Sony CMD J5

  • Released 2000
    85g, 20mm thickness
    Feature phone
    No card slot
  • N/A 252,779 hits
  • 59 Become a fan
    96x92 pixels, 6 lines
  • NO
    No video recorder
  • 540mAh

Sony CMD J5 - Specs

Network Technology GSM
2G bands GSM 900 / 1800
Launch Announced 2000
Status Discontinued
Body Dimensions 123 x 45 x 20 mm (4.84 x 1.77 x 0.79 in)
Weight 85 g (3.00 oz)
Display Type Grayscale graphic, 4 shades
Resolution 96 x 92 pixels, 6 lines, 1:1 ratio
 Advanced Jog Dial
Memory Card slot No
Phonebook 500
Call records 10 dialed, 10 received, 10 missed calls
 Message templates
Several phonebook groups
Camera   No
Sound Loudspeaker No
Alert types Vibration; Polyphonic ringtones
3.5mm jack No
 Ringtones can be assigned to phonebook entries
Comms WLAN No
Bluetooth No
Radio No
Features Sensors
Messaging SMS, Email
Browser WAP, HTML (MS)
Clock Yes
Alarm Yes
Games 4 - Bannanas, PicPuz, MindBlaster, SandArt
Java No
 Predictive text input
Recordable sounds for calls and events
Battery   Removable Li-Ion battery
Stand-by 120 h
Talk time 3 h
Misc Colors Silver

Sony CMD J5 - User Reviews

  • I want be require this mobile charger .

  • It was my second Phone und i still have it! :)

  • I had this mobile and I loved it!!

  • I still have a CMD-J5 in my hand and I do not dare to loose it! It was an amazing mobile phone and well ahead of its time. I wonder where can I get an original charger for it because it still works!

  • I still have it in my hand! Just looking for a charger that's all!! Amazing phone!!

  • my uncle had this one, actually i dont remember whether it was j5 or j6 but it was the most amazing phone according to me till now, though i ama staunch nokia supporter but i would say that these j5/j6 were even better than the nokia phones of now a days. unfortunately it was stolen while travelling in train, i miss this phone till now i bought it second hand at rupees 8000/-. its scroll bar is awesome, its weight was so light that even to this date nokia dont have any phone as light as it was. and the polyphonic tunes were amazing i was a child at that time and i used to listen to the tunes and played the banana game.

  • I havent found them, did you manage to find them.

  • Does anybody know names of the original CMD-J5 ringtones? Thanks.

  • Awesome phone! I wish Sony would bring back the jog dial for their smartphones.

  • Hi kentoadz, Ooops, I got the wrong link the first time but I was able to purchased it. Thanks, it will bring back some of my childhood memories :-) By the way, any idea how to unlock this phone from Virgin Mobile so I can use it here in the Philippines?

  • Hi kentoadz, Do you still have that sony cmd-j5 unit? I would really love to have that one. I found a link just yesterday in ebay that is tied with Virgin Mobile and I was about to purchase it but all of a sudden it's gone. Maybe someone buy it first. Hopefully, you can help me out. Thanks

  • I've got one on eBay here

  • I would like to have a one... ebay is empty google is helpless :D ... ideas? thanks

  • The scroll was and is in the left side of the phone

  • man I wish I had this again for sure the best phone I have ever used.

  • This phone is awesome. Better than iphone 4S. Really.

  • i was the coolest kid at school with this phone, but i rember it having a scroll button in the middle...

  • iPhone Killer!

  • I used this phone in 2001. Although the software had glitches I loved its appearance, voice quality, and graphics!

  • selling in kuwaith

  • The most futuristic phone in 2000 year!! the polifonic wow efect! :O :)) all my friends have ugly and basicly nokia 3310..

  • This is my first phone, i Bought it form Saudi on 2000 made in france, still i am using it with out any problem

  • I want sony j 5 model battery. I got one battery from chennai but it is not working properly. Please send one battery or give address in Guntur.

  • My very first phone. I loved it! Everybody had the nokia 3310, an ugly rhino compared to the slick, scroll-wheel Sony cdm j5

  • had it for ten years was in own class the best my friends dreamed abotu :) totally own style..simple,but beauty anyway..

  • 1 year in front of all the phones in 2000

  • Polyphonic ringtones for 2000? Oooohhhh!

  • very funny phone , great ring tones if you swing with the phone while the ringtone is playing you get a special effect very cool , my friend jean paul always did it when we where stoned, that where the good old days, peace out to kikker!

  • this phone has got a very good battery backup at its ass

  • best phone since the beginning of time... &it would be bestseller in case of repeating

  • To unlock the keypad, just slide the slider on the left side downwards and release it.

  • I am enjoying this dear phone Since 9 years! Yes, just believe it!! I can't help but admire the quality that these handsets had! wow!. I own SE k850 today, but this one still wins my heart- as a backup phone atleast. For those 'Keypad lock' questions, Just look downsides from the wheel,you will see small 2-way switch- Pull it down.

  • by mistake i put keypad lock, now i dont know how to unlock the keypad, please advice how to unlock the my email [email protected] as soon as possible

  • i byed sony cmd j5 before one weak but now by mistake i put keypad lock, now i dont know how two open key pad so please send the information to open keypad my email [email protected] as soon as possible

  • how to unlock keypad of sony cmd j5

  • Nice phone )) Cool design )) Nostalgi... I have this phone 8))

  • still got mine want to dust it off and use again i need a charger though what charger is it?

  • my sony cmd j-5 have a problem batt droping...... coz...that i cant talk for a long time.....not more than 1 minutes the phone will be turning off cos batt low.... maybe i can fine answer to solve my batt prob in here ! i was search to all store in my country (Indonesia) theres no one store sale batt for sony cmd j-5! thx

  • I from Vietnam, i very like the Sony CMD J5. Please let me konw where is have it now?

  • this was the best one i hade in my life..even better than a good female next to me.. :)

  • dose any remember seeing this phone in the getaway on ps2 lol thats wot made me get one love that phone i still have it.

  • I miss it! Very good mobile:solid,easy to use,qiuck! If u have an oppurtunity,buy it!!!

  • yeah.. i love this phone... wish i could have agen this one.... can i buy this unit agen from sumwhere??? pls help me... pls release this unit agen!!!

  • I really miss this phone! Had it for about 3-4 years until the keypad wore out. Had two basic Nokia's since and they haven't been a patch on it. So easy to use, so stylish. Signal and audio wasn't superb and vibrate was undetectable but otherwise a great phone. Please re-release this one!

  • yeh, this is the best phone ever. I really want new model with much better battery, but with the same wheel control

  • best phone i have ever had, ok no pictures or videos but the wheel is great and you can record your own ringtones please bring it back.......

  • Great phone... u dont see people holding one everyday... I just got one... my friend lent it to me, i wish i could keep it :)

  • The best phone i ever had. My friends hated the scroll wheel, but for me it was fantatic (oh so quick to navigate!). Cool retro look, cool phone, if you live in a third world country go spend your yen, rupies, etc on this!

  • Had this for 6 years, great phone! loved the scroll-wheel

  • I am an engineer.It`s a very fentastic handset,i am using it for 2 years.many friends of my says me that when will u change it but i refused them.i says them that no mobile like sony cmd-j5.

  • This is a great little phone. Very basic, but in terms of the feel and ergonomics, it's as good as anything out there. It just feels right!

  • had this mobile for 3 weeks and i just hated it. never again!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • This phone is a polyphonic so arrange the page because i have this phone and i will not accept to be insulted

  • its best phone i ever seen among non coloured mobile phones.its technology impressed me.i have arranged one handset of j5,but it has some problems.can you arrange another one to me?it will be very useful to me.i have searched for it every where but no result.consider my request.

  • Its a good phone. I really enjoy using but i have a problem now. The phone can not get the network. Its searching for network for days now. What should i do. Thanks

  • its a nice and lovely phone to use and i would like to configure my wap.

  • It's a nice Phone Set, that deserves to be appreciated. But I need to Know that How can I set ringer and vibrater to work at same time! it would be a great help. & tell me about security cods.

  • It's a nice Phone Set, that deserves to be appreciated. But I need to Know that How can I set ringer and vibrater to work at same time! it would be a great help.

  • Good phone big time but how can i get my phone to vibrate and to unlock the security code because i can't use ma wap/ connect ot the internet

  • please can you tell me where i can buy a replacement charger. sony cant help many thanks harriet

  • too gud phone.

  • SAD// Disgusting // Please do not sell such handset. I am one of your customer.

  • this sony cmd j5 have vibration if yes how can do it Second my phone is unable to set the time and date when you off and then yuo ON it show the time is 0000 and the date is 01-01-01 how can I solve my those problem thanks

  • I am very pleased with the phone,I used J5 for 2 years and I don't want to change it.I have changed only the baterry. if it breaks I'll buy another Sony ;-))

  • Easier to use than a Nokia and nicer looking (in my opinion). The predictive text entry facility is particularly interesting. Once you become used to the Jog Dial feature, you won't want to be without it.

  • it is one of the best gsm phone so far, thanks, but i want something like that sony cmd j5 in colour mode. i want it to have colour screen, polophonic ring tone and camera, if possible with video capturing. thanks

  • the phone is awesome! very nice design i didn't experience any problem with it

  • hy there I own a phone like this and a am very satisfied about it,thank you for this phone.bye

  • good phone

  • Quality phone for it's time and very innovative.

  • Had this phone over a year now and my only problem with it has been the battery needing replacing. Jog dial took a few days to get used to but after was really good. Functions lacking a bit now, and is starting to show it's age but still perfectly usable with no fad technologies. Definitive Sony; fuctional, stylish and innovative.

  • hiya...i would want to buy one of the sony cmd j5 can u help me know how and where to get it from ??? thanz

  • its background is yellow color which is not goodlooking as contrast with its body color, but there should also be some 2 or 3 lights too to change because i am facing problem while looking it.

  • fine and easy to use... and i wish if you tech me how i can hav new baggrund on the sony screen.i have just tuo photos and i want more . thank you.

  • I just got one from a local dealer in Nigeria where I live and i think the reception is as good as anyone would want it. Out of all the samsung phones and others (i had always used samsung all my life) but this sony cmd-j5 proves to be the best and the ringtones are just excellent. Good work sony people , keep it up.

  • super telefon :))

  • worst or best i'm fed up with this

  • In my opinion Sony is very good cell phone. I like his very large display. He is goodlooking, and hi's so cheap. Really good phone.

  • a client brought this model to me after working on it, i find out the screen became so blure. what do u think i can do about it without changing the screen cause this is 3rd time the same problem will occur

  • it is very good ,but i need arabic software,,,, do you have?????????????

  • Great phone. but i cant upgrade my ringing tones...

  • can i compose the ring tones in CMD j5

  • Well, i should admit that its one of the nicest handsets i had ever laid my hands up on. Light weight, good battery back up (3 days), good talk time and most of all incredible coverage(almost equal to that of alcatel). i assure you, the CMD J-5 is a great set

  • it is a beautiful phone i have ever seen like sony cmd j5,j6 and same type models

  • For the ones who want the best Sony CMD J5

  • good phone

  • What does it mean when it says that the phone is locked?

  • I have the CMD J5 it is a great phone with great features, that is supplied by my company. Unfortunately I have not been given the manual and request is a hard copy of the manual can be sent to me by email

  • total world class phone!!!!!!!! superb!!!!!! wicked!!!!! buy... buy...!!!!!!

  • it is aggod one,i have one,but i want to ask if u can help me to have spme ringtones for sony cmd j5,i live in jordan. thanx

  • hi i need charger sony cmd j-16 thailand no sale need need thang somkait chimklom 51cheum-sampan rd.nong chok.bangkok 10530 thailand

  • ive got it 4 2yrs now & im very pleased with it.

  • hi i have sony cmd-j5 and i wish if you tech me how i can hav new baggrund on the sony screen.i have just three photo and i want more . thank you.

  • super telefon

  • how to download ring tones and wallpapers

  • It's a great phone.I've been using it for about 1 year.Too bad that it has no GPRS support.

  • Sony CMD J5 is one of the best product for those who wants the best in their life.

  • i am not impressd with mine at all first you only get ten seconds to record a ringtone and when you have done that song that you have recorded sounds all staticy and i can not find any ringtones to download or wallpapers there is nothing to keep me interested at all

  • it is really cool.i cant resist falling in love

  • dear reader, i have browse through this website and saw the most beautiful phone in the world and would like to purchase it. please i will like you to give me more information about this phone and would like you to issue me an order form for me to purchase this phone on net, please i will be very greatful if this request is attended to and given due consideration cos i will like to have one of this phone. Thanks Ken

  • I really like my CMD J5, but i have problem with the sound of which when somebody call me it does'nt ring . Though i have checked the sound setting yet it doesn't respond when ever there's an incoming call.Please, what do i do

  • Hi, I have SONY CMD J5, but i don't know how can I add the new ringtones in it!!! in option - (Sounds) I have option - (Ringer) and option (Set Sound) There is no way I can load them...pls adv. thanks 00966-58601576 (Saudi Aaraba)

  • The only problem with my CMD J5 mobile is that i cannot set the date and time. Even after setting the date and time current, it takes the default date 01-01-2000. Please advise

  • Hello! I am from Bulgaria and I am 15 years old!! Yesterday i buogh GSM Sony CMD J5! I can't find the option of the vibration! Can you help me? Send me an e-mail with the guide! Thenk You!

  • ok!

  • well ive been using this fone for a month now, and i am totally bord of it, it is very basic with very little features, its so bad id rather have no fone, id advise any one who is willing to buy not to buy it, trust me its just crap!!!!!!!!!!

  • Better than Nokia's!!!

  • hi. i want to know how can we make ringtone in j5 mobile & how can we connect to internet with that? tanks alot from ur Endevour bye .ehsan farahani from iran

  • I think that this is the greatest telefone. Can you send me logo or some screan picture?

  • hi i have CMD-J5 and need to download ring tones.pls. help regarding this issue

  • plz plz i want know the price this mobile sony CMD-J5 this my mail [email protected]

  • Looks great, feels good and does the job !! Who needs a nokia ???

  • It's a fantastic phone - speaker phone, group ringers, world time, 500 tel no. memories, clear sound and light! Only improvements needed in brightness of backlight,ringer volume and vibration mode. Otherwise, it's a great mobile phone!

  • I WANT SoftWaer for my sony mobil

  • hi, I am using this Sony CMD J5 since past 6 months and am very please to use it but I always face one majore problem i.e. the keypad lock. I have 3.5 years old son and he figuredout how to unlock in just 12 mins. now it is a majore problem for me to save my calls or in other words to stop him from using my mobile. I believe if you can provide key lock with the combination of keys it can be very helpful instead of hardware lock for the same. Still, If you can suggeat some way or send some software for the same I would be very greatfull to you. Thanking You Vasav Bhatt

  • Hei... I got my Sim Blocked n want to un lock it by Sony Cmd-j5. i u could tell me what 2 do.. i will be thankful to u..

  • but weak in ringtone and volume

  • where can I buy sony cmd-j5, sony cmd-j6, in dubai. kindy provide the name, address and contact number

  • My name is george and i am a user of SONY CMD J%. i find it the most fabulus mobile ever seen in this world

  • i have problem . i can`t charge my phone i tested by defrent charger . if i insert afull battery it is working normaly . i think there is something in the mobile there is damage

  • I think this is a great little phone and the jog dial is very easy to use.It has has good selection of ringtones and looks and feels far classier than a nokia which in general look very tacky and mundane.The nokia also has awful tones and to pay for them you must,be out of your head.Pun intended.I just plugged in some headphones to my radio and put them to the j5s mic and it recorded fine at no cost.I paid �90 for mine and have had it 6 months and would recommend it.

  • this is the greatest gsm,but i want to know some secret codes.If anyone knows where can i find some of then please e-mail me

  • Fantastic!!

  • my phone suddenly stop ringing and vibrate, i dont know why.........

  • I don't understand how to set pop3 & SMTP while you can write only number and not the name of POP. If some body tell me something. Thanks

  • it's great

  • i brought the Sony J5e phone less than a year ago and for the last three months things have been going wrong with it, the screen freezes and there is no tones or vibrations. i'll be grateful if you could let me know the cause and what you can do correct it as soon as possible. Thankyou

  • I think, the stuff's super

  • hi , can any one help i nead network codes for sony cmd j5 and the manula . can any one help, thanks. THE WHAMMER

  • The battery with this phone sucks big time. I didn't use it for a month afterwards the battery has gone completely kaput. Total waste of money really.

  • does anyone know where there is a website where i can use a data cable to download ringtones and icons. please email me

  • i think that sony cmd j5 would be a good phone if it was possible to download new wallpapers to it does any one know if this is possible?

  • I have used the phone for a year and it's worth all the money I spend.Plus, since no one else is interested then, I was kinda proud to own a unique phone with fun gadgetries and wild ringtones.

  • i parches (july 2001) sony cmd j5 this mobile hand sets battry is risult very bed battry is very fast discharg

  • cool

  • coool

  • sir , pls send me the details of soney cmdj5 module, price list sir thanking you senthil raj

  • Are there anyone outthere who knows where to find ringtones to Sony cmd-j5??? Please, email me

  • pot sa pun ring tons ori picturi

  • Maby i`m not looking right but the problem with the cmd j5 is that there are no ringtones available on internet ?

  • my phone is in bt celnet can i put free my phon because i need put every sim card

  • shof keda da

  • It's a SONY!And i say evrything!It's fucking good phone!

  • I've received one for my birthdate and I think it's the most...(there's no words for this) wonderfull gift that I could possbily receive. Who has one know's what I'm talking about. If you want a phone... get a Sony CMD J5! It beat's Nokia's (any Nokia) ass from away! Anyway ... "It's a SONY"

  • cool phone .. great value for money :-) would be wonderful if there is more support for new wall papers / games from sony hope they wont neglect this cool phone ..... A must buy I showed it to my friends and people who dont have mobile wanna buy this and other who have .. regret what they have ;-) cool graphics and excellent sound !!!

  • i found this hand set great. but i want more ringtones on my set how can i get that? please provide me with info at th e-add ie ([email protected])

  • the phone is gr8!! good value for money.ppl tend to compare with 3310 coz the price is comparable, but nothing comes close to J5 : 500 memory phone book,speaker phone, jog dial,gr8 looks, WAP! , light weight! , multipl numbers same name..etc. all this is missing in nokia,and besides like the ad's : 'It's a SONY' only negative is, the volume is a little low. and the vibrator, [there's no motor, low frequency for vibration,] is a little weak. also no downloadable tunes and wallpapers etc. never mind, you getting things u can use, right ?

  • I have used this phone its better than sony z5.

  • do we need a cable to download the ringtones to the phone ?

  • does anyone know if you can use the data cable to record higher quality sounds on the J5

  • Great Phone although a great lack of ringtones,logos & wallpapers available for download.

  • Great phone :) No softw... :(

  • Does anyone know where i can get the screensaver to download apart from the sony-europe/j5 site. That doesnt work for me. If anyone does or already has it could they possibly send it to my email address. Thanx . Jack

  • 0122272253

  • no no never take a cell of Sony j5 sony sucks at making mobile phones It`s like a kidish. motorola and nokia are the best mobile phone companies Nokia is a great Performance,Features and ..............Wow (3310,3330) OR Siemens c35i

  • What is the difference in functionality between j5 j6 && j7???

  • Its wonderful

  • This a very nice phone but have some bad features like: 1- the sound is very low in crowded areas and you can hardely hear it. 2- the ringtones are also very low in crowded areas. 3- the ringtones recording quality is very bad. 4- Do someone have the pc communication software QN3DS for this phone, anyone have please mail me. 5- Also do someone know where to get latest firmware 5.x for this phone & how to upgrade to new firmware.

  • ver good but need some perfection in the software

  • Incredible range of functions and performance. It is a sony!! Great price. Fantastic Jog-dial. Just too big. A++

  • I`ve got one and I think its the mutz nutz! You can stick ya nokias` up your noky arse!

  • I like it very much!

  • I recently purchased CMD-J5 and I liked it very much. But I do not have its manual so I am not able to use it with full function. Where can I get this manual ? Is it available on net ? Thanx Santosh

  • the best

  • This is the best celllphone but i have one qus how can i get the ringers,wallpapers through SMS sanjeev

  • For you who think that Nokia is the best, think again. Let me just compare this J5 and Nokia 3310 (same price range). Just look at the screens on both of the phone during standby. Steven, can you see the date and day displayed on your Nokia? Get a Sony that will show you. How many phonebook memory does the 3310 have? A big fat ZERO. Get a Sony with 500. Can you see your missed calls, past incoming and outgoing calls by just pushing a button on your Nokia 3310? Get a Sony, it can. Nokia ringing tone, well, it sucks. Listen to the beautiful polyphonic melody on Sony. Get a Sony. Bottomline, Steven, go get a Sony or get a life.

  • so cute . i love it.

  • Quick access to wap, lightweight, slim and the jog wheel although sometimes difficult to use make scrolling through items quick and easy. Great phone 4 a great price. GO GET IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • i want to know how to use/activate voicemail and scheduler on my cmd-j5

  • Here is the top-list of mobile brands: 1.Ericsson 2.Nokia 3.Siemens 4.Samsung 5.Sony 6.Panasonic 7.Motorola 8.Trium 9.Alcatel and 10.Philips

  • Bad Bad.........

  • Excelent.No limits with this phone.Always fun and very good friend.

  • I'fe been looking for a sim-free phone to buy soon and i am between nokia 3330 and this sony.Sony had completely convinced me before i actualy read the comments of people in this website.Light-weight,pop3 Email, capable of readin HTML and WML sites, with a Microsoft web broser,high definition screen,schedule, "Multimedia" SMS with T9...Even though i am a sony fan this phone really impressed me.I don't think that the sound volume is that bad.Besides, 3330 weighs far more and it has less functions.8850 is great, but the rest of nokia...Sony so far has reached the best cuality with MD's,walkman's,DVD's...why not phones?

  • steven80808 get a life

  • This a very nice phone but have some bad features like: 1- the sound is very low in crowded areas and you can hardely hear it. 2- the ringtones are also very low in crowded areas. 3- the ringtones recording quality is very bad. 4- the Jog dial is very fragile. Thanks

  • pretty good

  • fucking phat fone

  • i compared this phone with my nokia 3330 and my motorola timeport 250 and guess what this phone is shit if u wanna a good phone get a nokia 3330 or 6210 or any motorola phone or a samsung phone since they have a lot of features but sony sucks !!!

  • It is a very nice phone but I think that the software needs to be enhanced and some features need to be reorganized or modified. I was surprised not to be able to use most of the features which have already become nearly a standard with other brand phones that I have used until now.

  • GOOD sides: you can send or receive mails directly from your ISP (POP3 mail), which I was looking for... recording your own melodies... it's very light; 85 g. 500 additional place for phonebook,3 phone + 2 address spaces for each... good price for such qualities... BAD sides: Screen should be blue... You can't hear ringtones in noisy environment. Because it has a speaker inside, not a beeper like other phones. I think Sony should increase voice amplifiying of the speaker... well, don't expect an excellent voice recording quality for such a price phone. Your recorded voice sounds like an old radio... You should be absolutely left handed to use the jog-button, otherwise use your two hands... As a result, it worths for such a price; (my other phones were Nokia 3330 and Siemens C 35i ; so I've compared Sony J-5 with 'em.)

  • Everything you need to know about the J5.

  • Everything you need to know about the J5.

  • This is in my point of view the best phone available in it's own and higher price classes, in Scandinavia the price for J5 does not exceed 150$. The only con' is the sound of the ring, as someone pointed out.

  • respected sir, i purched your companies mobile modelno- sony cmd-j5 but i get not manual so i dont know function so plz sent me your j5' indian english manualp plzz co-op me

  • this phone is the mutts nuts ..............a1 piece of kit get one now

  • great phone only miss the infra red

  • hi friends...!! i had purchased a sony walkman some time back ....but returned it soon after because, where as it's sound quality was great ,it's battery compartment just wouldn't lock properly. now i purchased a sony cmd j5 after thorough search and anaylsis of various other mobiles, but am already thinking of returning it. no, the moblie it self is a very beautiful piece....i had wanted it the moment i t felt it in my hands, but it's ringer is practically useless. u jus won't hear it. looks like sony is good in making technical gizmos but falters at the smallest practical things that nobody would even give much thought and presme that it must be good. sony's ringer is so hopeless that it jus wouldn't make sense to go in for this mobile even though it is great on other features. i was planning to buy a sony music system.....but now i am not so sure......

  • Kupilem go kilka dni temu - jest zajebisty !!!! Po prostu debesciak :)))))))))

  • crap crap crap motorola kick every other phone companys ass

  • i think the guy adam's review was help ful it is a very good phone i also think its in a way better than a nokia as they are getting worser day by day. thanks for your opinion it was helpful

  • People who are intrested in this fone trust me its good and is well worth the money ofcourse its not the best but its a very very good fone most of its fetures are good but of course it would record the ringtones ditorted as its got a tiny microphone what do u expect for a slimline design the only way it can be improved is it being as big as a brick so a massive microphone can be put in there which would playback better if youre not a person who Is worries more about the ringtones you hav than the phone this is a very good performer i alos think its as goo as a Nokia infact some features are actually better like the jog dail its a very good function as you can access menus and the internet much quicker than pressing a button so many times in a nokia until u reach the menu and the t9 txtin is another stunning feature for all da txters overall ithink this is a exellent fone and some ways its better than a nokia. The only reason nokias famous is cos its got a composaer,no antena,logos,and its just cos there famous well i think these are gettin boring now,nokia should now bring new features when they make new fones everytime you see a Nokia its the same old display dont u think that the features on a nokia should be improve. to be honest i think the j5 is a exellent phone and has a range of good fetures and because its a sony you cant go wrong.

  • motorola and nokia are the best mobile phone companies and sony are crap at making mobile phones this phone is also crap

  • sony sucks at making mobile phones motorola and nokia are the best and this phone really is shit

  • There's no doubt in my mind that this is the best phone there is

  • I've had a Nokia 8210, 6210, 3310 and Sony's CMD-Z5. When I lost my Z5 I bought a J5 as a replacement. It is in many ways better than the Z5. I use to think the Z5 wast the best but I think the J5 beats them all.

  • my friend has got this phone it's ok but i'm getting a nokia 3330 tommorow and i compared it to the sony j5 using this website and it looks like my nokia has come up tops because it has better features etc sony should leave mobile phone making to propper mobile companys like nokia and motorola who know what there doing sony sucks :)

  • It is light, compact & reasonable performance. Phonebook capacity is very good.

  • It is light, compact & reasonable performance. Phonebook capacity is very good.

  • Just changed from a 7110 due to loads of lockups & crashes. Sony is good but has a few faults: 1. Ringtones are too quiet, I have missed a couple of calls in noisy environments. 2. Screen backlight is quite dim, and contrast not wonderfull - especially after the excellent 7110 display. 3. Jog dial is awkward to use one-handed if you are right-handed (should have been central or RHS - lefties will love it!) 4. Poor SMS capacity and no option for SMS directories. 5. Poor quality when recording your own tones - lets face it thats what most people are buying this phone for. You really need the data cable and entertainment software CD to make the most of this feature! Phone was �119 from Carphone warehouse on BT Cellnet Pay-&-Go. As Cellnet locked phones are not available yet this was supplied totally unlocked - BONUS!! I have the option to return within 14 days, so I will see just how annoying the lack of volume on the ringer becomes - shame because otherwise its a great phone. very light, nice looker and call quality is brilliant.

  • I'm thinking 'bout buying myself one. What do y'all think about the Jay Five ?

  • needs a composer aswell

  • this fone is da best if it had a composer and would vibrate while ringing. there is also lots of things to download to ure fone with da data cable and driver software you can buy these for only �27.00 every sony j5 owner should get one

  • The best product ever, The most unique feature and performance, cost effective among other, Your the best.

  • i have the hand set with me , only the thing is if they provide more sms storage facility it will be help ful for me and security like lock for the mobile .

  • Simply the best mobile phone on the market. I've got Siemens SL45 and it's a shit compared...beleive me.

  • I got myself this phone but i took it back after 2 days :-(, few resons for this. Ringtones are crap, very low volume also the phone is light but i wouldn't put it in me jeans pocket because i felt like it would snap in half :-( WAP is slow and i couldn't get the POP email to work at all and the jog dial means that you have to use 2 hands most of the time. I am now going to get a Nokia 6210. The difference between j5 and the j5e is that the j5e is specially designed for orange (like the nokia 3310 is 3310e under orange)

  • Can u please e-mail me the manual of the SONY CMD J5 handset. I'll be really greatful to you. Regards Shantanu

  • the jog dial located on the left side of the phone helps right-handed people actually. you can use your phone with your left hand and write with your right hand (while taking notes).

  • This phone is Wicked good features and nice design and size but can some one who has this fone tell me whether its got a composer as well as own recordable ringtones this is even better than Nokia's man

  • owed it for 3 days now, upgraded from a sagem mc920, so i'm in love with the t9 texting. no more triple pushing to get to letters. Very Very dissapointed with the sound quality of the recordable tones, in this day and age of CDs this phone sounds like a old dictation machine, I actually cut up the hands free lead in order to conect the mic input directly to my comp output, only slightly better. If you try to record sounds in loud they play back very distorted, tempted to rip the speaker out of my sagem and attach to j5. its weird I want to use to sounds ive recorded but know i will miss calls because of the low volume. I put a lot of bass on the recordings so you can feel it almost vibrate, got the idea from the internal sounds which sound just like a gameboy, I think they even used the Zelda theme. Group system is brill my 1st time, about 30 diff groups. WAP IS CRAP slow useless, might as well go home to the pc, not sonys fault jog wheel means 2 hands use dont get me wrong this is a execellent PHONE but the main attraction leaves you dissapointed wot the diff j5 j5e??

  • I have the Nokia 3310 which i bought thinking it was the best phone, now i read about this SONY and i have deffo changed my mind. The main reson for buying this nokia was 1. because it was a Nokia (SMS pics and stuff) 2. had no arieal + ringtones logos etc... but after see this sony with email wap....etc i have deffo changed my mind. So i am going to sell this nokia and buy me a SONY :0)

  • i think that this phone rules!!! and if anyone has a problem with this my address = 10 downing street (you may see me on the news!!).

  • I've had this phone for 2 weeks now. It is good but I think companies like Nokia and Ericsson, who actually specialize in these products, know more about how a mobile phone should be and really make them user friendly. However, Sony have got a mobile that is innovative and of good quality like all of their electronic goods but just lack that little touch that makes it a great phone. The ringers are not quite loud enough (I live in HK) and the fact that the virbra-alert cannot action with the ringer is a downer - not that it'd make much difference anyway as it is a very weak vibration. The games are not too great either, it's got 1) Banana's - you are a monkey and have to knock down an opponent monkey climbing on another tree by taking turns in throwing banana's at each other. There is a flag to indicate the strength of the wind and you control the angle and strength of the throw. Similar to a game called Tanx I used to play on my Amiga. 2) PicPuz - Your basic tiled mixed picture puzzle. 3) MindBlaster - Guess sequences of numbers. On submission of each guess you are told how many number you guess right and how many are in the right sequence. 4) Sand Art - Not really a game but a rather strange (theraputic) novelty in which sand just falls down like in an egg timer - you get to change the colour of the sand and poisition where the sand falls, hence creating some kinda art I suppose, but I found it rather boring. I also have problems connecting to the internet ie. cannot connect, maybe I should contact my ISP about it. Things I really like are the Scheduler, World time, Animated menus, startup/shotdowns and it's really light too. I like the modest (bland?) but definitely Sony design and it has good reception too. Overall a good phone. More details about this phone are on the Sony site : "" where you can also download the manual.

  • I got the new phone today on orange network and found that it was a bring tilliant phone. I am usually a NOKIA fan, but after having so many shutter problems with the 7710e deciede to try the new Sony mobile. Reception is sharp and so are the look. The only downside is that the jog dial might have better either central or on the right-hand side (as most people are right-handed)

  • Hey, I just bought it but no user guide is with it, can someone help me please ? also, does it have voice memo or not ???

  • Please send me English manual of CMD J5. Thanks Ajayan Vinu

  • Hi I was wondering if anyone knew a website which has all mobile phone games on it? J5 RULES!

  • What a feature packed phone. Definitely better than the CMD-Z5 and to me it has a more individualistic look and feel to it. A fine WAP phone that is easy to use and hard to beat when it comes to practicality. It's hard to find them on pre pay though so look around before plumping for anything else.

  • Does anyone have a soft copy of the user's manual for CMD J5? It could be in any format. PDF and DOC formats are preferred. The manual for CMD Z5 is available right here in PDF format, but the J5 page does not have one. Would be great if someone could mail it to me. Thanks a ton. Sanjay

  • does anyone know of any other phones where you can record your own ringtone? email me

  • its pretty gay for a phone but i did find it useful to shove up my butt

  • blud

  • hmm.. being a user of this model (SONY J5) i find it very useful and a great companion to have because it gives you the freedom to venture far and wide and still keep you in-touch with your e-mails even though you are not sitting by your home PC.. the added bonus that i like about the model is how user friendly it is and good to operate it functions... it's a shame that the great graphics that it supports is only useful if you happen to send a SMS or E-mail to others which has a phone capable of supporting such graphics, namely Sony products.. (keeping it in the family) so to speak.. :) Sony j5 user..!

  • i I've had my J5 for about 2 weeks now and i personally wouldn't be without it, i absolutely adore it, it is the llightest phone i've ever owned and definitely the best looking, it's patented jog dial is wonderful to use for scrolling although the nice big screen makes this unnecessary most times anyway.....This is just a very nice phone where you can record your own ringtones and be the envy of your friends....

  • Hi, It's a very good telephone. The sound-quality is excellent, it is very light in weight, battery duration is a bit short. I luv that t9-sms ;) The only things I don't like so much about this telephone, is that the vibration function can't work during the ringtone. And the ringtones are a little hard to hear when it's in my pocket.

  • Voice Memo (14x20 sec) . It's false. This phone NOT voice memo. 5 recordable (by microphone) ringer (5x10 sec), and 5 event sound (5x6 sec). Stand-by time only 3 day (900 MHz)

  • I got the Sony J5e yesterday and it's brilliant. The only problem is it has spaces to download tones off the internet but no sites have melodies for the J5!!! If you know of any could you please e-mail me!!!

  • Had one since 02/03/2001. Very nice phone. Only downsides are the poor sound recording quality via mic. Also, does any one know where I can get the J5 Data cable and J5 software CD from?

  • I just ditched my nokia 5110 for this phone, and it is a stunning piece of kit. I love it to pieces and it is by far the best phone i've ever used. the only thing is the recordable ring tones which sound like an AM radio on a bad day, and not many people have these J5's so the picture messaging is a wee bit useless.

  • does anyone know what colour backlight this phone has? I hope it's blue.

  • Hi everyone, I know which games come with the sony J5 but could someone please email me and tell me what u do on them and whether they are any good. Thanx a lot Calv

  • i just bought the phone i like its design and the light weight very nice menu with nice graphics the ringing sound is fantastic which is almost similair quality of a nokia 9110 othe features will i have to use it for a few days and will then comment on it

  • Fisrt, I only wish the J5 was available with the jog-dial on the right hand side - afterall, there are more right-handed people than left-handed! Secondly, the lighting (backlight) is not very good should definitely be improved. Otherwise it is a sleek piece of equipment,far much better than its nearest rival in the same peer-group handsets.

  • What games does this phone come with?

  • How much should I pay including shipping for sony CMD j5 to United Arab Emirates?Does this phone have recordable ringer tones. NBO Najda Street, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

  • does anyone know where you can actually get hold of this phone in the UK? It seems to be permanently out of stock/unavailable in th main stores (link, carphonewarehouse etc) thanks!

  • Anyone know where in the UK the phone can be bought SIM-less?

  • It's a good fun phone. It's different. Nice ringing tones!

  • Can somebody tell me where can I find the instruction manual for Sony J5? Thanks

  • Well, i'm planning to buy this one tomorow, 'cause i think it's a beauty, great features.

  • which phone is better the 3210 or the sony cmd-j5

  • i have just orderd a sony cmd-j5, but im not to sure if it is really worth it.

  • I've just seen the Sony J5 on the back of a mail-order catalogue(littlewoods extra) on the Orange Pay as you go network(for those in England) for �130

  • What cable do you need to connet the J5 to your P.C, and what software is needed to use the in built modem?

  • Sony J5 costs somewhere arount $270.

  • hello, how much do this sony CMD-j5?

  • how much is the phone ?

  • To my surprise, this phone is much cheaper than the Z5 (almost half of it). The feel of the J5 is ok and I must say it's pretty thin plus it comes with reasonable big screen. Also, the ringing tone is somewhat similar to Panasonic GD92 - a touch of symphony that determine it's most distinguished feature. Main difference between J5 and Z5 is J5 comes equipped with WAP capabilities. In short, this is not a bad phone produced by Sony as compared to their previous models. Their innovation is picking up in the market.

  • oye!!!!!!!!!, wot wos mr sony tinkin!