Mitsubishi Trium Mars

  • Released 2000
    120g, 28mm thickness
    Feature phone
    No card slot
  • N/A 197,564 hits
  • 14 Become a fan
    5x13 to 25 chars
  • NO
    No video recorder
  • 800mAh

Mitsubishi Trium Mars - Specs

Network Technology GSM
2G bands GSM 900 / 1800
Launch Announced 2000
Status Discontinued
Body Dimensions 120 x 50 x 28 mm (4.72 x 1.97 x 1.10 in)
Weight 120 g (4.23 oz)
Display Type Monochrome graphic
Resolution 5 x 13 to 25 chars
 Picture menu
Memory Card slot No
Phonebook 100
Call records 10 dialed, 10 received, 10 missed calls
 Detailed call duration reports
Camera   No
Sound Loudspeaker Yes
Alert types Vibration; Monophonic ringtones
3.5mm jack No
 Ascending ring tone
Comms WLAN No
Bluetooth No
Radio No
Features Sensors
Messaging SMS
Browser WAP 1.1
Clock Yes
Alarm Yes
Games Yes
Languages 8
Java No
 Predictive text input
Currency converter
Battery   Removable NiMH 800 mAh battery
Stand-by 130 h
Talk time 3 h
Misc Colors 3

Mitsubishi Trium Mars - User Reviews

  • Mine too.

  • my.1st phone

  • Even before Alcatel, I had my cutest phone. I loved it, maybe even now. ❤️

  • After 18 years, it is still running as my daily driver!

  • my first phone too!!! quite nice for the time I remember i had some keyboard probmems

  • This was my first phone purchased in Chennai, in the year 2000. Very robust phone and cute to hold in the hand. My the cutest in those times.

  • This is for the external antenna connection

  • Wow!! my first mobile phone..!!

  • My very first phone!!!!! LOL!!! Great phone though.

  • I've had my Trimu Mars since 2002 for emegencies so don't use it much. The other day the battery was low and the phone turned itself off. When I tried to turn it on again it wouldn't and just got a message saying mobile phone malfunction. Charged the battery but still get the same message and it won't turn on. Anyone know how to fix this please? Also there appears to be a button on the back of the phone near the antenna. Anyone know what this does?

  • My 1st

  • Had it in 2001. Awesome phone. Just awesome. I liked the design a lot, sturdy, nice UI, long battery life. Too bad the keypad started to fail after just two or three years. A pity. Also, weird charger. But very good nonetheless. I was suffering of a bad case of Nokia envy and underappreciated it at the time. If you can find it AND the keypad is fine get it.

  • I had a Trium Mars back in the day. It was my 2nd phone and was tiny in comparison to the 1st one. Everyone else was going Nokia so I wanted something different. I seem to remember that it was a good phone and was the only one to get reception in valleys. Must be the HUGE ariel it had. Only problem was its constant freezing up, sometimes for hours. Shame really as that was the reason i replaced it. Wonder where it is now??

  • This was my first phone. Great phone. Very durable since it fell twice from the balcony of our second floor into the ground floor yet still rockin'. The only thing bad about this phone was its keypad. It starts to become soft after a year or so, and then when you press a key, it's either you get 2 numbers/characters inputted, or no response at all. You don't need extra batteries after a year. Extra keypad, more likely.

  • My first mobile it was back in 2000. One of the smallest phones back then. It used to turn off by itself, but probably because it was unlocked from another network.

  • Hi,this was my first mobile phone :) I've had problems with the keyboard a few times I changed the keyboard but in the end I came to a simple solution, here's how, I took a sheet in which the package of chocolate and pieces of foil cut and pasted on each key inside the place where the key comes in contact with cells and proved to be excellent, the keyboard works flawlessly. If you still have a phone that's the solution:)

  • Hi this was my second mobile phone after using a Ericsson GA 628 model . Everything as far as the mitsubishi is concerned was fine except the keypad. After using for one year , the keypad use to fail

  • hi. this was my first phone. I've been using it for more than 2 years. it was great. i have the same problem as you. it says phone permanently blocked. i really want to solve this problem. i took it to a service, worked for 10 minutes (i was very happy when i saw that), and than crashed for ever. dose anybody know how to solve the problem? it was a good phone.

  • HI...there... from where did u ge those batteries(website???) Can I get the handset from there... could you suggest me some site whereinn i can enquire for this handset(even refurbished one would do).... Thanx.

  • Did you get an answer about your texting problem. I have a similar fault as it fails on sending text on two Mars phones! Thanks

  • Is your Mars still working? As a practised Texter can you tell me why mine fails when sending! I have been given the Mitsubishi Call Centre number as +447802092035 but his does not work on my main phone or my Mars spare phone! Is the SIM faulty or is there something else I am missing. Thanks.

  • I am looking for Trium Mars data cable. If you have it, please contact me by email. [email protected]

  • It;s ok, just found the button i was looking for....LOL

  • Hi there, This was the first mobile fone I ever got about 9 or 10 years ago. Ive just dug it out as my samsung is on its way out so thought Id see if my trium would charge up for me to use until i got a new fone. Thing is goodness knows where my manual is. Its on charge (i think, as theres no life but ive forgotten how to turn the fone on, which button is it ?? It may be done now and totally useless but wanted to try it. thanks a lot fran

  • Best phone ever.......and ever....and ever...and ever...... :)

  • I became intrigued with the idea of reviving my old Trium Mars after writing a review for it here, so searched the web and was suprised to find a compatible battery still for sale (3 times cheaper than the last one I ordered) so bought that along with an artistic set of new covers and black keypad. Hopefully the latter item should last much longer this time as I won't be using it for wap now! It's still a fab phone for calls and texts and has a style of its own that can't be found today.

  • My first ever wap phone! This opened up a whole new world to me when I first got it 7 years ago. Surfing was expensive back then but luckily my network ended up doing offering good deal after the first couple of months which were free. The phone itself I thought was designed brilliantly, and it took me a while to learn all the intricacies like how to add words to the T9 dictionary. One regular annoyance was that it'd occasionally freeze and switch off upon disconnecting from wap, but otherwise it was a pretty smooth browser for its day. The keypad, while initially very comfortable, proved to be a big let-down as the effectiveness of key presses gradually decreased over time to the point where I'd struggle to type anything 18 months later. Fortunately though I found a place that sold replacement keypads (they were easy to change) and bought one along with a much-needed new battery. After another year when it began to give up the ghost again I finally upgraded to a Trium Eclipse which had GPRS and a colour screen but was quite similar in many respects. That's another story though... I still have my Trium Mars but the battery is long dead, so it's simply a piece of nostalgia now.

  • My first phone - 60 euros - used it till the keypad failed. WAP was c**p and too expensive - but hey - it worked for at least 2 years. - Hated the antenna though.

  • wow, my first phone - now that is a blast from the past...

  • one of my first phones,i do remember the nice and loud ringtones,the animated display,but below par battery.i lost it after a few months of use during a bus ride.but,being a rarity here in india, i had the pleasure thinking how the dishonest finder would fail to recharge the battery.

  • This was my second phone. It was a great little phone, and I would've kept it if the market hadn't outdated it so quickly/I hadn't changed networks. The WAP was great, the battery life was great, and the handset itself was nicely designed. I'd say ergonomic, but it wasn't exactly. The keys were a bit too rubbery even back then, but they were nicely spaced and responded well. Although I can't remember them well, I remember being impressed with the features. It was rather stocked, so to speak.

  • Had the phone 4 years and it has been a great budget phone. Still works well and reliably but now showing age: - slightly cracked round antenna - some keys are failing - rear cover is a little loose WAP function for me is a waste of time.

  • i have been using trium j11c 9838 for the last three years it turn out to be an exellent cell phone.unfortunately it is showing a message"phone permantly blocked"can u plz help?

  • is this handset nuclear powered?..or been in a nuclear waste dump for a day..if you ask me it should be sent back to mars!

  • My trium phone battery is not in effective very well again,but after i changed the battery it's not working again but it's showing contattare fornitore

  • i love my phone, but everybody takes the mess. i carnt see why. it is absolutly adorable!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! STOP PICKING ON ME YOU BULLIES

  • one of da ugliest fones ive ever come a cross. mitsubishi is good with wheels but not good with fones

  • How do I set the correct time on the clock? B.H.

  • i want to know the lock code of mitsubishi trium phone.

  • Hmmm... I had that long ago. As for me 0 it really sucks! !good thing - you can hear the ringing. Anywhere. Else - hanged up times, changed for warranty to next same, and hanged up again. Thats all in half year... No comments more....

  • hi toby, i also work for o2 customer care, as far as i am aware it is still possible to send sms foc from but you must register with an o2 number to be able to do so, hope this helps ya =)

  • In the past sms can be sent via your website, but now no more. May I know if this is still possible

  • this was my first ever phone (back in the days of pre teenage hood :D) and it cost me �40 sim free - it was such a great starting phone and was easy on par with the phones of its time (3210 / 3310 etc) and it was so easy to use - since then i went on to have nokia 3310 then went to SE T300i then nokia 3300 to nokia 7610 now ROKR E1 - but i still like my old mars - shame i was skint and had to get a bit of cheap cash - i would love to use this old skool fone agian just for the laugh as it was a great phone for its time - anyone interested might be able to try and look on local markets or ebay - you might still be able to get hold of 1 - just dont pay too much incase it is dodgy or something...

  • Yo! this phone is quite cool. ive got one and have had for nearly 7 years, i have had 3 new phones since then but this one STILL works after all this time! wow!

  • it is not opinion but i want to ask help because my trium mobile phone has a problem it need to type the locked code can you suggest some locked code number. i try 0000 but wrong code number is the message. I need your help.

  • this was my first ever phone and i thought it was the best but then i got really bored of it and since then ive had nokia 3310, nokia 3410, o2x2 and am now gettin the samsung e350

  • My phone shows 'mobile phone malfunction contact your service provider. Please help me out, the S/N IS 332201356514912.

  • My phone shows 'mobile phone malfunction contact your service provider. Please help me out, the S/N IS 332201356514912.

  • I had the mars a long time ago.. some time in 2002. Its is one of the best basic phones i have used till today.i've had 9 cell phones since then. The only grouse i had at that time was that the ringtones were not downloadable via sms. otherwise if anyone is looking at a budget phone which is easy to use and is cute... forget the nokia 3310 or 3315, this is the best you will get for a very low price.

  • This was my first phone. They are unavailable now. The software menu system was the best I've ever seen in a mobile. Much better than Nokia. Problems I had were the T9 dictionary didn't work too well and the rubber buttons failed. Eventually I dropped it in a urinal at a pub one night and that was the end of that one. The phone still worked, but I couldn't hold it up to my mouth anymore. I've never seen another Mitsubishi phone sold in Australia since 2001 when I got the phone. A pity since I liked their phone and would've considered buying another of theirs.

  • my trium phone write mobile phone malfunction. please help me out

  • Trium Mars is a good phone. It's very easy to use. Most of the time i accidentally drop it but nothing happened. But after a long time that i haven't use it.. I couldn't turn it on! Sad to say i can't use my phone now. I don't know whats wrong with it! Can you please mail me an address here in Manila, Philippines where i could check it up.. thanks! i really want to use my phone again! Thank you very much!

  • cool looking cute phone

  • My trium mars handset was bought on offer and the set is locked to network provider only. I have moved to a different area with different provider from the one bought from. What can I do to have it opened for use with other network providers. Please assist me, I can't afford to park this handset.

  • Please, my trium mars phone is saying I should contact provider. Please what can i do to it I can no longer receive or call out againg on my phone

  • My Mitsubishi Trium phone fell and since, puting it on has been a hell of problems. I tried charging it and all that was displayed on the screen was (incorrect voltage). Please, I cherish using the phone so much and it is just two months since I purchased it. I desperately need a solution to this problem soonest. Feel free to e-mail me anytime... Ciao!

  • I am in urgent need of your assistance. I have had my truim mars for the past 4 years and when I left UK, I found that it keeps saying phone locked. I would like to unlock this phone, as it is just a great mobile and would really like to use it. I am currently in South Africa, if you could give me advise as soon as possible, it would be appreciated, as I want to keep using this phone and dont want to buy another make. my model no. is MT 050 Mars 23410A J11 B 5864. Thankyou.

  • this phone has the perfect ga me named PUSH

  • can u all get a life theres more to life then phones

  • I have 2 trium mars, ones says incorrect voltage and the other discharges less than 3 hours after full batterry charging. Please i need your assistance what do i do?.

  • Please, my trium mars phone is saying I should contact provider. Please what can i do to it I can no longer receive or call out againg on my phone

  • please try to make trium wap the time i log into the wap site @, i could not find trium pls try to do so

  • I want the software of trium Mobile phone to install somethings from my computer the number of phone is 0000 V M50 or CE0165 Please help me in this situation. thanks Muhammad Ijaz

  • i forgot my phone lock code. now how can i get the lock code pl. mail me the details. my mobile model is Trium Mars

  • tnks 2 dis stupid fone i got dumped an it was because if dis stupid fone so lst nite i trashed it an 2day i got a nice camra fone so i fink dis fone is da most stupid things eva mde

  • Old fone but I love the way everything is organised well. But had to be reprogrammed when software failed. Not reliable. Is there hope of an upgrade from Mitsubishi?

  • my cell phone write on the sreen contact service provider

  • hia bbz dis fone is lik soooooo uncool an i look lik such a geek with it but i rely lik it! i meen lik i rely checked this girl 2day coz she was wearin yellow hot-pants!!! that i lik a fashion rule not to wear yellow hot-pants!! i g2g an fone up ma bbz xxx cya bbz xxxxxxx

  • i luv dis boi but i do not no how 2 tell him as he is popular and i am not i thought maybe if i txt him it would wrk but der is 1 problem.................................... i do not no how 2 txt i av a truim an i would lik 2 seng dis sxi boi sxi txts

  • i no ppl may laugh but i do not no how 2 use ma truim i also do not no how 2 snog as i have a brace it culd b differcult i love dis boi called ryan an i will kiss him sumday i would lik 2 no how 2 wrk ma fone as then i culd b cool an txt ppl

  • ma fone is bein annoyin i charged den switched it off now it wont wrk!!!!! its bein gay i liked dat fone an would b sad if it broke as it is da only kind i can afford an is da only fone iv eva had an i dnt want 1 of dem sad camra 1s any ideas any1??

  • i had a truim mars 4 ages but i lost it i rely rely liked it an would b v. v. happy if u culd tell me if they still make them thanks dudes xx

  • i just bought a trium mars phone and after putting it off i switched it on and it was showing me permanently blocked .how can i unblock it

  • I've had mine 4 years, i love it but the ariel is a bit broken and sometimes loses signal, its really annoying :( reeeallly want a new one, it says they are still available, where can i get one?!

  • My phone(trium mars) was working well until I changed the battery, it fails to come on. Only displays "Contact Provider", and turns off. Please, what do I do? I wish to get my phone working_thanks

  • I dont really undersatnd what's going on. i used this time bomb (trium mars) for just 2 weeks, and now it displys "contact provider". apart from that, when it was still functioning, i had to hold it tight to charge it, cos it kept displaying "check battery". i really think mitsubushi should quit making phones, and leave it for the top dogs, cos their cars don't malfunction as much as their phones.ciao

  • I mean after two days of fuction.

  • my trium mars after two of fuction display mobil phone malfuction contact your service provider pease do help me out.

  • i brough a trium mars phone yesterday for my 10 year old to use but it will not make any ring tones so you cannot tell when anybody id ringing or texting anybody got any ideas???????

  • for long i have not on my phone but now as i on it,it is writhing in it that i should contact my service provider for help and that it is phone mail function.

  • hello, sir i am using trium mars gsm and i use connection ufone (pakistan) i wnat to use internet but my connection demand is GPRS out GPRS i am not use internet plz tell me fast how it is possible?

  • It's quite good

  • hy this site is very lair because this phone dosen"t calculator :D

  • I believe that Mitsubishi is a renown company that offers the best with qualitative and qualitative Engineering Supplies. This is due to the fact that they always offer the best to those I've in way or theother come in contact with. This therefore now gave me the cxourage to go on their products. And ever since I've gone on therir product, i.e. Trium Mars Cell Phone, which I'm still using till today. Thanks for giving the best qualitative and quantitave facilities to those who have tried and see.

  • Please please please what age are all you guys living in man! this phone is history why bring back the dinosaurs eh? this is absolutely ridiculous!

  • I've trium mars since 2001.everything right till when I try to switch on there is this message "phone locked".i don't know what to do!help me please!i'm without cell phone!thanks!

  • Hola! I have been using Trium Mars for the last one year. However, the battery is always creating trouble even after replacing it. My cellphone service man gave me a charger of 5v, 7A output when the original one was 5.7v 500mA output. Is this damaging the battery? Is there any way I can get the batteries recycled?

  • fine handset,but i need to know my phone code and some other information about this phone,my phone is mt-050 mars 50502a,j12 a 3688,serial number are 33198340135251,panel number own private number are 2348023796847.i will be expecting your reply.thanks

  • I have a Trium Mars,but I need to buy a battery for my phone.Do you have this acessory?Please,send me the price. Thanks, Gilmar

  • i m perchase trium mobil phon from london.but my residence in pakistan.this set is not receved is picture massages&ringtones& phon NO;03003019132,IN modleM03 v 6852

  • Hi!How to compose my own melody?

  • dear sir, my trium mars display this message "mobile phone malfunction" "contact your service provider" please what can i don? i really need help as soon as possible. thank you

  • dear sir, my trium mars display this message "mobile phone malfunction" "contact your service provider" please what can i don? thank you

  • i have my trium mars bought 3 years ago. 2 months ago, my cellphone got a message of contact provider when i turn on my phone. i can,t use it anymore. can give me some reason & treatment on this?

  • I've been using the Mars since Jan 2001. The phone have dropped numerous times but so far the phone still works. The reception is not as good as Nokia 8250 since I had both units compared head to head. Other thing, the phone vibration is problematic if set. At many instances, the ringing vibration once started will continue to do so even after the answer button being pressed. One need to off and on the phone again in order to stop the incessant vibration. In the process, all incoming calls will be lost. The screen is small and the fonts size is inadequate at this kind of resolution. The backlit is not adequate either. I'm planning to replace my unit soon. I have been hanging on to this phone for 3 years. It's not so much of me liking it but so much so I wan't to get my money worth.

  • I bought this trium mars phone from a friend.It just locked itself automatically.I've tried every stioll displays "wrong code.try again".I NEED HELP.WHAT SHOULD I DO?????

  • It's cool and affordable, But i have a problem with my phone. I can't text or even call when my battery is not fully charge and can't recieve calls and text messages. I always charge it when im texting or make a call.. since my phone was drop.. can anyone help me...

  • I'm very happy with my Trium Neptune, unfortunetly, thr Trium display a message 'verrouillage telephone definitif' - let say in english 'phone definitely blocked'. What does this mean? What can I do to re-use my phone? Thank's for your help Best regards DC

  • cannot send any text messages why? help please.

  • where to buy Trium Mars battery?

  • This was my very first phone, tiny screen, good games, replaced it with a 3310 for some reason

  • i want to buy. pleae advise me

  • low battery

  • How can i get Thai language to my trium mars handy. h.barth

  • je suis a la recherche d'un chargeur de portable trium mars attendons votre reponse. merci d'avance.

  • i used to have a trium mars and it was quite good because it has wap and it is good value for money

  • Very nice little phone and does the job with lots of in formation stored about callers etc. I dont need a calculator and fancy ringtones - just need it to tell me that I have a call. Connector from chargers is rubbish and last no time at all, Please design a proper plug and why is the question mark upside down??

  • this phone is crap! i bought it 1,5 years ago. it is the worst thing i ever bought: every 6 months the keyboard stops working because 'i typed too much messages', when someones tries to call me and i pick up the phone, sometimes the ringtone doesn't stop even if i'm calling already, sometimes the battery falls out of the phone without a decent reason, the battery is crap too: it won't least more than 2,5 days, once a whole line of pixels disappeared, sometimes the vibrator doesn't work (solution: drop it from 10cm above on the table). DON'T BUY THIS SHIT!!!!!!!!

  • Where Can i find Mitsubishi mobil phone in indonesia?

  • I think that the trium mars is crap. you cant get pics or ringtones and they have stoped making the covers. The battery does last that long and it will only vibrate when it feels like it.I have had my moblie for 1 1/2 years all ready its acting like a an old broken phone i made a big mistake when i brought it.

  • I am technician for mobil phone I have many phones whit malfunction and contact services how to do to repair it thank you for replay

  • i handle small scale repairs of hand phones.There is this frequent problem with trium mars, probably caused by the suceptibilty of the memory to the battery,resulting in a display-contac service provider.My analysis may be wrong from the infrence i got as overcharging.Please if you could help me procure some technical guides to to fault tracing with triummars i did be happier.thanks for your efforts scotts

  • Excellent...Feature loaded and still menu

  • I had a problem with my set. when powered on it displays the message 'contact provider' and then goes off almost immediately. whats the problem, how do i solve it. i have not been using it for sometime now because of the problem. i thought it was a battery problem, since it ran out. please contact and help me.

  • i have a trium phone, i can here the incoming call but the outgoing call can't be heard. does anyone know whats wrong?

  • can i get a new cover for my trium mars?

  • I'm using a Mars since about 2 years now. No serious problems at all! No freezing, no instabilities. My software is rather old, no caller groups, etc, but it is ROCK SOLID :)

  • Dear sir/madam, I would like to know if these mobile support AT command set or not? If so, do they need any special software?what is the name of that software? thanks

  • When could I choose supplementary ringtones on internet

  • its just a perfect piece of connecting tool except............. that it does not have download capabilities if mitsubishi can help its customers to do something about this then there can be no other mobile model that can be equivalent to it

  • Very poor quality. Keyboard really tough and unreliable. bad software problems especially for making an getting calls. Very often the item seems to live its own life.

  • i want to ask you that can i receive ringtones in my phone and picture messege? shahrul

  • This is one neat mobile. I have had several (NOKIA, ERICSSON, MOTOROLA) but I still keep this one. Easy to use, small & light, with lots of features. The WAP is excellent although it's an early version. Actually the only thing I would like to change is the credit-reminder beep, which can't be switched off! Though that only happens with PayAsYouGo SIMs anyway. An all round excellent fone. Note: Some have software faults (crashing etc.), but not all of them, mine has NEVER crashed yet, since Sep2000.

  • i don't like the fact that the trium mars doesn't have a ringtone composer and i can't find any ringtones on the internet. the ringtones on the phone are a bit boring in my opinion

  • by the way i forgot one thing. he has NO CALCULATOR!!! and that is a minus too. but i often drop it and he still works:)))

  • i have this mobile phone 2 years and i still like it. despite that he even fell in to the water he still works without any repairing. i know only one his minus-he don't like cold temperatures. at about 0 C his display stars to do funny fings:) if he would be able to create a music it would be perfect

  • It has given excellent service however now the battery is failing Can I purchase a new one from you

  • i'm really satisfied using trium mars.with less money i can get a cool mobile phone.but i'd like to have the accecories for trium mars.

  • Perfect size and fits in the palm. But somedown sides include , it freezes sometimes, sometimes gets off it self and the rings tones are very-2 uncreative n I feel jealous when I hear the ring tones of Nokia. Overall, the Trium Mars is pretty good at its price, We can't expect more out'a it at such a price I supoose, Can We? Hey I've also heard that we can upload the extra rings tones using a datecable and associated software.Is it true coz my dealer says dat is not possible.

  • I have Mars trium pay as u go (network bt 020 now I believe will it work in France Belgium Germany in Austria It is really essential that it does as I need in to keep in contact with home have terminally ill person Pls can u help me many thanks Noreen Gordine

  • Extremely high SAR value (high radiation), bad for your brain. Use at least 4 anti-radiation flash stickers (radiation-powered flash stickers).

  • It is a cool phone ,you guys should keep the good product on ,later

  • i have a BIG problem.i bought the data cable for trium mars. but i didnt know that you needed software to unlock the cable or do i???? somebody please help me. what do i have to do? can somebody please send me the software. admin can you help me???? pleaseeeeee.........

  • IMEI:3322023581 Mitsubish Electric FZ13130150 01 D000 E A09 MT - 050 Mars 26806-A K09 B 6139 send me the CODE PIN2 Send me the BLOCKCODE Send me de PASSWORD i loste de manuals from it Tanks

  • I bought a Trium Mars one year ago and it is just giving me some problems: I can call only when the battery is completely full. Do you think is because of the NiMH battery and not a litium one? I assure you my mobile has not receive any hit. Thanks a lot, giusy.

  • I've had this phone for 18 months and plan on upgrading to a Nokia 3315. The trouble with this phone now is that it is exhibiting those all too frequent problems other uses have mentioned. It turns itself off, freezes, refuses to send messages if the battery is not totally full, and anyway I use this phone a LOT and the battery is on its way out (so I'm giving it to my little sister!). Nice phone if making frequent calls and smsing isn't part of your lifestyle. Plus the ringtones and alert tone are really very uncreative. Nice, cute phone but if you're a serious user it's not quite up to the job.

  • how can we make a composer?

  • hello fellow 'martians'. i own a Trium Mars handset with which im quite satisfied. But like everybody else i also wanted to change the ringtones. thats when i came across this website. i have a question for the admin.You've said that it is possible to upload ringtones if the required software and the datacable is available. But my dealer told me that there is no memory to store more tones(the phone has 20 tones and no empty slots). so before i spend a small fortune on the cable, i would be grateful if you would clarify this issue. i have the shareware version of Triumexplorer1.3 by M Barth2000.

  • you can make a composer

  • good performance and looks send me more info. about trium mars thanks GOD BLESS

  • I am in Nigeria and I use Trium mars. It is a good hanset: easy to use. But has a poor ringing tones. It will be better if you make the tones more metalic and include more alert tones to choose from. Please send me metalic ring tones online.Thanks, Chuks.

  • i think we should be able to download more ringtones for the trium coz i have only found ones that you have to pay for.

  • A real practical and value for money fone. does its job for the money U pay. T9 feature is great as is the vibrator. keypads get sticky though. overall, a cute buddie.

  • I love my phone but I have not been able to find anywhere to download a simple ringtone to the phone, even though the instruction manual states that it is possible.

  • I need your help i cannot use my cellphone's internet, it always fails when I connect it.

  • I'm having a little problem on finding the CALCULATOR on my phone!!!Please tell me where can i find it.

  • Wow! What is this? I cant find this thing in Indonesia!

  • Nice phone. Ready to use. Too ittle info in manual.

  • Hey Trium fans, get the Mystral instead. It now has the calculator!

  • im only 13 and wish you could download ringtones and logos and i live in Australia and to buy covers for my phone i have to buy them over the internet from the UK

  • Good phone, fair price. How can I operate the calculator in it?

  • It"s a charming phone with a fair price. I'd like to buy !!!!!!

  • me I see that trium mars is a very good phone but the only problem that it does not has infrared

  • it's cool phone

  • hi can i download pictures on the mars trium please many thanks dave

  • For such a cheap phone it has some good features. I was particularly impressed by the comprehensive information the user can store in the phone's phone book. The The size and weight are also appealing. The downside is that when the volume is set at maximum the speaker tends to buzz. The speaker phone function is okay. Similar to that on the Alcatel's I have seen. The only real downside in my opinion with this phone is that you can't get any ring tones for it. Overall Mitsubishi did a good job with this little darling. Did I mention that I ahve accidentally dropped my phone three times and it simply splits into three easy to assemble parts? Kool!

  • I think that the trium mars sould have a melody composer on it and sould receive picture messages and ring tones.

  • hello boys&girls please help me.......... write to me some secret codes and tell me more tips and tricks to apply to this amazing phone! i don`t know houw to use t9... please help me thanx!

  • it needs a compouser four ringtones.because i can not get free logos and melodies.

  • it is realy good phone

  • i have a problem with my trium mars it do not power on when i switch it on.but when i charge it it indicates red light but not charging what do i do?

  • can you get ringtones for trium mars cos the ringtones are rubbish

  • please tell me about your call baring facility. Can we bare a particular for incoming and outgoing as well.

  • it is easy to handle but you must add the calculator services in the trium phones

  • romania!!! plz help me to find a handsfree headset for my trium mars!!!!!

  • A good phone for persons who talk 1,5 hour per day! It's cheap, very useful, WAP, and so. But I don't like I can't find accessories for this phone in Romania!

  • I like my phone except I can't find any ringtones for it. I really want a new ringtone. If anyone knows where I can get a ringotn for my phone can you please email me.

  • Tina baby you are soo talented come to me i will send you to sheikhh, i love you baby

  • hey tina> ohh

  • can u download other ringtones??? and pictures

  • i think that the mitshibishi mars should be able to add popular ringtones

  • it turns itself of. shit ring tones

  • can i download picture without from wap

  • can someone mail me a list of secret codes for Trium Mars?

  • i`m very satisfied with this`s like a cheaper version of the Nokia 3310.kind of fragile,though,especially the battery cover.

  • welldone mitstibushi trium, it is very good only that i wish that mitstibushi can do something so that we can download ringtones to it. i will be glad to hear from mitsubishi.

  • I do not find the Instruction Book at all helpful, it tells me to look on the Web for further details, but still cannot find the details/instructions on how to set up, I am looking for.

  • there is no calculator on this phone ... just a currency converter

  • a

  • how do I sim unlock my TRIUM xs (from Philippines "SMART")? Abu Dhabi, U.A.E.

  • This phones is so coollllll !!!!

  • The excellent telephone!Ergonomic manu,more functions,very good reception,WAP browser,EFR capabillity!This phone change my life! Very easy to use.Thank you for Mitsubishi Electric Company!

  • This is a nice and stylish phone as far as I am concerned. The only thing about it disturbing abit is its "permanent" echo.Otherwise I like this phone and hope to use it always.Thank you.

  • it's just too efficient

  • Can anyone help me to find a place where I can buy an external antena for the Mitsubishi Trium Mars. I'm located in New Zealand. Thanks

  • i want to download a pictures logos and ringtones how i can to do this please help me

  • yesterday i bought this phone i think it cool mobile . price in lithuania 129lt or 32,25 dolarrs

  • pas aangekocht dus nog geen ervaring prijs zeer gunstig p j de wit helmersflat 35 4707 cm roosendaal

  • deblocage

  • Hi, I am from india,I have trium mars mobile phone.I want to dounload and compose ringtones on my phone.Pls tell me whwre i can download that.Thanks in advance.... K.Karthik.

  • i love this phone

  • it's a very cool phone i mean the best misubishi...

  • I use Trium Mars, but in Indonesia I am difficult to seek accesories especially batery and panel. The click back panel is easy to break. Why don't you enter to penetrate Indonesian Mobile phone market? Many brands try to launch their products here. Your product is good enough and cheap.

  • This was my old phone and it was lovely- there a couple of problems but not too bad! The built-in handsfree kit came in handy and stuff those who diss the ringtones! (they're cute!)

  • hey everyone This phone of Mitsubushi SUCKS big time the ringtones r SOoooo Sad i tell u guys wait fer someother phone TRIUM will never satisfy u I Full of SHIT

  • i reallu like the phone but im not quiet sure about the abilitieis it has with the internet??

  • good phone, could do with a overhaul though. some of the options aint too good. nice little phone tho. needs to become more personnalised- more covers and buttons etc

  • very cool phone, my wife likes it very much

  • for real is it true you can't doen load any otyer ringtones but the shitty ones on the mitschubishi home page?

  • Nice fone, though it still has some bugs. I would like 2 know where I can get additional ring tones for my trium mars as well as if a chat board or a chat pen exists for it. Thanks ya' all

  • i think TRIUM MARS is have a new features and i think it is good one for people who wants a mobile in one piece(you know what i mean is?)

  • il est bien

  • Please, can someone get me 10000 units of a Trium Mars at the rate of #27 GBP. Thanks Afamdi Unaka Tel: 0044(0)7960101798 Fax: 0044(0)8452801790

  • I like trium because it's cheap and beautiful.

  • Mitsubishi Trium Mars cellphone is very user friendly. Small, handy and affordable.

  • how do i change the keypad lock to another key.

  • Hello, its a great fone but could anyone please tell me where i could get some logos for the trium mars?

  • i used to have this phone well i still have got it but i use my nokia 3330 now anyway for those of you who want this phone but with gprs and the ability to change ringtones built into the phone may i suggest you wait for the 2 new trium phones coming out called odysse and mistral one of them looks the same as the mars but with more new features for more information on these 2 new phones click on this link then click on products from the menu on the right hand side then the m6a family they come under.

  • ervin, well i have own a trium "astral" for yur design and feautures suite's me... i wish i could have recent series from mitsubishi trium.. thank's God bless.. ervin27

  • This is my favorite Trium model, but i don't have enough money to buy one.PLEASE HELP ME!!!!

  • bad ringtone upload, always low tones

  • If anyone have the data cable scheme for trium mars pls let me an e-mail.

  • have found datacable on local market (�10) but need software - please contact if you have software :)

  • Hi! How can I get into the trium mars phone list (not the SIM list)? How can I use the SMS intelligent or how is it works? Merry Christmas!!:) Croft

  • its great,cheap but you can have some problems with It bye! bye!

  • hemm,i'm from indonesia.., where i can get the spare part of this phone. It's really difficult to find here..can u all help me if u have any information plz contact me.. absolutely this phone is great..and i love this phone...cheerss..!!!

  • You can get ringtones from or but you need to also download the software and buy a datacable to connect the phone to your PC

  • when someone sends me a message (SMS) the phone does not display who the message is from. can this phone do this and how?

  • Mitsubishi handset cust care number is 08009120020 (UK ONLY)

  • My phone is Trium Mars, I Bought several months ago but now dead or live.Sometimes dead (the monitor is empty,when Iam in connecting suddently dead) and the battery is very bad.Where can I complain?

  • it's a nice phone...but i have some problems with it. sometimes it stop's by his own and i had to turn it on (the batery is full). does enyone know if this phone has a li-ion acu?

  • Cotonou, le 10 Ao�t 2001 Cher Monsieur, Bien vouloir nous faire parvenir le prix et les modalit�s de paiement de 150 unit�s de TRIUM ci-dessus. Pourrions nous par ailleurs avoir un �chantillon. Edgar ATTIOPOU Directeur

  • keeps crashing! - i have had loads of problems - also the screen keeps turning off

  • it's a good handphone, the gradation is so soft,and verry good menu.

  • I finally found a link to the Trium Mars user manual. Its at :

  • Please send my something thanx BY!

  • how can i receive a user manual of trium mars into my e-mail ( i only have acrobat reader 3). I have a hard time downloading acrobat reader 5. I would like to know how i can use trium mars' WAP capability and also if i can download ringtones?

  • I liked my phone at first but now I have to send it away nearly every month to be repared. I also cant get any ringtones for it.

  • I think this phone is very good, from the services it provides, from the speaker-phone, to even the wap, but the only thing that i dont like about it is the fact that there are no ringtones, or menu graphics available for the phone, if you could refer me to a site which contains ringtones etc. please tell me, thanks from Bob. cheers.

  • Now I have my Trium Mars for more than six months. At times, my heart bounced whenever I bought a cheesier phone, but I feel I am satisfied with the performance. However, I shall be grateful if someone could tell me why sometimes the vibrator does not stop, even when I talk and then finish the call. I have to switch the phone off to get rid of the persistant vibration. I will greatly appreciate your cooperation. Sattar Islamabad, Pakistan

  • this phone is super and cheap! its got super functions and a great design! does anybody know where you can buy the second skins, keypad surrounds & battery covers???!!! i've been looking everywhere!

  • cool!

  • I bought the Mitsubishi Trium Mars from a dealer in Islamabad in February 2001. I am, more or less, satisfied with the performance. However, the only problem that I am facing is due to the signal strength. I just does not work well in my house. I wish a full featured phone like this could work better ... may be somewhat closer to Motorola. My service provider has enabled the email for my phone. I can respond to any emails that I receive ... but so far have not been able to type in an email address. I am sure someone out there would be able to tell me how to send (not reply) an email from the Trium. Abdul Sattar Khokhar Islamabad, Pakistan [email protected]

  • A very good phone but you should be able to have your own ringtones for it and be able to make your own tunes!!!

  • is there a change to get some new ringtones or games for my phone please write back thank you james curtis

  • i bought a trium mars and less than 2 months after that it brok, i rang everyone i could get a number for that had anything to do with the phone and finally got through after much persistence and mitsubishi replaced the phone for free, no again in under 3 months this time its broken again!! why bother with this phone!!

  • i think you should be able 2 download ringtones for trium mars for free off the internet as the ringtones on the phone itself are very poor!

  • is there ne where i can download ringtones for my trium mars for free?

  • there seems to be some fake trium mobiles being sold in kenya.they dont have the trium logo,look ugly and are cheap.i owm a mars trium mobile and paid dearly for it .why this shody ones now

  • it is good

  • its a great phone!i want to know if i can get internet ring tones sent to it at all!

  • the passcode for call barring is 2554

  • i think that the trium mars is a great phone but i need to know what the call barring password is can anybody help ???????????!!!!!!!

  • i want more phones with add.riddhi mobil sarvice stions,rana vav chowk junagadh.stat-gujrat contry-india.thank`s

  • Great phone, i like it, but mine has a little problem: the screen is flickering when the butterfly is animated or a game is played. How can i resolv it?

  • I can't find ANYWHERE that can sell me a spare battery !!! Any ideas, please?

  • Me gustar�a saber si a este m�vil se le pueden poner dibujos y a�adir otras melod�as. GRACIAS.

  • This is my 11th phone in three years! I've haven't lost it yet after 8 weeks so maybe its lucky. Or maybe its because I stopped drinking? Would be better than sex if you could download ringtones and pictures!

  • if any one nows where i can download ringtones can you please email me please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • I have had the phone for about 3 months and has been very handy. It is a small phone. The problem is that it can not download ringtones.

  • When I first bought this phone, I was quite unsure of the quality bcos of its low price and its a "prepaid mobile phone package" which is lowly regarded here in Australia. However, after I bought the phone, I quickly noticed that the phone has more than enough features for its low price. The WAP is superb as the 4 way mouse key is superb to navigate. The only things that matter to me are the "not so stylish" ringtone and perhaps the small keypads that make it difficult for people with large fingers to press them. Overall, I STRONGLY recommend this phone for budget-conscious people who are lookin for cheap and quality mobile. Last but not least, the cheap accessories makes the phone very funky and eye catching too!

  • kool phone.but would be wicked if u can get RINGTONZ !!!!!!

  • Brilliant phone with funky features

  • Nice phones I have never seen before.Nice physical appearance,lightweight & shape I lov Trium phones!

  • salut

  • This phone is simply GREAT. Please tell me where to download some ringtones or something. Please, please email me.

  • Where can I get ringtones or graphics? if you know anywere to get them please E-Mail me.

  • keypads are very clumsy, sounds like a toy gun for children but has fast WAP access & it's cheap!

  • actuly my phone did refuse to turn on but i got a new on so its ok. vodaphone is the best network for getting a reception but the prices fuc#in suck!!!

  • brilliant!!! the most reliable and enjoyable phone iv ever owned!!!!!

  • Its a fat phone foo'. Its cool tho'. Its way better then 70% of any other phones out there. If u wanna buy this phon' u better be a respected individual.

  • please send me trium mars ringtones, and any other advance features. I like my Trium Mars, because I'm not expecting too much with this price...

  • The phone is great but a few sites which send tone services to the trium mars would not go a miss

  • trium mars is the best mobile....its too chip and best

  • After using the phone for three days, I had some problem with the screen. It was rectified immediately but I begin to doubt the quality of the product. I never like any of the ringtones that come with the phone. The battery doesn't last longer than a day, I have difficulty making calls (I always get the connection "failed" notice) and I have to deal with the echoes when making calls. But for a mere USD80.00, this is phone is a worth buy if you are looking for an "entry level" WAP phone or if you intend to use it as "secondary" handphone. I would rate the phone 5/10.

  • I have used Nokia, Ericsson, Alcatel and I am trying the Trium Mars. I was shocked with the features this little phone has for the little price. Its feature rich except for a few things i.e. no IRDA, tone composer and poor/cheap casing. For just USD 80, I have everything I need with 2 years waaranty & 1year theft insurance. Nokia & Ericsson are a ripoff, 1st the introduce 3310 with zero features, then they introduce 3330 (with 2months gap) which has WAP and then they will introduce 3333 with triband. They overcharge consumers and lay baits for them to buy next model. Creating mountain of discarded phones in every country. Ericsson is worse. The next best phone I have used is the Alcatel, probably the most practical options are available with Alcatel. Another advise 1st thing u should by 2nd skin for trium mars as the casing is cheap & has gaps, so there is danger that moisture & dust will get in & damage.

  • it is very good two worde it is simply superb.

  • Please help me to change the ugly "loop (" logo. How can i set at least the trium logo that i see in the pictures?

  • i think its a great phone,but it could do with improvement for instance,you should be able to get screen savers, and ringtones like nokias are,it would add to the phone,its great how you can get accesories for it already like coloured battery covers and boots,but that is make up for the outside and you dont really have a choice of variety ,there could be a thousand people with a phone that looks, identical to yours in such have to invest in that extra luxury to improve the popularity of the phone tim dennehy from ireland.

  • I piggin' hate this 'phone. If the phone fails to send a message, you lose the whole message. If you receive a message whilst your writing one, guess what? You lose the message. If it wasn't for the recent price hike I'd kick the thing into the bin. I've also lost the charger and can't find anywhere that sells them, and have not been able to download the soddin' manual. Pish.

  • although the phone is small and light, that is about its only good feature!I have to charge it at least once a day, as the battery runs out so quickly. The reception often cuts out, and it often will not let me send text messages or ring people, simply saying "failed".My last phone may have been bigger, but at least it worked.I would advise anybody against this phone.

  • The phone is brilliant and just to let you all now you cannot get ringtones or logos for the phone as there is no storage room for them

  • I purchased a Trium Mars, and have had nothing but problems with it, it is a great phone if it worked properly, It has plenty of features for the price, the problem is that it echoes when making calls, you are occasionally deafened by a high pitch fluttering noise caused by the phone, not the network, they are prone to faults such as simply refusing to switch on,losing it's charge shortly after a full charge, the built in alarm not going off or failing to ring despite meticulous checks to ensure that it was set to do so it also fails on occasions to log on to the network depite the fact that it says you have a full signal, I swapped the SIM with other phones in the same locations when it has done this and found no problems being able to make a call with those phones, the general build quality of the phone is poor hence the reason why you get the rubber boot with it, it keeps it from rattling about, if you purchased the phone PAYG, as I did, from Vodafone then the boot doesn't come with it, the most irritating thing about the phone is the poor customer service from Mitsubishi, they show you the accessories on their website, but are unhelpful and evasive when you contact them to ask where I can find a retailer for them, they also supply dataleads and contact software for every phone in the Trium range, except the Mars, we have been told they will eventually bring one out but at the moment it has been 6 months and no joy, I have had 2 replacement Mars phones since I purchased in November, due to the ensuing problems, I have recently returned the phone for a refund and I am now looking for another phone, it is really sad because the Trium Mars showed such promise if it wasn't so shoddily built and the lack of support from the manufacturer, my advice is stay clear of this phone no matter how tempting it may appear.

  • lovely handset...but the security features are tricky..if theres anyone who can update me..please mail...overall...9/10

  • i used this for 3 days , this is a feature fone for very less.

  • Golly what a bad bunch of salespeople you guys had to deal with !!! First of all, there is NO calculator, there is a CURRENCY CONVERTER which is most useful specially if Ur in Europe for this coming year or so with the Euro coming up... Great cheap phone ! Definately not a Nokia thank God !

  • The Truim Mars Is GOOD but it is almost impossible to download ringtones!!!!!!

  • A wonderful lightweight 'phone - inexpensive and with all the features we require. It is a pity we can't find any personalised ringtones for this one though as it would be nice to browse.

  • can somebody tell me where i can get trium mars ringtones or logos from please

  • Hi everybody! Can you tell me where I can find second skin for my Trium Mars?

  • can iget ring tones for my truim mars

  • plz sennd me trium mars ringtones

  • i just got the trium mars and it is wicked i give 10/10 trium rocks!!!!!

  • A very good fone for the money. Its light and small and has many features. It could do with logos and ringtones avaiable for it.

  • A very good fone for the money. Its light and small and has many features. It could do with logos and ringtones avaiable for it.

  • I have previously owned a Philips C12, which was a satisfying mobile phone, but now I have the Trium Mars I know what a mobile phone such reassemble. This mobile has just about everything, including WAP, but no calculator or voice activated dailing though. Its small and compact which is another plus,cheap price(�40), so this is definitely the mobile phone 2 get. Who needs Nokia

  • this phone is the beat I have and does not cost much. 10 out of 10

  • Questions: 1) What is the SAR of this phone? 2) Where can I get the datacables?

  • It is a very small and trendy phone with a whole range of features, the only problem with it is that it has no download ability for ringtones and logos.

  • take a look at this trium coming soon on your hand viji

  • I, among the majority think that this phone is the best ever made, and i cant find a Nokia which as caught my interest as the Mars did the first time i saw it....a FANTABULAS FONE!!! But also going with the majority, i am very interested in imperssin my mates more by personalising my phone in more ways....i have several inta-changable facias but i would really like to personalise the phones internal features such as RING TONES and MENU GRAPHICS. i am also on the look out 4 other accessories like, the RUBBER WRAPPS and a HANDS-FREE EARPHONE KIT that i saw once that had a BUILT IN RADIO, so that u could listen to the radio and when a call came through the radio cut off for the call...COOL EH? and by the way whats this about a couculator? I know the technology is good on this phone, but i didnt think that there was anything else hidden in this tiny phone that i hadnt found.....PLEASE E-MAIL ME...I'M DESPERATE FOR THIS INFORMATION...MY PHONE DIPENDS ON YOU...THANX!!!

  • great!

  • i think that the trium mars is extreme value for money as the features are very good and the looks are amazing.

  • Please,answer me what does it means,option:send your id,for what am i using this option?And does the phone have calculator and where is it in which option.Please send me your answer on my e-mail.Best regards Jovanka Susa

  • i have had a trium mars from christmas and i was wondering is there a site where you can get ring tones

  • I love this handphone. the price is very competitive and easy to handle. however can we change the melody??

  • It isn't so cool how it's in photo and it's so bad as all trium phones. The display is very small too. It is the whorest phone i've ever had...

  • quite good but the ringtones r lousy!!!tell me how to change it....

  • For those of you who have a datacable and software -

  • Well, a lot of Mars users want to download ringtones and some of them even want to donwload games! Did someone told you that this is possible when you bought this phone? Anyway you can change your ringtones on all Trium phones, but you need a DATACABLE. And software. TriumExpolorer or Trium Contact Data.

  • i think that we should be able to download ring tones off the internet. i dont know if your undating this but it might be a good idea.

  • i wanna get this!!! i used it 3 days and now i feel bad without it... to connect it to PC U need cable and TriumExplorer software...

  • i have recently brought the trium mars phone and i am so pleased with it except i think the selection of phonetones is bad and i was woundering if there is anyway to get some modern tones on it like u can with the nokia?

  • i think the Trium Mars is great i recently bought one and i think it is awesome. I recommend it/

  • I like the Mars although the lack of a data cable is a bit of a bummer. Once that's sorted there won't be any problem with loading new ringtones. I did find a site with some software to convert Nokia ringtones to Trium MDY format but I can't find it again. On the WAP side I've come across a problem with long URL's which come back with Unknown URL. I know it's a problem with the phone because the same links works fine on an S35i. Mitsubishi won't admit there is a problem.

  • The trium is an excellent phone. Good value for money.

  • 07751758023 call me

  • i love my trium mars and i wouldn't want any other phone! and thats the truth!

  • i have owned this fone now for at least 2 months and so far it has been perfect, everyone at scool is like, god its so small. sometimes the reception can get a bit dodgy but i find that after a short scan it comes back with full reception. as for the ringtones and logos i e-mailed trium who said that at the moment its not possible but it did sound like they were working on it. anyway i love my fone and it looks great too.

  • i wish to dawnload same free games for trium can send my same adres? trium mars is a very cool"s super chic and fain. tanks for adres..\

  • Can I download any tunes for my trium mars? or is this it!

  • ive got one and there amazin!!!!!!!

  • the phones a waste of money I had to tack mine back 2 times first the screen was going and i only had it for a week the second the keypad didn't work and you can't get any ringtones or more menu graphics for it

  • i think that the trium mars is pants. the reason why i think this is because 1. you have to pay a service charge where as most other phones they have established smartstep. 2. it only has 10 ring tones where as most phones have at least 20. 3. you can't recieve picture messages or send them. 4. the internet costs 10p per minute which is ridiculous, who on earth would want to through there money away like that if you can get the internet free now. i seriously think that the trium mars should be improved if not destroyed! thank you for your co-operation. t.hodgson

  • I realy like this phone!!!

  • iiiiiii wwwant rriiinnngg ttoonnness and looggos foor mmy foonneeeeee

  • i can't find any auto features for my phone could you please tell me where i could get some from?

  • I can not fault the phone in any way, but i would like to know if there is a site somewhere that offers new ringtones or logos for the phone. And is there a calculator on the phone as i can not find it. Other than that a great phone for such little price.

  • I from Russia. It is very good phone. Thanks. But, i whant connect Trium Mars with PC. How i can do it?

  • Its' a great mobile's SUPER!!!!!

  • can i get or purchase additional ringtones from anywhere for the trium Mars

  • Where the hell can anyone get Trium Mars Ringtones? I've searched everywhere.

  • can you download picture and ringer tones for my mars trium phone?

  • i have one of these phones and think that it is great, but it is difficult finding acessories for the phone, and it would be good if it were possible to recieve either new themes (display graphics) as well as others melodies.

  • it is ok but how do you get new ring tones

  • mali i elegantan Ziveo Kostunica!!!

  • dissapointed i cant find any ringtones or logos available for this wap phone WHY?

  • I am the Trium fans since 2000 July. The trium doesn't disappoint me. Great performance and excellent receiving while I stay in lift, compare with my old Trium Galaxy the quality are more better. Cheap handphone and great features at RM350 available in Malaysia. Anyway thanks for Mitsubishi Electronic and France designer bring the best ever handphone I ever experience. Frankly speaking, I don't like handphones that have high SAR value, especially the Nokia and Ericsson. For me this kind of phone is a junk. They have a great features, but it's just a software program only. Their radio antenna technology still far behind from Motorola and Trium. I have persuaded and promoted the Trium to nearly 40+ peoples beside me. They feel a great value from this handphone and thanks for me for letting them know this kind of good thing. Anyway, Trium should work out more on software so they can compete with others manufactured. Thank you.

  • i lik it

  • Can Anyone tell me if i can download display logos or pictures for this phone and can i also get ringtone for it (Trium Mars)

  • GREAT! That'll be the one word to describe the whole phone. I don't see why people like to compare a phone with a Nokia, but if they were to do so, I think that the Mars is as good as a Nokia. Maybe even better. The WAP feature is cool, since I have a Sony that couldn't perform much better. The radiation level for this phone is at a safer level compared to Nokia and Ericsson, especially since Nokia are implementing a built-in in antenna in their every phones. If you'd like to have fried brains in a few years, then those two brands would suit you best. But if you just can't resis having a phone, and planning to get one that would somehow mitigate the long-term effect, get this one. If anyone has the updated comparison data for the Radiation Levels in mobile phones, do mail me. Back to the Mars phone features, I find that the menus and interface are pretty easy to navigate. The menu graphics are cute, and the screen looks nice when idle. The tones are okay but as many people have noticed, to personalize a phone, a composer is somehow required. And the ability to download or create menu graphics would be nice. The accessories are generally hard to find but they can be found through authorized dealers. The option of having a second skin is wonderful. Adds to the cuteness of the phone. In terms of the actual purpose of the phone itself - which is to converse - I found out that the antenna is quite weak, resulting to poor receptions most of the time. But at other times, the phone works fine. I've had a Trium Astral before and maybe reception-wise is what Trium should be working on. All to all, the phone is just -that one word- great.

  • hi i was wondering cause i just oreered the trium mars i wanted to know the following: What is the picture menu? and What is the active flip and when i buy this fone do i get all the stuff thats in the optional menu.

  • Can i download ringtones off the inter net for the phone

  • i need more ringtones 4 my trium mars phone

  • can u download ringtones of the internet for the trium mars

  • I have lost my instructions on how to use my Mitsubishi, Trium, Mars Phone with the inbternet. Where can i obtain a duplicate instruction manual please? 32 Albert St Longton Stoke on Trent Staffs ST3 5ED

  • I feel that TRIUM is the best and cute..

  • can u get logo for the trium mar if u can tell me the site sent bak thanks

  • There an excelent phone but a bit hard to find stuff for them because there rare

  • Although I am very pleased with my Trium Mars, there are a few points that I feel could be improved - 1, The hands free/speakerphone option needs to be available at any time and not just during a call (and when you use it in a car it is too quiet). - 2, All of the ring tones are too quiet. - 3, The fixed stump aerial could be replaced by a retractable so it isn't constantly getting cought on things. 4, Isn't it about time that phone manufacturers included a desktop charger as standard (rather than the naf "phone-on-a-string" attempt at technology). - 5, Downloadable Ring tones and graphics would be nice.

  • great

  • I'm sure that data cables and PC software for the Mars Trium are as rare as hen's teeth but that appears to be the only way currently that customisation is possible. A case of marketing and designers not talking I guess. Mitsubishi GET IT SORTED and STAY COMPETITIVE. Other than that it works fine for me and it works very well with AOL as I can view the e-mails from my main account. All four bars on the signal strength indicator need to be displayed before internet connections are possible though.

  • i think this phone looks and would perform good for should i say excellent for anyone any age but what games does it have ? it dosent say

  • Ovo je zadnje govno!!!

  • how is the handset??? how does one use the calculator my handset doesnot show it can we upload some game,tones, etc.

  • Excellent mobile with WAP. Great features included. Ive had no problems with my mobile. But there is one thing i was wondering about i was told that a ring tone composer was included into the menu but i cant find it, is this how its supposed to be or can you get them off of the internet??? Thanx Kate

  • [email protected]

  • At the first time it was a bit strange, but after a bit of time it became more and more friendly to me. Now i like my Trium Mars very much. Although i have some problems: It just turns off without causes.

  • i brought this phone the trium mars and im looking for a site where i can get new ring tones or even a set of new menu graphics and things like that if you know of a site could you email me the address if you dont could you email me to tell me its not posipel or if its just somthing you dont know

  • i wanted to tell you that i am very pleased about my MARS, even though it can't compete for real with a NOKIA phone. i just want to ask anybody: where is the calculator, because i don't have something like this in my menu

  • Just bought one as it was the second cheapest wap set i could find, the cheapest one being a chunky motorola which had some sort of bra akin to those you see on american sportscars. It is nice and cuddly, I was very surprised to find that it had a better data transfer rate than either the ericsson or siemens wap sets which I originally looked at. Not heavy on features but all in all - excellent value.

  • Great. Dinky GSM packed with features incl. WAP. Where to find details of the cable and associated software.

  • Mitsubishi Trium Mars unlock software

  • Great! Excellent! But no Picture oder ringtone alternatives.