Motorola A732

  • Released 2005, July
    95g, 21.8mm thickness
    Feature phone
    microSD (dedicated slot) slot
  • N/A 294,146 hits
  • 10 Become a fan
  • 1.8"
    128x160 pixels
  • 0.3MP
    Video recorder
  • 1000mAh

Motorola A732 - Specs

Network Technology GSM
2G bands GSM 900 / 1800 / 1900
GPRS Class 10
Launch Announced 2005, July
Status Discontinued
Body Dimensions 88 x 43 x 21.8 mm, 72 cc (3.46 x 1.69 x 0.86 in)
Weight 95 g (3.35 oz)
Display Type TFT, 65K colors
Size 1.8 inches, 29 x 35 mm, 10.2 cm2 (~26.9% screen-to-body ratio)
Resolution 128 x 160 pixels (~114 ppi density)
 Fingerwriting recognition
Downloadable screensavers, wallpapers
Memory Card slot microSD (dedicated slot)
Phonebook 1000 entries, Photo call
Call records Yes
Main Camera Single VGA
Video Yes
Selfie camera   No
Sound Loudspeaker Yes
Alert types Vibration; Downloadable polyphonic ringtones
3.5mm jack No
Comms WLAN No
Bluetooth 1.2
Radio No
USB Proprietary
Features Sensors
Messaging SMS, EMS, MMS
Browser WAP 2.0/xHTML
Games Yes + Downloadable
Java Yes, MIDP 2.0
 Text to Speech functionality
MP3/MP4 player
Predictive text input
Battery   Removable Li-Ion battery
Stand-by Up to 270 h
Talk time Up to 6 h
Misc Colors Silver, Black

Motorola A732 - User Reviews

  • you can fix it just go on eBay and put the model of the phone and look for something called a flex cable and also look for the the lcd screen i would replace the both of then if i was you and if you was going to fix it your self just go on Google or yahoo and look for forums on how to take it apart

  • I have had this phone for three years. Only now, has it stopped working. My screen just blew today. I really wish that I could get this phone fixed. I really do like this phone a lot.

  • answer is:- when u connect ur usb cable 2 pc the cell shows- memory card locked after that go to settings/connection/usb and switch b/w disk to modem or modem to disk. u will be able to send ur files. i also own this but now the slider has stopped working and i can't use camera,numpad etc. that's the tragedy with this phone but sound is awesome man it rocks .

  • its the coolest this is my best phone ever and everyone loves it.i like how the camera is on the slider it rocks.

  • I dont no if u guys are having the same problems as I am but i simply hated the text messaging in this phone. The typing response is very slow and sometimes it simply wont send sms and I have to ways for hours and sometimes days for it to start working again. The paint is coming off also and I never dropped the phone. I would not buy it again.

  • what are u saying??? I have recently found a soft for my moto v360 and now it is super col( i have changed the soft)( Forget about samsungs; they suck Nokia and motorola are the best

  • Well, i was a fan of motorolas untill i had A1200, which has totally disappointed me! The bad thing is- about all motorolas- THEY ARE NOT AS GOOD AS MOST EUROPEAN/ASIAN brands! Now I switched to NOKIA(N80) and very proud! also i really do like samsungs(price/quality/user friendlyness) only a good thing motorola has- PRICE, and american support(techsupport) and countless number of bad things. Forget about updating your firmware(unlike nokia, samsung) and well. THINK twice before getting MOTO-RULLESS

  • It`s A Good Mobile But It Dont Use Arabic Lang Can I Get Arab Lang Software Thance Alot

  • I agree with wHr%/. I could never figure out the text messages after voicemails, this is very annoying. A few weeks ago out of nowhere when my phone rings it reads off the name which is cool but I cannot figure out how to turn this off. My screen image is starting to get stuck & look twisted so I have to slide up & down a few times to get it to straighten out. this just started as well, when I close the phone all of the buttons stay lit. I am now searching for a new phone unfortunately. I really like the form of the A732 but the function is not living up. Peace, Bygbaby

  • i hate this phone! i cant open images coming from nokia..

  • i've posted a few times about this phone now (when i first got the phone and then a few months later). it's now been 6 months and here's what i've found with this phone. Pros: small, unique, gsm, learn to write chinese feature (i find this amusing), txt-voice function is entertaining, though you can write in chinese, i don't think you can actually send a msg in chinese on tmobile Cons: 1) annoying txt msg apparently from the phone (doesn't show up on bills) every time i receive a vmail or check my vmail 2) display connection seems to be failing. i frequently have to power off/on to get the image to show up...probably due to the slider design 3) not as sturdy as i would want my phone to be (mostly plastic) 4) i've never dropped the phone, but from just being in my pocket the paint is chipping off all over the phone. 5) reception sucks as far as being able to hear anyone in a car or outside and same goes on the other end of the line 6) memory card sits loose in the phone so sometimes ringers and what not stored on the card can't be read by the phone. 7) default chinese txt writing 8) slow typing response when texting overall, i mean the phone is nice and small...maybe a little thick by today's standards...but im not a fan of the now failing flimsy design, annoying txt messages among the other cons stated above. i dont know how much of the reception issue is due to the phone vs. the service. waiting for my contract to expire so i can continue my search for the ideal cell phone.

  • Hi! can someone please help i just bought a week ago this a cool phone but i am having trouble with the mp3 player,when i connect the usb cable to my pc and i try to log into my mobile phone tools i try to download but i get notice which ask me to insert my sim card into the modem how do i do that? and how do i store songs from my pc to the phone? and whenever i send a pic message it always says no connection. i dont understand because my other camera phone sends pics. can somebody please help me ASAP. thanks :-)

  • i haven't purchased the phone as yet but from the comments of u guys they are deterring me from buying it.But still that was your experience and now I will take a risk and if there are any bad experiences I will inform you. In my opinion tho it's awesome; the features and everything.

  • I had this for about a day. Great display.. but I hated the SLOW text messaging. I tend to type really fast, and my old motorola would just lag... but if I hated a second or two, the whole message will show up. With this phone, if I type too fast, it refuses to even show up whatever I just typed. It's a bit bulky, ringtones are horrible, the alarm sounds are annoying, and the camera is average.

  • Hi i have just purchased this phone and im wondering if everyone is having this battery problem.......if you could please e-mail me and let me know and how long does the battery life actually last when you use the mp3 player? also does anyone know if you could buy a better battery for the phone? could people pleasee-mail me if you know this answers thank you

  • To be fact i really fall in love with this phone but need some feedback from you guys out there, as for the Batt which i had now as it wont sustain for long like its been stated in the standard specs and the manual. I did do the normal charging but the Batt power still giving me the problem as it runs low when i only did a few conversation on the phone. Please help me to this by email me of what should i do or any one out there can spare me the batt to replace that i had on right now. Thank you.

  • i just got this phone but it came without the program that i need to put mp3 in my phone, idk how to do it can anyone help

  • I need help please, I got some MP3 via Bluetooth connection from my friends phone. I saved it to the memory card, now I cannot find the songs anymore. Can someone please tell me how to set the Mp3 settings so that I can play them on the music player? Thank you

  • Wondering if you guys can asnwer a few questions about the phone. When you use your Bluetooth headset, does it use the MP3 ringtones you assign? OR does it use a stock ringer instead?

  • I have just one word for this phone: "wow!" when I saw this baby, my jaw hit the floor- and stayed there {for sometime} haha. Iam seriously considering upgrading from my samsung{R}SGH-T809 for this beauty because mine is all banged up anyway. I just hope it doesn't cost more than $300.00 for people, this phone is pimpin!!! :}

  • despite moto corporation is excellente corporation but i found painfull thing when fond my dream in my mobil but thes camera not good finally i fragrant publish my words without delet an alphpit

  • I love this phone. The only thing I need to get working now is the MMS. There must be a way! Has anyone figured this out yet? I use cingular in southern california. If anyone has any questions about anything else I think I can answer them. Need MMS/Web setup! Arg.

  • i just received my motorola a732 and to my surprise im impressed. its pretty cool and im quite certain no one i know have the phone. its very cute :-) but there are a few things that i need help with FAST (ASAP) because if i dont understand the phone in like 5 days im going to send it back simply because i wouldnt need it if i dont get it right? OK so like mp3 player, how do i store songs from my pc to the phone? and whenever i send a pic message it always says no connection. i dont understand because my other camera phone sends pics. can somebody please help me ASAP. thanks :-)

  • I just got this phone, and iam impressed, its a cool phone, Im Happy!!!

  • hows the ringtone quality of this phone? stereo???

  • Hi guys, i just recieved my phone today, and everything is in Chinese, all i know how to do is send and recieve calls, can someone, tell me exactly how to change everything to english? (step by step) thanks

  • bettie, the reception is due to the phone. btw, is the phone made out of plastic, faux metal or metal? can u answer my questions as well? thanks!

  • heyy i bought this phone in taiwan (asia) and u can insert this little card thingie you get at costcto (around 30 dollars) that ups it to 1G. i have cingular also, but i don't know why i have such bad reception! sometimes i even have to call ppl multiple times bc the reception is so bad. do u think that has anything to do with it being cingular?

  • forgot to ask, is the construction of this phone mostly plastic? or metal? is the front made of metal? do let me know. dying to get one, but have to ask. compatible with cingular? thanks!

  • is this phone still up to match with others? hows the ringtone quality of this phone? is it as good as sony ericsson 810? i want this but it seems its outdated. using a 6230 but want to switch...thanks!

  • I got the phone a while ago, but the charging takes quite a while. The memory card I recieved lost all the memory not so long ago and that includes pictures.Can anyone tell me what's better? A Motorola A732 or a Sony Ericcson W600? Me and my friend are having quite a dispute.

  • i'm aba to get this phone and i think it's cool but can anyone tell me if 1. it can be used in west africa? 2. if i can upgrade it to 1gig 3. can i also use an mp3 as a ringtone. thanx

  • from what i heard, its only 512mb, im waiting on my phone, i get it friday!!!

  • Has anyone put a 1GB card in here? or does it only support up to 512mb?

  • Can anyone tell me please if this phone works with Cingular and, if so, do you have any problems?

  • i can get this phone at $180 canadian. can sumone tell me if its worth it? Bob.

  • oh and the screen is super duper bright! not the clearest screen (resolution wise) but still very good and probably the brightest screen on a mobile that i've seen.

  • my frend has this fone. she really likes it because it's cute and small and compact. it's very light and the touchpad writing is very entertaining. it's overall a very good phone and new. also very user friendly. fits anywhere! =)

  • Overrall is it a good or bad phone?

  • ive had this phone for a while now. so far its been a great little phone for me. i dont really use the finger writing as much other than actually trying to learn how to write chinese characters haha. the text to voice feature is entertaining as well. the questions/problems i have to date are... i receive a text message any time i get a vmail or even access my vmail (very annoying). i tried asking tmobile for help with this but they said they cant support my phone. the reception is so-so compared to my v710 i had with verizon but im thinking thats b/c it was verizon my biggest problem is that i can never hear ppl when i am outside or if there is any ambient noise...really sucks. a feature i just realized though is that the alarm will ring even if you have the phone turned off...woke me up when i didnt want to be awoken. if anyone knows how to switch the dictionary and the text to default english that would be awesome.

  • Does anyone know how to get their text messaging to work? I can receive text messages but for some reason it won't let me send them and I also can't seem to connect to the internet through Cingular? Can anyone help?

  • i'm thinking about getting this phone but i saw pictures of it earlier and the color on the screen seemed like it wasn't the best, can anyone tell me how the color on the phone is? good, bad, alright?

  • i was bough this phone cell in taiwan on february, but i don't know why the battrey just ane and half our for tolk time and 28 ours for standby time

  • To the person who said they can't receive picture messages on Tmobile... I just responded to someone's question about how to set up internet GPRS / MMS settings for this phone on Hofo: Maybe that'll help. At least it's the right general idea.

  • This phone is pretty awesome, i got the black version. Everything is good except for... the reception!!! it sucks, all my phones before i got full reception in my room, now i get 2 bars, 3 if im lucky. then, the clock on the phone restarts a couple times, so it gets kind of annoying. and.. finally you cant put a custom ringtone onto seperate people, only groups, and you can only put in like 5 custom ringtones. and motorola sucks for not giving a memory card with the phone. on the plus side, this phone is just plain sexy. and it's pretty easy to use, lots of games that come with it and the writing with your finger is bunches of fun. (p.s if anybody knows how to change the dictionary to english let me know, i cant figure it out)

  • this phones great a fab phone hey form changing ur lang to english do this on ur number pad move ur hand from left to right and later form right to left at the same time if u here a click thta means ur language has changed hope this helped u

  • I can't send or receive picture messages. Does anyone know what i have to do? Do I have to call T-Mobile? If so, what do i ask them?

  • hi i just got this phone and it's so nice! but does anyone kno how many songs it can hold without using the memory card for it? or do you need to use a memory card to play the music player on the phone? thanks.

  • Hey guys. How many finger writing options do you have?? I have bpmf, trad. stroke, simp. stroke, and pinyin. I don't have an english finger writing option, but they mention it in the manual. Can anyone help??

  • does the phone have a flashlight by the camera because im thinking of gettin it

  • Hey people, I just got this phone a week ago, and its awesome. For those of you who don't know how to use the mp3 player yet, I figure it out finally. 1st you have to transfer the file into the flash card into the melody folder. Next unplug the usb cable, otherwise it locks you from accessing the flash card. Next create/select the playlist. Next "add folder" where the music file is stored. Then it will prompt you to select the storage. Select from "Memory card", otherwise you won't see the music files. Now you should be able to listen to the mp3 music files. It took me a while to figure this out cuz it does not explicitly tell you to do this in the manual.

  • The phone is very user friendly & the camerea takes great pictures; you will not be dissapointed. The camera quality is much higher than what I have seen & had in the past. Bygbaby

  • hello thinking of getting Motorola A732 soon but is it user friendly and can i use the camera even if it is close?

  • Finger writing reginition

  • 3) is there a way to switch to vibrate only for a ringer easily? Yes hold down the # key for a few seconds. This will put in in & out of vibrate mode 4) when plugging into the usb on my computer it asks for software...where do i get this? Still searching for an answer on this one 5) is there a us power adapter available or do i just need to use the foreign adapter? So far my forien adapter works fine, but I mainly charge it through the USB port. I also found a phone charge at a local retailer. Good Luck, Bygbaby

  • i just got this phone two days ago and so far its awesome. i have a few technical questions as its a pretty intense phone. 1) is there a way to make the default for the finger stroke writing to be in english as opposed to chinese? 2) is there a way to turn the backlight on the phone while closed to see the time display without unlocking the keypad or sliding it open 3) is there a way to switch to vibrate only for a ringer easily? 4) when plugging into the usb on my computer it asks for software...where do i get this? 5) is there a us power adapter available or do i just need to use the foreign adapter thanks in advance for any help

  • 1. Will it ring and vibrate at the same time? Yes it will, has various settings to choose from & you can customize. 2. Does it have photo Caller ID? Yes, you can add an image to your contacts for this effect. I have created several for myself & you can see them at this URL 3. Is the video OK quality & How long will it record? I am not certain of this yet. 4. Is it actually a touchscreen? Seems to be conflicting posts about that. The screen is not touch screen it is the keypad only. Which can be used for data entry or adding little notes. I find this feature very easy to use. Good Luck & I know you will love this phone!!! Bygbaby

  • A few questions for anyone who has one of these: 1. Will it ring and vibrate at the same time? 2. Does it have photo Caller ID? 3. Is the video OK quality & How long will it record? 4. Is it actually a touchscreen? Seems to be conflicting posts about that. Thanks!

  • phone is off the hook. The a732 plugs using a USB A-B cable and it will act as a flash drive. The keys got a thermal sensor to navigate you through your menue just by running your fingers over the keypad. haven't tried using the step counter but its pretty crazy

  • You can make or recieve calls open or closed. It does have voice commands, although I have not tried. Bygbaby

  • Hi motoA732 OWNER, I want to know if you can make and receive calls without open it. Does it have voice dial? thank you. Sorry about my english, I am from Argentina

  • I got my A732 Monday via Hong Kong (did I say that right) by way of eBay & I love! I actually had it 48 hrs after I paid for it. The touch pad is cool, although I man not use it much. Great ring tones & memory capacity is great with the images ect. I added 8 custom contact icons & 8 ring tones & still have space. I have been transferring my files via my Dell Axim's blue tooth connection. I was not able to figure out any other way to do this so good luck iluvmoto Does anyone know where themes can be downloaded from? Peace, Bygbaby

  • What built in games come with this phone?

  • does this phone support stereo bluetooth/a2dp?

  • If anybody knows how to download music on the a732. Can you help cause i don't know how

  • And to my surprise its already out for sale. What the heck!!!

  • Something is wrong, it doesn't is normal screen..

  • Something is missing here. 256K touchscreen sounds great! but then its not a smartphone. No mention of USB port when it has a microSD card slot....and then a VGA camera? come on. Whats happning?? It should still be in the drawing board.

  • Motorola always do the same when they bring them out,they put a VGA camera on them see if they sell well then put a megapixel camera on them you can see that with the V3 model i bet they follow suit if this sells well

  • How much was the A732? I've been looking for it.. and I was wondering if it's possible to seem edit it to make it quadband?

  • i was in taiwan and bought this phone to bring back to the US for my own use. gotta say "I LOVE IT". finger writing on the keypad works wonders. it defaults to chinese first, and to change to english, all you have to do is write a line across from keypad #4-#6 and back to #4 in one motion. along with voice command, i use it all the time while looking up numbers in yellow pages and just reading it right off the page without have to stop and key in numbers than look back and the yellow page! voice commands for number dialing also have a traning session for it, i had to go in the read off several sets of numbers for the phone to recognize my voice in order to tell what i am saying! its really a smart phone. VGA is definately a dissapointment. I would only take pictures under lots of lighting and bright envoirnment, quality is wonderful. but when taking pictures in dark, its horrible. feel free to ask me if you are curious about this phone!

  • I've been to every shop that I know of which sells this phone. None of them knew about the the text to speech functionality. Does it work for Chinese as well as for English ? Is it a matter of typing some notes on the note pad and getting the phone to speak what you wrote ? That is, there's no need for a SMS to be received. Thanks.

  • this phone is already out in taiwan. if u can read their language then u can go to their hellomoto site and read more on it. i wonder if it will be in other country. i'm considering on getting this phone since siemens sg75 was cancelled. does anyone have any idea?

  • Does A732 have voice memo/record function just like A668? It seems like both phones share same OS

  • Motorola what the hell is the matter with you? Touchscreen and then VGA? Who authorizes this stupidity?

  • got a response that it should be released within the next month or so. didn't get to ask what the pricing was around..

  • I think this is Motorolas first attempt of a slide. Like Razr V3, the first attempt of a thin phone. Then they going to add everything to it if its successful.

  • this i guess is amongst the first sliding phones from Motorola, but it seems that the company does not want it to be a big hit. it has touchscreen but then it has a VGA camera.ohhhh.... come on Motorola why do u want yourself to be left behind ? ? ? wake up....

  • anyone know when this phone is suppose to release? price point maybe?

  • motorola had to join the slide phone gang so to see if will work they have only put a VGA camera with this model

  • I dont like all these slide up phones that are coming out. The only nice ones are the samsungs - all the nokia ones, and this one, are ugly.

  • Its funny how Motorola released a similar product to this a while ago (MOTO MINI) and Samsung made the SCH-X8100 to rival it in Korea,...and now, after Samsung releases SGH-X810, motorola releases this phone to rival the samsung..

  • o nm i read the comments below i think it looks alrite that not bad a good phone to play around with

  • so its a slide phone? or the phone stays like that

  • I think this phone is kool. I don't really need a MegaPixel camera but beside that this phone is FULLY features ex. Touchscreen, 256K colors with expand microSD (TransFlash),Text to Speech functionality, MP3 player and Bluetooth. All the good feature is here, compare to any other slide phone like D500 from Samsung no expandable memory no touchscreen. If any of you find a phone with all the feature this phone have + megapixel please let me know. P.S. this is the first MOTO SLIDE PHONE and they did good.

  • i like it... so is it a smartphone or just a regular phone?? i ask because of the touch screen...

  • If this came onto the market cheap, then i would understand "style" but i dont find the phone attractive :/

  • but its not pretty neither =P even if its the fashion phones are comming with svga or 1.3mpx

  • This phone isn't meant to be a high quality camera phone. Its meant to be a style phone I think. I don't think the VGA is a problem

  • VGA CAMERA?!?!?!??! what the are you people thinking? even a svga would be good...

  • this is the first slide up phone create by motorola good job keep up the good work im still ur fan