Sony CMD Z7

  • Released 2001, Q4
    95g, 25mm thickness
    Feature phone
    No card slot
  • N/A 403,266 hits
  • 58 Become a fan
    96x92 pixels, 6 lines
  • NO
    No video recorder

Sony CMD Z7 - Specs

Network Technology GSM
2G bands GSM 900 / 1800
Launch Announced 2001, Q4
Status Discontinued
Body Dimensions 91 x 50 x 25 mm, 90 cc (3.58 x 1.97 x 0.98 in)
Weight 95 g (3.35 oz)
Display Type Grayscale graphic, 4 shades
Resolution 96 x 92 pixels, 6 lines, 1:1 ratio
 Advanced Jog Dial (5D)
Wallpaper download
Memory Card slot No
Phonebook 500
Call records 10 dialed, 10 received, 10 missed calls
 Keeps fax and email for phonebook entries
Message templates
Several phonebook groups
20 SMS messages in phone
Camera   No
Sound Loudspeaker Yes
Alert types Downloadable polyphonic ringtones
3.5mm jack No
 SMS with sounds and pictures
Ringtones can be assigned to phonebook entries
Comms WLAN No
Bluetooth No
Radio No
Features Sensors
Messaging SMS, Email
Browser WAP, HTML (MS)
Clock Yes
Alarm Yes
Games Yes
Java No
 Predictive text input
Voice Memo
Battery   Removable Li-Po battery
Stand-by 135 h - 240 h
Talk time 3 h - 5 h
Misc Colors

Sony CMD Z7 - User Reviews

  • I want it

  • @ the university in 2001 I used one & it was superb. Was extremely sad when I let go of it.

  • You can't find it anymore in 2019.

  • where did you find firmware and ringtones?

  • These phones were never really popular. It was after this phone that the Sony Ericsson joint venture happened, and made the phones really popular.

  • i have one in very good condition. Great toy!!!

  • The last phone before Sony Ericsson

  • Blackjack :)

  • Now a collectors piece, will become very expensive and def an investment..

  • Good Old days

  • Truly a gem of a phone. Used it with pride.

  • the best handset which i ever used

  • My best handphone ever

  • It's a perfect answer! Well Done!

  • you may crazy of so called CPU. Unless you understand those days ordinary phones, you better installed a quad core CPU in your head.

  • loved this pone,been put away few years,no into retro,,but cant understand how sim goes in,slot but no grip???some great tx ringtones..

  • What's the frequency of cpu...?! Quadcore...?!?!

  • like

  • ı have one and orgınal batary and charger ans very clean

  • where are you from .... ? in romania u could get this phone for about 20 euros. it's amazing :)

  • the cutest and most charming phone ever, used it for years and just loved it. i'm still dreaming of having it again. can anyone give an idea where i could get one? PLEASE!

  • Ok alftred buy me a galaxy and i will buy you this phone

  • i love it mor than gallexy

  • Close the flap of the phone. Then press the jog dial downwards, towards the battery of the phone. Once you do that you'll get a menu with options to put the phone on silent or vibrate. Hope this helps.

  • Were or how can i find a batery?

  • Can someone tell me how to put THE phone o&n silent mode?? Thx.

  • Got mine from Regards Dave

  • where can you buy the charger

  • Anyone know where to get one of these unlocked, my local shop failed :( apparently its too old for them to remember how :0

  • Hi there Haven't got mine in front of me today so difficult to remember. But first questions: a) Do you mean real (http/html) internet or wap (the phone can do both - even though limited page size and only html 3.2 pages will work from the real internet). b) You will need a dialup network number, username and password for either c) If using WAP you will need a WAP gateway address - given the age of this phone it is expecting wmlc from the wap gateway - some of the more modern gateways might get confused, or confuse the phone d) Do you also want email - it will do standard pop3/smtp email as well

  • I have this fone still in backup use. That is a brilliant fone, that was the first fone in my life and is still alive after using more than 8 years. Some features I experienced in this fone, I never seen in any other fone till today!!!

  • security code 0000

  • please send me settings on how to connect my phone to wap

  • how could i connect my phone to the internet

  • I still have my z7 as a back up phone. It's still going strong after all these years. I got it when they first came out too!

  • i like this phone. i have this..............

  • From where can I get new Firmware for it? I love this mobile!!! :)

  • i still have this phone,i am using it and it still works perfect,original charger,original battery which still is good(unbelievable),but of course it's made in japan and that's the reason why:P overall it's a good phone and i still find it quite wonderfull.

  • i had one of these when it came out too. it was & in most ways the best phone ive ever had. Pure simple joy to use. scroll wheel was a breeze. never been able to txt as fast on anything else. Its in a class of its own. Shame Sony dont have the scroll wheel anymore & this unique design.. wish i didnt trade it in for a samsung phone (which was utter garbage btw). am using my p900 at the mo, wanted xperia 1 but no longer in stock and not sure about the xperia 2 wish i didnt trade it in for a samsung phone (which was utter garbage btw).

  • in there is one new boxed,user jerryng

  • I used Sony CMD Z7 for more than 2 years, some features i experienced in this phone, have never seen in other phones still yet. This was a brilliant phone. Brilliant one!!!!!!

  • i used thi fone 7years ago, good function fone :) i am the last man to review about Z7

  • I still have my z7 as a back up phone. It's still going strong after all these years. I got it when they first came out too!

  • cool fone.nice 2use

  • tibi do you sell one of your z7?

  • Can anyone tell me how can i buy this phone? i love it. im from greece but noone knows were to find it boxed..

  • this is one... odd phone. but not in the bad way. i always loved this phone, don't know why. i think it's the looks. small, light, flip, scroll... and that's all. and as far as performance and functions... it stands somewhere below average... but not much. making it short, it's just a phone. i had one about 6-7 years ago and i had problems with it, sold it... now i own 2, cause i missed it (i got two, cause the first one wasn't recharging, so again problems). before the z7 i had a j5... still had problems. what can i say, sony wasn't a very good phone maker, not reliable nor performant. so... the z7 is just a very nice collector's phone :)

  • best phone ever and ever and ever and ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!­!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Belive me it the best phone in terms of looks and statements.. i m just in love wid this handset....zzOts still one of my fav handset... i still have this handset in perfect working condition.... just hope se launches something in this shape and style....

  • great phone, still the best, do you know if i can improve the amound of signs you can text-message at once?

  • does anyone know the default security code. thanks

  • I had this phone... I miss it so much! Best phone ever! Wonna buy another one, but they don't work in US((

  • I still using this phone (beleve it or not) I flashed it with slightly newer firmware an upload some rigtones and backgrounds),paint it with mat black colour an it look's like new phone (my mates cant beleve that is the my old Z7). This is the best phone ever! To sad that Z700 newer showed up. Ps: Sorry for my bad english.

  • i used to have one of this before.. i i just miss it so much.. i lost it..huhuhuhu!

  • does tis phone have good slow motion camera or not? please tell me i want to buy one soon

  • I had one of these and am about to get another but don't know if it will work in America, does anyone have any ideas about that

  • this fone very beuatiful like ps3, i want to buy one

  • how do you activate the optical zoom on the 8mp cam?

  • where is the t451 vortex on this phone

  • how can i activate internet in my phone

  • Sounds good but please can any one knows the secret of this phone:( i have to say its a secret trick or any secret option to activate the vibration and on the loud speaker please reply me on [email protected]

  • Could pls someone send me the manual for the phone? thx. lori

  • i have the manual. let me know if you want.

  • i have a sony CMDZ7 i like the phone a lot but its a bit old and the housing is broken the display also goes off sometimes so i need a new housing. i have looked all over srilanka but couldnt get one, it is also difficult to find one in the UK. I would also like to know more about the phone like how to activate the vibrater could you please help me out mail me at [email protected]

  • i love this phone

  • i have sony cmd z7 phone but want know more abt its usage.i will be glad if someone is gonna send the manual to me example how to active the vibration....hope to hear from u soon. my e-mail id ([email protected]) thanks edie

  • I have two sony Z7 all of them screen are not desplaying any thing.I have looked for a screen all over Kenya for seven month no where to be found.I will be happy if you will bring one for me.Thi is the phone i like, idont want to miss them

  • is the flip active ? i meen, if you have an incoming call when the flip is closed, by opening the flip will it automatly answer ? (or at least, do you have the option to set this?)

  • at sony ericsson site search for Z7 and you may find useful information about this set.

  • you may find useful information about this set at

  • Hi, just to answer a couple of questions.. you can buy Z7s from here! you can download the manual from sonyericsson website.. have fun

  • Hi - not sure if this is the right forum, to post this message, but I really want to get one of these phones and don't know where to go as they are discontinued. Can anyone help? Thanks!

  • code reset sony cmd z7? which code reset for sony cmd z7 because it 's blocked

  • Sorry no comment, but urgent question, or rather request. Has anybody a copy of the manual for my CMD Z7??? I got my phone as a present, but there is no manual and therefor I can't use it propperly. please mail me. Manual in English, Dutch (NL), Hungarian (HU) or German does not matter. Thanks

  • can z7 accept long sms from others? sorry, it's not a comment anyway.. :D but i have a problem because of it.. how can we fix it? buy a new one? ;) thanks in advance..

  • how can i save my sms from my z7 to my pc? thanx akis

  • Hey guys, this phone is great.problem is that With the sony ericsson merger things have been getting a lil scarce, downloads,rintones and the works. We should form a community to share these things out. else i anyone has a place where i can go and take care of my business, please holla me by e-mail. Thanks.

  • Been in the market for a while looking for a replacement for my V66. Been so impressed with this fon and cant wait for tomorrow to arrive so that i can acquire my own. Thanks to y,all for bringing me the perspective. Later y'all!!

  • Been in the market for a while looking for a replacement for my V66. Been so impressed with this fon and cant wait for tomorrow to arrive so that i can acquire my own. Thanks to y,all for bringing me the perspective. Later y'all!!

  • hello i like this phone but now i have a problem with it , i moved to egypt so i try to use it in egypt but it's not work , and gave me this message (sim lock) , can you help me to make it work , thank you

  • Oh, and I forgot to say. The disadvantages of this phone are: I don't feel the vibrafuncton if activated, and there's no combination of vibra + ringtone. Also, if totally run out of power, when recharged, you will have to set the clock again, because the right time is not kept.

  • I bought this thing in January 2003. Now it's February 2005. It still looks new, although I dropped it a couple of times. The display still is perfect, the battery's still perfect and I will continue to use this phone until until it dies.

  • Sir, i want to activate the vibrator and ringer togather in sony CmD-Z7 PHone Thanks Please Tell me How I can Activate

  • Sure, this phone is outdated and lacks the latest features, but it is still the best mobile phone I have ever owned. Tactile keyboard, ergonomic one hand operation, simple menues.....a little gem. Now have to make do with a SE 700i.

  • i had no idea sony made phones before they merged with ericson. anway it looks crap go to

  • Can you inform me please that why my CMDZ7 hand set used to make "hang" ? waiting for reply

  • the cmdz7 is ur best phone

  • Please let me know what is a price of this phone.

  • it's a nice looking phone...but i think there should be more facilities.... hey, can this phone is able to connect with pc and programmed using AT command set as in nokia...?? can any one reply...

  • Nice phone, or whatever you say, I think this phone is not good, this is suck! it's now in 2004 where cellphone is not only for make a Call and SMS. And Sony, why don't you make newer phone? Altought you are joined with Ericsson.

  • this is the most rugged handy handset ive ever owned. i love this set coz it has all the necessary features one can ever require. The best thing for me is to desire it and own it although mine is becoming old enough to be disposed it has become a pest in my mind i cant depart with it. lastly i wish i can own another same SONY CMD-Z7 it is the best so far as far as im concern.

  • sony why don't you come with more of flip top.

  • it is verry verry cool!i like it verry much!i want one!it is the best of sony mobiles!

  • It's small, it's attractively "ungimmicky", it handles POP3 email, it records memos, makes calls and handles SMS. Clearly a phone for grown-ups who can appreciate it - and wasted on gimmick-hungry teenagers.

  • pls someone should send me the manual by email.l lost my cmd-z1 manual. thanks.

  • CAn you tell me if I can use this phone in US? Thanx

  • Well i like this website very much and i love this thanks for this help....

  • I think its the best phone ever, unfortunately i lost my charger last year. i eventually managed to get a new charger from a market which damaged my phone, i got a new one after 8 weeks and the charger has done the same to that one.

  • The best phone I have ever used!

  • I would like to purchase this phone Sony CMD Z7.I am from Thailand.Will it be able to be used in my country?Is it has English language?Please send me by E-mail.Thanks a lot.

  • I would like to buy Charger and something to put/wear simcard CMD Z7 [Where and How much and can I buy in thailand?]

  • i want to ask whether the battery of cmd-z7 available in the market? because my battery had been damaged and i would like to buy a new battery

  • i hate this phone every time i make a call i have to put it on loudspeaker as u cannnot hear through the normal speaker

  • hi i have a sony z7 but my charger has been lost. caould you please tell me how much it would be for a new charger or an in-car charger. i am very impressed with this phone, it is very easy to use and the quality is good. thanks Caatherine

  • Very good phone.

  • Nice design which support the user with very attractive manner. Better if it had the features for download pictures from other makes as Nokia and Samsung

  • i inserted the phone somewhere and i cant find it? funny thing is my arse now vibrates!!!

  • Its a nice compact phone, good scrrne size, nice ring tones Thanks

  • I like very much this phone. I wish I could have one !

  • Hallo price of sony cmd z7 ,cmd z5 and nokia 6510 thanks

  • Could you set the vibration and the ringing to work together simultaniously? Thanks!

  • A lovely compact phone with all the facilities advertised. But where is the vibrater????

  • It's great.

  • Where can I find wallpapers for z7? Thanks..

  • This is a good phone i like it

  • super.....desing.....the best....

  • Where do we can find how to download wallpapers for sony cmd z7?

  • This phone is the bomb, I luv it, I like the ring tone the size, everything about it, hoping to get my own soon, its just that am broke, I would have gotten it a long time ago, I was using j70 but it missing. Z7 is da bomb

  • I have this phone and I'm satisfied! It's very good! Almost perfect. Vibra alert could be stronger and... more polyphonic ringers!!! I belive Sony could sell thousands of Z9 if they were.... But now - motherfu***** SonyEricsson...

  • excellent mobile phone ! I want more polyphonic-ringtones and how to load it!

  • no arabic language

  • i'm want to bay charger for cmd z7 thank you. adi

  • Please Send For Masih

  • very good

  • this very beautiful...!

  • i hav a z7e and i dont think it has a vibrator or atleast i cant find it. i liked the z5 better if they could only take off the antenna its better!

  • My mummy makes use of this phone it's so easy to access and very simple to understand keep it up SONY

  • where can i find wallpapers & ringtones for this phone. This phone has its loop holes though. i cant send sms with my recorded voice, etc.

  • pleas send for me catalog of sony mobil cmd-z7

  • please tell me about the price of the GSM SONY CMD Z7

  • Voice dial, Speakerphone, Poliphonic, 5D navigator button . . . After about 1 year in using this phone all I want to say is "Damn this phone is good".

  • Possibly the worst phone I have ever used. This phone is lacking in every department from software to looks. This phone may have looked OK 10 years ago but not today. If you see anyone using this phone do them a favour and take it off them, smash it into a thousand peices, then sh#t on it. DO NOT have been warned.

  • All I can say is DO NOT BUY THIS PHONE!! I bought one last Christmas and since then have had 5 faults (2 x turning itself off, 2 x microphone broken and the latest - not being able to charge it) and 3 new replacement phones and I am still having problems - it is currently back at the shop again. What a pile of poo.

  • I use the Sony cmd Z7 for six months.The menu is a little bit complicated,the vibration is too week,the scaling of the volume of the sound is bad,the battery does not long as it is said in the manual,sometimes i cannot hear the other person talking even though i have strong signal and the worst of all it hangs. On the other hand is small,elegant,the jog dial very good and is accident resistant..I was expecting more from Sony.

  • The phone is good but it could be made to vibrate AND ring at the same time and the back light colour could (?) be changeable.

  • I think the phone is great but why can it not be set to ring as well as vibrate instead of either.

  • The is a shit fone for the sick guys... Listem to me people don't buy it... TRUST ME...

  • the phone is awsome one of the best i give it five out of five if ya dissagree email me at [email protected]

  • Hi! I've bought Sony CMD-Z7 some four months ago and brought it to Lithuania .I do like this phone a lot, but.... One problem is really starting to annoy me: the phone switches off by itself or "hangs"(just like a computer) several times a day. This is the only serious shortcoming I see and I do not want to change this phone... I've talked to some "wise guys" and they told me that I need to get the original BIOS since mine has been changed (there is Russian lg as well as many other lgs on the menu). Has anyone had this problem as well? Any kind of help and advice appreciated:)

  • reading back it seems like a lot of people are looking for more ring tones to download, try here

  • Respected Sir, I Victor Basu am citizen of India(South Asian Country).Sir, my question to u is-- Here in India the major market consists of Nokia and Samsung. But Sony is always costing high. I have saving a lot of money to buy this Sony Z-7,Sir is it worth to buy this hanset,if u have Nokia 3330,8250etc. at a much cheaper rate. I have also asked some dealers about the phone,they say that Sony Z-5 was one of the most wanted handset at one time,but Sony Z-7 handset production has been stopped. Sir pls advice me. It will greatful of u to help me. Thank You. Victor Basu

  • nice size,small but buttons still accessible. Will do everything i want. plenty of different tones & wallpapers to download off the net via a data cable (also can be found on the net) only downside is pathetic vibrate.

  • Top phone, very stylish as with all sony products could be a little better but it sends and recieves calls so what more do you want from a telephone

  • Nice, little to big, and lack a features at the moment! (no Jawa, MMS, color screen etc.) But it is 100 times nicer than SonyEricsson T300!!!

  • i dont know what i can say is amazing

  • The vibrate function is very week. The earpiece volume does not go loud enough. Overall though, a good phone.

  • shit! how to turn vibrocall on ??? where to download wallpapers ???

  • iam looking for the data cable qn-3usb or qn-3rs and the software qn-3ds

  • its good i have one myself but i don't have a manual what can i do to get one

  • Very good phone! Nice design, good keypad and great functionality (jog dial). The only thing I don't like is that the phone can't vibrate while ringing.

  • This is will okay for me.I need 2,1 with plan and another without plan

  • The Sony CMD Z7 is a terrific handset. The ability to store more than one tel. numbers to a name is a great asset. The only drawback that I see as far as can be determined is the ready availability software and connecting cable to PC. It may affect its patronage by executives who would always have a need to exchange data with their PC's. You may wish to look into addressing the issue. I own one and therefore able to have a first hand feel of this challenge.

  • got softwares problems

  • I have referred to page 9 of the manual to switch from vibra mode to sound ringer mode. But I cannot do so. The screen vanishis before i select the mode. Can you help step by step

  • hi: please send me more information about this this product.

  • I'm vietnamese I have a sony cmdz7 but i have not CD for mobile Z7 Can you help me? Thank you

  • The Sony Z7 is a really good phone. Its feature to record your own ringtone is wicked!!!

  • wonderful mobile phone

  • Nice Usage, nice size, nice model, but a little bit lag of long message sms... but overall nice mobile phone

  • Does the CMD Z7 have an answering machine?

  • i just bought this phone -because i like the sony brand (not sonyericsson)- as i tried it at the shop, it was ok but when i tried it again at home and tried to call, the person that i talked to did not hear what i say, only noise sound that came out although i can hear that person clearly. i changed it with another one and it seems working fine so far (2 weeks) BUT i had a couple of times while writing sms, the phone got hang. Also you only can choose either ringing or vibrating, this phone can not ring together with vibrating which is quite annoying. and also the battery does not last longer, now i'm still trying to buy its battery and another accesories in jakarta which is quite difficult to find. if anyone of you come from jakarta/indonesia, you can email me so that we can share our problem about this phone. but overall i like this goddamn phone. wnd-jakarta,indonesia

  • this phone seems to have aproblem with the ear peice that you are not able to hear people twalking however they can hear u

  • i like this mobile phone very much but may i know any place that i can buy it.

  • Got a Z7 recently, but I have a prob with it: once in a while, the person I'm talking to hears me with an echo or just like when U don't have enough signal (although I do); I hear the other person perfectly, but it is hard to have a conversation when U aren't understod by the other party. This happens every few days and usually lasts a few phone calls and then it comes back to normal. Has anyone else had this problem ? Any idea on how to solve it ? I'm really disappointed.. planning to sell this phone if it doesn't work out and get an Ericsson T66 or a Nokia 8310. Any help appreciated. TIA

  • $?

  • the worst phone i have ever bought, would definately not reccommend, the earpiece makes you sound electronic after just a few weeks of use. Have had it replaced three times and all three have done the same.

  • One of the Best design mobile phone ever looks expensive- small- light, but feeling not too small when we using it if SONY include an Irda Port,and make the ringtones&Vibrate more loudly, it's already a perfect machine!

  • the sony product is very professional thank you

  • when i was deleting my sms my cmd7 hang

  • This is good, but it comes after SONY ERICSSON Z700!!!!!!!!!!

  • I guess it�s great phone. It has good qualitys, I induce you to buy Sony Ericsson z700 cause it is far better than this and it looks same as this!

  • vibration

  • have z5,recently bought z7 as i needed voice dialing.much prefer design of z5-would have liked az5 with voice like the new menu however.

  • too feminish design only made for females

  • cool

  • I love it so far, have enjoyed recording ringtones... But would love to know where to get additional tones, wallpaper etc for it. Been a fan of Sony phones since my Analogue CM-R111.

  • I also replaced my z5 with this fone. This one does look alot better but it does lack a few things that the z5 had.Does anyone know if you can have both ringer and vibrate on at the same time?

  • the greatest GSM i have ever seen!

  • does this phone have a voice dialling feature and does the Z5 have a voice dialling feature

  • the phone is very good,but where i can get rintones &logos??can any one telme please!!!!

  • class phone but can you get more ringtones for it or logo's for that matter you can buy link cables but you cant buy the software or can you ?

  • I bought one recently and found that lot of essential features missing , even some cheap models offers better functions. Downlods of ring tones, logos, wallpapers is not possible.Ringtones are not louder enough when you are moving in crowd.alarm function is in appropriate as multiple &repeat alarm function is not given.

  • where do i find downloadable wallpapers??!!

  • fucking amazing

  • Can somebody please tell me if their are any games, logos or extra ringtones available for the sony cmd- z7?

  • how much?

  • hi there.I wanyt to know more about cmd-z7 pleas help me

  • keep working is far away.and would you write me an adress where i can find some ringtones cause i dont like theese.

  • i can`t find how to vibrate.

  • a very good phone good style and very light weight but where can you get wallpaper downloads and ringtones from

  • I think the phone is fine and a nice pocket size. All designs have the odd glitch, thats what new models are about. I need to find out how to change/make the text message alert louder, as unlike my past Nokias, this alert tone is really quiet. Anyone can help please?

  • Great features, great style and perfect size.

  • i brought the cmd z7 phone from dubai but the problem is when ever there is a mobile call the name does not show only the number shows but on the land line the name and number both show (of the calling person) please tell me is there an option or some thing to view the name pls help... and email urgently.

  • Im getting really annoyed with this phone. Its broken twice in last few months, all the shops are advertising downloadable ringtones and wallpaper as features. I see most people have the same question as me......How and where from? i haven't succeded and the guys in the shops don't know. The standard ringttones are awful Ive resorted to recording my home phone ringtone. If anyone has worked it out please email me!!!

  • dear sir/madam I have a question for CMD Z7.I bought one of them in dubi.IS this product show phone-tapping.if your reply is yes. please tell me how does it show

  • the battery is not long enough

  • Hi Please Send The Prices Of This Mobile (cmd-z7) And Tell Me If You Can Send Me On Of This Mobile Thanks...

  • - HP is too big - no help function ? How ?

  • Guys, I use a Z-5 can somebody at last tell me : does Z-7 has the built-in answering machine like z-5 or not ?

  • its awesome

  • Looks good.But the vibra alert is not as powerful as Z5 & I think basically all Sony phones have a prob. of downloading tunes as SMS.Can anybody help?

  • hi, i would like to purchase this phone. I am from Malaysia and i would to know how much it cost including shipping and will it be able to be used in my country?Please send an email to me. Thanks.

  • Can someone recommend me a good and international email provider with popmail server so that I can at last enjoy the e-mail function of my new purchased cmd-z7 ? I am now using Hotmail but Hotmail does not have a pop server. Too bad. Thank you so much.

  • I just got one of these phones..can someone tell me how to make the vibra alert (vibration) active, so when someone calls me the phone vibrates but also rings. Im sure this is possible, you can do this with all phones. its an excellent phone!

  • iwoould love one of this phones.thanks.tell me how to order for one.

  • it's good phone overall but how do you download wallpapers on to the phone mail be back plz urgently

  • sunt niste telefoane f.bune

  • dear sir, Am really enjoy your websit I would like to know more about sony cmdz7 phone and i want know the price .thanks.

  • impressive! it was in my dreams!!!!

  • Does anyone have the configuration settings for reading "Breathe" email off the phone?? Breathe seem to be unable to help. Can anyone out there help?

  • Hmmm, after spending two months with the z7, i can honestly say i'm more than a little underwhelmed. What seemed great on the outset, is actually a perfect example of style over substance. Whilst i can appluad Sony on its excellent design and 'dare to be different' approach with the ring tones and event sounds, the phone is far less than the sum of its parts. For instance the actual ring tones are embarassing. As one poster above mentions, there is actually no tone that sounds remotely like a standard ringer, so you have to put up with a phone that sounds like an ice cream van or a Gameboy Advance. The speaker also distorts very badly-nit picking sure-but it does get annoying. (for those wanting to know how to switch on the loudspeaker on a call, whilst in call, push back on the jog and scroll to loudspeaker-simple!). Text message storage is also woefully inadequate in this day and age, though the T9 is excellent and the 'guess word' function is a lot more comprehensive than a Nokia. Battery life caused some concern, as the ringer has to switched to at least 3 on the volume setting for you to be able to hear it, so as the phone asks for more power to get the speaker moving, the battery dies in the process! The vibrate only option is also annoying-the fact the vibrate is appalingly soft is bad enough, but not having ring and vibrate is silly-surely this isn't too much trouble Sony? Call quality is good, and the signal hangs on very well in all but the most notorius areas. Using the Orange network the phones WAP access is appalingly clunky and slow, a comparable Nokia will wipe the floor in connection speed and ease of use. microsoft mobile explorer? Yeah right.... I was really disappointed with the Sony Z7, i really did want to like it, and me and my friends had some fun with the recording function, but the novelty soon wears off. If you must have a super spanky small and lightweight phone, the Ericcson T68 is the one to have. And if you want something a little more office like, the Nokia 6310 is the business (literally and subjectively!). Sony must try harder next time-i'm sure a good balance of design and ease of use with sensible features will come in time.

  • somebody please tell me how to use the hands free speaker. I'm begining to think that this function is a myth.

  • I just bought the new cmd-7 (used to operate cmd-z5). I very happy with my new unit except than I cannot find the T9 function. I tried everything but nothing worked out. Another thing that I really miss on the cmd-z7 is the recording function with the apply to possibility. Thank you

  • Still quite dissapointed with the slow progress in the mobile Sony... I would expect more features...

  • provided what I expected, once you (better if the jog-wheel does not apeal you, don't buy it) are used to the wheel it works perfectly, one thing, that was only once, did the audio believe the listeners that I was speaking in a metal bucket, that is not hapened again, I love the Z7

  • The jog dial is very hard to use with the left hand (thumb), you need the right hand to hold on to the phone. But if you use right hand (first finger) it's a better grip. Menu GUI is very colourful, you can record your ringtone. HTML-based WAP is again graphically nice, but takes a little getting used to compared to other browsers.

  • bottoms

  • nice phone, nice interface, but how do I use my hands free speaker phone ?

  • The down sides are :- Phone needs to be on for alarm to work & no snooze button. No telephone sounding ring tones Record time not sufficient to record own ring tone. Apart from that cool.

  • Very good ! $=?

  • all but the best when the one at the other side hears nothing more than a metallic hollow sound/noise, does any one have the same experience?

  • Does the alarm work when the phone is switched off (newest version)?

  • Does anybody know whether is will be available in Greece? And also... what's the bad point with the ringtones?

  • please help my for Wallpaper download merci

  • I just couldnt wait and save up for an ericsson t68 could I.Now im stuck with this thing for a year on contract.Cant wait to unlock my final software 7110.U never miss the flexibilty of a nokia until you havent got it.I agree with some other reviews...the ring tones are crap and i just hate not having vibrate and ring at the same time.I dont even want to talk about the clunk,click and snap charger or the awkward handsfree connection.And the same goes for not being able to save, send or receive bookmarks and business cards and ringtones and numbers and the list goes on.Oh for wanting a smaller phone! I'll just have to put up with the missing features and like its quirkiness.It is a beautiful looking and compact phone after all.

  • How long ringtones can I record to Z7? Thanx a lot!!!

  • Just got the z7, I like the fatness compared to my 8210, and the phone book is much better. Shame about the tones, I think I might have to record on of my nokia tones! Shame about the Vibration, Can't even figure out how to have it on!

  • Very nice phone, except the Black Jack game is biast and I can't get the T9 text to turn on although, I know it does it, If you know how (or have had the same problem please tell me)

  • This phone is great! No other matches its style, the 3D menu is great and the e-mail features are very convinient. The JogDial is great to use and makes navigating the menu really easy. The screen is great quality and although the standard ring tones are a little 'unique' you can record your own! The flip is very solid and the battery life is excellent. It has a great blackjack game and the 'fatness' is just right (for me) as it gives it a solid feel p.s when replying to txts hold down the del button for a second to clear the whole message in an instant, rather then pressing del 40 odd times :)

  • Right here is what the phone is really like. IT IS NOT (underlined) FAT! OK compared to a 8210 it might be, but try using a 8210 - the buttons are too small, it looks crap and feels worst! This phone is the best phone I have had so far, and I have had many. OK so there are some flaws, like the ringer and vibrate function, and wallpapers and ring tones. But ALL in ALL - this phone has STYLE that most other phones lack. Has an AWESOME battery (have u guys seen how TINY it is!!!). Go buy one. For all those who have complained here, go get a NOKIA u Nokidiots!

  • I don't like the fact that there is a)no option avali to switch the vibrate on/off whilst also having the ringer on, also when you reply to a text msg the original msg you received appears and you have to clear the screen of it b4 you type your rwply or it will send it back to the person who wrote it to you in the first place !! ??

  • nice phone but crap battery

  • I think sony are a bunch of cock suckers. They should stick to hifi. I spent good money on my z7 and I don't use it any more. I went out and bought an ericson t68, great phone with colour screen. Battery lasts longer than the z7 also. So Sony GET YOUR ACT TOGETHER!

  • a huge backwards step me thinks. A phone that you can't hear ring. hmmm....

  • I've got a J5 and my mates are all pissy because I can't ever hear it ring when they call me unless I have it sellotaped to the side of my head (much too quiet - polyphonic is bollucks). The vibrate feature is best used only when you'll be keeping the phone down your pants as you won't feel it otherwise. So, looking at the Z7 it has the same ring tones and vibrate - and it's thicker. I wouldn't use this phone if it was given to me!! it sucks!!

  • Simple, the phone great, the ring tones are shit

  • I dont have this phone but I was thinking of getting it but not anymore. Apart from what others have said, it also does not have the built in answer machine of the Z5! Sony seem to have botched this one, its crazy to make a phone bigger/heavier than its predecessor! its not as "cute" as the Z5 and who wants Polyphonic Ringers anyway? Oh and I dont like the curvy flap, it would be better square. Sony you have messed up a bit !

  • LONG REVIEW WARNING I've just bought the z7 having owned its predecessor and I've got a few things I'm slightly pissed about. The bad bits It doesn't ring and vibrate at the same time - can somebody please tell me why sony didnt bother with this? The alarm doesn't work when the phones switched of - what is the point of the damn thing then ? The ring tones are shite - if you just want a normal ring, then look elsewhere, as this phone is full of the shitest tones I have ever come across The good bits its not a nokia it doesn't look too bad once you get over how fat it is O.k. maybe not the greatest of reviews but I'm slightly annoyed that instead of improving the features and functionality of a great phone (sony z5), they (sony) have removed some of the features that made it the phone to have. If any of the above doesn't bother you at all, then I encourage you to be different from the nokia crowd and buy this phone - if I had my choice again - I'd wait for the SL42 to come out on orange.

  • i have SONY J5 right now with me but when i ve seen CMD Z7 ooooh my GOD its so beautiful and terific I LOVE IT i am desparatly wanna buy it as soon as possible.

  • yes more fat than z5 i totally not recomend to anyone of bying it

  • Can any one please tell me where can i find the english manual for the CMD-Z7

  • Can't vibrate & ring at the same time! You can set ringer volume either too high or too low. Sony lied about software for connecting phone to PC - they haven't got it!

  • Fatter than the Z5? Is it better or worse than the Z5?

  • ahh yes i was forgeting it is a very very fat phone also this phone also

  • i had one the good points are; the screen is very good very big almost as big as the one of z5 or even more) the buttons are bigger and so it is more comfortable to righ sms the new jogdial is good but it seems to be fragile ... the bad points: the ringtones are poor , they dont ring at loud at all , the vibration alert is like there was no vibration the amber backlight is not my style SO IF YOU CANNOT EVEN KNOW WHEN SOMEDY CALLS >YOU WHY DO >YOU BUY THIS PHONE ???!!! the games are very very bad so no comment ask me other things you want to know nb: i changed my z7 because i had enough of it !

  • I have had loads of mobiles, almost every good one on the market right now, but at the mo I have a T68. However, I feel the best phone Ive ever had was my Z5. Is this any better and has anyone actually got one or used the screen bigger and is the phone itself much bigger? Please let me know asap.

  • sony don't make me laugh panasonic kicks sony's ass if u want a better phone than this buy a panasonic phone or motorola

  • I need user manual on english for Z7!

  • superb phone i have it since 2 days i can say to you that i love it i firstly wanted to wait for ericsson t65 but i felled in love with sony the menu is just incredible before i had a nokia 8210 i can say to you that sony rules with ease !!

  • i think that this is a nice fone BUT its far to thick! sony made a fne before that which was the z28 and that was 18mm thick....and y is the new sony so thick, i can understand cos that there is no antenna but that shouldnt made it much of a proplem should it?!?! raahhhhh..........

  • viel spa�

  • i want it

  • i think i shall buy this too..

  • Another very neat set from Sony....but another big disappointment too - for all the impressive Gizmos the phone lacked INFRA-RED port...when will Sony learn. I was a Sony fanatic before (Used a CMD-Z18), and now I am not. I blame Sony for forcing me the painful switch to a different brand just because I needed an Infra-Red phone. Some models which are much more primitive than Sony at least took the trouble to equip their handsets with Infra-Red. Please Sony, open up your eyes!...

  • oh yeah !!!!!