Sony CMD J6

  • Released 2001
    82g, 20mm thickness
    Feature phone
    No card slot
  • N/A 148,194 hits
  • 48 Become a fan
    96x92 pixels, 6 lines
  • NO
    No video recorder
  • 650mAh

Sony CMD J6 - Specs

Network Technology GSM
2G bands GSM 900 / 1800
Launch Announced 2001
Status Discontinued
Body Dimensions 123 x 43 x 20 mm (4.84 x 1.69 x 0.79 in)
Weight 82 g (2.89 oz)
Display Type Grayscale graphic, 4 shades
Resolution 96 x 92 pixels, 6 lines, 1:1 ratio
 Advanced Jog Dial
Memory Card slot No
Phonebook 500
Call records 10 dialed, 10 received, 10 missed calls
 Message templates
Several phonebook groups
Camera   No
Sound Loudspeaker No
Alert types Vibration; Monophonic ringtones
3.5mm jack No
 Ringtones can be assigned to phonebook entries
Comms WLAN No
Bluetooth No
Radio No
Features Sensors
Messaging SMS, Email
Browser WAP, HTML (MS)
Clock Yes
Alarm Yes
Games 4 - Bannanas, PicPuz, MindBlaster, SandArt
Java No
 Predictive text input
Recordable sounds for calls and events
Battery   Removable Li-Ion battery
Stand-by 120 h
Talk time 3 h
Misc Colors

Sony CMD J6 - User Reviews

  • I had this and this was good.

  • Its my firet phone, This phone is very powerfull memory, and calling , and battery packeg.

  • My first phone amazing phone sllek body lots of memories

  • this is my first phone i used .still remember.

  • My first phone, extremely exceptional set. Is this phone still available even if its as a used phone

  • can i get a repair for this model and new battery for this phone also its charger ,i think this is an antique i have one

  • So what? I am still using it and will use it forever maybe.

  • hey guys what the hell.this year is 2012 not 1976.

  • I found a 2001 modle at my nans it still works after 11 years :D

  • I am looking for a ringtone (name was Carribean if I am right) which I used to have on my old J6. Is it possible to upload / mail it? Shanthakumar

  • i want to buy sony j6 mobile

  • i purchased it in 2001 mfor 5500! n its still working!!! m using it for abt 9 to 10yrs! love it! only i have a problem is that the battery is weak!

  • unbelieveable mobile

  • i am sirous (iran-esfahan) the best i have 6 y i like this

  • I want to sell sony cmd-j6 contact [email protected]

  • I want to buy a piece of this. If anyone interested to sell please contact me at [email protected] Thanks

  • I like this phone! I started to use it at 8 years ago. perfect. the bad thing is: ericsson bro�f

  • it a valuable

  • The slimness is the entire beauty of of this handset. I used this handset for 6 months but still I love it. Even Sony itself also couldn't introduce any compareable model to this handset. Sony should re0introduce this model with the new and hitech features and this model will create its own market.

  • I have had this for 6 years. and it is still working as good as the day i bought it. Sony should give themselves a pat on the back.

  • i was using sony j6, it is a very nice mobile, even i got a beautiful lover because of that mobile. but unfortunately i lost both. i want to down load sony j6 ringtone that my girl loved that ring tone's name is caribean. could you please send me that ringtone in any format to my email address. my email id is [email protected] and [email protected] . send me please

  • 5 years and still alive. I think it's one of the best ones

  • It's my phone for 5 year

  • This is the phone for which i went mad at one point of time.Am using it since 3 yrs now and still goin gr8.I have it for a stand by as i use a motorazr.However i do make it a point to change the phone to j6 after every month,this is indeed a very good phone to use...

  • 5 years still alive.

  • Yes! After years - stil perfect phone :).

  • After 4 years and 3 monthes, I love it...

  • i love it.

  • good mobile i require services in ahmedabad - india

  • Its simply excellent! I will never change it as long as it keeps working... Only thing worried me is its low volume,, and missed many calls because of it.. but no problem vibrator is there... the great product I have ever seen....

  • i am using this phone from last 5 years. this is a very good phone. all the features are well advanced. good phone memory. good battary life. very easy to use.

  • Nice phone but would be more attractive without the external antenna.i so much like this phone.Please i would like to have a copy of this phone's manual.I will be grateful.Thank for your cooperation.

  • can any body send me sony J6 user manual.....i will be very thankful...

  • yes too good a phone but too long.would have been more portable if smaller and without external anteena. pls send me sonyJ6 manual via my email.thanks.

  • I like this phone and it was very good.Pls kindly send me the manual instruction/user's guide of that of sony j70 to my e-mail address, i will be extremely grateful if my request is favourably consider. Thanks for usual co-operation.

  • exelent and iwant j6 manual please send to my mail thank u

  • I like this phone and it was very good.Pls kindly send me the manual instruction/user's guide of that of sony j70 to my e-mail address, i will be extremely grateful if my request is favourably consider. Thanks for usual co-operation. Peter

  • I like this phone and it was very good.Pls kindly send me the manual instruction/user's guide of that of sony j70 to my e-mail address, i will be extremely grateful if my request is favourably consider. Thanks for usual co-operation. Peter

  • to get new cases try calling sonys customer services they might have them but its out of production now so they might now

  • Amigos de gsmarena,tengo el agrado de saludarlos y hacerles una consulta,tengo un telefono movil identico a este modelo,el cual se ha cruzado debido a q lo carge con 9v. cometiendo asi un error,ahora mi pregunta es donde puedo dirigirme a reparar este telefono el cual lo tengo hace tiempo sin usar debido a q esta malogrado,nose si aqui en peruhay sucursales donde se pueda reparar.estare al tanto de su respuesta,gracias.

  • it is a good telefon i have a SONY CMD J6 it is very good

  • I want to buy this mobile. Tell me the shopper's address, rate and method of payment. regards, kumaresan

  • I am using Sony-Z7 model from Last 2 Years, Now I want to change the Body of this mobile, but I am not geeting the proper palace from where i can get the new body of this mobile,can anybody help me.

  • Whooops, sorry! Don't send me manuals because I have a one, available here: English language, ver. R1a, pdf format

  • Somebody could send me the user's manual of this phone? I've bought it as it was used and its manual was scrapped... sh*t. :( Otherwise, I didn't ever had problem with the phone, just it's a little bit slow (especially when writing SMS-s :), and when you switch it on, it takes many time to load the phonebook .

  • I enjoyed my CMD J6,i wish i could have it in the colour,and one more thing your merging with ERICSSON is no way forward,SAMSUNG seems ahead with design and it hurts me. Thanks.

  • I would like to know more about Sony J6.Can we load melodies for this mobilephones? And what can we do to make our Phone better? Please write me as soon as you can . Zhumabek

  • siply the best phone,ever done!!!I have been using it for 2&half years & I do really like it,I don't change it,even for a newer model!!!

  • IT'S FUCKING BEST PHONE EVER!!! I got one tiil it was stolen :( But it was great and still is. Grey scale is faster, more legiable then those color ones!!! JOG RULES, as well as the slide key!!! It's fast and easy to use!!! T9 dictionary works veeery goood. Fuck that ringtones!! If you want to hear beutiful music buy yourself Discman!! or mp3 Player!! GREAT PHONE!!!!!!!!

  • Must have ...very easy to navigate..jog dial...slide all in all a gr8 phone

  • this phone is brill but does any body know how to download ringtones

  • ist o.k.

  • Full entertainment mobile phone..Standard design,maximum performance..

  • hi,ples send me SONY CMD-J6 manual. thanks.

  • I want buy battery QN-J6BPE price

  • I want buy Standard battery,Li-Ion for Sony CMD-J6 price and I want Sony CMD-J7,CMD-J70 price

  • the best of all

  • This is a werry good phone, and i glad cause i have it... :)

  • the set is having a sleek design, very handy and light. The only problem is i coudnt download screensaver, wallpapers or ring tones, if it is possible can any one tell me how to do that

  • i do not receive picture messages and even cannot download ringtones can u solve my problem i am from india

  • The voice of the ringtones is vey low, suggetion to increase the clarity. Its not audible even when travlling in the bus, or rushy areas.

  • i am from the philippines and i this unit from japan, do you know any service center here in our country, where can i buy a new unit of battery in case this on gets fully drained, please answer me.

  • Instrument performance is very high but ringtone is very low because in india we need high tone for our traffic can u send some ringtone for my CMDJ6 instrument my mobile no : (india)(0)98453 33684 Thanking You

  • hi pleace more inphormacion sony cdm j6

  • It is very good phone. Reception is very good. User-friendly functions. Only problem I am facing is when I turn off the phone and again I turn it on I have to reset the clock. I do not know if this is original future (drawback) of the phone. Can somebody help me? Can I down load ringtones to CMD J6?

  • Its really a great cellphone. Just send me its price if possible

  • dear sir, i,m here to commety about sony j6 my name is babatunde abiodun isaiah i,m student of size computer college in nigerian sony j6 is very good phone becaues i have i be used this phone more that 9mounth hi dose not give me any problem that why i like the phone this serial number of my phone-35017740363119/7 sir i will like if you can sent me the letes one i will pay the money this my address 46 saka tinubu street victoria island lagos of nigerian. yourfatifully babatunde abiodun isaiah

  • this phone is very good but some of the controls are too tricky

  • The fone is god, but for sony have a litle types ringtones. Logos and messages don't gave enithing.

  • The fone is god, but for sony have a litle types son. Logos and messages don't gave enithing.

  • what if the centre button displays menu list instead of shortcut to webpage.

  • it's the best you can get. the only thing i don't like is that i can't play without recharge

  • Hi, I am kottachami .I bought this phone , mistakenly. It is a complete Useless phone and can be thrown away. Please don't buy this phone Kind Regards, Kottai

  • ring is quite slow how can it louder if some one know plzzz mail on me [email protected]

  • Handsets cant be any better than CMD J6. Excllent performance. Cant ask for more.

  • Its not at all a good handset......

  • Sony CMD J6 is a worst handset I have ever full of SHIT. Never do buy it

  • my opinion is that is very nice phone,nice cover color ,very handsome and it is very easy to opperate with jog dial

  • is it possible to ad new ringtones taken from the internet to my sony cmd j6? Who can help me out?

  • nice cellular, make dirty and low sound

  • pls check this

  • excellent performance,but is it feasible to have a local charger.

  • can u down load things on to the phone?

  • it is cool phone , my best , but i dont know how to download walpapper , and sms pictures . If you know , write me .Thank`s

  • I have it. IT is a best mobile in my country.because it is cheaper than another mobile but better than them. I have question about it! j6 can connect to the computer?

  • it is a good and sturdy fone but is not compatible in way of sending or downloading ringtones or logos

  • Really good features but,its really bad that u cannot download any ringtones and Games.

  • i am a proud owner of this phone bnout i have a complain concerning the fact that it is not too loud and you need top work on the level of vibration. apart from this it is simply wonderful.

  • Nice phone. Could you please send me its manual at my email address

  • I have it,and it's realy good phone.

  • how can we use this in the philippines? were having a hard time trying to use our own simcard. how can we use this!please send us some instruction. where can we find a service center for mobile phones.

  • I have a J6 and i think it is an excellent phone. I Have only one bad thing to say about it! and that is you cannot change the front and back cover, I beleive that if Sony brought out a phone that could change covers they would probebly out do nokia. I have a couple of scrathes on my phones screen. It would be great to be able to change faces on my phone. Im 100% that sony is a better phone than all other makes, apart from the fact you cannot change faces.

  • Need better ringtones and also louder ringer volume.Other wise I love this phone

  • good mobile

  • I love it very much !!!

  • It's really Best! Only unwise ll doubt in such a cool phone - cant imagine smth. better for such a price :)

  • myself aniket, i am useing j6 since last five months it's a great piece, i have lost my manual, so please send me manual in pdf format. aniket

  • I Have been a nokia user from quiet some time but now i think sony J6 is some great phone .Good graphics but only thing that it lacks is too dim LCD

  • It`s a fucking shit don`t buy it!!!

  • As a Designer I love its GUI...Only week point is : Low ring tone and light Vibration.. But finally Its cool..And features are best compare to other...

  • Its a great lookin' fone,the grapics could have been a little more colorful... Its great value for money & I feel pity for the people who think that Samsung handsets are the best.... They should open their eyes & see the real good stuff. By the way can someone please send me the instruction manual of CMD J6.

  • I love my phone, but I also want to know how to download ringtones and different wallpapers

  • It is the best set.But I want to know How can I download or compose a ring tone? Is there any site to download ringtones of J6 model?

  • It`s cool telephone !!! very easy tu use , sound... is very good :))) stereo :))) i like it and there are more useful functions in this phone . Very good buy

  • can you please help? send instructions how to opreate thank you in advance Noam Shilo

  • This is very good, I would like to know the price... (Sony CMD J6)

  • Heloo, I'm crazy about my Sony CMD j6. But I don't have instructions in english or french, only in italian. Did you know a site were I can download or read these instructions? Thank you!

  • I purchased my sony j6 in ireland, now i cant use it in Nigeria because it is SIM locked. What do I do?

  • Its a nice phone

  • Well, got this J6 phone for my birthday. :) A very good present! One of the best I've ever had. ;) IT has really great design and a load of different features (by the way it's more improved in some features comparing to J5 model). From day to day I start liking it more and more! ;) I love it, to be honest. ;) So my word here is - HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! ;) ALOHA!

  • Where is software for J6?

  • Got a damm problem :-( I'm buying phone tomorrow and i'm still not sure which will fit better j5 or j6? visual the j5 looks better for me...

  • Please send me technical information and instruction for Sony CMD - J6. Thanks!!!!

  • Please send me technical information and instruction for Sony CMD - J6 if you can !!! Thank you very much !!!

  • Great phone, very easy to use and pleasing to the eye. Light and slim with an excellent control system. SMS a walk in the park. I do want to know if anybody can help me with advice for ring tones and graphics please, look forward to hearing from you!

  • Never seen Cell phone with such gr88 feat and low price .Keep it up SONY Mobile handset of the millenium ! Keep Rocking

  • how do i get ringtones for my j6 off the internet?

  • damn cool phone!!!!

  • I'm going to buy it today.I think given its value for money, its a bargain anyday.Can't think of so many sleek features in anyother phone at this price.Good job sony...Nokia (yawn..) watch out..

  • handset is really good and slick,i wanted to know about the ringer loading facility and wallpaer loading can anyone help me?how to do it and from where to load it?

  • i was wondering, can you get the sony cmd-j6 to vibrate and be on loud at the same time? so when it rings you can hear it and it will vibrate?

  • I am very satisfied with the phone, it has most functions that you would find on a more expensive phone, for the reasonable price. very easy to use and navigate using the jog dial ,only drawback is that it dont ring and vibrate together. Otherwise a superb buy. you can obtain, downloadble graphics/ wallpaper/ ringtones and manual from: or

  • i just bought a sony j6 looks out of the world but i really want to know how good the phone is....if someone has /is using me could you please tell me

  • it is an amazing phone

  • there are no good bloody ring tones for the fone, except the ones u can record yourself, but they don't come out very well, if any1 nows were i can get ring tones for the sony cmd j6, please tell me, thanx

  • The piece is really nice.

  • it's sleak and slim, but it's alot harder to use than my previous nokia 3310. I don't really like the side disc selector and i wanted the vibration alert with the ringtone like the nokia. However the phone cost me �80 which is not bad and the graphics and ringtones are fab!! i still need to get to know how to use the wap thing and also get use to the small text but above all it's probably the most stylish business like phone out and is very reserved.

  • just bought a sony cmd-j6 and it looks good so far......i need ringtones

  • Please where in the internet can i find the manual for this sony j6 phone. I bought a new one and unfortunetly there was no manul

  • suberb phone, great features, great ring tones. just one thing, they say you can download ringtones....where????? any info please feel free to e-mail. great phone though.

  • its fucking great, slim, sexy and shagable

  • nice phone though they should have ascending tone ,larger life,colred displays

  • A good phone but I think they should allow you have both Vibtration and ringing on at the same time

  • What is the difference in functionality between j5 j6 && j7???

  • can i get one without money thanx byex

  • Why on earth don't Sony come out with a GPRS phone? In anycase, the J6 is already out of the date because the J7 is on its way very soon...............

  • This phone is much better than its predecessor, J5. In terms of sound quality, this phone rings louder than J5. The handsfree speaker also sounds clearer and louder. Think having a micro Sony hifi speaker in the phone. ha ha. It sounds great. The sound from the earpiece is also much more audible, clearer, and crisp. The paint coating on the phone gives it a very shiny and classy look. The buttons are also much easier to press than the J5. Overall, it's a good phone for a price like that. Comes with 500 phonebook memory. Good graphics and display. I like the Calendar the most. If you think SMS with T9 is fast, think again. Using Sony's Jog Dial with T9 is even faster. Scrolling through the large phonebook, reading an SMS, even using the calculator is definitely a breeze with a Jog Dial.