one or something? that nicer for in the summer you know..

  • a nice design a strong carcas, agood colour choise , nice portability, a good performance and good skils and features

  • it looks great....but which is it's estimated price???....and when will it "come" in Romania???

  • end of march and maybe the april period

  • well howdy all isnt this a nice piece of machinery....... so does any 1 have a leek on the fone? ne info on wen its comn out? l8rz all

  • I am interesting in this product I will need three pieces of it,calculate the total cost of it plus shipping and handling fee get back to me with your name and address and your personal phone number,payment via, personal check,product will be ship to africa,

  • Sometimes in life u, somethings cannot challenge especially when you as a musician tops the chat and u think that is all but then a new artiste comes to top them all.i think this is so with this phone.so elegant.gorgeous and sexy.looks so beautiful and just cant wait to have my own.

  • how does this bare a resembleness to a sports car?

  • I like the sports car look of this...like a porsche...

  • Finally Lg got gut feature phone, Bluetooth, EDGE, Integrated antenna, MP3, Stereo sound.. I can't wait to buy. when can i buy this in Germany?

  • this model is a magic of the lg.now the lg produce the golden dreams of the gsm phones.design and features are cool.we`re waiting............

  • why vga?!

  • Looks great

  • looks cool~ i hope to see it soon!

  • OOO... srs smack bang good looks, loaded with tec... *drools* aaahhhh.... it must be a super model.... of phones....

  • wow... really sounds good... a wonderful buzzzzzzzzz sound. haha

  • How nice!! Is it a sports car or a phone? When can I see in States?

  • oops! nice car..