LG Volt

  • Released 2014, May
    136.1g, 10.4mm thickness
    Android 4.4.2
    8GB storage, microSD slot
  • N/A 828,074 hits
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  • 4.7"
    540x960 pixels
  • 8MP
  • 1GB RAM
    Snapdragon 400
  • 3000mAh

LG Volt - Specs

Network Technology CDMA / LTE
2G bands CDMA 800 / 1900
4G bands LTE band 25(1900), 26(850), 41(2500)
Launch Announced 2014, May
Status Available. Released 2014, May
Body Dimensions 131.6 x 66 x 10.4 mm (5.18 x 2.60 x 0.41 in)
Weight 136.1 g (4.80 oz)
Display Type IPS LCD capacitive touchscreen, 16M colors
Size 4.7 inches, 60.9 cm2 (~70.1% screen-to-body ratio)
Resolution 540 x 960 pixels, 16:9 ratio (~234 ppi density)
Protection Corning Gorilla Glass 2
Platform OS Android 4.4.2 (KitKat)
Chipset Qualcomm MSM8926 Snapdragon 400 (28 nm)
CPU Quad-core 1.2 GHz Cortex-A7
GPU Adreno 305
Memory Card slot microSD, up to 64 GB (dedicated slot)
Internal 8GB 1GB RAM
Main Camera Single 8 MP, AF
Features LED flash, panorama, HDR
Video 1080p@30fps
Selfie camera Single 1.3 MP
Sound Loudspeaker Yes
3.5mm jack Yes
Comms WLAN Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n, Wi-Fi Direct, DLNA, hotspot
Bluetooth 4.0, A2DP
Infrared port Yes
Radio FM radio, RDS
USB microUSB 2.0
Features Sensors Accelerometer, proximity, compass
Battery   Removable Li-Ion 3000 mAh battery
Talk time Up to 24 h (3G)
Misc Colors Blue (Boost Mobile), White (Virgin Mobile)
Price About 130 EUR

LG Volt - User Reviews

  • Decent phone for low price, for those who complaining about its performance, it was meant as low cost phone (I got it for $25). This phone works on all my games and apps until years later app updates make apps crashing all the time. Remember it is RARELY the phone's fault for running slow. All app updates are meant to force us to replace current and make unnecessary hardware requirement. know the facts before blaming the hardware. Its one thing that video games have graphic advancement to make hardware obsolete it is entirely another when phone never seen advance in graphic generation and yet need advance hardware.

  • The LG Volt is a vastly outdated and low hardware phone, to be sure. With only 1 GB of RAM and its impeccably low storage, my applications are constantly crashing. I use Avast Clean Up to combat the low amount of storage and RAM, but there's only so much that it can do. Loading/booting up apps is also a pain sometimes. At times, the phone's touch-screen is unresponsive; another problem likely caused by low RAM. A big issue I'm always having is that I will be typing something when all of a sudden, the keyboard crashes! I don't think I'm asking for much when I say that I want a phone that isn't constantly crashing every second of every day. If you're interested in getting a new phone, I recommend trying a toaster, or even a microwave before remotely thinking about getting an LG Volt. At least with the kitchen appliances, you know that they have some sort of reliability.

  • I have be using this phone LG 4G( model;ls 740) in UK, but since i came back in Africa (zambia) is not pick up an network.What can i do?

  • When I try to view a photo while selecting it's thumbnail it automatically opens the very first picture in the folder. This is annoying as all f*#k! Also hate that it doesn't ha e a general music player or photo viewer. My old LG had really good built in apps for both. Eventually, my Volt either got hot or something and one day it quit reading my micro sd card. Tried different cards and it would not read any of the 4 I tried. Put the card in my old Blackberry and it read all 4 just fine. This volt pos only lasted about 7-8 months and I'm ready to buy something else. I've noticed that since digital cell phones came out the life span has gradually went in the tank. 2 to 3 years was the norm. Then it went to about a year. Now it's down to little over half a year. Getting to think this is all a set up for a huge $ making scam.

  • The phone came with less than 1 GB or RAM. I know because I've checked with several analytic tools and it was ~800 MB or RAM, and I don't mean free -- I mean total. I somehow managed to cope by using a RAM cleaner all the time. As others pointed out, the charging port wore out quickly and the power button became mushy. These were all minor annoyances compared the real issue that plagues this phone: the sensors randomly turn on eat up the battery, such that you can lose 30% power in an hour while it's sitting there unused. The only solution is to keep it plugged in at all times. The phone, however, was easy to root and I did only pay $45 new for it, but I wouldn't recommend it even for free because of how unreliable it is.

  • Good phone for price..only issue port wore out too fast

  • Good phone for price..only issue port wore out too fast

  • I also have had my simple issues with the volt tried systems restore a few times I finally just took a chance and didn't backup the device thinking it's restoring itself from old files I was right don't backup go to settings all apps uninstall with what you can uninstall all Google apps back to factory manually then go to factory reset by pushing power and volume down at same time to reset after I did not a problem with anything worked awsome

  • Decent phone for web browsing,calls,text and basic use with it's great the battery life however when it comes to games such as Pokemon Go or Fire emblem the RAM limitation is pretty bad,Id look else where if games are important to you when it comes to a smartphone.

  • Well I would get it so it is a nice looking phone👍

  • This phone is more than 2 years old now, but its still good for soft to modrate use, like web surfing, calls and texts, social apps, and some gaming. Its very good for the price, it got a decent camera, mid size screen, and very powerful battery.(internal storage is not that awesome) I recommending it for low budget users. PS: If you have problems with the keyboard, just instal another one from the play store. And yeah, this phone supports USB otg (you will need to flash a zip for that, mine works perfectly).(Google it) And their is a costom MM and lollipop ROMs for this device.(Google it)

  • The mini Optimus G Pro.

  • Rugged phone, gorilla glass is amazing, LG may be slightly under-rated in some aspects. I've busted a Galaxy in a few weeks time, a Moto G in a few months and this piece of junk Volt is still hanging in, with a keyboard that sometimes won't work and of course it also retains weird RAM allotment issues that others have already pointed out. Sometimes you just gotta restart the thing, it bogs down fast if you are previewing and downloading MP4s and/or running several apps. Its an old phone, I'm surprised to stil have its services at all. When you couple the Volts exceptional will to not crack like a paper thin piece of glass along with LGs unexpectedly solid touch recognition, not to mention a beast battery, it would appear they may be in close pursuit along with Samsung as rightful heir to almost as cool as the iPhone. Again, people are hating on an extremely old budget phone with 1 gig of RAM, and I'm actually proud of the tiny but mighty Volt's resiliency to all these here shade flingers. I'd throw myself in a toilet if I had to deal with similar mockery. That is all.

  • If you delete a text, you can remove the time stamp by going back to the same recipient you deleted from, type a partial message, just a few letters is fine, do not send, hit back, then return to the partial message and delete it as well. Time stamp: Gone, girlfriend happy, don't cheat via text message ever again. Haha

  • Mine has been doing the same thing!! I called customer service & they said the "tower was being upgraded" This is sooooooo frustrating & a HUGE inconvenience!!! signed, very unhappy customer

  • Outstanding! Excellent comment. Straight to the point with a reality wake up slap, in the face.

  • I corrected all of those problems by getting, oh my, a new V10. That solved everything.

  • Who here can tell me why the phone shuts down by itself and when you goto restart it , it doesn't reboot intead it hangs at the Virgin Mobile Login Screen

  • Im getting error code e-110010-000000 phone wont boot up

  • You get what you pay for. The LG volt is a low-budget phone for people who do not have a great deal of cash to spend. The specification sheet describes exactly what the phone has to offer. Prior to purchasing any telephone, you are strongly encouraged to read up on information from the manufacturer. Regarding the complaint about the phone locking up, for all phones (even the higher end phones), you will find that as you reach the maximum memory capacity, phones will begin to freeze and lock up on the user. Clearly, the manufacture cannot be blamed for the oversight of the user. To the individual who found that his phone was locking up, like any phone as you fill up the memory the processing speed windows. Over time, you will find the phone

  • I totally agree with you. Battery life sucks, keyboard wont come up or crashes. Ill be in the middle of doing something on a app and the phone will just shut off the app. GPS sucks too. Storage sucks. All around horrible phone. Might as well use it as a coaster or a frizby.

  • Bought one summer of 2014 and have never had a problem with it. Great phone!

  • 32 is the max.

  • This phone is high on my list of worst phones I've owned. Although it was nice when I first got it, It can't compare to issues I've had since. Constant keyboard crashes, constant low memory even after system restore, countless system restores, not turning on when I need it to, shutting off on its own. Terrible battery life, continuous screen freeze, terrible GPS signal, obnoxious amounts of app crashing, chrome can't even upload a page for too long before I have an error screen and I'm forced to reload the entire page. The only thing this phone would be good for is a blunt weapon.

  • Slowest phone I have ever seen, my son's flip phone was faster than this, now planning to buy Samsung than LG

  • Lol

  • My touch pad went away when I make phone calls I cannot figure how to fix...any suggestions?

  • I'm having the same issues, after about a year and half. Considering getting a new phone soon.

  • What do I do if back button and menu button doesn't work on my lg volt???💯

  • For when I had first gotten it, it was awesome. Years later, it has so many issues. The keyboard would bleep in and out (aggravatingly) and crashed all the time. Also the screen would always black out awkwardly when I needed to use the numbers while making a call.

  • Other than it being slow, I loved this phone (especially the battery life) until last night when it caught fire while charging (original charger). I have a Volt 2 on order but I lost my info. If I hadn't been there I hate to imagine...

  • I have had this phone for sometime. The only real issue is small memory. Phone is slow at times do to the memory. No keyboard crashes or phone freezing. Call quality is good. Camera is decent besides low end front facing. What do you want for a prepaid phone. Sunshine N rainbows. Be realistic people with some of the reviews.

  • My phone cut off and isn't showing any sign of life I have tried to reset ithe or factory reset it but it isn't bringing my screen to life.. what do I do

  • This phone works really good, how ever I noticed due to pushing to many buttons or functions without waiting for the process to take place the phone could lock up like a computer. To fix this, remove the battery and re-insert it and the phone will work like new without loosing any data or functions.

  • Can some one confirm that 64 GB is the sdcard size limit for the volt? Thanks

  • Basically indestructible. I see Samsung phones with cracked screens all the time, yet my volt has survived several intentional hard throws to the floor and even a brick wall. The battery pins even got bent on the last toss it was so violent. Now, as awesome as that is, I would prefer to not get so mad at my phone. It works perfect 95% of the time. Its when I'm doing something important when the GPS stops working, or my signal shows full but it won't make a call. I have tried all the ROMs, official stock, etc... I am finally throwing in the towel and getting a moto. I suspect the LG software is to blame for most my issues, since Cyanogen runs better in all ways, and it was built by one guy, not a big company. Sigh...

  • So this phone sucks. Camera isn't good quality. My keyboard kept crashing, so I had to download a keyboard app. I don't receive calls. People tell me it just goes straight to voicemail. My texting crashes and won't let me delete some messages. If I try.. it freezes, then crashes. I have to restart my phone one too many times. I honestly loved this phone the first couple of months I had it. But it started acting up within the first three months. I wouldn't reccomend this phone to anyone. Unless they want a phone they'll rarely have to use.

  • Rick try this. Put on your sim card, turn on the phone wait boot after boot go to Settings and find system update select Update profile wait the sync and you will have 3g or lte connection again

  • my phone keeps fleezing and it wont work its a pice of shit :(

  • Yep, phone's a piece of junk. My back button stopped working, pain in the butt

  • Anyone else having a problem with their phone not recognozing the mobile network? Ive tried doing the restart so that itll update but it still says cant find network.

  • im using a 64 gig sd card for this phone, i am rooted and running "blisspop" rom random files keep on getting deleted, and now the sd card is read only

  • how do I get in my phone I forgot my pattern

  • If you receive a text while driving, you'll most likely want to see what it is, and there you have it.Eyes off the road.

  • I don't know how to get it to use a gsm network sim card?

  • Phone works very well. I bought a replacement Beltron battery and the phone won't take it. "Not an LG battery". Battery fits fine and charges but phone boots up then shuts down. Any ideas how to get around this?

  • Uhh check your android version lg volt is on 4.4.2.also you can root your phone and get rid of all the bloatware.And you can install a sd card for more rom if your needing more storage.Its the small 1 gb ram is what causes problems.5.1 is lollipop.4.2 is kitkat(lg volt)

  • Thats your network not the phone.unless you have it set to only 2-3g.

  • Cdma and gsm only means the band its on sprint boost virgin use cdma.has nothing to do with "technology too bad".

  • Call customer support

  • LG Volt owner, and I have to say LG is pretty crappy. It seems LG has made the decision that when you delete a text message, the TIME STAMP remains in your log until a new text message from the same recipient comes in. According to the LG tech department it was a decision to assist LAW ENFORCEMENT in catching people texting while driving. I said that is bullshit because a received text does not equal texting while driving. To that the LG rep became furious for being called a liar and hung up the line. LG will NOT allow its users to remove timestamp recordings from their phones.

  • How did u fix the keyboard issue

  • I've had the LG volt for about 5 months now, the phone was amazing in the beginning. Had issues with the keyboard but I quickly fix that.. now I'm having issues with my back button and Options button, usually I would be able to just restart my phone in the buttons would work again and it would probably do it at least 3 to 4 times a day. Now, I restart my phone and the buttons still do not work I restarted it over 3 times still no luck. I assumed it was my phone, I got my phone off of ebay and it was used by only one person. But then a couple of the people that I know that have the same exact phone have been telling me they had the same issue where they have to turn off the phone and turn it back on in order for the buttons to work.. I'm looking into getting a new phone

  • I love this phone you should get it my dad got it for me its great for 12 year old like me, it is amazing you can download mostly anything.This sight helped me because i did not know anything about this phone its a great web sight. Hope you would buy this phone i give it a thumbs up.

  • I restarted it and the data stopped working. Then it wouldn't send calls or texts and it said I don't have a plan? Its not in airplane mode and the monthly payment isn't due for another 15 days. Can anyone tell me how to fix it?

  • its working with tata cdma

  • Not a bad phone. I have had it fpr nearly a year now. Have a few problems but not anything major.Battery life is quite impressive. Good synlight readability if you turn brightness setting up. Thinking of getting the Volt 2 for bigger screen size.

  • The technology is to bad. cdma not gsm.

  • It's alright so far, but a problem I am having is that it takes forever to download apps. I have been trying to download one app for close to 3 days now. It should take maybe 20 mins. I don't understand why it is taking so long.

  • 💁iv had my volt one week now..i have had the same issue with the keyboard bouncing off and on while trying to Google something..and sometimes it wont down load games from google play inless i go to settings then go to profile update and PRL update them both then it will work fine other than that love the white look app room i love it more than my htc one sv..i had that for 3yrs barely was working anymore huge bug and lagging problem..if htc woulda provided updates to there older htc phones to clean out the bug problems and made there mid rang phones with some real storage i probably woulda bought another htc but they didnt and after a while you become very irritated and short patient with em..🙆

  • the Mini Storage goes above the SIM card after you take the battery out of the phone it will slide in above where the SIM card is

  • I got my phone in September2014. Its great.i have noticed if i download to much it doesn't want to work correctly.so i simply start over. No big deal. I would recommend this phone.its priced right for the features.

  • My volt was doing the same thing after about a year of heavy use. I did a hard reset and everything is running like a champ. Like any other computer it just accumulates little pieces of data garbage that build up over time and affects your processing power. Nothing a good house cleaning shouldn't fix.

  • I have had my LG Volt for three weeks. Initially I loved it. It worked great! However, for the last five days the keyboard (I use the google keyboard) comes up when I start to type in the search, it pops back down. I have to repeatedly tap the search box to bring it back up. Sometimes (

  • On top of the sim card slot.

  • Download the google keyboard instead of using the swipe one that came with the phone. You'll have a much easier time typing, plus it also has a better working swipe feature as well. Oh, and it doesn't freeze.

  • Battery life decays rapidly. touchscreen regularly stops working. clock randomly sets itself back occasionally. regularly fails to notify of incoming messages and calls. sometimes, the power button doesn't work. I will be getting a flip phone to replace this paperweight of a phone. I recommend you do the same. Note: this happened twice. I sent my original Volt in for a new one, and this one is failing too. It has been about a year since I got the first one, and that one lasted about six months.

  • Named every problem i am having my keyboard even stopped while making this reply

  • 9 out of 10 I absolutely LOVE the LG Volt - Boost Mobile 4gb rom/ 1gb ram Black version. I would have loved to had the 8gb version, but i suspect it has the update that ruined the available internal memory inside the LG Tribute. So they doubled the internal memory, since the newer software uses about 50 percent of the internal storage. The reason i like my Volt so much is I was looking for a reliable full featured replacement for my Motorola Droid Razr. The Razr is an older device now, running Android 4.1, but the features are very close on this device. Sadly for android and LG alike, i purchased the LG Tribute (knowing the specs were identical to my volt), and the user can only install around ONE program, then the internal storage is full! thank god the LS740 4gb version dont have this newer bloatware filling the internal storage with random cache that cant be cleared. Make no mistake, i have spoken with LG, Google Android Techs, and all the phone hackers i know, this is the problem. The cache is stored in the system root area, so tethering to a pc or any other option will not lead you to the cache storage to even see it. I recommend the LG Volt to anyone and everyone. The absolute BEST Budget smartphone on the market as of today. stay away from the newest 4.4.2 Android if you know whats best for your daily anger management. I'm not sure if 5.1 carries this issue over, if it does, this is an intentional problem to use 50 percent of internal storage. This issue causes users to think they need a higher internal storage than 4 or 8 or 16 GB. Users will then assume the Android OS somehow "uses" this massive amount of internal storage, so they need to upgrade. This is simply not true, but buyer beware.

  • There is a flashlight widget preinstalled on the boost version

  • 7.5gb? That only true for an 8gb usb drive. Smartphone does not work that way. All 8gb smartphone would have only 5gb or 4gb left. They are filled with features, softwares, and program. Even 500gb laptop does not have 500gb free internal storage. Over 30gb of 500gb is filled with computer program and software.

  • Thats your own fault not all preinstalled apps are bloatware i recomend u firmware reset and start over

  • I was surprised by that myself. Usually when they say it's 8gb it's around 7.5, but wow, 4gb of storage? The device even says it only has 4gb of available storage.

  • where is the sd slot for the extra memory card?

  • My phone has those same exact problems minus the updating. What have you or will you do to fix it? I'm trying to evaluate my options.

  • No

  • 8gigs of storage but 4gigs of bloatware=4gigs of storage

  • Yes, you can add a flashlight to this phone. Follow the steps outlined below: 1) Open the drawer that contains clear Scotch tape. 2) Remove tape. 3) Tape flashlight to underside of your phone, ensuring that the flashlight switch faces outward. For best results, wrap the clear Scotch tape all the way around your flashlight and phone multiple times. That's it. You're done. You've added a flashlight to your phone.

  • I've had this phone for six months now. Every month, a new problem shows up. It started as a great little phone. After deleting all the preinstalled apps I didn't need I still didn't have much space. Not much storage in 4 gigs but I bought a micro sd and it helps. Then the rotate stopped working properly, and once it stops, you must restart. Then the keyboard started failing regularily. Then everything started to get stupidly slow. Then the mp3 player started randomly stopping with no reason. Soon, it began sporadically updating without permission. And would spend an entire morning trying to update to no avail, and be dead by lunch. After that, the gps started failing. No matter where I was, I lose GPS signal so constantly, so many times in the matter of twenty minutes, I am hearing Google maps lady say, "GPS signal lost" in my sleep. Now, it acts all silly about 80% of the time. I've got over a gig of space on the phone itself. But if anything happens, like an incoming text, or a random update I said "no" to, I can't type anything until it is done. I used to love my phone. I hate it now.

  • It comes with a flashlight app pre installed

  • Mine also only has four gigs, and they're over half full with garbage apps that are a pain to delete

  • I work at a local Boost Mobile, and I also have the LG Volt. Are you sure this is the phone you bought? Because mine and every other volt I've ever sold has 8gb internal memory.

  • Swiftkey Rocks

  • Can i put a flashlight on this phone

  • check if your face recognition settings are on or off i think i saw it in accessories?

  • I got the Boost mobile version and its black...and it only has 4gb internnal memory..not 8 as mentioned..did i get a knockoff or something? its a nice phone...just not enough storage

  • Its a pretty nice phone it doesn't receive the updates for r android but over all for the 80.00 its a pretty nice phone

  • Hi can i use these phone with a network that its GSM but not 4G just 3G

  • Can these phone be use with a GSM company that its only GSM need that answer please

  • i am thinking about buying the lg volt and i think it is a nice phone but i am worried that when i buy it i wont like it... any personal experiences with this phone?

  • So this phone is a bit annoying. iHeartradio only works when it's the only application active, and the MP3 player stops for no reason sometimes. It's a lot better then the HTC 3D that was breaking on me, but I wish it would function like my HTC 3D.

  • My keyboard stops working. Any solutions

  • go to Wi-Fi settings, click more, turn off connections optimizer. that should take care of your problem

  • im having same issue with the LG Volt.cant change the text notification sound.The one i have is driving me crazy!!

  • To turn off Automatic WiFi(Connections Optimizer)... 1. Click Settings 2. Click "More..." under Wireless Networks 3. Click "Mobile networks" under Network 4. Click "Connections Optimizer" 5. Un-check "Connections Optimizer" Box.

  • very good phone but I wish that you could be able to do more fine tuning on settings and what ROMs would be available for it if you know anything give me a listing on Roms

  • You can turn the wifi auto turn on off i had the same problem with the wifi turning on by itself. I searched the phone settings and found out theres an off switch tab to stop it from turning on ..

  • This has happened to me a lot too if I use the Swype keyboard that came with the phone. I solved it by downloading a different keyboard from the app store. My favorite is Swiftkey, but Google Keyboard is good too and there are others you can get instead.

  • Ive had this phone for almost six months. Up until january i didnt have any significant problems with the phone until i had to factory reset it. I was trying to download via cellular data but it didnt work. I tried everything customer service told me and nothing work. I just factory reset the phone about 2 weeks ago. Im thinking about selling

  • Only flaw is sound quality on speakers suck, but other than great phone for the price.

  • Hello. I saw on here where you say some ppl just don't know how to use this phone. Since u do I have a question for u cuz boost mobile reps don't help. As I'm typing my keyboard will disappear or just freeze where I can't use it. A few times it wldnt let me call out or answer cuz the keyboard freezes. It seems that Everytime the star beside the LTE sign at top of phone spins my keyboard disappears or freezes. Do u have any idea how to fix that? I have fully reset it numerous times and I make sure nothing's running on my phone all times. Thanks

  • My lg volt doesn't group message. Any advice?

  • Single microphone and speaker. Sound quality low. (not loud) Everthing else is good but the sound quality in clarity and volume surprisingly bad.

  • You have to change it from the messaging app's settings

  • Available in Brazil as dual-chip GSM device, named LG Volt H422TV

  • I bought this phone after seeing it on Amazon for $60, brand new. I am extremely satisfied with my purchase. This phone has basically the same hardware specs as the Galaxy S3 (except screen size) that I paid almost $400 for a couple of years back. Unlike the S3, I have had this phone for over 6 months and it has yet to fall apart on me. The S3's USB connector became disconnected from the board internally and stopped charging. Samsung would not honour the warranty on the phone and suffice it to say that I learned never to pay for phone insurance through Boost.. The Volt has held up much better, I am happy to say. The phone is responsive and has yet to give me any sort of problem. It seems to be very well built and has stood up well to a couple of drops so far. It also has an external SD slot, which many phones produced over the past couple of years have done away with. I wish that there were more in the way of custom ROMs for this model, but that was to be expected, seeing as it is not a hugely popular or heavily marketed device. The bottom line is, this phone is an extremely good value for the price and will more than meet the needs of the average phone user.

  • Im having a little trouble getting the text alert sound i want. I changed the notification sound to the one i want but it isnt the one that plays when i gave been text. Its the only option to change. Can anybody help me out?

  • Had it three days. Turned WiFi off--not to save power, but because I kept getting interrupted to connect to all the WiFi spots in town. Turns Wifi back on by itself! Never seen that one before. Has some cool features, but fundamentally flawed. Other freedom of choice issues. On my other Androids, Google was just a search Engine. Hope I can find the receipt.

  • LG Volt Are running Lolipop 5.0 here in Brazil.

  • Just because you don't have the same issues does not mean our problems lack merit. If a lot of people have the same glitches and you don't, count yourself lucky instead of branding us as idiots who do not know how to work a phone. I am experiencing the same problems with the auto-rotation only functional with YouTube and the screen disappearing (it has blinked off no less than 5 times as I write this message). I would like to hear from others who have resolved this issues, not from someone who cannot relate.

  • same exactly.

  • Download TEXTRA app and force stop and disable the stock SMS app.

  • Anyone else getting constant LG software updates on their devices? These aren't necessarily bad but I haven't asked for them and they eat my data.

  • I've had my LG Volt a few days now and I was quite happy but for some reason it has dropped some contacts. I have no idea how many are dropped. How does this happen and how can I recover them?? What other surprises am I in store for?

  • Download Textra SMS. The stock SMS app doesn't have group messaging capabilities but Textra does & it looks really nice too.

  • Everyone install clean master app its free and all the antivirus apps that they recommend it does wonders. You do have to maintain an android for it to run smoothly.

  • Worst phone i have ever had!!! At first i loved this phone everything was awsome and the fact it could b used as a remote was cool...and then it went to shits not even a week after i got it!! Got it for xmas 2014 by jan the phone was acting up. Keyboard dissapears..cant play pandora while being on facebook...i have tried resetting and almost any other thing to fix this phone!! I would only recommended this phone to my worst enemy!!!

  • Lg Volt is ok. Browser randomly closes. I have also had this problem with my apps. Keyboard disappears randomly. Touch screen stops working randomly. Cheap phone but you definitely don't get your moneys worth.

  • The LG Volt is a pretty good phone for its price. Yeah, the browser sucks, so I disabled it and installed Google Chrome, which is much better than the stock browser. Couple features I really like that you won't find on others is a universal TV remote app, and a couple multitasking supportive apps. It does get slow at times, or might be slow at connecting to WiFi, but keep in mind that this isn't the most spectacular phone in the world. The camera takes great photos, but really horrible videos. There is no way to focus the video when it gets blurry (and it happens a lot!), but it's great other than that. Overall, it's a good phone for the cost.

  • All of these overly negative comments are a little overly done and the phone isn't as bad as people keep claiming. These people just don't know how to use and keep an Android working properly because they are most likely doing things they shouldn't be doing, like rooting it. First time I did that with a previous Android, my phone got hacked. The LG Volt has very few and very minor issues. If something is acting weird, turn it off and pull the battery for a bit. If that does work, factory reset it. If that still somehow doesn't work, contact LG themselves and send it in to be fixed. It's better to send it in than get a completely new phone for more money than getting it fixed. I have had this phone for almost a year and love it. It has some quirks here and there but I've dealt with it if not fixes it. The only issue it still seems to have is the vibrating mechanism stops working for a few seconds but it's whatever, I deal with it. And for the record, Virgin Mobile is the worst carrier to have and expect anything helpful from them. I have my phone through Boost Mobile.

  • The phone has 8gb of on board storage 4gb which is used up by the phone the rest is available to you for storage. This is why you are getting the numbers you have. Make sure you have any apps set up to store in your ad card like photos ect... also themes take up huge amounts of space so get rid of one's you're not using. Clean out the caches often as well This will free up internal memory. People you need to remember that these are phones not mini pcs. Even the top of the line can only do so much.

  • Going nuts without group messaging function...we use it a lot for work purposes. Can anyone PLEASE help?! That is my only complaint right now about this phone I just purchased. Is the only option to switch to hangouts...hope not! Seems like group texts should be a simple function...so why doesn't phone provide it? Thanks in advance for your help...I'm definitely that as tech savvy as others on this forum.

  • I love the phone too but going nuts without group messaging function! Any suggestions. I can send out to multiple recipients but then replies come back all individual 😞

  • The phone was amazing at first. I thought it would be the best phone I've ever owned. About a month later it sucked. Browser will close randomly. Keyboard randomly going away. Running slow as hell after deleting all of my junk files, big apps, etc... I do not reply recommend this phone under any circumstances. A chunk of shit that costed $150.

  • Got this lg volt fri 1-23-15 its not 1-26-15 and i think if i could get my vacuum to suck like this phone, id only clean once a month. I was sold on it being a great phone, only had knowledge of 3LG volt users who all 3 hated this phone. Lesson learnef 3 strikes...., i will stay with HTC... just bought 816HTC must wait for arrival then peace will resume.

  • I just want to say with all these negative comments ive had my phone over 6 months n i love It, ive had zero problems!! Advice to those having trouble treat your phone better n it might do u better

  • I had issues with my first Volt. Took it back to Radio Shack before 30 days. Wanted a refund but I let them talk me into exchanging it for a brand new Volt. THIS one was even worse! Pure garbage!

  • Technically speaking, if you rooted the device, you could install an app that can expand the swap file of the KitKat kernal into an additional memory medium such as an SD card. While this isn't exactly memory per se, it will speed things up and allow more to happen simultaneously.

  • The LG Volt is absolute garbage. I've had mine about a month and the camera has stopped working, it is now slower than molasses, I cannot type in contacts without the screen returning to point one. DO NOT purchase one of these things, you'll regret it....I do. Also, do not use Virgin. They do not support you, only lie to you to passify you.

  • u said browser shut off and keyboard disappear because you're using a stupid Android OS =) trust me...

  • Ive had my phone for a few months, perfect at first. Now the keyboard doesnt always come up or itll just disappear while im typing something. Also, my browsers will close in the middle of surfing the web. :( Wouldn't recommend.

  • The battery life on the LG Volt is unrivaled, you can probably go about 1day and half without charge when using moderately. The phone is very user friendly, love the camera especially that tap focus thing it does. I previously had the HTC EVO design for Boost mobile and then upgraded to the Volt and i believe it is a huge technical upgrade.However i had this phone for about three weeks and i'm starting to notice the browser in the middle of a session it will reset to the home page i tried switching browsers but the same thing keeps happing, also when i tap the address bar the keyboard will pop up or it will pop up about 30 seconds late. One thing i tried to correct the browser issues wad deleting some of the most recent apps piror the the issue, I also moved some to the SD card. I did this about 2 hours piror to posting this and so far it has been working fine.

  • You need to learn the difference between "memory" and "storage." If a phone runs slow it is because it lacks sufficient MEMORY to execute commands. A phone's memory is fixed. You cannot, I repeat, CANNOT, add memory to ANY mobile device. Adding an SD card adds storage space, not memory. Storage is where things like pictures, movies, music, etc. are stored. You can add a 64 GB SD card to a phone and it will still run very slow because you merely increased the storage....not the memory required to execute user based commands. The only speed difference you will notice using an SD card is the read/write speed of a class 4 vs class 10 SD card. However, if you do not have an SD card installed then the phone is writing to its onboard flash storage at a speed similar, or sometimes faster, to a class 6 SD card. At which point, the read/write speed is not a bottleneck and your accusation of not having an SD card installed, as a culprit for slow functionality, is completely wrong. Please stop being condescending of others in your review by defending a device using your "tech" information that is so far from being correct that it hurts me to read.

  • I had one lg volt and it froze constantly. It locked by itself while texting and calling. Got a new one and it does the same.

  • This phone was great at first, but then it started acting up. I have had it less than six months and I am getting a new phone. The screen locks up randomly, won't let you unlock the screen, the menu and back buttons won't work, randomly restarts, sometimes the touchscreen won't work and you have to hold your finger on whatever you are trying to open for several seconds and then it finally opens, when calling somewhere that you have to enter an account number the screen will go blank after each number you press, very annoying. I did a hard reset and also backed up my apps and info and did a factory reset, still won't work right. Save your money and get a different phone, this one isn't worth the headache!

  • I had the LG Volt through Virgin Mobile ever since it come out. Mine works fine. I did switch it to use ART but then my photo Gallery app would crash every once in a while so I switched it back. Everything works great again. Comes with most of the apps I just have to have(Notepad,Quick memo for Screen shots, Voice recorder for memos, Flashlight app, File manager, and Calculator with % button. Also comes with other standard apps on most other phones. The camera is awesome, I take pictures of part numbers so small, I can't read them with my bare eyes, so I take pictures of them and read them off phone. I like the size of the phone, not too big and easy to handle, but big enough screen to see things better. The home button is nice. I like having a physical home button to wake phone. I was worried about getting this phone at first cause some said the screen density was low. As far as screen density, It looks super to me. I even brought out my magnifying glass to see what other folks were talking about and couldn't see anything, the picture looked good to me, even under a magnifying glass. Someone must have really good eye sight. Oh, you can move some apps to SD card. And you can also remove a lot of the Apps that came with it. I have this phone LG Volt and my old favorite, LG F3 on Virgin Mobile. I switch back and forth using Virgin Mobile site under my accounts. The only thing I wish was better- I wish they were GSM phones that took a sim card and was unlocked so I may change carriers if I choose to. I guess I should have bought unlocked GSM phones to start with. Anyway, I'm happy with both phones, just wish they were GSM phones.

  • First and foremost the lg volt is great phone secondly off topic lg did invent what we now so call a the modern touch screen way before apple thought of it but this is still to be proven how ever this shows the innovation a company that's starts from making cheap flip phones for Cingular wireless this company's hard work and dedication goes without showing the lg volt is great for one of two thing it can use art which will make your phone more responsive and two make it a better all more of an agile and aggressive phone actually you can use this on the galaxy s 5 and some the newer devices as well first you need to unlock developer options and tap the build number then when unlocked your phone will show it under the settings menu then before you do this you have to put screen animations to zero thus then go ahead and hit the android system art switch it from dalvik to art then bingo no more freezes ok that's all

  • don't support On the Go cable that is really sad no external drive hook up

  • don't support On the Go cable that is really sad

  • My mom has the Boost Mobile Edition of this phone and it runs fine with her 32gb micro sd card.. Y'all say its slow and it freezes this could be because of two things. 1:You don't have additional memory added on the device or 2: You droped the device on too many times. Now I can't wait to get this phone for Christmas with a heavy duty kickstand case and a 64gb micro SD Card

  • Um my lg volt likes to shake screen tap things kick me outta stuff lockscreen without me touching anything i factory reset my phone and its working better still messes up from time to time havent had it 2weeks but it is an amazing phone using it right now lol

  • Im starting to hate this phone i have not had it on sprint for 12 hr yet and its freezing up it kicks me out of apps will not let me on fb cant look at my pixs they dont load up but when i had it on on wifi b4 activating it ever thing worked find. can any one help what should i do to get it to work better?

  • Yes I've found that the Photo Gallery likes to freeze. It had started right after the last major update so I thought it was that. I removed a few apps that seemed to be causing issues on my phone then it all worked well for a couple of months. Now the Photo Gallery is doing the same thing and it's very annoying. VM doesn't have a concrete answer on why this is happening to so many people. They service agents can only read the text in front of them and can't offer any real answers. But overall the phone for the price is phenom.

  • I just got mine, it works great,idk what freezing yall talking about,mine is sprint

  • My lg started great but now it freezes and some apps take to long to start that they stop working. I cant even open my photo and camara cause it freezes.

  • Give me that phone I need it pleaseeeeeeeeee

  • Get a new phone and give me that one I now how to handle it tell me the answer yes or no

  • Get a new phone and give me that one

  • Mine did that but I went un settins and tap accesebility and turn off tap to enlarge you have it so peoke that can't see see better.turn that option off

  • Me too! this phone sucks for me.

  • Now LG Volt, $79.00 at Best Buy.

  • Question.. My phone says I have 3.90 g of storage total space and that I have 2.something avaliable.. When this phone is suppose to have 8 g of total space..and with all the blotware apps is suppose to leave me with at least 5 g available...don't understan..answers please..

  • Where did you got ur phone...I would like to have one with out all boost-crap in it.

  • This phone started off great i still love it its just that it freezes to much during videos and idk why but other than that this phone is amazing i had a samsung galaxy prevail 2 before and i belive this phone is faster

  • the phone started off strong i loved it but this swipe problem is ridiculous it take 10× as long to type a sentence

  • is too late now. they lost me.

  • They offer international plans now :D

  • I got my phone a few months ago and love it, faster than my evo 3d and battery is great! But the past couple of months it does freeze alot, a couple of times a week now and have to remove battery and reboot. I am thinking this is cause I have a fair amount of apps. The camera is ok on this but video sucks. I wish there was a patch LG would roll out to make camera better and give more options. I got an update this morning 10/1. I don't see an visual changes with apps or anything but it did change a couple of my developer options settings but those can be re-done. Some ppl don't know what the patch is for but then some say it is a google security patch. I still have kit kat version 4.4.2

  • thanks for your answers guys. well, for the tethering i can't find anything related move from virgin to boost cause virgin does not offer nothing international boost does, but anyways i'll check on the hot spot later. i just want to say that i'm impressed with the video quality of this phone at least trough wi-fi i don't know when streaming since i have not activated my phone just yet. i wish it was water resistant.let me know your experiences about video quality while streaming, is it good? thank you guys peace to all.

  • the one built in is under settings, but if you have virgin mobile its $5 a day for 250mb and so on so forth, if you want to get one that doesn't interfere with TOS download the newest , and you have to be rooted, towelroot.com download apk and run it and you will be rooted if system is compatible

  • That's weird. My LG volt came out of the box with the NextFM app. That is what I use. I haven't tried any other FM radio app yet despite the fact that I am not a fan of the NextFM UI. Anyway, glad you got it working. I'll try a few different apps on the play store today.

  • i can't find the hot spot or the bluetooth tethering. any help? thanks.

  • thanks olympus but i noticed that my phone does not have any boostmobile related app, not a single, for a moment i think it was an unlocked phone. anyways yes i tried pluging the headphones but it did not activated or asked me about the fm radio app. however i download the nextfm app and it does transmit from the air without streamming. but i wanted something more simple more straightfoward. you know. let me know what you think, and thanks again.

  • No. I have the boost mobile LS740 and I use the FM tuner regularly You have to have head phones connected. I believe they are used as an antenna or something? Hope it helps

  • Can be used LG volt in Panama?

  • ok. i just got the phone today. i have the boost mobile version. the specifications say fm radio with rds or some. is the fm radio just for the virgin mobile version? cause i cant find or see the fm radio app in this one. any help? thanks.

  • my phone tends to freeze on me its stopping at some pausing I've had to shut it off several times to restarted it. Playing games is difficult because when you're tapping on the screen playing a game then the screen will go big or small you know like when you're trying to read small letters. I think I'm going to send this one back and get another one to see if its just this phone or if its just this whole system and then if I find out that the other phone does the same thing then I'll probably pick another phone but I mean I like the features of the phone I just don't like the lagging you watch a video and it keeps sputtering and stopping but yet I'm here everybody else say they don't have that problem

  • Yes it can use the 2g network

  • Got an Software update this morning, the LS740ZV4. My Kit-Kat is still the 4.4.2 and I do not notice any difference yet. I have phone now for three months and it is working very well. The 4G Enhanced LTE is fast, and the phone has yet to lag or give me any other problems like freezing up.

  • is there a GSM model and can't it be used in Ghana?

  • I have no freezing issues yet. How's your memory and have you performed a soft reset by taking the battery out for at least 30 seconds?

  • I have been having problems with the screen freezing and not letting me answer phone because it won't swipe. Does anyone else have this problem?

  • can this phone be used in nigeria

  • Just bought this for my wife today. $129.99 at Best Buy. Same price on Amazon.

  • Can any one say about it's network is this item supports 2G network ??

  • Can I get some in Ghana to buy

  • LG Volt is compatible in all carrier or network?

  • If your Volt seems to all of a sudden have the battery usage increase, the 4.4.2 OS is responsible. Perform a "Soft Reset" by removing the battery for at least thirty seconds and then replace battery and boot up. Probably have to do once a month.

  • LG Volt is operable on 3G/4G LTE/Enhanced 4G LTE (Spark). It will also step down to 2G if in a non-3G/4G area 1xRTT.

  • Hi Rahul, can you tell me which network you are using LG volt ? Mine is in use with a US carrier

  • Tax is about $13, so total price is $163.

  • How much is the total price tax and all at best buy? The phone is $149.99 but how much is the total price???

  • How much is the total price after tax if you purchase the LG Volt at Best Buy for $149.99?? Can he virgin mobile LG Volt only hold 32 gb?

  • will this phone work with sim or 3g speed internet please anyone help me

  • Is lg volt available in I mm India.

  • Is lg volt available in philippines please anyone could help me

  • Yes this phone is worth getting!

  • You can buy it from Virgin Mobile

  • Received first phone from Best Buy and after struggling with them selling/setting it up, I got it home and discovered that it was fast, responsive and a nice product....except, there was a bad screen where the edge at the bottom left looked like there was an adhesive issue between the LCD and the protective screen layer. Took back to Best Buy and they swapped with a new phone. I've pleased so far. The phone is very light, the new screen is beautiful, clear and bright. It is responsive, but, the LG/Virgin update process is slow and cumbersome. Regardless, so far this seems to be a nice phone for the price with amazing features at any price range. No, it's not a high end phone but it's not the typical Pay as you go or contract free phone either.

  • where i can 1 ? link? pls :)

  • Best buy radio shack

  • It is under the Location within the settings menu. Select from "Battery Saver" to Accurate. The very top selection in the location setting menu.

  • Please do battery test! Let's see if it can dethrone the current champ, the Nokia lumia 1520 (107 h), with 3400 mha battery, but also 6" display and higher 367 PPI. It should be close!

  • Where can I purchase this mobile phone

  • how can i find gps on my lg volt

  • The SIM card in the Volt is used to access Sprint's LTE network.

  • It is used for the LTE signal

  • lg volt LS740 is a cdma phones with sim card.what simcard use for?

  • Phone is tha ish no problems glad to get off the galaxy's

  • It has 8Gb of internal storage but OS along with bloatware are taking 4Gb so you are left with 4Gb available.

  • Just got this phone last week. It is a real good device. The earpiece audio is loud and clear with Voice Clarity enabled. Battery lasts, still have 90% or better at days end. Kit-Kat runs nicely and the UI is user friendly and has many options plus an express slide bar for frequent settings. Color is vibrant, the qHD resolution looks good to me even with my readers on. I feel that having FHD or HD on a 4.7" screen is not that noticeable by the naked eye. Phone is superior to my ZTE Warp 4G on many counts, but more RAM would have been nice and SRS or Dolby too.

  • Just got it. Only has 4G internal memory.

  • I think they are way diffent..e This is a good phone everything in it is the bomb. The pixels or resolution is not tha good. When they bring Moto G 4G is going to be on.

  • More battery and it is CDMA not GSM.

  • screen is not even 720p... which may as well be standard. plus anything below 2gb of ram is doomed in the long run

  • What's the difference between this one and G2mini and L90???say your opinion please.

  • ok. lg site says it supports up to 32 gig of expandable memory and gsmarena say up to 64. who is wrong lg or gsmarena? thanks.

  • is it worth getting?

  • nice but still love my optimus g n coming kitkat soon