Sony CMD J7

  • Released 2001, Q4
    92g, 21mm thickness
    Feature phone
    No card slot
  • N/A 193,778 hits
  • 53 Become a fan
    96x92 pixels, 6 lines
  • NO
    No video recorder
  • 650mAh

Sony CMD J7 - Specs

Network Technology GSM
2G bands GSM 900 / 1800
Launch Announced 2001, Q4
Status Discontinued
Body Dimensions 113 x 44 x 21 mm (4.45 x 1.73 x 0.83 in)
Weight 92 g (3.25 oz)
Display Type Grayscale graphic, 4 shades
Resolution 96 x 92 pixels, 6 lines, 1:1 ratio
 Advanced Jog Dial
Wallpaper download
Memory Card slot No
Phonebook 500
Call records 10 dialed, 10 received, 10 missed calls
 Message templates
Several phonebook groups
Camera   No
Sound Loudspeaker Yes
Alert types Downloadable polyphonic ringtones
3.5mm jack No
 SMS with sounds and pictures
Ringtones can be assigned to phonebook entries
Comms WLAN No
Bluetooth No
Radio No
Features Sensors
Messaging SMS, Email
Browser WAP, HTML (MS)
Clock Yes
Alarm Yes
Games Yes
Java No
 Predictive text input
Recordable sounds for calls and events
Battery   Removable Li-Ion battery
Stand-by 200 h
Talk time 3 h 20 min - 6 h
Misc Colors

Sony CMD J7 - User Reviews

  • Oh my first wap enable phone. miss it. so much

  • Sarah! Glad you found me! I recommend this phone. It is discontinued,but you could probably get it on ebay or something. I had it when i was younger but my dog got it and tore it to pieces! Great phone.

  • aww my first cell phone! since that year 2003 i had never change the brand Sony, and i never will change the brand pure Sony Fan! i'm soo sad that i dont have anymore this phone

  • Hi Did you find what is the problem with you sony cmd-j7.I also have the same problem and i do not know how to fix it.Is it possible for man to fix at home or i have to give the phone to repairman? Please send the answer on my email : [email protected] Thank you in advance!

  • My buddy since 2002 ! It needs to be fed more often now but this phone is amazing. Sound is clearer than on many newer phones, it fell several times without getting hurt, is easy to use. I don't want to change !

  • hey I was just looking for the same thing, loved the ringtones!

  • I have this phone since 2001 and it still WORKS! :) Yes, it was dropped several times (I was running or just dancing on heavy metal) and exterior is not quite good, but all functions are OK and I just now (after 9 years!) think to get new phone - HTC Desire HD for Xmas (from G2 directly to G4).

  • Just about to upgrade to an i-phone, Blackberry or an HTC HD2 when I found this old baby. now THAT'S what a phone is for - making/receiving calls and sending/receiving texts. About to plug the little fella back in and use it as my old HTC Touch Dual has finally broken down after 2-3 years.

  • Does anyone know where to get the J5 ringtone? I used to have it last time and would like to get the ringtone be installed on my other phone.

  • I have been using S-J-7 since2002.Excellent performance particularly the wheel-scrol is innovative,easyto handle. Last week it failed to catch-up network.Technician says it as software problem.Can i get a software for it?Where ?Mobile No.9937552249

  • The CDM J7 is o.k., since 6 ears. Now I want to set the alarm, but the manual is not specific enough. When I set the alarm for some time in the next hour it works fine. But choosing a time in the next 24 hours a sound rings every full hour. How and in what order do I program an alarm?

  • i've been using it for 6 years 24/7 its battery is fantastic like the power management and the sounds I wish Sony manufactures some great phone like this one again ! Oh and it's the very last SONY mobile.

  • I got this phone back in 2002 to replace my Nokia 6210. An excellent phone and handed to my Dad. Only froze a few times, but was a fun phone with cool features like a speaker phone and the ability to record your own tones which was a hoot. An overall classic and so user friendly.

  • Great phone, owned since 2002. No problems at all except today I have "SIM Locked" and no idea how to unlock Sim? Can anyone help please?

  • i've had this phone for the past 5 yrs and still goin strong..a very basic piece but quite sturdy.the only complain max limit of 160 characters in a msg!!!!

  • I had my phone for 3 years now but bough a new phone couple of weeks ago with camera etc.. There's one problem I found most disturbing. The phone sometimes and randomly locks ( at least mine does ) and the battery has to be taken out to reset it. During "the lock" incomming calls are not registered. CMD-J7 is out of date, but it was ok in 2002, now 2006 it's old technology

  • I have had this phone for quit 7months from some one who has used it for over 4 years. The ringtones are nice and my problem is what is the used of the security codes and how can I use it?. Thanks

  • I've had this phone for 5 years and it's still working just fine. I'm quite impressed, so far I haven't had to change batteries or hand it in for service at all. The functions are getting a bit out of date, though. Haha! So I'm thinking of getting me a new one soon but I guess this phone has saved quite some money, not having t buy a new phone for 5 years!

  • a gud phone,can i pls b given the manual thru my mail and if i can chage ringtones in the set and how.Thank you

  • Plz help me how to reset my PIN no of my handset.Bcoz I need to reset my GPRS settings. I am forgotten my PIN no.

  • i m very happy with it. something is wrong with my screen and i cannot see the display. my phone works but i cant see display. what i need is if there is a wire to connect it to a pc and transfer all the phone list even if i cant see any display. pls suggest something I NEED THE DATA URGENTLY. HELP HELP HELP

  • nice phone..! but i can't receive more than 160 character of sms in my inbox..! ehat a pity!. praise be to God!

  • Brilliant little mobile!

  • the phone is good. please kindly let me have the manual through my email address for i cant get mine.thanks

  • good mobilephone. I like it. only one problem in pocket was going on vibration and unsound and i cant take it off:) but it got style.

  • Very good phone, very easy to use with jog dial, and with vey simple menu. Good display, all needed features (included wap and e-mail), low cost

  • stylish phone just not quik use jog dial & key pad

  • bad bad baaaaaad phone !!!

  • any one got a user guide? Sell?

  • i want to know where to get a charger for it PLZ HELP!!! p.s very good fone

  • yhjutiuyoyioyioiupuogp

  • what is this stuipd phone!

  • hi hope be fine i want to know ur prices of mobile can u plz guide me and this modle, i like very much and tell me in which web i got ur prices thankz wish u all the best for this mobile and company

  • is it possible for u to send me another instuction booklet ive lost my original one, if yes i will send my address, thanx

  • I want userguide for Sony CMD J7

  • bad bad bad bad phone

  • hello it is good handset but how to use WAP and how to download software.

  • Where can I find a charger for sony cmd j7

  • this is a great phone i have oane i just wann'a say is a very good phone buy it .. i just wann'a know how can I download walpapers to this phone call me at +40740452469

  • i like this phone`s so smart ...and the polifonic sounds kills me when they souds..Sony Thanks 4 existing..!!

  • i'm having a bit of a problem with mine at the moment when i receive messages from friends with nokia phones there is no text

  • Great little phone, no complaints. The ringtones make me smile, LOL. Only thing i dont like is the color...give me a plain black/grey phone please.

  • Great Price for the features I needed: Battery Life and Phonebook Memory. It has a bug and may be of concern to folks staying in Remote Areas, where signal strengths are questionable. I discovered that the battery drains out exponentially when it cannot find the provider.

  • I have worked for about a year with this mobele phone (i've now got another one from my work) and I liked the phone very much. The phone worked 24/24 7 on 7 for a whole year. And i only got one problem in year (but with pulling out the battery and restarting i was solved. The only minus things are: - for downloading wallpapers you need to have a datacable, which is quiet expensive. - The ringing tones aren't very loud. So in noisy places you have to turn on the vibrator - The other problem is that the vibrator isnt as powerfull as for example an ericson or nokia. But besides this it was a very great phone wich i shall remember.

  • i really enjoy this cellular...but ! can i download ringtone from the web? how to maximize of this cellular program? i love this polyphonic sound but how to compose it.can i?

  • fuckin great!!!!!!!!!

  • Where can I find wallpapers or other downloads for the CMD-J70? If U know, let me know... Thx!

  • Great phone, but does anyone know how u can turn off the alarm that ring every hour? Thx!

  • problems while writing messages. Stops responding some times. Does'nt start at all some times. Inserted sim card from a nokia phone and half the telephone directory is missing or is corrupted. Dont buy this phone yet.

  • Cool little thing! Helps me a lot in a diferent thing such as reminder, clock features, SMS features.. well, ALL features were realised so good and it`s so easy 4 use!! The best phone i ever had! are released

  • It doesn't have TETRIS!! only bananas and a lot of sand

  • also very good, excellent features!!!!!!

  • why i cannot read SMS from nokia more than 200 character...??? in my handphone (sony j70) in my phone just show how can i read it??? some one can help me?

  • Great phone! The greatest I've ever had!

  • best fones in world

  • It is very good as a mobile, I wanna remove PIN2 but I can not; please show me how Thanks a lot Yours sincerly EL hachemi

  • good phone

  • This my great phone cell i love it

  • Truely a great handset in all ways.

  • very good

  • Great phone! i've got it a few days ago and i'm completly satisfied with it. The battery is very good (10 days) and the 4 shades of grey are fabulous. The 3D menu also looks very good and now i'm trying to setup my e-mail account. Let you know when i did that. All'n all the J7 is a good phone compared to T10 and 3330 that i've had till now.

  • Very good. But no vibra and ringing at the same time :(

  • - Ringtones can be assigned to phonebook entries HOW??????????

  • whats the difference between the j7 and j70 i used to own a j70 an it was an unreliable peice of shit!!! does this one work? lol

  • hi, I just wanted to say that the Sony CMD J7 is a great phone. I never have had such a good phone because it doesn't have problems with the display etc.

  • I am a spny cmd j7 mobile holder can u send me a manual for this

  • does anyone know where to get a walpaper download for the sony cmd j7? email me if u do plz.

  • The size is 113m in height, for goodness sake!!

  • just what is the real size of the phone. Some websites say it's 113 mm and other say it's 133mm. I would like to ask an owner to measure it for me. And how long is the standby in average use?

  • I wanna buy CMD J7. Please let me know if you wanna sell one of those mobiles. Thanks!

  • Can you send me pages with wallpapers, and rings! :) Peter

  • That's the handset I was looking for....Gr8 stuff. Gr8 job SONY...keep it up.....

  • Who can be me a menu in english. Thx

  • kann ich sony gsm z7 von turkey verkaufen.

  • This phone sucks! Too big and the whole thing looks like a remote controller. And there was no remarkable development till the J5 model...

  • does anyone know where to get a wal paper down load for the sony cmd j7? email me if u do plz. T

  • I brought this phone today its great. light, easy to use, and with a fast performance speed. What more could i ask for..

  • muie

  • I've just bought this phone. It was expensive, but it's so great! A tip for everybody who searches a good, light and smaal phone. Jan, The Netherlands

  • the buttons are softer in this one thats all

  • What is the difference in functionality between j5 j6 && j7???

  • this mobile is good as the J5 or J6