Vertu Ti

  • Released 2013, February

    Android 4.0
    64GB storage, microSD slot
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  • 3.7"
    480x800 pixels
  • 8MP
  • 1GB RAM

Vertu Ti - Specs

Network Technology GSM / HSPA
2G bands GSM 850 / 900 / 1800 / 1900
3G bands HSDPA 850 / 900 / 1900 / 2100
Speed HSPA 21.1/5.76 Mbps
Launch Announced 2013, February. Released 2013, February
Status Discontinued
Body Dimensions -
Weight -
 Titanium body (grade 5)
Display Type Sapphire crystal glass capacitive touchscreen, 16M colors
Size 3.7 inches, 39.0 cm2
Resolution 480 x 800 pixels, 5:3 ratio (~252 ppi density)
Protection Scratch-resistant glass
Platform OS Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich)
CPU Dual-core 1.7 GHz
Memory Card slot microSD, up to 32 GB (dedicated slot)
Internal 64GB 1GB RAM
Main Camera Single 8 MP, AF
Features LED flash
Video 1080p@30fps
Selfie camera Single 1.3 MP
Sound Loudspeaker Yes, with stereo speakers (Bang&Olufsen)
3.5mm jack Yes
 Active noise cancellation with dedicated mic
Comms WLAN Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n, hotspot
Bluetooth 4.0, A2DP
GPS Yes, with A-GPS
Radio No
USB microUSB 2.0
Features Sensors Accelerometer, proximity, compass
Battery   Non-removable Li-Ion battery
Misc Colors Black/Gray
Price About 7900 EUR

Vertu Ti - User Reviews

  • Dream is all you are allowed

  • I have a Vertu Ti. It got a problem. Touch sreen doesn't work. Help me how to fix, pls

  • Are you sure that it is a cheap phone?

  • its just a feature phone.

  • What are they?

  • I'm gonna Nokia basic phone which 200% greater than this cheap phone in terms of quality

  • wivh issus why don't buy

  • hello frnds dont buy this mobile its has some major isshu

  • My words came out "I like it" that's all......

  • I suggest you go to Vertu Boutique

  • Does anyone know how to fix the camera of vertu Bentley cz all the time camera error or camera not responding please help

  • Is there any phone above a million, I don't wanna buy these cheap phones

  • I want some more expensive phone than v phone

  • This is my 3rd V PHONE...

  • This is the nice and expensive phone i've ever seen..

  • my dada wants to buy this phone what would youll suggest is it worth

  • its just a simple phone expensive for nothing at all

  • I bought this phone last year but I couldn't use it actually. All the time getting freezing , No network and .... Service center in Dubai and UK they are asking for resetting it and I did it more than 30 times but still problems remaining . At the end I gave it again to Emirates mall service center It is the biggest mistake to buy Vertu

  • saphir crystal :)

  • Why so Expensive & What Special Features

  • it actually have good camera with sensor made by Hasselblad, best, currently, camera and camera's sensors maker in world

  • I owned a lightly used pure black Vertu Ti. It was very good in every way except for very poor battery life. 15 minutes of screen time used 20% of the battery. Also, it got quite hot when multitasking. Battery cannot be more than about a year old. I returned it after a week or so because I cannot have a phone that needs to be charged three times a day.

  • Except for the the titanium body and the brand name nothing is great in this phone

  • What an Outstanding DEVICE..If I want to bought the handset fist of all i have to lose my all proparty

  • wow very expensve Mobile i can't belive that INR-6.49,000

  • can you read comic books on this phone

  • This phone is useless it dose not even support minecraft pe

  • $8000 wow... Were they wanking off when they decided on that price tag, I would rather but an iPhone 5S 64GB, iPad Air 64GB, iPod touch 64GB, iMac 30" 500GB and a MacBook Retina Display 500GB then down the remainder on iTunes and App Store.

  • PLS L

  • I want to buy this phone i dont know whr to put my money i hav lots of money and want to spend some

  • Ohh really? Don't lie man lies are acceptable up to some extent. Now stop crying after breaking this phone .

  • And a Particle Accelerator too..

  • @sumukh even if you sell your house you cannot buy a vertu and your new phone will be a Nokia 1100

  • It look like it pops from a Transformer movie.

  • Love it

  • ya i bouight it today seems nice.....but i need a costlier doing a drop test from..oh shet it getting a new one....any suggestions

  • yeah i feel so

  • Its a nice cell not fast enough, samsung cell are faster but the feel and look of this cell is superb..!! on the other hand Micromx is the best

  • It's a lovely machine. I too bought it. Its just 10 L only. I just kept in bank jacket.

  • very expensive..i think there is a "time machine" features in this fone..

  • anti scratch.. unless its a diamond. just got one. lovely gadget

  • What is need of this handset, we found all the features in smart phones that's price is approx Rs. 10000.

  • i Achieve this mobile ,i like this mobile ,super,ohhhhhhhhhhh

  • it is very nice phone

  • The time travel option is a gimmick that will never catch on, but its so cheap why complain??

  • can someone tell us a nice joke???

  • can any one tell me a nice joke????

  • very very expensive and normal people can't afford bying it

  • It will sink the moment it touches the water and the jewels encrusted on it won't save the phone either.

  • no, it has the power to take you back in the past.

  • air time not included!!!

  • what is Sapphire crystal glass capacitive touchscreen means??? is it very very costly...???

  • no............ lol

  • Can It beat the latest versions of Smart Phones????????????????

  • is this phone is a water proof phone????

  • Titaniuam Body & Dimond statedud

  • That's really Great..

  • good way to spend your money..

  • I had already sold my land and all farms to buy my mobiles

  • ha ha haha ha ha

  • Good phone but too expensive specially the way technology changes every day

  • I had alrady Submitted my Home document to Apply for loan for this Mobile

  • have u ever had this phone in ur hand? try it.

  • Yea, that's a pretty good entry level phone. If you never had cell phone, this phone gonna be decent one to start with..

  • kidding me at this price ................? you get a Harley man.

  • Finally, someone who is not affected by this st|_|pid fanboy wars. They were all "my phone is better than your phone, even if I dont own it", "my brand is better than your brand, even if I dont work for them"..

  • very nice phone...and also far, performing very well. But still I prefer my vertu classic gold...its not just a is a statement. So please stop comparing this phone to other flagship phones...vertu users deserve respect because buying vertu is our choice...

  • good phone

  • Guys, it's useless... If you own this phone, you are beyond any petty squabbles like "Apple versus Samsung", or oh-so-good specs or cutting edge technology. You just own it, and you're okay with it. And yes, you do not care about the best phones, the worst phones, the sexiest phones, etc. After all, a phone is a phone, and if this one comes with nice services, why not? And yes, if you have it, it means that you did not care about it's price, you just saw it and bought it. End of story.

  • chinatoy you should know your facts. Vertu was not sold to a Chinese company! EQT VI (an investment fund that's part of a private equity group in Northern Europe), with 10% stake remaining with Nokia. Shows you know nothing about the business. Vertu Ti is Handmade in England, Powerered by Android.

  • this handset is very nice & very easy process to use this.

  • this phone is aimed for the FILTHY RICH not to some average joe that you can meet on the streets.. Imagine if 1% of the worlds 6 billion population is filthy rich then there are 60M people to sell this device to.. 1 million out of that 60m actually buy the phone at its lowest price (7900 EUR)-->that is over 7B EUR of sales. Im not rich myself, I'm just admiring and hating what rich people can buy with their money

  • personal opinion: dont really think its worth the price (speakin as some one who gets bored of phones on an hourly basis) id rather buy 5 different phones in a timespanof 10 years dan get stuck with just one reallly expensive outdated phone.. i get it its made of titanium and what not but if i drop it in the toilet (like my previous phone) i might as well be flushing my money down there :P

  • This is very nice mbl phone

  • These phones have some kind of a transmitter in them to track them down if they get stolen. My classmate had one of these, her husband is a large company owner.

  • You guys ranting about how Vertu is gonna make money on this unit are definitely not the target market of the brand. Be it a hit or a miss, it's none of your business.

  • 3 or 4 Scrooges will say "Because we can pay it" and another 3 or 4 Vertu Commercials will say "If you don't have a Vertu, don't opine about it" My point of view? A very good cellphone but extremely expensive. If i was an Arabian Sheik, i would buy it, of course.

  • who will buy the phone? give me a reason.

  • stainless steel,diamond on corners , this a phone or jwellery or aweapon?

  • If you have this phone, you better not leave your cake out in the rain.

  • not practical to buy..must hav xperia z ultra than this...

  • amen!!!!! gud product , i like it.

  • I had this phone. Used it as a door stop.

  • Amen!!!!

  • chinatoy, I love this phone, almost every phone come from china by manufacture so they dont make fake but quality i respect china when it come to that

  • Year ago Nokia sold Vertu to CHINA company haha. Designed by China company, made in China with design of china toy (kidddds transfooormeers!). LOL they think customers are so stupid? For fat money they want - they can produce it in EU/US (at least). But FULLY chinese vertu, ooh they disrespect customers.

  • This phone is really expensive only because of the materials. It's not funny that a phone in 2013 runs the specs of a 2011 phone with a 2012 OS.

  • Lovely phone, ma dad has the same phone.

  • vertu is excellent class in itself

  • At least it's an Android with a 1.7 ghz processor...

  • ya but i am using this mobile since last 4 yrs this mobile.....where is like mobile....vry much......

  • it is not a matter of specs or feature VIRTU represent a class......................

  • They don't need to make it affordable for every 'average-joe' as it would then blend in with mass of other smartphones. By selling a few for very high prices and unrivalled services they are able to dominate a niche market that's bigger than you'd expect. By your theory I imagine you wonder why Rolex don't make watches for £15.....

  • Harrods, Selfridges, Heathrow airport

  • Like. .:-)

  • bond street london, you can pick them up

  • Where can you get this phone in the UK?

  • this is a free country! we can post what we want duh!!!

  • Vertu Concierge service,From creating bespoke gifts to accessing money-can't-buy events. and thats the explaination for your price. so guys who dont know about it. learn and talk. thats one thing you want when you have that much money.

  • Vertu Concierge service. and thats the explaination for your price. also. the service is amazing. so guys who dont know about it. learn and talk.

  • The people who dont know about VERTU..please dont comment...

  • About 8 thousand dollars for a Cellphone?????????? With 8 thousand dollars, i can buy 10-12 Iphone 5!!!!! C'mon, i know this cellphone is for Sheiks, Kings, Presidents and another... people, but come on... Wake up and smell the Coffee.

  • xzatly frnd wts the thinking the blady hell vertu comp. we eran by work not in our home trees i rly dnt undastand wts special in dis

  • it looks vry ugly isn't it? see other : S4, I5 , Z

  • Does vertu think people are mad to buy this much costly phone for almost same i Phone faetures, Vertu dreaming that money coming from Trees just like that. whatever the phone quality, it shuld people afford to buy. not sell whole property to buy this,

  • This is a low cost mobile for a multi millionare

  • This is so costly

  • what is special in this Vertu Ti to pay around INR 6.5 lakhs compared to the best iphone 5. what is the specialty in it to pay that much amount.

  • specs is nice but its costly.

  • kindly reqst,, dont relec this type off h/s ,

  • Vertu is Very smart Handset...Branded..

  • Vertu is Smart Handset...but very costly.

  • wat you mean madamaaaaaa...


  • Handset is very costly

  • no sales still nw

  • All full nonsense products... Nokia has done good job leaving this.

  • how many handsets have been saled till now?

  • can vertu bring some low cost phones????????????????????????

  • This phone certainly get people on their nerves.. I wonder why people doesn't do that for those $5000 dress, vintage wine, or any supercars that still can't escape traffic jam?

  • I would really like to see a drop test of this phone!!

  • Phone for overflowing pockets

  • Almost 9000 dollars for a Cellphone???? Come on!!! World, wake up and smell the coffee. WHO NEED A SAPPHIRE GLASS????

  • Why these vertu phones is very expensive?? could some one tell me pls??? whether it is made of diamond or platinum????

  • r u multi miloniar so what ?

  • Hai i am multimillinoire dongrey,i bought this phone last night it was very amazing to it love u vertu...

  • You also

  • yes its a very good sirvice its work very fast and great work with full metal body

  • I work for vertu and it far more than an over priced phone. every sigle phone is hand assembled in london and it comes with a very comprehensive concierge service that extends to any kind of request you have from flights and accomodation to a particular bottle of wine. on the personal security front. you can do due dilligence reports , back ground checks, asset protection and recovery, data encryptiion for home and business as well as emergency medical evacuation and emergency evacuation. every component of the phone is of the highest calibre from the speakers which on this device are certified by bang and olufson and even the ringtones are composed by the london symphony orchestra. it is not for every one but neither is any other luxury brand in the world.

  • Guys, vertu is a statement more than a phone. And now, it's a smart phone that works. It's fast and with okay features. If you can afford it believe me it will offer you something no other great smart phone can offer, CLASSY CHECKS. ;-)

  • stupid phone.. with insane price..LOL

  • Nice Vertu phone after a long time

  • The question here isn't about the phone's alleged uglyness or whether this deserves a 10K price tag. The real question is: can it be rooted?

  • it seems here, most of the comments are posted to criticize the phone, or the people who hold it....I agree as mentioned above....this phone ....I mean this brand is made for show offs.......only

  • Dear Sasi, great reply!!! I'm not a rich, but I believe that good things in life are free other ones are very expensive! So, if I have to save for a year I still get one Vertu Ti Thanks for you comments Armando

  • I had the Vertu Ascent TI, bought it in 2008, payed 5500 euros for it, bought it in Romania, Bucharest, from Celini Plazza. The software broke down when I was at a weding and I really needed the phone. I got the phone repaired in London, took 2 months...embearasing waiting period. I sold it for 2800 euros, and with the money I bought 2 trucks full of highest quality bricks, for my house under construction - this is the moment in my life when I realised the value of money. No vertu phone deserves the price. If I pay 6-7-8000 euros for a phone then this phone must be : 1. a dual mode phone : both sattelite and gsm phone, but not as bulky as a Iridium phone. 2. voice/data encription to the same device 3. it must have a battery that lasts 1 week of continuous usage. 4. made from premium alloys, not gold or platinum that are in my opinion a proof of very bad taste. And the most important thing, it has to be build to last ! I'm not talking about 1-2 years, but 10 years like the old nokia phones 5110, 6110, 6310 etc. Many rich people do not buy these things, only fake rich people do. If you, dear Vertu, want me, a consumer to pay you 6-7-8000 euros for a phone, make one that deserves the money, not a basic phone coated in metal with a crappy software and a battery that lasts 1-2 days. Rich people are not stupid , remember this ! thank you 4 your time reading this.

  • i not get no reply ....

  • No, they won't. It's crash-strach resistant :) It has saphire screen ;)

  • I am multimillionare:::My name is Laison I Brought my Vertu Ti From London....Last week and i am Proud to say that its a amazing Phone to Use...More over It gives me a great feel when i talk to my friends through this phone....I recommend All rich People to Hav it as soon as Possible.... Regardz, L@ison

  • I'm Laison KC I hav this Mobile Since 2 years...and its a very cute Phone to Show my richness.... .......I am not afraid of any Gossipps...

  • As Wired Magazine stated "Tasteless Trash"

  • I am a multi millionare i just brought this phone to show my richness among wth ny friends...

  • who would spend 10,000 dollars for a phone? here in the philippines you could buy a house with that money people who buy this phone are nuts and its practical for only one thing: SHOWING OFF

  • people who own this phone will spend more time in taking care of it than actually using it!!!!

  • awwwwww phone

  • I am a multi millionare i just brought this phone to show my richness among wth ny friends.....

  • hol on bey! this phone mussi could put me to sleep aye! built? u plan to drop it after that price tag? wait..i thought we check phones out for its tech specs and convenience...cause am dam sure S1 could allow u to say hello and good bye. furthermore i ain't walking up and down looking into ppls hand to see how expensive their phones are...its the same thing with rolex watches...bey the only thing it could do is tell the time....for $25000, WHAT IS THE POINT? i could use a sun dial and still obtain the time of day, the diamonds in it dont speed slow or stop elfin time, certain things u just don't spend ridiculous money 4

  • Super phone... I am using this phone.. Super..

  • Buddy I am well aware of Vertu Concierge and I have nowhere mentioned that I have any issue with its price.

  • The specs aren't good enough as the iPhone 5 or S3 .They are nowhere near someone would expect a $10000 smartphone would have.

  • Vertu is just another failure. Simply ugly.

  • I think Vertu's people are those resigned from Nokia and build their own company as they against windows mobile.

  • Bulletproof? Lifetime waranty? Or I'd rather to get one that can mobilize my family.

  • I would rather buy a car instead.

  • There is no MicroSD card slot.

  • its the materials and build quality are the highlights of this phone, its like a rolex.

  • for its ridicilious price tag the specs are pathetic you would think it would atleast be a quad core tegra based device or something high end

  • Its my third Vertu phone and now i have collected lot of Titanium.... User friendly

  • Too x-pensive 4 mee

  • Waaayyy too expensive for meh&&&&& qwe

  • faltu hai very much expensive

  • is a pretty movil, that very expensive, i like the size, thanks

  • Price is expensive as you get the Vertu concierge service, thats the main reason

  • The luxury is not only about materials, its also about presentation. If i was to talk about specs, then it lacks whole lot out of stock and i am not concerned about that. But screen gives presentation, the feel one want to have in luxury. Because one definitely doesn't want to see pixelated screen in such a beautifully crafted it?

  • Simply UGLY... Price of Ugliness has been determined: $10.000. lol

  • Awesome phone am using one and its worth it .only the screen is small

  • time to re-morgage the house to buy a phone!

  • Is this better then the old one?because i want to buy one and i don't know if i should buy this or the old one?

  • Even my PF is not enough to get this cool one.

  • wow unbelievable price but Titanium worth it and also great speakers , internal storage ^_^

  • too much price for a ugly metal bar

  • Your SIII is made of plastic, this phone is made of premium leather, sapphire glass, etc.

  • The luxury are the materials used, not the OS and not the specs, got it?

  • I think you havent been following up with the news.. Its been a while since Nokia sold its Vertu Brand..

  • looks like you never knew anything at all about vertu phones it's not about the specs, it's about the built quality

  • Approx 5 lacs

  • A piece of opinion, being a luxury smartphone it have titanium grade 5 body and sapphire crystal glass touchscreen, which is cool!! But what's the matter with screen resolution..only 252ppi for a luxury phone makes it underdog on the name of luxury.

  • A touch under $10,000 US.

  • How much is this phone . I like it and want to get it so I will stop buying mobilees

  • waste of space

  • What do you mean Scratch resistance glass? it is Sapphire crystal glass doesn't Scratch at all!

  • those fones just trash and so mch ugly phones i had ever ever saw....and a big joke about to mention a price just just 9,600 dollars

  • is a wonderful movil, but a wonderful price, very expensive

  • what price is that?

  • you really need a doctor. someone help him, he become mad after seeing that phone.

  • go and buy it. and don't forget to give little review about this phone.

  • Nokia sold vertu

  • Guys, guys, i am going to buy it, hope you won't be jealous. Thanks.

  • M planning to sale my car to get this mobile ha ha ha........

  • amazing phone....amazing PRICE$$$$$$

  • phone more xpensive what the s III and more ugly, incredible

  • Ridiculous a phone more expensive then my car hahaha

  • 4.0 ICS. Dual core proc. This was out of date by the time it hit production.

  • Seriously? You got to be kidding. Vertu is owned by Nokia (which runs Microsoft Windows). Why is the OS Android? Nokia must be testing the Android via Vertu.

  • Priced at �7,900 (approx. Rs 5.8 lakh in India)

  • Looks like the phone has come from another

  • Is this really a android mobile???

  • this is extraordinary. quality and luxury at its best. if only i have the money then i would pick one.

  • I won't pay this money for a phone like this.

  • I understand it will be going at $10000.

  • oooh, not a nice UI. Doesn't fit the phone. I was hoping for something a bit more carbon or something. At least they could offer their own good-looking UI at this price. Now it's better off with just about any other custom launcher. . .

  • Dual core for a VERTU ? thats really bad .. and i assume the RAM is no more than 1 GB or maybe less. Specs are too bad for a VERTU expensive phone

  • Interesting phone looks like it could cost a lot.

  • Specs are alright except 1200mAh battery