Samsung Z140

  • Released 2005, Q1
    105g, 26mm thickness
    Feature phone
    44MB storage, no card slot
  • N/A 508,367 hits
  • 20 Become a fan
    176x220 pixels
  • 0.3MP
    Video recorder
  • 1000mAh

Samsung Z140 - Specs

Network Technology GSM / UMTS
2G bands GSM 900 / 1800 / 1900
3G bands UMTS 2100
Speed Yes, 384 kbps
Launch Announced 2005, Q1
Status Discontinued
Body Dimensions 88 x 48 x 26 mm (3.46 x 1.89 x 1.02 in)
Weight 105 g (3.70 oz)
Display Type TFT, 256K colors
Resolution 176 x 220 pixels
 Second external 65K colors TFT display (96 x 96 pixels)
Memory Card slot No
Phonebook 1000 entries, Photocall
Call records 20 dialed, 20 received, 20 missed calls
Internal 44MB
Main Camera Single VGA
Video Yes
Selfie camera   No
Sound Loudspeaker No
Alert types Vibration; Downloadable polyphonic, MP3 ringtones
3.5mm jack No
Comms WLAN No
Bluetooth 1.1
Infrared port Yes
Radio No
USB Proprietary
Features Sensors
Messaging SMS, MMS, EMail
Browser WAP 2.0/xHTML
Games Yes
Java Yes, MIDP 2.0
 Video Telephony & Streaming
MP3/AAC/MPEG player
Predictive text input
Voice memo
Battery   Removable Li-Ion 1000 mAh battery
Stand-by Up to 300 h
Talk time Up to 4 h
Misc Colors
SAR EU 0.77 W/kg (head)    

Samsung Z140 - User Reviews

  • My first, i realy love it!!! My uncle still have it after 12 years!!!!

  • My mom had this phone when I was little on 2006, I've always remembered this phone today and I miss it. We lost it when there was a party on our house and maybe somebody stole it.. I wish I could still buy this phone online.

  • i need this ,mobile .where can i get online

  • I had this phone when i was little, and I remember that it had two free songs in the mp3 player. If someone remember the name of them plz tell me :D i miss them XD btw, I loved this phone ^_^

  • Dis is phone shows dat samsung is d best,cn people imagine since 2006.i dont even repair for once to today 2012,is it dat am using to browse nw

  • I bought this phone the day it got released :DD still works and I got no scratches :DD

  • where can we find softwares for this phone!

  • I have had this phone since 2005/6, very reliable, no problems easy to use and handy size, might buy new phone soon but will keep this as back up phone as have travelled overseas with this phone and it always works.

  • I bought my z140 4 YES 4 years ago!! still works fine. saw some newer phones from my friends that were slow.. mine never was. true! keeping it till the day it dies!

  • i've had this one for over 3 years now. it got in the washing machine 2 times and still it is working perfectly

  • I WANT TO BUY THIS FONE.. Please can any one tell of he it suports java softiwares like opera min, celitty. Please tell me at [email protected] thanks

  • i've had mine for over 2 years...and guess what: still working like the first day...but yes, is thrue the volume is pretty low and u dont actually hear it in youre poket ringing...and the battery...well every phone goes bad at some point :P

  • I love this phone. Its very good and compact phone. Pretty good camera and video recording. But battery is pretty bad,but not so bad as nokias batterys.

  • my blue tooth can be found found by other phones but as soon as u transfer something it gives u the connection error signal the same thing happens when i connect to the pc with blue tooth device.2 the mouth piece is also very low when u are speaking to someone and i got a problem with the charging system too

  • how do u un freez it

  • I've it from 3 yrs. it works good. problems: 1. battery lasts just 1 1/2 day 2. can't take photo when the phone is folded (in some samsung it is possible) 3. freezes once in a while 4. can't transfer files to the pc (vista) 5. can't copy contacts to the pc. Pro: 1. good quality images. 2. shows times of all calls and times (to the same no. if you make ten calls it shows all the ten duration and time of calls. 3. can't delete some files (vodafone z140V) 4. antena may not be the maximum 5. memory limited and can't add. general conclusion. for the's good.

  • i just had one but it's now out of work.and i learnt the charger has damage the engine b'cos of it's required now lookig for a new be honest with u i really liked this phone and as i was about use one this has happen.looking 4 assistance.thank u.

  • i think that the phone is not bad but for me big problem is that the sound volume is very low :(

  • it has a good colour and i like it

  • I have this phone for a year. Is a great piece, loveling face-liftm but have a big problem, for me atlest - battery life is 2 days. So, is your call...

  • i love this phone! mwuaxx. my phoine.

  • for p$em:phone has a good camera of 0.3 mega but make better pict than cameras of 0.3 mega on other phones.i have this phone almost a 4 years and i never wanted to get rid of it.the phone has almoust 50 themes but i only had a 16.some themes can change white background to black,red,blue,light-blue,light-red,green...So think about it

  • For P$em:The phone can change background color,but only on some themes.I have 16 themes on my Z140V(vodafon).Camera is good for 0.3 megapixels becouse some cameras of the same number of pixels make worst photos than 0.1 mega.So think about it!!!

  • have had this phone for almost a year.. cannot wait to get rid of it.. very poor camera quality, cant change back grround color, very slow and hardly any internal memery.. would not reccomend.

  • I don't start my bluetooth.Why?

  • you dont need to reject the calls, if you hold down the side key, it should sillence the call and it is like rejecting the call but it keeps ringing.

  • i have a problem. i went into the sms menu to move a msg but i cannot find it anywhere. it confirmed that the msg was moved , but where? can anyone help? i've searched everywhere online but found nothing.

  • how i can reject calls ??

  • when taking a oicture if it is upside down press the volume buttons to flip[ them upside down or backwards does anyone know how you can reject calls without the phone being open already?

  • I have had this phone for a year now. ABSOLUTELY Wonderful! Storage space is decent, mp3 ringtones are a good feature, easy to customise. However, the only gripe is the battery life, which is a little low... Apart from this little inconvenience, its a great phone. Design: 8 Features: 9 Performance: 8

  • yaaa very very gooood. thank you .bye

  • this is a very good mobil, it has all the features every customer want. only want to know does it have the vodafone logo? regards.

  • hi.ive had my z140 for 2 years and when i bought it it came with a computer adapter USB i have had great fun uploading videos and pictures onto my XP. i now have a top of the range laptop and i cannot seem to use PC STUDIO 2.1 on it and upload videos. ive installed the disk and all the software.. is there something i need to do on windows or PC STUDIO to make it work,,.. thanks

  • can i record my own message /tune onto phone and then use as ringtone? if so how?

  • ive had my phone for about a year now and everything works fine on it all i need to know though is how much does it cost now bcause i would like to sell mine on e-bay but i dont want to rip anyone off please help me!!!!!

  • hey there!!! well I have had this phone for a year now and it is extremely satisfactory!! For an answer to the question about why your video calling doesnt work-I had the same problem but found that where ever i have 3G my video-calling works!!! this may be to do with a network error?! Hope that helps!

  • hey, i've had this phone for a year now and its great, the only problem is that i cant get the video calling to work - i click on the right buttons, but then it says service unavailable. Can any1 help? it would be much appreciated!!! XD

  • i av just sold this fone it is not very good it does not even hold a memory card so i am gettin the samsung e900 for xmas it holds a memory card and has a better camera with a flash@ it even looks nicer to the z140v i got the z140v for last xmas and i am upgrading to the new samsung i will now stick with samsung cause they r brill fones u can not get ne better fones cann u all?? to get games on this phone just download them and go to the dice symbol and click the middle button the blue on then u will get the list of games!!!!!

  • I have this phone and i have a problem whith the photo camera.....because in 4 months when i boot camera damaged...and I dont now please can you give me a opinion//????

  • hiya, ive hd tis fone 4 a yr n a half ,n now it jus frozen so i cnt do netink with it ! cn ne1 help me or suggest wot i have to do to gt it wrkin agen ???? ive tken the battery ot n sim card n left it ot ova nyt n it dusnt wrk ! thnkz xx

  • hello! i have a problem with this telephone.the problem is:i don't have a program to take a logo or a video from an internet and don't have a program to take pfotos from my phone to my computer. Please can you help me?

  • I had this phone for a year until it was stolen out of bag in bar. Besides having a great apperance, say it looked very elegant, its performance was in average very good, even the rotary camera wasn't bad at all. What i think was not exactly high fidelity was its MP3 player, at least for audio files. Videos were ok... most samsung models asfrom 2 years or so have great display resolution and SGH-Z140V was not an exception. T9 learning feature was something poor. Good speakers and enough volumen. Great phone for those who don't need more than an elegant appliance with intense and brilliant image definition.

  • yeah i would also like to know how to put java apps on the phone please help me! please?

  • Hi!! I have question about that telepfone!! Is Samsung Z140V ,a new version of Z140 ???

  • does anyone knows how you can put games on this phone.thanks

  • I own a Samsung z140 and I think is not so worst like the other said. Is verry elegant and even if he don't have so much functions, the sound is good, the memory big enough, camera-what to ask from a vga? and the battery is performant(2-3 days in my case- maybe I'm the luky one who take one of the best from this models...)

  • I bought this phone last year...a real piece of @#��@#@# !!! The worst phone ever. Poor battery, poor sound, full of bugs, you must switch off the 3G features otherwise it freezes like windows 95 ! Not even alarm works ! A real shame...I bought a L7 from Motorola. 10000 better ! My advice to those who wonder if they should buy it...don't !!! Buy something else, it always will be better !

  • SammyBoy I own tis kind of phone, I don't have anything with SAMSUNG company but this telephone realy sucks. My battery is verry poor (1;1,5 days) and when I'm surfing on the web it gets hotter and restart it happend the same thing when I have a longer call As a user of this phone I advice you that don't buy this phone!!! You can buy another, better telephone at the same price as an MOTOROLA E1000 I use this phone too, and (excepting the joystick and battery) is the best phone ever, and belive me, I KNOW!!!

  • i am trying to set my message tone but it only gives the opitions of the tones already on. how do i use my own tones as a message tone? please help

  • how do you get it to work..... i turn my phone on get the samsung logo, then vodo logo then reboots to the same loop, samsung logo,vodo logo, reboots.... is there a way to reset????

  • can ne1 tell me plz how to get pc studios 2.1 to work, my pc doesnt reconigse my fone. wen i go in to the file manager none of my phones files r there, and my bluetooth is off! plz help.

  • This phone are the battery wery bad!!!!1-1,2 day is wery little! Also is allright!!Please give the battery more power!!!tankyou!

  • > < Also ~ [sorry to be annoying] But, when I try and download a video onto my phone, it doens't download the whole thing o.O;; Can someone tell me why? Thankyou ^___^ xxx

  • I am only able to put 5 songs onto the phone ;___; I've read that everyone else can have like, 10-15 ... does anyone know why? Thankyou ^ ^

  • Has anyone had any luck with using this phone as a Bluetooth Modem for a Laptop or PDA?

  • I just got this phone and its amazing. - 1st of all - if you want to put movies on your phone convert them intro 3gp format. They will be smaller (i used ImTOO 3GP Video Converter 3) - About the wallpaper size. its 176x147, so resize your wallpapers to this size. - The camera can be set from low quality to high quality like iso800 from the settings / aplications / camera. - I know that at 1st when you try to make a photo its upside down. Press the buttons on the left (the ones you use to lower volume) - Didnt test the battery yet, but seems ok. - Install all the software from the cd (i didnt use the internet thingy) - get the usb intro the computer ONLY AFTER YOU INSTALLED THE SOFTWARE, then into the phone. Wait a bit to connect. - To put mp3 and other stuff click the folders to expand. thats about it :D

  • Does anyone knows how to change the sound of the schedules? The alarm/cuckoo sounds is driving me crazy! otherwise i really like this phone.

  • can i watch tv in 3g network in bulgaria

  • Anyone who chooses to own this phone at ones free will should really go visit the shrink! I have already booked my appointment...

  • can anyone tell me how could i fix the problem of the "wake up alarm". It doesn't ring everytime.

  • mary, look just below the picture of the phone. click 'manual'

  • this phone is gd but i thought it would have loads of memory but it comes with all these rubbish songs and you cant delete them so i was only able 2 put on about 10songs

  • very soon I will have that phone and I want to know is this phone good

  • does any1 know were i can download a user manual 4 the z140

  • this phone is very good at this price and at what it offers ,and i encuredge everyone to buy one.

  • please send software for samsung sgh-z140 model

  • Hi ^ ^ I am having a problem downloading MP3's onto my phone ~ it says "ACCESS DENIED, PLEASE SELECT ANOTHERFILE" or something like that ... please help >

  • about the camera when its upside down just press the silver up button on the side and it should change so that its upright and visversa

  • Plz help. I am mobile retarded. I am trying to dump photos to my PC - I have put the software on my PC, and bluetooth is not on, but it doesn't recognize my phone. ie When I open PC studio, the top portion is my PC, and the bottom portion which should be my phone is blank. Plz help!!!

  • hi i have a problem. when i turn on the camera and it is turned to me the view on the display is up side down. please tell me how to fix that mean problem!

  • ^__^ Hi, I was just wondering ~ you know the camera can change to face front or back? Is there an electronic way of doing that, or, do I have to do it? [hopefully getting this phone XD]

  • Craig...I had the same problem sending and recieving picture messages so I rang vodafone and they sent me some new settings via text and that sorted it...sometime they alter the software and you have to upgrade it..give them a ring and they will sort it straight the way for you.

  • Yes you can have vibrate only ring only or vibrate and do this go to profiles and choose to edit and you will see the options.

  • The only way to turn off those annoying beeps is to turn the sound down to nil..using the side key.

  • I have a question: how do I turn off thoese annoing beeps when u are in the main menu? Thank's

  • does this fone have vibrating and ringing options at same time?

  • i have this phone and i use to be able to send pics but now it comes up with send failed unknown error. anyone know how to fix it?

  • Tommo have you installed PC Studio 2.1 that came with the phone?if so do the following, 1) Connect Phone To USB Lead 2) De-Activate Bluetooth On The Phone 3) Put Phone Back To Main Screen 4) Open Up PC Studio 5) Wait,Can be 2 mins 6) Connected Phone Sign Appears On PC 7) Drag And Drop Files 8) When Finished Re-Enable Phone Bluetooth. Hope that helps.Nick.

  • Hi, Good as phone, i love it but i am getting really frustrated when i hook my phone up to the computer with the usb cord, And then i go to media player and hope to be able to send songs to my phone but i cant. how do i do this, im sure it is just something simple!!! Please Help, thanx tom PS. otherwise i reccomend it to everyone

  • does anybody know whether you can set the sub lcd display to show all the time on the z140??? in order to view it you have to press one of the side keys and then it only shows for a short would be nice to be able to check the time without having to press the backlight everytime like you can on most basic fliptops

  • This telephone is very good but I have one question: can i set it to automatically shut down at a certain hour? if yes, how can i do this? thank you very much!

  • yeah ma phone had that problem too.. but its stoped now so yeah i dunno...

  • To John: If you head over to gsmarena for ZV10 (i think phone is similar to Z1400) then someone has put up great way to change your Text Message tone to mp3 and Alarm tone to mp3 (instead of mmf) and I reckon it might work for your Z140. : Andy.

  • is anybody else having problems sending mms messages i cannot send or recieve them at the moment i rang vodafone and they say there is a problem with z140's and d500's at the moment and they are trying to rectify the matter

  • i ahve teh same problem not receiving call and also make call :(((( does anybody knows?

  • Peter, Both of my son's and my Z140 continually had that problem,rectified by them upgrading the software,since then no probs.Hope that helps.Nick.

  • Does anyone know many songs can I download onto the MP3? Thanks

  • does anyone else have trouble with their phone not receiving phone calls. the phone message says "this persons phone is currently unavailable". please help!!!!!!

  • could someone tell me, does this fone take GOOD pictures and film great ? i have no idea about, i just wanna know, cause i'm going to buy new fone

  • why can't i make a Video call ???Help

  • Robert, As far as I know the G symbol means that you are in a 3G area and are capable of holding a 3G Video phonecall,when it flickers off you are not able to make the 3G call,depends on your location.Nick.

  • does anyone know if you can customise the ALARM sounds too, the ones on there are pretty bad... also if anyone knows a way to set your own sounds for txt messages, that'd be great too.. :o)) Thanks in advance.

  • to extend the battery life of your fone, set the Network Mode to GSM900/1800 that way it wont go searching.. and turn off the Vibrating alert if you're getting txt messages all the time...

  • Can anyone help me. On top of my phone is a little G which has waves on it while the net is on. When the G is there without waves, will i be charged for being on the net?? If so how to I keep it off. It always comes on and off.

  • Rudey, You should be turning your bluetooth OFF prior to connecting to PC Studio,not ON.

  • By the way, how do u change the fone to 2G pleez.

  • Hi, wen i connect my fone to the PC, PC Studio does not reognise it. Why could this be? By the way, I have turned my Bluetooth on pior to connecting the fone. If I fiddle about with the "Phone Monitor Settings" under the "Settings" tab, do you think this could help solve it or will it simply make things worse?

  • and oh.. forgot to mention that I read Andy's post about java games and used my babblefish to translate the gibberish but that didn't really work out with my phone.. I seem to have a different version of pc studio than Andy has..

  • Hi everyone.. I've had z140 for a few weeks now and I've enjoyed every moment with it :P I haven't had any problems with this phone.. it's just that.. I would love to try out some java games and the thing is .. when I download .jar & .jad files onto the phone with pc studio. I cannot run them.. I cannot "install" them .. if anyone can tell me how to do it I would appreciate it a lot..

  • Lisa, Are you turning bluetooth off on your phone,prior to hooking up to PC Studio

  • please help me!!!! i have installed the cd and everythin on it onto ma comp and iv connected everythin up lol but it still wont work, iv opened pc studio (its 2.1) and i hav this phone, but it's as if my phone isn't reconised on it or something i haven't a clue whats wrong, i just want to send things to thr computer and from the computer but it wont let me :( im so confused!!! it only shows th computer files and doesn't show anythin about my phones files helpppp!!

  • hiya i bought this fone and ive got the USB cable and i want to put pictures on my computer, but the trouble is ive lost my PC studio disk, is there anywhere where you can buy one thanks

  • OMG why is every one sayin that it is a crap phone!! its not ..realli they just don't know how too use it proply... derrrr!! hellllooo there are instructions that actually come with the phone!! here i will give you a hint the camera, how people complain how it is upside down, use the volume buttons on the side of the phone and it will turn it around!! ahhh magic, no not realli i just READ THE INSRUCTIONS!! maybe you all should read them too lol anyway bubi xoxo

  • i know how to change your message tone. you go to profiles, then on the bottom left hand corner you press select and then edit. and then you can change your message tone and every thing else too. also does any one no how to put mp3 songs on the phone??? please answer bak thanx xoxo

  • hiya ppl my battery does go very fast and i need 2 charge it every night.y is this???

  • Yes drogba everyone seem to hav the same problem with the battery, mine lasts for a day

  • Hi... i have a problem with my phone that the battery drains very fast, is anyone else having this problem???

  • Can some1 pls tell me how to change message tones on my SGH-z140v Thanx

  • can anyone tell me how to get rid of the yes optus logo on the front screen,thanks

  • heya - can anybody help me? ive tried installing the pc studio disc that comes with the phone which is successful, only my phone isnt recognised when i plug it in through the usb cable so i can upload anything to my phone, any help!??

  • hi i am very happy with this mobile but i cant put games on it with the usb driver .can enyone help me?? pleaseeee!!!my e-mail is [email protected]

  • help me out. i installed the disk componants i got with the phone and i plugged the phone to the computer and it says the phone is connected but i cant put any music on my phone it doesnt show me the stuff i have on my phone already what do i do now??

  • Hi, to those of you who want to add java games by USB cable and not by wap then this site could well help you. It is in foreign language though so you need bablefish to translate it. my phone is a zv10 which I think is similar in operation to the z140 and I have successfully (in the end, it is quite tricky) managed to download java games using the usb cable. Here is the site to read how to do it: Hope it works on your z140 phones. Good luck. Andy.

  • I love this phone. I have only one problem as i can't download games from the pc studio. I put .jar files on the other files section on the pc studio but the mob doesn't find the game when i browse in the folder Any help ?

  • Hi,Have had this phone for a few weeks now, seems ok to use but the more you want to learn about the phone the battery just drains. Otherwise pretty good. Cheers! Brian.

  • itis more than great , i love samsung mob so much ..............nice mob

  • I have my z140 for a few months and I simply love it. The battery is not as bad as most people say. You just have to charge it the right way and if you change it to 2g it lasts longer. Sometimes my battery lasts for almost a week. I'm very happy with it and recomend it. :) The thing it really bugs me is that the only way to transfer games is through wap. **kiss**

  • Make sure you've got the latest version of PC Studio (2.0.9) from the Samsung site. The version on the CD that came with my Z140 didn't even show support for that model!

  • ello ive had this fone since christmas and it is fantastic i love it the camera is brilliant and the 3g is fantastic but the themes on this phone are very limited can anyone tell me any good websites where i can download themes that are GOOD otherwose this phone is fantastic

  • The phone is wonderful! I'm sorry, that i couldn't take it earlyer!

  • hi, my model is excellent, it is the samsung pc studio 2.1 that is causing me to complain. it will not let me ope it and shows an error code(0x80040707) and was wondering if anyone else was having this problem and would be very thankful to anyone who is able to provide a way of fixing this to me. If you have any ideas please e-mail on [email protected]! Oh, i have already tried to unisntall it and then re-install, but the same error code appears. Rehards Grant!

  • I have had my Z140 for three weeks and find it brilliant.From the opinons I have read on your site, it is plain to see too much is expected of phones in general. I would recommend this phone to anyone who wants to use it as a phone and camera only.If you want all the extra functions, go buy an mp3 or ipod.

  • hi, i got this phone in january and i absolutely love it! its got so many features and a good sized memory. yes, you can put music onto the phone using the samsung pc studio cd and wire provided with the phone. when downloading music onto the phone, put the music into the ringtones folder on your phone. no, you can't listen to music and do things at the same time. this is the best phone i've ever had!

  • Love the phone, but can't get any music onto it. have tried putting it in all the folders, MP3 and other file types, but all i get is a message saying access denied, try another folder. if i could get this working, i would like this phone even more. if you can help please email

  • I got my phone yesterday and it seems great, but is there any way to listen to music AND do other things at the same time? ie. send text messages.

  • I have the phone on order. does the phone have mp3 ringtones if it does whats the most songs u can store on it? I know it may be a bit 2 late but could some email me please i would love to find out weather it is a good phone or bad phone. thanks

  • This is a gr8 phone I am very happy with the phone, and its features although, the Samsung Z140's battery doesn't last very long and if you are a heavy talker this is not the phone for you, the rest of the phone is gr8!! The phone is also not very corresponding when you want to download music from your computer using the Samsung Pc Studio or the usb cable rather do it with infrared.

  • I'm having major problems trying to hear it,missing loads of calls,anyway of turning it up,than the max it gives?.NB

  • the phone is bad! no battery life and the speaker isnt loud enough and there are better phones out there.

  • how much is it to work 3g and do u hav to pay to put mp3s on it?

  • this fone is good!!! but how do u get videos onto it through samsung Pc studio???som1 help!!!

  • wen u r on the camera and it looks upside down then press the arrows on the side of the fone and it flips the screen round, simple.

  • this phone is really fantastic you can do loads on it and it is just brilliant

  • Where is 2 pixels camera?. =(

  • If you want to instal aplications on it you have to do it via wap otherwise it won't work!!! belive me i tryed everything else

  • your phone only takes mp3, so look 4 music wat r mp3, the other kind will not work. it must say mp3. by the way my bluetooth has pooed do u know how to get it workin again, cos i can send to old mates, but i cant find new people

  • how can i install programs on it?!

  • Can anyone tell me how to install programs and games on it?! I've tried many things but no results...Thanks.

  • You can't use mp3's for Message tones on many phones at all anyway. Certaintly not for the same price as this phone. I quite like the message tones on this phone anyway.

  • grgrgaer

  • Well, I got the phone on x-mas... and I'm not very satisfied coz of two aspects, but I don't want to change it for another anyways! About using the phone, you just need to read the instructions! For example, about the upside-down photos, there's the side buttons that puts the photos upside-right! Hey, just look for it!! Come on people, do you really think that Samsung is stupid enough to put a routable camera to take upside-down photos? Come on! I think it's just laziness... But... I agree about the battery... but hell.. all 3G phones have low battery life! If you want better life time battery, get a non-3G phone! Or, as me, buy a spare! As for mp3, use the pc studio to transfer music to the phone, or use Infrared port or Bluetooth... But I just wished I could use my mp3 for message rings� Regards.

  • can someone help me my Z140 is phone Freeze or something can someone give a code ??? mail me : [email protected]

  • cara/paul, Install the software disc that comes with the phone,that will install Samsung PC studioline 2.1.Once installed,follow the following.Activating Bluetooth PC Studio 2.1 1) Connect Phone To USB Lead 2) De-Activate Bluetooth On The Phone 3) Put Phone Back To Main Menu 4) Open Up PC Studio on the PC 5) Wait,Wait a bit more 6) Connected Phone Sign Appears On PC by the taskbar. 7) Drag And Drop Files 8) When Finished Re-Enable Phone Bluetooth.Hope that helps.Nick.

  • To correct the picture prior to taking it use the 2 keys on the left hand side of the phone,that will flip the picture.Nick.

  • Hi Paul :) Did you not get instructions with the phone? You might want to go to the Samsung webpage and type Z140 in the search box. On the right hand top corner there is an icon that says Download Manual or something similar. You should find how to get mp3 files transfered onto the phone via the PC software in there. Have you found that your battery needs charging all the time? It makes me a little mad, I'm at uni and theres not many places that i can charge my phone. Also, I turn my phone off for a lecture and when I turn it on the phone sometimes it can't find my SIM card or it comes up with emergency service only or asks for my code. Can anyone help me with taking a picture. When I look into the screen the picture is upside down. I take it anyway and the picture in the folder is upside down too. HELP PLEASE. I've read the manual, the settings are right.

  • its an ok phone soo annoying that you cant have realtones as your ringtones and i rally want to know if u can get pictures from your phone to the internet cause there is a cable thing but i just don't know how to use it i wouldnt recamend this phone looks cool and all but gets booring after a while

  • Can someone please tell me how to get mp3 files transfered onto the phone via the PC software as I have no instructions...thanks!

  • General Public dosen't know stuff about cell phones and should stick to engineering. You just take the photo thats upside down and go to the photo folder, click on the photo, turn it the right way and save it. Simple! Hes missing calls because he talks nonsense

  • I agree with General Public. He/she makes some good points. My fone only holds its battery life for about a day only. I always get this message Emergency Service Only. I have to keep turning it off to reboot it then it sometimes doesn't find my SIM card. Very disappointing fone. Don't buy one.

  • To me, the Samsung Z140 from a point of sale is misleading, backed by bunch of rubbish published and distributed through publishing resources. The Z140 has a maximum battery life of 2 days IF you don't touch it. If you use your phone for general use, it will need to be charged daily but if you use the phone for business use like I do, then don't forget your charger, you'll need to charge it at lunch. If you have enough battery to take photo's, you'll be looking at the screen upside down, and of course, the photo comes out upside down too. There are very little features in this phone that aren't in competitive phones. As an engineer, I purchased the phone to make/receive calls and take site photos. I�ve missed calls and had the phone drop out due to used up battery or loss of service. So, my advice is to you is to stay clear of the Z140 because honestly it will cause frustration and importantly, the phone in my opinion is not fit for its intended use. At work, my ex-Nokia got full bars, this Z140 barely gets 1 bar.

  • Yes YOU CAN have mp3's as ringtones. I have done it on my phone. You simply download them to the music folder on the phone and set as ringtone - simple.

  • for people who want to turn 3g off go to the main menu and choose settings. now go to connectivity then network settings. choose network mode and change the selection from UMTS to GSM 900/1800 this will deactivite it and to get it back on choose UTMS

  • its a really good phone accept it takes a while to load and you cant have mp3's or real tones set as your sms/mms ringtone. only for video/voice calls :-( you can only have pollyphonic :-( and there isnt a good 3g signal so i set it to 2.5g :-)

  • on the specifications, in the camera sections there is an abreviation VGA... wat does it actualy mean?? does it mean that is is better than a 1 megapixel camera?? as im really :S

  • Hi Fine Cellphone

  • How can i find the MP3 on my phone.

  • hoorrrriiiiiibleeeeeeeeee phone top tens *wahh the sound very "loud" *hmm ok nyce screen (colour) *lots of "funtions"..... *no theme!!! *setting up the wallpaper... *vibration ? worst......!! *can i delete the pic or videos inside??? its taking up spaces irritating.....~~ *the memory can expand bigger..? *can i put mp3 as msg tone..? ( so sick) last of all = the game very "nice".. regreting buying this phone... sickening!!!!

  • I have just got this phone and on first impressions think it seems good but I am concerned about the battery life. Please can someone tell me how to turn off the 3G function. I have tried going into connections to change the network setting to gprs as someone had said but don't have the GPRS option. Can anyone help? Please !

  • hi there all .can anyone tell me if the alarm is set does the phone need to be turned on i thought i could have it set then turn thanks tonyphone off and the alarm should come on

  • Well...where to start ? I will start with the pros. Very good screen. Very bright and very good resolution. That�s it for the pros ! Short, isn�t it ? The cons: Battery life very short, even if you turn off 3G features. To do it just go to connection setting and set the network to GPRS. So the phone will not try to switch between GPRS and UMTS. If you leave it and there is poor UMTS...the phone goes to Emergency Services Only and freezes !! You must reboot like a good PC under W98 !! But there is not Cntrl+Alt+Del ! And this several times a day. Sound is not loud...I miss calls constantly ! Vibration does not help much ! Alarm clock works has its own life I think ! I still did not find the reason why it works one day, and one day not ! But the funny thing is that when you set the alarm clock, the previous alarm that did not ring starts ringing !! Very funny ! Like it�s 22h and the alarm clock set at 7 AM 3 days ago rings ! Also the schedule...same pb, events are not shown...sometimes they are shown when you set the alarm clock !! Does anyone understand ??!! So you miss calls, wake up, events...who programed this phone ??!! Was it done by a student during a summer school ?! Really disappointing. I will never ever buy a Samsung mobile again. NEVER EVER !

  • is not 640x480 pixels i am sorry !!!! is 1mpx

  • I've been trying to download mp3's to my phone from my PC but have been getting an 'access denied' message. Anyone have a solution to this problem?

  • to do a video call u go on to phone book so all ya numbers show then click options then click v-call if its not showning go on settings on connectivity click network settings then network mode and its the bottom one the UMTS

  • just got this phone. not that impressed. battery life is terrible. the menu is incredibly hard to get around. been trying to turn 3G off, vodafone website didnt have info on this, i had to come on here to find out how to do it - very poor. and i agree with someone down there, the ariel is bloody horrible.

  • i love movies anyone know any good 1's pls txt back

  • can anyone tell me how to get the 'vodafone UK' logo off my screen. Love this fone, have no probs with it

  • As previously stated switching off 3G will make a big difference to the battery life. It can easily be switched back on if you need it. True, the ringer isn't very loud and that's a bit disappointing.

  • Looks great! Unfortunately it isn't... The most irritating feature is the overly short battery life - I can't go more than a day without charging it. The camera is not their most user friendly, particularly whan it comes to zooming- and it lacks the flash that more basic phones have. The loudest ring setting is also not very loud, so vibration needs to always be on when outside, and this further drains the short life of the battery. Most other features aren't too bad, but their are much better samsung phones out there.

  • Just got this phone and I think its terrific. Great design and quality features at a very cheap price. Battery life is not a huge issue for me as I don't use my mobile a huge amount but truning the 3G off seems to at least partly solve that problem. Recommended.

  • oh, and if u want to take pictures... I think that a camera is much better... :) but the z140 has a good image!! :) check out the SE!

  • To: TookumaJr Well, in my view, I think that the Z140 is better than the other two coz: -> LG S5200 - it's not a 3G phone and the baterry sucks, but it has 64Mb memory... -> SLVR - it's not a 3G phone and battery also sucks but it has a Card slot!!! The Z140 battery isn't good too... mine lastes 3 days, but the rest is great! I like the phone, so I'm thinking in buying an extra battery. Take a look at the SonyEricsson K600i, V600 and K608... I would buy one of those if I bought my phone now... but between Z140 and LG S5200 + SLVR, I choose Z140... Good shopping!

  • hello ive had my phone since xmas and it brill and i love it my uncle wants to do video calling and recieve it with me, how do i do it ? what are the settings supposed to be for it to work ? please help !!! thankx luv ya all xxxxx ps it was on vodafone but i got it unblocked to o2 so could that be the problem ?

  • thx crofty. do u kno of ne fones that accually allow you to plug an usb device in?

  • i've had this phone for 2 months, and there's nothing i like about it. the battery lasts 36-48 hours, the camera does whatever it wants to despite playing with the side buttons. vodafone live doesn't work on.... there's only one good thing i can personally say about: i can't wait to get a replacement!

  • u get a usb cable in the box so u can download music pics vids, all that stuff, but u must first install the cd. u get that in the box two. the usb cable connects were the charger goes in.

  • i'm thinking of buying this phone but there is one that i want to kno before i do. does it have a usb port on it in a way that u can plug a usb device in it or does it have special port which connects to a usb cable thx

  • this fone is great coz i hav it there is nothin bad about this fone and for it's price it is the best fone u can get i u ain't got it u should get it

  • Thanx for the tip about the camera. I think this phone is really good. It has a lot of memory, unlike some other phones and it has a really good media player!

  • dna, when u open the camera and it's upside down, push the buttons in the left (volume buttons).then u can see normaly...i have a phone like that and i like it...

  • The side volume bottons will change the photo image! Flip-flop and mirror changes!

  • THere`s a bug with the camera. When the phone is open and you point the camera to you the image is upside-down. Don`t know how it`s with the 3G but on shooting mode it`s like that

  • GREAT PHONE ! the phone is great and dont be put off the phone by the bad points and there are hardly any!! get it..

  • The desing is superb !!! :D

  • the memory is good i had bout 6 mp3 tracks on mine all nealy lasted 5 mins each, get it now, tell ya mum u love her to bits, she shall buy lol

  • matt get this phone trust me its the best. dont be pulled away with the dark side. learn with yoda and u will become holy. yes like i was sayin get this phone, u think your phone is bad i had a nokia 3410 4 5 years, i was a geek lol

  • hey! Can u help.. i'm choosin a fone for may.. my b'day.. i no its a bit far away, but i jst cant wait, as im board wit my fone.. I'm choosing between this or a sony erricson v600i, which as a 1.3mega pixel camera, but not flip :-( n i cannot ave not flip.. So wot do u fink.. can any1 tel me y this fone is soo bril, and th gd points + bad points plz.. thanks!

  • bibi06, Got mine from vodaphone shop,�100.00 pay as you go.Nick.

  • i just got this mobile as a present and i luv it, it has a lot of features and the camera is also very good. i have only one problem, is there a setting for the alarm so that it will work when the mobile is switched off? please help. thanks a lot

  • its mint buy it get it eat it(if u want) i think its cool

  • this phone is mint, but my sound has gone 4 no reason so iam taking it back 4 a new one, its beeing chedder. its a mad phone its phone to mess wid, like recording stupid videos, plus if u get bored have a look at the pics on it wat uve seen 18 times. lol but its mad as cheese. just i dont know why my sound has died.

  • Probably the best phone I have had. Up until now I used stuck to Nokia Series 60 phones and only got the Samsung because it was a cheap 3G phone. However I have to say the screen is superb, the performance likewise !!! Only criticisms are that there is no card slot (although 44Mb internal memory is pretty generous - just a bit small given that the Z140 is a pretty passable MP3 player). Also I agree with those that criticise the battery life - it is a little on the short side :-) Overall though, an excellent phone - I would definitely recommend it !!!!

  • from Michael: unless you use 3G on your handset, turning it off will improve your battery life upto 69%. find it in connectivity settings under network settings and then network mode, finally select GSM900/1800. 3G should now be off thus improving your battery life, just turn it back on when you need it.

  • 2Nick: to switch the 3G off: Settings --> Connectivity --> Network --> Network mode --> then choose your network mode, here in Portugal is GMS 900/1800, I don't know yours. You have to change the Automatic mode to the normal one. 2Xtof: I think the phone is great, I never had problems and this is my second month! You are a bit right about the battery and it�s a shame that I need to switch off the 3G features to save battery life... but all 3G phones waste a lot of battery in the 3G mode, especially if the 3G network isn't developed in your country as it isn't in mine, that is why the phone wastes lots of battery coz its constantly looking for the 3G network mode, which is still very poor in Portugal! I never had the problems you announce! Also, the price is fantastic! The phone is great! Buy it!

  • This is 2-3 month I have this phone...full of bugs ! The alarms don't even ring anymore ! And sometimes you are setting an alarm and suddenly an alarm you set days ago starts ringing ! Battery life is poor compared to what is announced by Samsung. You might switch off the 3G features if you want to save battery why to promote 3G network if you can't use it ??!! Also big pb when you have the 3G on...the phone has dificulties to switch between GPRS and UMTS networks...and it crashes so hard that you must reboot few times a day. Don't buy this phone, it is really bad. Lot of - compared to the +. I really don't understand the voting results...

  • How do you turn off the 3G to save battery power?,cheers.Nick.

  • sorry, 3G instead of G3!

  • 2georgiana: this phone doesn't take photos with the lid closed, and that's very good, coz other phones that do that can fill up the memory with unwanted photos that are taken by only touching the side botton with no will! I have a friend that has another samsung phone and she hates the fact that the phone takes photos with the lid closed coz she has the memory filled with black photos taken to her jeans pocket! P.S. My battery lastes way more now! I switched the G3 off! I'll only switch it on when I need it!

  • i would buy this phone but u cant expand the memory

  • I got this phone for xmas. it's great to use and so easy. It should really have 2 cameras because flipping the 1 camera around all the time and then using the side button to flip it is just too fiddly for me. the design is so ugly but ohwell. the features are good. Unfortunatley the small clock on the sub lcd doesnt stay on all the time like the Samsung zm60 or the Samsung E720. Wish it didnt have the ariel bit.

  • I have a problem with this phone. I can't anymore take photos with the phone close. The side button won't work anymore for taking photos. It works with the phone opened. Can anyone help to tell me what to do... pls...and what program do I need to see the videos from the phone on my computer... For now the phone amaze me every day with new staffs

  • i got a z140v 4 xmas slowly getting used 2 it.and i aint a quick learner.its a 50/50like dislike 4 me.ring volume 2 low 4 2 fiddly.but iwould like 2 get an in car charger 4 i like playing games on it as battery dont last more than an last phone lated [seemed like] for hours

  • i wanted to buy this phone, but when i heard the battery lasts as long as you say, i'm really having 2-nd thoughts.. i really like it's features, but i can't hadle being forced to charge the battery daily.. :| i don't know what to do..

  • I have worked out how to add MP3's to the phone. Using the PC Studio programme and the USB cable provided, save the MP3 files under the Ringtone Folder on the phone. So it's a case of dragging the file from your computer and dropping it into the Ringtone folder on the phone. Really easy, and definately works. I am now loving this phone, as all the things I didn't think it could do, it now does. Hooray.

  • how do you put music from your computer onto your phone?

  • Stacey - I guess u can, never tried it but the "PC Studio 2.0.9" has that option!!! Just wondering... do Z140s' battery die fast as mine? My battery only lasts up to 2 days... :'(

  • Hi sorry about that post was typing a bit fast and came out wrong What i wanted to say was can i upload photos from my phone onto the PC using the USB and will it work better if 3G is switched off? Many Thanks Stacey

  • Hi i wpould like to know if this phone would work faster if i turned 3G off it would work faster and can i upload my phone cameras photos onto my OC using the cable? Please Reply Stacey

  • 1,5 MP

  • anyone know how to get the underscore character when entering an email address for a contact?

  • please can you help me ? i got this phone samsung z140 for christmas and its very good but the problem is i set my alarm clock on it and turn my phone off and it doesnt work ! can anyone help me because the thing is i use my alram on my phone all the time please email a.s.a.p

  • I really will buy this phone!But can anyone tell me what mp the camera is 0,3 or 1,3? But i think its a verry good phone (SORRY FOR MY ENGLISH)

  • hello i have a question. what has this phone for MP camera. is it 0.3 or 1.3 Please answer it?? please anwser??

  • Got this phone for xmas. Well pleased with performance even if the battery life is suspect. Does anyone know where i can get a leather case for it? I`ve tried ebay + vodafone website, but there does`nt seem to be one for this model.

  • hi! happy new year all!! got my samsung about 1 week ago - love it!! only prob im having is tryin to download music from vodafone live - i keep getting error messages and despite repeated phonecalls to customer services im still havin a problem! is anyone else experiencin similar probs and if so how were they rectified?? other than that the phones is awsome!!! picture quality is superb!

  • I'm a Z140 owner for about 11 days... I like the phone, it has a nice design, great memory, comes with Bluetooth, IR, camera/video and it has a fine screen, but... - battery wastes up quite fast (or am I always checking its features?); - the inside screen is too small to see pictures (why can�t I use the whole screen like with Motorola? � that would be rather enough); - I can�t use .amr tones as ringtones, but I can hear them; - No indicator on phone of battery level while charging, only the charging light; - Volume on speaker quite limited. Anyways, I like the phone... but what annoys me most is the battery lifetime...

  • This phone is really great, it has everything you need, like bluetooth, video recorder. The quality of the videos is brilliant and you can store around about an hours worth of video's. I've have free sky on mine which is really cool and is very good quality. The only downside about this phone is the battery so if you want to watch sky then you'll have to use up alot of battery.

  • hi how do u know it has 50mb because i cant find it on my phone ive put about 5 mp3's and my memory status is nearly full over half way and 1 video but its a great phone it has every thing eg. bluetooth, camera/video ive had it for about 2 weeks and its the best phone ive ever had. And being on vodaphone is exellent samsung is the best.

  • I would love to get this phone for my birthday but i would like to no does the usb cable and the disc come with the phone. Also how long does the battery life realy lasts. PLease email thanks sean

  • i've bought this phone 4 weeks ago and it's great. it has everything like bluetooth and IR, camera/video, beautiful screen but it doesn't have a lot of memory( just 50MB) but not everyone needs more. the outside is a little fragile becouse its black but any phone has a scratch or 2

  • Hi, I've been reading people comments on the video recording and i was wondering, you say that it can record for 1Hour but is that all in one go (like a 1 hour vidio)? Also I go to alot of music gigs and was wondering wether when you record a band,the picture and sound is good quality. Thank You

  • Ash, I've bought 2 of these for Xmas,bought both outright and both on prepaid from local Vodaphone shop.

  • Hi, I was just about to buy this phone today but the sales person said i was not able to because i am on pre paid and you cannot use 3G on Prepaid. i dont see how they can just not give me access to it. I wouldnt use it anyway. Does anyone have this phone that they bought outright and is on pre paid? I really want this phone but like i said i was told i cant because i am on Pre paid and you need a 3G sim card or something.. Plz help!

  • Hi lisa knight, Abt ur mms issue, u need to call Vodafone to send u the settings for Vodafone 3G MMS function. Once that is set-up and selected, u're on MMS and perhaps kiss the guy at Vodafone instead :P heh..heh..Happy Hols then ;)

  • hi Ryan, If the PC link up fails, there's still bluetooth. Use a laptop or another phone with bluetooth to send u the mp3...within 10m radius of course. Oh, there are lil bluetooth gadgets that plugs into the USB port these make a laptop or PC bluetooth ready. thanx

  • Just got the phone for Christmas and am loving it so far. Although I tried to install the PC Studio disc onto my iMac (G3,Mac OS 9.2) and it won't install the software, so I now have no idea how to get mp3's onto my phne, can anyone please help.

  • Hi Josh, I just got the same phone today and I had the same problem, but I managed (by accident) to figure it out. As you're looking at the keypad, in camera mode, if you look on the left hand side of the phone itself, there's the earphone jack and then immediately below that, there's 2 buttons that look like one long one. If you press the top one of the 2, while the camera's facing outwards, it'll flip the image so it's right-side up so you can take the picture properly, then you simply do the same with the other button after rotating the camera back towrd you if you want to take a picture that way. I hope that's explained it alright. My main problem seems to be the same as a few people on here, no matter what I do I can't seem to get PC Studio to allow me to download music onto my phone. I've tried both mp3 and wma and neither will work. When I open PC Studio and try to drang and drop songs, it just says access denied, and I'm not even positive that the phone is registering on my computer. Anyone have any ideas?

  • umm i see where your coming from with the battery.. but i bin having it permanantly messing about with the settings for two days.. so the battery wud get a bit drained.. but my speakers are quite loud.. i dnt see where you get the quietness is good.. but the message ringtones.. can you get it as a realtone? or not? i can only get my calls as mp3s etc..

  • every time i try to send an mms it says- Sending failed Unallowed: not provisioned yet. What the hell does that mean before i make the guy at vodafone eat this pile o junk

  • can anybody tell me how long does it lasts the battery?? please Z140 owners... otherwise A MERRY CHRISTMAS !! everyone.. lotzi, Romania

  • Yeah got 2 for myself and son and also concerned about battery life,have had to re charge both phones today twice.Also find that the ringing tone is very quite even with volume keys on the side turned up,unless I'm getting deaf!.Other than that up until now very happy.

  • Loving the phone loads but really having some problems with battery life.... seems to last only one day.. IF that?!? Great vid/pic quality though!

  • merry christmas dudes to the people who own this phone, rock on and hope have a good christmas

  • Merry Christmas to all of u proud Z140 owners ;) hi jojo, ur predicament abt the photo being upside down. All u need to do is to press the volume up (on the left side) to toggle vertically and volume down to toggle horizontally. Really like the multiple & mosaic photoshot function..makes it feel like a pro-camera :P Video on Very High Quality gives u up to an hour..but I doubt u'll have enuff memory to make the hour. The only setbacks I find on this phone is:- -limited memory space, shared 44mb -VGA camera of 0.3 megapixel -no indicator on phone of battery level while charging, only the charging light -volume on speaker quite limited

  • listen to me now this phone is great i was lookin on this site for weeks, and i got this phone its the best its great the camra is great and my videos last 4 an hour, one thing can some one tell me a free site were i can download stuff, like mp3s

  • Got this phone today. It rockss. I don't use the usb&cd on this computer because i have bluetooth on this one but will use it on a different computer probably. camera is brilliant. *BUT* when i turn the camera round so it faces the outside, it can only do the photo upside down. I can obviously save the picture & rotate it later on. But how the hell can I do this when I am taking a video? It's annoying having to turn the phone around every time I try to take a video or photo. Please someone help mee. Email me or somethingg if thats easier.

  • could some one tell me plz how 2 change ur theme on ur phone david xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • wow now i know how long it records 4 all wud tell everone 2 buy it is the best fone ive ever had

  • by the way if u want to download mp3s insert your cd wat u get with it install usb and pc studio thing, after it will say load your pc up do that then when it comes back on, insert your phone to the other end of the usb. Then click my document on the pc stuidio it will come up with your files click music then look for mp3 at the side of the song. click the song and hold on then drag it into ringtones. its should download into your ringtone file, it must be mp3

  • this phone is great, bluetooth, 3G, good quality camera (even though it aint megapixel) mp3 player, 60 min video. Free sky TV on vodaphone, and �30 free credit. BUY THIS PHONE

  • David, enter the video record feature, and change length from "MMS" to the other option, you should have the full video length

  • could someone tell me how long it records please because i havent got my phone but will have shortly and would appericite it davidxxx

  • plz plz plz tell me how long it will record mine duz 4 - 10 seconds depending on how much things you have got on your phone plz help i dont no whether i should take it back because this seems very short

  • this phone is the best phone that i have come across and i work in carphonewarehouse and i do know a lot about phones. out of the samsung range i would rate this as the best phone on the market . BUY THIS PHONE ITS BRILLIANT!!!!!

  • To put MP3's on your phone, use the cable provided and attach it to your computer and phone. On Media Player, convert the music to Mp3 format, add tracks to sync list and then go to sync, press F5, and then the music will transfer. Alternitivly, if your computer or laptop has bluetooth or infra red then use that . Enable both devices with bluetooth, the computer will pick the phone up and go to send, and send the files. You need to accept on your phone.

  • is there a speaker on this telephone??

  • it can record for an hour aparently, the place i jus ordered it from sed that anyway

  • Bought 2 for xmas,interested to know if its true and how do you get it,access to sky TV for free till end Jan 2006,any ideas,cheers.

  • could some1 plz tell me how long you can record for in one go? It will be much appreciated. Thanx.

  • gr8 phone, nice design, nice features

  • this phone is absolutly fantastic it does everything Bluetooth, 3g , Vodafone live, MP3, 60 min video, video calling, FREE SKY TV on vodafone its the best phone goin!

  • It can have MP3 ^^

  • i have just brought this phone for myself and ny husband for xmas, i read up on the comments most of you have put here about downloading the songs to your phone from your computer it worried me a bit and thought ok i must try and rectify this, this is done very succesfully i had a few probs at first and once i had registered my phone to pc studio 2.1 my phone worked great on it and i could download, this phone is completely awesome and well worth every penny i paid for it

  • could someone tell me how long you can record a video for in one go? My last phone coul only do it fot 1min at a time, so hopfully this will be better.

  • iam sorry but iam not made of money and this phone seems good put if u cant get ya mp3s on it then whats the point wasting money on it. ive seen better, i think if they brought the money down on this phone then it would be acceptable, still isnt the piont if it says mp3 then it should work

  • This phone looks good, but the camra seems a bit low in pixles, is the camra good quality?

  • how long can you film for in one go on this phone?

  • how to unfreeze z140? can I use the same software from z500 (WinIMEI 1.16) to unfreeze my z140 ?

  • Does anyone know how long you can record a video for on this phone. thank you.

  • Hi, i'm thinking about buying this phone. Can someone please tell me how long you can record a video for in one go?

  • How do I upload JAVA to this phone?! Cable Bluetooth and IrDA won't work, folder is locked.

  • Nobody has answered on how to download music. I have converted all music to MP3 format on my computer but it won't allow download. To what folder should it be downloaded to in order for the media player to access it? Thx

  • reply to:cillian re: anybody know where I can purchase a body glove for this phone....I have just got one from a german seller on ebay, here is the web addy. Hope it helps

  • Love the z14o what a great looking phone, but can any please tell me how i can get my mp3 music from my pc to my phone.

  • Hi, I�m thinking of buying this phone. I�d like to know if its mp3 ringtones are loud or quite?? Bcause i�ve a sony ericsson s700i but i really don�t feel comfortable with it, i prefer a shell mobile. I ALSO WOULD LIKE 2 KNOW IF YO CAN SEE THE PICTURE OF THE PERSON WHO IS CALLING IN THE EXTERNAL SCREEN?? PLEASE HELP ME

  • This one is a cutie. No problems with this phone whatsoever. A nice compact flip phone with all the benefits of 3G. Battery life isn't as poor as everyone seems to be whinging about. I get about 3 - 4 days out of mine which is pretty much standard these days for the phone of that size and features. Quit complaining and go back to non colour screen phones!

  • can anny one help me plz, because every one is complaining about the battery how bad is it? ore is it just with a few fones that it doesn't work good?

  • dus ne1 no wer u av 2 buy dis fone frm t gt a usb cable wit it? cn u gt a usb cable in the box if u buy it frm the link? tnk u

  • do you know if this phone has a message counter?

  • cn ne1 tl me hw many mega pixels dis fones gt plz? soz if it alredy bin answered !

  • you can increase battery life by turning off 3g. The reason why it crashes is because the phone tries to switch between GPRS and UMTS networks not very well and few times a day it crashes and the only thing it allows is emergency calls ! To solve the problem, in the menu Connections you set only the GPRS. Change it back to use the 3G features. There are other small bugs but not a big deal.. The can be solved at and going to firmwares(its in spanish though) Press the volume button to turn the picture around when its upside down. Any other questions?

  • Bought 2 for chrimbo pressies,had a quick play and am impressed,slightly concerned about the battery life.My problem is does anybody know where I can purchase a body glove for this phone,searched eveywhere,any ideas please.

  • Phica, try reading the specs about the phone above the comments...yes, this phone indeed has bluetooth.

  • how do you load your mp3 songs from your pc onto your samsung z140 ?

  • how do you get your mp3 songs onto your phone

  • does this fone have bluetooth?

  • I got this phone and charged it as instructed but when switched it on the next day at 9am, by 11am it had gone down to 2 bars on the battery indicator and by end of the day 1 bar! I had already switched it off the G3 network and havent used the pictures or video. when I rang vodafone to complain they said it must be cos I have an old sim card which doesnt work well with the newer phone and are sending me a new one. However I suspect its known that the battery is crap!

  • hi, i am thinking of getting this fone, but cant find out what actually comes in the box with it.

  • I have the same phone as you, And I believe this is a very nice product even if the memory is a little smal for a 3g phone. To asign pictures to a caller Id is quite simple: just enter the menu/my files/pictures/select one picture/options/ set as caller Id. and this is all

  • dis phone is good but i wont it 2 hav a card so i can take pic and put it in my computer

  • I got the phone yesterday and there is nothing wrong with it, so you people out there should stop complaining. the phone is a good one and the colour resulution is great.

  • I'm so confused. I like my phone overall but the battery life is unbelievably poor, lasting only 26 hours at the most and I can't work out how to put music files onto it. I understand I have to drap and drop but don't know where to drop! It also won't let me press download when I have got the song up. I have iTunes so wish to take the songs from there but it's just not working. Can anyone help me please? Either on how to extend my battery life or the music bit. Thanks!

  • Had the Z140v for 3 days now and am very pleased with it overall. Have had a couple of sharps (GX30i) which were great but the Sammy 140 is a worthwhile exchange. I can't assign pictures to caller ID though, can anyone help? I live in the UK.

  • is Samsung Z140 good i want 2 get for christmas but some reviews are bad plz help

  • Could not get vodaphone live as i used my old sim ,Had to use sim provide with phone seems to be a type called usim for 3G...

  • Can anyone tell me how to get music files onto this thing? I've installed the PC studio CD but can't work out what to do next.

  • i wnt a samsung 4 christmas this 1 looks good but ive ered good and bd coments im confused ;] im look in 4 a phone with these features and i wnt 1 with a flash this 1 aint got ;o lol ermmmm ne suggestions on sum good phones en o.O cud i put a diff sim card init like ? Luvs it Alys-x Xxx ;]

  • hiya you can record a video for 60 mins can anyone tell me the reason as to why i cant get vodafone live on it

  • I've had this for a week -- maybe something's wrong with it as it hasn't crashed at all! :-) Seems very good. I don't believe anon actually works for Vodafone, as I know the engineers there like it.

  • I have this phone but seem to have lost the driver disk :(. I downloaded the software and driver from the samsung site but then found out that i needed pc studio 2.1, the site only has 2.09? Would any1 no where i could get hold of the newer version of maybe email me a copy? Thanks :).

  • I've been looking for a phone all day and i finally found this 1, which looks alrite and every1 slags it off should i get the samsung Z140 or not? please help because i need to now thanx every1 lov ya Brianna BRRUUPP!!

  • I am very concerned that I have been sold the wrong phone,, my motorola razv3 was up on contract and needed to up date ,,was told by vodaphone that this was a free up grade and had only been on the nmarket four weeks,,,after reading the comments on this site im really concerned that I have got a crap phone can anyone tell me some postives about it,,and that it does not keep crashing and that the signal is not that bad ,and that the pic quality is not bad either thanks steve

  • i don not no whether to get the o2 x4 or the samsung z140v can anyone help me

  • Lisa, For the camera, press the side key (volume key). I had the same pb but it is normal because you can rotate the camera. I'm also looking for a normal ringtone... Ryan, Write in an understandable human language, maybe I'll be able to answer your question...

  • i dont no wether 2 gt this or da o2 x4 cn any1 help

  • hi ive just bought a samsung z140 and so far its great but ive read the opions and im now abit worried. i also need some help ive got some real player songs on my pc but when i tryed to download them from my pc it dint work and can sum1 help me when i rotate the camera its upside down and the other fing is i want a normal ring ring tone can sum1 help me please

  • Hi ppl, I had a Motorola V620, it was my first Motorola Phone, and it was the first phone that after 4 months i had to change it. It was very nice looking but it crashes all times, and reboots, etc. So i brought a Z140... and after a week of working, in my opinion i have again a MOBILEPHONE!!!! This phone comes with everything... Headset, USB cable, Bluetooth, Infrared, etc. It looks very nice too, and my doesn't crash or reboot like motorola V620 did. The only thing that i notice is that it's a bit worst than the Motorola V620 in the Battery, it runs low very quickly if you are always working with the phone. I think Motorola had more power. But this phone charges more fast than the Motorola V620... So in my general opinion... I'm very very happy for now. A very good 3G phone.

  • i work for vodafone i strongly advise against buying this phone. the software is bug ridden, battery life terrible. In short avoid at all cost it is certainly NOT the best voda live phone. quite frankly it's the worst

  • Help!! I want a new fone for xmas.. But the kool fones update and come dwn in price soo quickly! I found this fone in the link! is it worth buying it for �129.99 when i can get a motorola v547 for �89.99 + free blutooth headset.. or a nokia 6101 for �89.99............. Help plz!!

  • Katie, According to the specifications, the battery life of the Z140 is 300h on standby, means I guess, when you leave it on and you don't call. If you call and send sms, ok, should be less...but from 300h to 72h...I mean, I don't call for hours, maybe 10 min a day ! I did not try what you say, I always leave my phone on in case someone calls me. And remember that I had to swith off the 3G features ! At the beggining the battery life was maybe 1 day ! Ah, if you view pictures and shoot 2 or 3 pictures with the camera, then the battery life drops. I have nothing against Samsung, it's my first one, maybe other models from this brand are better, but the Z140 is not really good. Maybe that's why it was so cheap..I paid it 99 euros. When you want something good, normally it is expensive, no secret. Good luck.

  • "...everything possible..." Yes, like it crashes 5 times a day, sound is not of good quality and not very loud, if the profile is set to silence then even alarm clock is disabled...battery life 3 days. And this is the best Vodafone Live ever ?? So the other phones are worse ??!!

  • When you say the battery life is 72 hours do u mean left on constantly??I dont leave mine on all the time at the most a couple of hours incase i am waiting for a call.Then if the battery goes low a little i recharge it.So will i be ok with that?

  • this phone is the best vodafone have ever brought out , it does everything possible, plus the fact that vodafone now offer mobile tv with their 3g handsets , so cool buy this phone definately

  • Could anyone send me ringtones for the Z140 ? I mean, no polyphonic files, just normal and loud ringtones ? A "ring ring" for instance...something that I can hear.

  • Could anyone send me some "normal" ringtones for the Z140 ? I mean, it comes with some .mid files or poly ringtones but they are crap and I can't hear them when the phone rings ! All this poly or mp3 ringtones are shit. Sounds cool, people likes to have the last mp3 on their mobile but the truth is that when you have the phone in the pocket you can't hear just nothing. I would prefer a typical nice and loud "ring ring". Unfortunately, the Z140 does not have any of the old and normal ringtones ! Please...

  • the volume arrows on the left hand side of the phone change the camera view

  • I have this phone since 2-3 weeks. Looks cool, ok, but it's not all. The truth: it has a big bug, it crashes many times a day and you must reboot. And it is not only my phone, I know other people who have the same pb. I found out what was the pb. The phone tries to switch between GPRS and UMTS networks. Apparently, not very well and few times a day it crashes and the only thing it allows is emergency calls ! To solve the pb, in the menu Connections you set only the GPRS. So, forget about 3G features ! There are other small bugs but not a big deal... Also, battery life is far from being 300h. I phone maybe 5-10 min a day and send few sms and the battery life is about 72h. If I had to buy a new mobile, it would not be the Z140, for sure. But I needed a new mobile because mine was dead and Vodafone had a good offer (99 euros). I did not want to spend too much money on a mobile... So no "it's cool" or "it's nice" or "it rocks", just facts.

  • I asked for this phone for christmas but my dad says it isnt very good according to things he has read about it. I would use the camera quite a bit, but not really the video.I would also upload a few mp3's. I have the phillips 355 now how does it compare to this phone? And is it good for what I want it for? Please help!

  • Hi, Im thinking about getting this phone. It looks pretty cool. However, does anyone know whether this phone accepts a Tmobile SIM card? Where can I buy this phone? I know Hawaii does not carry this phone anywhere here. Please let me know. Thanks. :)

  • I've had this phone about a month now and have to say I'm not impressed. The menu is complicated and long winded and the battery life is terrible. I had a E800 before which kept crashing but it was a much easier phone to use despite it's faults

  • Yes it comes with USB cable and yes it has voice recorder, hope this helps.

  • Can anyone help, i have upgraded from a real old samsung phone, and it had voice dialling on it, can someone tell me if the z140 has this feature and where is it ???? i have rawled the menus and the manual but to no avail. thanx.

  • my dad baught me this phone today for a christmas present but i had a look and its great! The screen resolution, the camera, the ringtones. This phone is a great buy! is worth well more than asking price! you turn the picture the right way round by pressing the volume button on the side when the camera is on.

  • does it come with a usb cable

  • hi i woz wondering if anyone knew if this phone has a voice recorder as well as a video one??? please can u let me know if you know im trying to decide wot fone to get for christmas!

  • How do you turn off the 3G in the Z140 ?

  • This phone is very compact, looks good , is easy to use and has a great signal where ever i go!! Top phone !!

  • Hi there, have just got the fone and love it, but have dowloaded a full length song through ringtones and its saved it into the sound folder , but i cant save it as a ringtone, does anyone know how to? thankyou

  • if any of you speak spanish visit for tips, tricks, firmwares and more. it solved all my problems.

  • can someone help me with the camera on this fone is there neway to rotate the image cnt find it newhere on options

  • i love ths samsung z140. I just need to know how to download music and video files on it.

  • i have just got this phone.and it all seems brill.apart from the camera is upside down.i have tried your suggestion with the button on the side,but it just takes a picture!please help!

  • Does anyone know how to set message tone> I keep missing messages. Can't find it on the menu.

  • you can increase battery life by turning off 3g

  • the z140v is from vodafone, thats what the "v" stands for. its the same phone.

  • I bought it 2 days ago. It crashed already twice. Sometimes it's blocked and I can only call emergency service. Nothing to do, must reboot each time. Does anyone know why ? How to fix this ? I met someome who had the same samsung, same problem. Otherwise the mobile is ok, the display resolution is simply amazing ! Battery life is poor. To alix: To download from the PC you must first install the USB drivers and PC Studio from the CD. Then, when you connect the mobile to the PC through the USB port, it is recognized immediately and with PC studio you will be able to drag and drop files...

  • Ive just had a SGH-Z140v as an upgrade whats the difference between that and a Z140?. i must say Im not that happy with it at first sight.

  • good size for UMTS, nice round shape keys are easy to use good LCD

  • This phone really is a piece of crap, no battery life, poor texting features & and breaks far to easily! I've had 2 replacements in 4 weeks!!!!!

  • Love the phone but having a few problems Please can you advise me how to download music from my pc onto the phone - can I use realplayer? I have put the cable's in the right place but not sure where to go to next? Thank you

  • I like this fone but am very dissapointed with the battery life. It only lasts 1-2 days!!!I have run the battery flat and charged over nite with no improvement. Its not like im using the video etc a lot to run the battery down just normal txtin. Any ideas to improve battery life please!!!!

  • please help me i really want to connect to the internet but i have no idea why its not connecting! n i need to know how to use the pc studio 2.1 i didnt get a manual explaining how to do it! xXx

  • Had this phone about a month. Very happy with it but find the battery only lasts about 4 days(100 hours).What happened to the 300 hours are they lying about this. I think they are (they being samsung and vodafone).

  • will a normal sim card go into thid phone a work

  • can some1 plzzzzzzzz help mee i really want to connest to the internet to i have to install it first x i also need to know how to use the pc studio 2.1 x i did not get a mannual explaining that x

  • hello im and looking to upgrade my phone and there is nothing around i like and anything i do like is not out till end of year! i would wait but my phone is slowly deteriating battery/memory etc! i have been advised this phone by vodafone but i neither like the look or the shape and it doesnt hold a memory card??? your view was not good would you advise against it! Jo

  • I've had this phone for a few days now and 'am decidedly mixed. I am getting hang of the navigation, but I've still not found how to have a "normal" phone ring. Screw this polyphonic biz - I want a phone to sound like a phone! How can I change it? Pictures aren't great, not tried video really, and battery life seems poor too - but then I didn't charge overnight so maybe that's why? I can sort my Vodafone mail sending/receiving quite fast with it which IS good! Please help with the polyphonic jazz though - it's a nightmare! Thea

  • Had this phone for a few days now and have to say it's not the best. My E800 was better and that wasn't fantastic either. The video is poor and the menu too complicated.

  • what mega pixel is the z140 camera

  • I have had one of these for about a week now and it is a very nice phone. However, I have had one problem with it. Video Streaming from the Vodafone Live! site does not work very well. The video stops and skips and pixelates a lot. It is totally unwatchable. I have been able to compare it with another phone (a Nokia I think) which was MUCH better. Has anyone else experienced the same problems and found a solution?

  • if it aint got a card slot then i wouldnt think it has got expandable memory!!!

  • How can I put in this phone files MP3 songs?!

  • I am very disappointed. It is not very easy to use, i had (and always have) a problem with it, it cannot select automatically the network to connect, you must select it every time if you do not want your phone to be mute. i'm a customer of SFR in France. Could someone tell me how to keep the modifications when done. This cell do not it.

  • can somebody please tell me can you increase the memory on the samsung z140?

  • and to luke! records for up to an hour at a time, and its very high quality, though a long high quality will drain your memory!

  • to alberto: you press the key on the right of the phone - opn the side. this should filip the image :c) And to jimmy: yes this comes witha usb cable and cd software (thought im yet to try this out!)

  • it does have a zoom yes!!! x 2

  • hi , can anybody tell me how long the video is on the samsung z140.thanks

  • please could anyone tell me if this phones camera has a zoom on it? and how farr it can soom in please? thanks

  • hey i was just wondering if the samsung z140 had a usb port on it, to connect it to the computer? or else how to you get songs onto it, as i am thinking of buying it? thanks

  • I have a question? When I turn the camera to make a pic the image is upside down, and I dont know what to do to have a normal view. Is that normal? if so, is there any way to solve this inconvenience? Thanks a lot

  • Nice phone. Works well. Contacts have to be held on the phone, not the sim, for caller ID photos to be used (not clear in instructions). Photos can appear upside down but volume controls will correct this (not clear in instructions). Vodafone Live currently slow and not very useful. Map facility should be easier to use. Otherwise phone seems OK

  • you can insert about 15 songs and yes, you can use them like ringsons

  • How many mp3 songs can it store? Can u use them as ringtones?

  • The samsung z140 is an excellent phone. The camera works really well even in low light conditions without having blue flecks on the dark colours spoiling the photo as my motorola a835 did and also on some nokias. This phone is definitly recomended.

  • Is the Z-140 also in grey outlook? Where can I buy this type in Holland? It seems if I buy it outside Holland, Samsung Holland does not support it.

  • Yes, it has iRDa

  • you can buy the samsung z140 off the vodafone store the addy is i just searched the net for phones although the one ive ordered is pay as you go

  • does anyone know where I can buy this phone?

  • ive just ordered the samsung z140 and was wondering if it was a good phone to use and how good are all teh features on it thanx

  • Hi! I liked to know if the Samsung Z140 has InfraRed.

  • It look good whats the cost for it.

  • Hi, I was just wondering if anyone knew whether this phone can switch between GSM and CDMA/WCDMA networks (like Verizon, in the USA). I'm interested in getting this phone predominantly for GSM, but it would be great if I could use it in areas where WCDMA is a stronger presence (New York city). Thanks.

  • it's ok but i like the samsung E730 way better and i think it is also a better phone cause yeah i just do. it looks better too no offence but yeah. whats so good bout this phone anyway. plz reply. Ourdia.

  • do anyone know how much room in Samsung z140?256Mb?thanks.

  • Very cool! When is it on the stores?

  • This mobil phone is very attractive and nice!!! i love it! should i buy it?

  • Gee,-(Điii), Its really good, beautiful, great. Its atractive :)) Love at first sight

  • I think its a cute phone with a very good features

  • Cheap phone for poor people? Its a 3G video phone the same size as an E700!!!!!! What more do you want? want a megapixel camera? Then go buy one.

  • This is suppose to be a cheap phone for poorer people, stupid.

  • not all there phones have to be perfect at leat we know this phone will not be too expensive

  • no memory slot!! VGA CAMERA? its Mega pixels now samsung!!