Siemens S35i

  • Released 2000
    99g, 21mm thickness
    Feature phone
    No card slot
  • N/A 178,173 hits
  • 20 Become a fan
    101x80 pixels, 7 lines
  • NO
    No video recorder
  • 650mAh

Siemens S35i - Specs

Network Technology GSM
2G bands GSM 900 / 1800
Launch Announced 2000
Status Discontinued
Body Dimensions 118 x 46 x 21 mm, 89 cc (4.65 x 1.81 x 0.83 in)
Weight 99 g (3.49 oz)
Display Type Monochrome graphic
Resolution 101 x 80 pixels, 7 lines
 Fixed icons
Memory Card slot No
Phonebook 100
Call records 10 dialed, 10 received, 10 missed calls
Camera   No
Sound Loudspeaker No
Alert types Vibration; Monophonic ringtones, composer
3.5mm jack No
Comms WLAN No
Bluetooth No
Infrared port Yes
Radio No
Features Sensors
Messaging SMS
Browser WAP 1.1
Clock Yes
Alarm Yes
Games 4 - Wayout, Reversi, Quattropoli, Minesweeper
Languages 20
Java No
 Predictive text input
Voice dial
Voice memo (20 sec)
User profiles
Battery   Removable Li-Ion 650 mAh battery
Stand-by 60 h - 220 h
Talk time 100 min - 360 min
Misc Colors 3 - Emerald/Black, Titanium/Black, Titanium/Silver

Siemens S35i - User Reviews

  • 3/11/2015 still using it

  • I have been using it many years since 2001 trouble free.The problem started with battery.I could not find geniun battery hence purchased other brands from time & again but I still like the voice clarity of Siemen,s S 35i.

  • Nice phone, still use it today...

  • I had the S35i from mid-2000 until late 2002 (when I accidentally destroyed it. Don't ask). It was a very compact phone, for its time, with solid functionalities. This device was also the first I've surfed on the Net via WAP. Certainly one of the best mobile phones that I got to own and use.

  • Very good mobile phone at the time it was released ( we were still in the last century... ). The first I had with Internet access.

  • one of my first cell phones one of the best really great.

  • I love u mwaaaah my first phone in 2004 looove mard lurv mwaaah,mwwaaahhest

  • This was my first mobile phone, and for that time it was working great. Siemens were making great phones these days.

  • That was my first actually "smarter" phone. And I could say that it was absolutely brilliant. Siemens was the king of cell phones back at those days, I have had almost every model.. Too bad so few people liked them and they had to retreat. I'm sure, they would have released many great phones by now...

  • i just bought a used siemens s35i phone when i inserted my sim it said (phone disabled! NETWORK CODE) please what should i do to make use of the me please.

  • i have siemens s35 phone exellant performance, but now giving error messege all time, card error, after restaring normal, but early error coming agaain, pls help to fix this problem

  • i really love this phone and ready to buy a new or used one in egypt

  • Siemens S35 is my first phonecell. i have Siemens S35 until now.

  • i want to know siemens S35 scematic dyagram,may i?

  • My 2nd mobile was S35i Polar Silver Edition. Regret a lot loosing it in 2002. In silver it is the most beautiful phone ever.

  • My first ever phone. It's just great phone for that time, phone with Infrared, internet and such more

  • My first mobile phone, great performance for that time

  • Hi there, I'd be interested in buying any silver body amber light variant of the S35 you may have. You on MSN or something, let me know, you don't have to give me your contact details here. The reason I ask is because I have a second hand SL45 in very bad condition and I sold it on for nothing and I want to use a silver S35 and have been wanting to for some time now, they are very reliable in the executive class.

  • If I only knew your contacts, I could suggest you a silver S35i with amber backlight (this was the latest stock version) in VERY good condition. Also maybe someone is interested in fully original body of the S35i with all vibros, microphones etc. It is new! I bought it long ago for the future change, but my S35i body is still very good and looks great, so it don't need to be changed:-) And I don't need it anymore cause now i have ME45 as my third phone;-)

  • halo, any people will sell S35? I want to buy this mobile phone. please announce to me.

  • Well, it's best to try Ebay where you can find batteries for a buy it now price of less than �2, some are �1 brand new. Because the S35i is an obsolete model, you may just get it for 50p

  • I had this phone and used it for 3 years, then I lost it (or it was stolen). It was a though model, with good keys and display (nothing in color or modern stuff/ringtones but all the basic of a mobile phone). My mother both the same phone in 2001 and is still using it. She needs a new battery now. Can anybody post where a new battery for this phone can be found.

  • It's my phone since 2002. And it works good with its original batery.

  • Only brand i loved was siemens!! This phone was one of the best of his time! I gave this phone to my father, he changed battery and still use it! Phone works perfectly (i bought it 8 years ago)!!!! RESPECT FOR SIEMENS!!!!!

  • I was the best phone I have ever had.Have used it for 3 years.I will miss a simplysity of old phones...

  • ı write 2008-02-25 17:03. and ı said that ı have two s35 which are they broken. but ı gave them repair. and now ı have a good one, like old days. ı am so good :) ı wish all of you which do you like s35 have a good s35 :)

  • I still use it as well! :) Though ages are doing some damage, and now it finally started to reveal some bugs, after 5 years of extensive use! So it's time to switch to PDA and keep good old S35 as a back-up

  • the ringtone for this phone is like so loud,always wake me up when i have morning class..but the features are suckky..but overall quite ok for calling and texting

  • I never got my hands on this classic and wish to do so. I've owned the C35i and SL45, both solidy built to German standards, but now that I have neither I would like to find one on ebay to buy. You'll find some ranged a �3 or nil, but back then this and the Nokia 6310 were the Nokia N80s and SE P990is of thier days. I want the S35i in titanium especially!

  • no one is more than it. its all times' best. ı bougt it at 2000. in 2006, there is a no problem but when ı found a new one ı bougt again.and now, two of them broken by me, unfortunalety.I am looking for new or old s35. ı wish ı find it. ı am ready to pay 100� for it, but there isnt. :( ı am so bad,really.

  • bought this phone when they were out first some 9years ago i think.. still working everyday ever since!! do not think any other phone can do it. well done

  • my first phone, used it for 4+year, until the speaker go off. the repairman told me have some troble with its IC , so i sold it to another.

  • Im still using it without any problems...

  • I had this phone since 2005, i bought a new one from black market, but it`s still work like the first time I had, although the original battery has damage & changed with non original battery,it`s great!!!

  • I still use it :)

  • The best phone I've ever had!!!!

  • Used since 2000 without any problems...

  • best of the best ever 5 years used and today only lack on battery time

  • dis phone acc me almost 5 years n it's my 1st phone...i love it so much..js d battery not so brings alot good memory to me...wake me up upon midnite for my assignment n schol's really cool ...even i change my new phone stil miss it so so much...cos my second panasonic js use 1 1/2 year then spoilt...where can get a nice phone like dis w/ affordable price..gud performance...gud design..n nv bring serious prob to me within 5 years...( js d battery got abit prob)..i really hope my third phone can acc me another 5 years...cos i dun like waste my money to change phone frequently..

  • I use this phone since 2000 and only now 2006 i trade to k750i. :) I love it

  • To me, this looks like a cordless landline fone because I used to have on and I swapped my Sagem MY 3020 for this with a class mate for a week in 2000.

  • Quite simply the best phone i ever had... unfortunately i dont have it anymore, but sometimes lie awake at night thinking about it :D

  • I had this phone a fewyers ago, now I am looking to buy one... It is simply great!

  • I have this mobile with 5 years and for me it's the best mobile that i've had in construction, network and microfone, vibration, and louder tones! The organizer and irda are very useful! It never had problems and the battery is the original,although it (obviously) haven't the same lifetime when it was new (actually it's 5 days normally if you turn off at night)! Actually i use this (gr8) mobile in spite of the crap (in construction, vibration and ringtones) Alcatel ot 735i!

  • Hi, all! My opinion is that this is one of the greatest phones, ever made. I had friends of mine having this phone for years! Nothing broke down, never repaired them. If someone have found it new, and you're lookin for a simple, classic but still business telephone - this is the one.

  • The TRUTH is 4 years using it with no probs like other reviwers say! Excellent Phone! 5 stars! But recently upgrade to a modern one ...

  • I have this 4 years, and still good, but i have cassing new one and the old to be replace. speaker, lcd, keypad, etc work very good. i love this phone.

  • need a new battery for this phone it is only holding charge for an hour or two how much should a new battery cost. thanks.

  • i agree that this is the best of the older phones. i've also used this one for over 4 years, never had problems... and i dont think that i'll be using another phone for such a long time ever again

  • I have used for more than 5yrs and is fantastic.Now, the date automatically reverts to 2001.Any remedy for this.Also I am looking for the cable and CD to download from phone or to check. Any advice.Thanks

  • well since i"ve been using this phone i havent got any probs .i really love the phone

  • i think this is the best phone i've ever had!in fact i'm sure this is the best of all older phones existing on market!i'm having this one for over 5!!!!!! years/from the date of realising it on the market by Siemens!the problems that i encountered on my silver edition:card error-if the phone was being shaked well enoughed or droped and that is it!this is the only problem i had with this phone!i use it very much because i am a real estate agent and i need it a lot!stand-by is around 2 days(with its original battery after 5 years of daily using) and 30 minutes of talking(usage in paralel with a cdma hyundai H-150)!best reception even when other ones didn't find any network,NEVER NEEDED ANY REPAIRINGS,true battery indicator,very usefull side keys!a true Siemens phone and i am proud to have it till now.did you know this was voted in Connect(european magazine)THE PHONE OF THE YEAR 2000!?bye now!

  • Need a battery for this fone please...siemens s35i.....its a fantastic fone....just love it

  • have a new s35i siemens phone. i think that is good. how can i find the data link 3.0 software? this is free? can you sendme this software for email? thanks

  • s35i its the best of the best mobile phones!!!!!

  • i want to know about secret code of siemens s35i, thank you very much

  • i think this fone will be a very great.i hope to have one very soon.its very simple looking,cute and great to use. the moment i get hold of this nice fone i will inform you.can you tell me what discontinued means? does it mean you folks have stoped producing this type of fone.and that i cant get some on the market to buy.please let me know.

  • This is my phone!!! :))

  • The phone is good. but the ir accessories are little costly. Could you please suggest me a good battery which can have more standby capacity?

  • how long i should charger my phone?

  • hello i am dealer of mobile phone.plz contact me and i want info in mobile phone?

  • Compact, reliable, troublefree, high quality - low noise sound, useful features (files, IR PC sync, Currency conv...) lacks a better designed keyboard and menu navigation system (calculator is hardly useful due this lack and currency conv should had a more user-friendly use). I've been using it for about one year and half, with excellent results, but I'd have appreciate a more straighforward use for calculator, curr. conv., and organizator

  • Is great! I really love this telephone. More about it later!!

  • Compose Melody ( No. 43 ) is not clear

  • Font of Date and Time are very thin, if there are bold is very good

  • Please send us Siemens C35 manual. Best regards. Comfort

  • It's quite a great phone. I've got the silver edition with orange backlight (pretty rare). Siemens are good because I don't have to pay for downloading the LOGO and RING TONE 'cos I can send it directly from my Palm (PDA) not like those NOKIA that I have to pay for SMS. Siemems technologies are good. Fast menu, fast messaging, auto keylock, silent button when you don't want to pick up the call (without rejecting that call) (press and hold "*" button) and you can assign VIP phonebook to every name stored in phone and memory which is good 'cos in some moment you just want to receive some calls not just any call!! My first mobile was NOKIA 101 then SIEMENS S4 power then Ericsson PH388, Nokia 3210, Ericsson T28 (quite terrible!it keeps stalling everytime I tried to make a call and someone just call it at the same moment and then I have to turn it off or take out the battery! and when someone call you, the first ringing tone will not ring on your T28 and T29! after the second tone, your phone will start ringing!! what a horrible phone!! and the flip cover (only T28) will broke after 1 year because the button will get loose and the flip cover will pop up everytime the phone start vibrating!! you don't even have the chance to decide to pick up that call or not!!!!!), Ericsson T29 (quite good but slow responding but no error like T28 and now I'm back to Siemens S35i again!...what next? ;-)

  • I am an engineer by profession and i have a s 35iwith me , it encounters a problem, its switches not responding , i can see calls coming but cant take that , please advise me , i'm now at bangalore

  • Had the phone for 6 months. The phone has lots of features, many of which I'll never use. With the exception of sometimes not being able to enter first and last names in the phonebook, I highly recommend this phone to anyone who is looking for a no nonsense phone

  • nu gasesc un site cu logo pentru rog ajutatima.merci please a site with freelogo for S35i

  • I have a siemens s35i i don't know how to fix the sim card. please can u educate me on how to do it. And the manuel i have is a dutch language. I want to know if he can work in Nigeria?

  • Dear Sir/madam: I have goe The Siemens C35 mobile phone nearly one year already. It made me craze. Sometimes eveything disppears from the screen. Anyway, it can not working very well. I hate it. I can not get rid it now because I have a 2-years contract with Optus. I am very very disppointed for your products. user ellen

  • i have a new s35i siemens phone. i think that is good. have more features that my before nokia 3310 ask. how can i find the data link 3.0 software? this is free? can you sendme this software for email? thanks.

  • Un telefon superb

  • who to send pictures and sceenserver to my hp

  • it�s just great.

  • had for 6 months, really good fone. lacks in games & looks but is oozing with all the features the new fones come out with! excellent example

  • it's very special telephone.

  • it's suitable

  • I'm very disapointed with this phone, bought S35i Silver Edition, with orange display, just few months ago, and I'm not satisfyed with some things. Sound in earphone is very bad and not loud enough! Final bodywork is nothing special, but should be in this class. Recieving is not excellent, but this is my first phone without external antenna, I should try some Nokia or new Ericsson without ext. ant. too.....

  • i looked for ringtones for siemens s35 and i did not found something for my taste , so ... please send me the ringtone "Eminem - Without me" becouse here in romania i can not found it . thanks again.

  • Could anybody tell me where I can find The S35i Modem Driver for Win Xp?

  • It's useful phone for everyday life.

  • i have 2 mobiles s25 and s35i but i think that the recever in s25 is stronger than the recever in s35i is it truo or not , how can i make best recever for s35i thank you

  • I bought an S35i on the U.K. Virgin Network, last June, and I had to return it because it kept shutting itself off, a problem which seems to afflict Siemens phones from time - to - time! The replacement phone works ok. The problem now is that the battery life, as others have noted, IS too short for an expensive, top of the range phone. I have e.mailed Siemens concerning this, but to date, they have'nt had the courtesy to reply to me! The display light Is weak and annoyingly, it's Records menu does not give full details of outgoing calls. Otherwise, the phone is an able performer, with particularly good SMS facilities.

  • it�s a good phone, but to compose musics is bad

  • Very good gsm In french, c'est un tr�s bon gsm Pourquoi s'�teint-il tout seul sans que je ne pousse sur quoi que ce soit? Merci de me r�pondre en fran�ais.

  • Vand un siemens s35i cu leduri albastre si baterie litiu ion in el.Tel are 6 luni dar este in stare foarte buna.Pretul este de 120 dolari si eu sunt din Oradea.Astept contact prin e-mail sau tel. 091866416

  • Fasilitasnya sangat lengkap, kinerja sangat baik, tapi harga sangat murah !!!

  • e beton telefonul!nu credeti? cumparati-l si veti avea o surpriza placuta.

  • I just got my s35 on January 2002, before that im using Nokia 3310. I think the s35 has complete facility but it too complicated to use.

  • I've had this phone for more than a year when i was robbed and my phone got stolen. I regret it, but it was by far the best phone i've ever had: great vibrating function, excellent battery, good calendar, never trouble finding the network (even when practically all my friends their phones lost contact with the network. Siemens rules!

  • The best telepfon!

  • It seems that there are some bugs. Anyway I have no problems with my S35i

  • It is not mentioned here, but its got a very good calendar+agenda as well!!!

  • Well I've changed my mobile with this S35.The other one was a Nokia 3210.What can I say.. there IS A DIFFERENCE.Anyway I got bored with nokia.

  • A very hansome phone

  • A very hansome phone

  • bun

  • s35i sucks, i always got card error! every 3 or 4 hour. the battery is poor, won't last long, stand by time 1 day. talk time

  • cool phone

  • As the proverbial expression says, you can't have 'em all. I got one of these and it really is pretty cool (even amazing, given its release date) but the two upper menu/softkey buttons keep peeling off! Any of u had this problem? How come it only happens to S35 but not to M35, though they seem their keyboards seem to have been built alike?

  • very bad!!!!!!!!!

  • the best mobile i ever hud.

  • nota10

  • The gorgeous S35 is the best cellular that I had last year (S35 is the best of 20 cellulars I owned) !!!! Battery lasts much longer then any other, a lot of functions (IrDA, cable, organizer, alarm, Business card etc.), small and light! Yesssss ... I like that cellular and I can tell U only that S I E M E N Z R U L E S !!!!!!!

  • Much better than any Nokia with same price. If I had the money I'd buy an S35 today.

  • Hi..

  • Hello everybody I would like a Greek T9 for my phone.Do you know what I have to do?Please answer as fast as posible

  • Near Perfect. The only thing missing is true image sending, because it only simulates it trough a keyword. (Sorry for my poor english)

  • very gud

  • this is the best phone that i ever have. i was changing my phone 6th times, and this is the last. good performance!

  • Hi everybody,i want to share with you all,hey,my bf owns a s35i,and it's really fantastic!you know,he use s35i to call me every night,ermm..there's no distance and no disruption!So,babe,dont wait,owns a s35i today!

  • It is wonderful. Siemens is the best phone. I love it, especially S35 I have one favour to ask you. I have lost hte manual (guide book)for my Siemence mobile S35i can you send me it electronically.There are so many wonderful things it can do, but without the manual I am helpless. Thank you in advance Tina

  • I am very fond of the Siemens S35i because of its 'smallness' in size en 'bigness' in performence. The 'calendar' and 'agenda' functions could be some better.

  • so so

  • I have always used siemens phones, but nokia will be my next choice, I want to be able to change phone covers and get new ring tones and get picture messaging. I currently have a siemens s35i and it has all the features and more than a nokia, there is just no backup from siemens, what about cell broadcasting I had it in South africa, but in the uk nothing, you cannot tell me that africa is more advanced than the uk. send me your comments.

  • All feature is perfect except Phone book , S35I cannot search name more than one character.

  • Its the perfect mobile phone

  • Im the owner of Siemens S35i and i like it so much!! TQ.,

  • Almost a PDA with an excellent calender and alarm functions. Design is well thought out and logical. I broke mine recently and had to use an 8210 while having it fixed. Boy was I glad to get the Siemens back.

  • puno pozdrava,super je telefon

  • hello

  • Simply perfect. I have this one for 4 or five months. What can I say - it has EVERYTHING you need - voice dial, voice memo, T9, WAP, Infrared,games, clock, calendar... Relatively small. Very nice desgn. And I love the internal antena (after I ripped out the antena of my previous phone). You get the - general idea. Simply perfect!

  • desain terlalu jelek

  • It's nice in almost all aspect,but the backlight of LCD display is too dimmed.

  • Siemenz Roxxx the World!!!!

  • this is the best phone, tere is, right after sl45....

  • Of course there are Siemens rinngtones. Hundreds of them. In the ringtones section. Or maybe you want them on every page?

  • why doesnt this page have ringing tones for siemens

  • it is nice

  • The perfect little phone combines all features of Nokia 6210, 7110, 8210, in 1 excellent phone Read my other review on

  • Why there is no ringtones for Siemens S35i?Is it so difficult to download the ringtines?Where can i get it if the ringtones are available?

  • this phone can mop flor with any nokia + all other (maybe except Ericsson) out there

  • On my 3rd phone since last year. Problems include turning itself off, keypad nos. wearing off. Good when it works.

  • Been Using this phone for a few months. Lots of features, though the ringing tones are not as good as Nokia. The design needs some improvements. Overall its a good small phone.

  • SMS pictures are useless because they are not compatible with other phones (like Nokia), only with Siemens. Ringing tones sucks but those are not important features. S35i works great with WinCE PDA, that's important for me :)

  • Where do you find graphics to send to s35i phone?

  • perfect features.but design could be better.a silver colour is needed.

  • Tonci, you are right. Thank you. The phone data is updated.

  • S35i has vibration!

  • just perfect!!!