NEC 804N

  • Released 2006, April
    115g, 23mm thickness
    Feature phone
    450MB storage, microSD (dedicated slot) slot
  • N/A 276,426 hits
  • 8 Become a fan
  • 2.2"
    240x320 pixels
  • 2MP
    Video recorder
  • 720mAh

NEC 804N - Specs

Network Technology GSM / UMTS
2G bands GSM 900 / 1800 / 1900
3G bands UMTS 2100
Speed Yes, 384 kbps
Launch Announced 2006, April
Status Discontinued
Body Dimensions 93 x 48 x 23 mm (3.66 x 1.89 x 0.91 in)
Weight 115 g (4.06 oz)
Display Type TFT, 65K colors
Size 2.2 inches, 15.0 cm2 (~33.6% screen-to-body ratio)
Resolution 240 x 320 pixels, 4:3 ratio (~182 ppi density)
 Second external 0.9-inch STN, 65K colors display (96 x 64 pixels)
Memory Card slot microSD (dedicated slot)
Phonebook Yes
Call records 20 dialed, 20 received, 20 missed calls
Internal 450MB
Main Camera Single 2 MP
Video Yes
Selfie camera Single Videocall camera
Sound Loudspeaker Yes
Alert types Vibration; Downloadable polyphonic, MP3, MIDI ringtones
3.5mm jack No
Comms WLAN No
Bluetooth 1.2
Radio No
USB 2.0
Features Sensors
Messaging SMS, MMS
Browser WAP 2.0
Games Downloadable
Java No
 MP3 player with music assist buttons
Mail art
PC Sync
Bilungual menus
OR code reading
Document viewer (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, PDF)
Battery   Removable Li-Ion 720 mAh battery
Stand-by Up to 210 h
Talk time Up to 4 h 20 min
Misc Colors Plumeria White, Coral Pink, Lapis Blue

NEC 804N - User Reviews

  • Hi, where can i buy this phone, its already discontinued... Anyone whose selling this phone? Please reply. Thnks

  • yeah . call me im using thi i like colour pink but i dont like thia phone......

  • yeah boy. call me im using this phone too!

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  • I love this phone sooo much, its off the huck!! im a gangster rapper and love to call my home boys on this phone.

  • Wow, what a sturdy, manly tough guy phone!

  • that i have to agree .. lol

  • look again! d i s c o n t i n u e d

  • I heart this phone. Sadly it doesn't work here in the Philippines. Too bad. It's one of a kind.

  • i absolutely want this phone it is adorable!~ but its a tough choice there is a blue one too which one's better cant decide..-_-

  • hello nec, I love your products, why do you stop producing? T_T

  • mada patiya mokada karanne....sanka oya hari narakai....mama oyawa alla gannamko..........

  • i love u tooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo­ooooooooooooooooo

  • hi nec i love u

  • hi nec i like you sooooo much

  • i am waiting for u..........

  • If Dr.Dre or Snoop gets seen with this phone in his back pocket...i'll bet you a milion dollars NEC will have record sales for this phone within a week!! ..then everyone will change their opinions about this phone...true story

  • This phone is hell HARD CORE!!! Gangster to the max

  • Oh yeah... i would love it :X Great colour...girlish pinkish childish... very "ish" :D wouldn't you girls love one?

  • Hi, I am Raymond and I really really love this mobile phone (L) What I love the most is the pink colour, its my favourite colour.

  • its 1000 dollars. ashna

  • i wanna ze price of zis phone!!.. ASAP..Plzz..

  • yeah its good to critisize..and give out your opinion but do it in a smart way.. dont just give out what you think about the appearance! anyway i love nokia tooyeah its good to critisize..and give out your opinion but do it in a smart way.. dont just give out what you think about the appearance! anyway i love nokia too

  • Why stop bad comments? I applaud those who know crap phones when they see one, and know a crap manufacturer when they see one, this mobile phone and company fit the profile of pure crap... Now who could i think of to put me in a better mood? (heavens light shines down and angels start singing) god speaks to me and says.. NOKIA... :) Sigh of relief

  • guYs... atleast they make it/...! u cant even make a toy.. so please stop bad comments!

  • san po nabibili ung x sim

  • wen i saw it here i thot it was a toy 4 baby girls . very badlooking cant take it siris i shod get it 4 my 3yr old girl cosin

  • that phoneis off the hook it breaks down all the time and one time i was in the shower and the phone was ringing and it brooke all because i was late to pick it up

  • YES this phone is rediculis

  • its a candy better u can chew it

  • Hi i'm delpac's from the phil!it can be used by using X-sim, Actually my nec804N is operated properly,smooth,but only x-sim!...........From davao po ako!

  • I'm looking for the hole where the candy is supposed to come out from. Hmmmm? Maybe that hole above the screen?

  • The most stupid phone that I ever seen on earth. Great Job guys...

  • i love it....cute...stylish...stylo...big kisses for this phone...

  • this phone should be geven free with the packige of candy

  • where can i download musics for this phone? is .mp3 file music be able to function ? thanks.

  • it so sweet,i love it.dat pinky is lovey,simple,nice,coool and best.keep up the mode

  • this phone works in the philippines with an x-sim attached on it. it works well too!

  • This looks like a cheap plastic barbie phone. thought got it to give a plus for the featurse and the 2mp camera but it looks like an age group below 13

  • hi i have this phone. my dad gave it to me 2 years ago.. and i still cant convert it so that i can use it in the Philippines.. is the software for conversion already available?

  • This is a copy of v3 ....copyyyy

  • next phone..!!! :-)

  • Looks cheap. Looks like a toy. & thats all I have to say

  • it reminds of the mickey mouse and barbie handphones.Only thing is that is pink

  • i like this.......

  • i love the color...its so cute

  • I think that the NEC's designer is a girl from 6 or 7. What's next G.I.JOE or Ken from Barbieland

  • WOW...the internal memory is enormous.No need to insert the memory card bcoz the internal memory is already bigg!!

  • i like the pink version of this phone. wouldn't mind owning it myself.

  • woow..cutie pinky..! lov ds phone!

  • it`s perfect ...just loving it ...

  • wooooow it's so awesome! i cant believe it, it looks like a barbie phone... its my dream phone! geez crazy cool wowee dawg

  • its everrrrrrrrrrr soooooooooooooo kwwwwwwwwwwwwwl i would loooooooooooooooooove to get 1 its the best phone i have seen so far on this site best wishes xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • wow for a phone that looks like a toy, its looks hide you from its real powerhouse specs. I suddenly want one.

  • Hi I am from trinidad. The phone is a barbie pink colour. Some people might like it while others don't. And for those of us who had barbie dolls ,This is a cute pink phone, but Its just not my style.

  • i think the screen for this is tooooooooooooooooo small and the colour is very ugly loh...yieeeeeeee. n the pink n blue colrs one r simply very i don think i will buy this phone

  • the color not very nice loh!

  • wow! thnx kelly for d i really wanna buy ds tlga....hehehehhe hindi 2loy na waste ung money ko.....

  • im from philippines i bought this one last year when i have a trip on japan.My sister told me that this cell can open here at phils. so i buy this!!but when i came back here at ph and i already go to all malls here just to openline my NEC804N but unfortunately they said they cannot open this yet (T_T)...And there is no assuranced if they can openline this cellphone here at philippines.I WASTED MY MONEY!! hhhuuuuhhhh!!!

  • where the hek is trinidad... lol is a cute phone though

  • Yeah this phone is for me i wanda if we have this phone here in Trinidad!!!!!

  • This fone lookz quite gd ! I hav da e122 @ da mo ! So im tryin 2 find a new 1 !! I well badly want da lg choc !!! Luffoo peepz....x

  • this fone is so cute but i think it looks like a toy phone.too much pink...

  • The new Teletubbies Phone...

  • Woaaawww! I need this pinky phone. This Nec is like me. i'm blond hair, stupid and i love money.... I need her. Come to mama pinky!!!

  • is this fone can be use in philippines????pls somebody answer me! i really want to buy this kind of fone...the pink is so cute...lovely to look at.....but im afraid if i buy this and it wont work here in philippines....just wasting money if it would be....pls?????? email me at thiss [email protected]

  • Is the sms ringtone customizable? Thanks! :)

  • wonder if there's any card slot & 1Gb card can b inserted? but this is gorgeous, i love da white one. here in maldives v don find such cute girly fones. i looooooooov dat soooooooo much. ;'D

  • Ohh the mini tinky winky pinky phone. So pretty So pretty. Come to mama pinky..

  • it's too pink! almost like Barbie's cellphone toy, lol. Only young girls will love this, i think

  • Sou good!

  • wantin pink 1 beggin mi mum 4 1 but mi dad said not until i find mi other one but by da time i find it i will need a new 1 lol any way i LUV da phone Please dad lol xxx

  • this phone is incredible, love the colour pink. i wonder if there are phones like that in my little country of grenada, hoping that they do.

  • this phone looks good but is there anything bad things i should know about.thinking about this one.the features look good its just the performance i want to know about.

  • omg its HOT! too bad i just bought a new fone yesterday....

  • pretty sick!!! love it so getting it!!

  • girly girl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • gosh it's great! i'm going to singapur right now! all that memory...

  • Whoow i love the white/orange version

  • thats is sooo cute..i need to get one... it can blend in with my room-PINK!!!

  • Pinkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • which building is that?? wat the name of that building ? i wan get one .. it is damn cute la !!! love it..

  • does it have an alarm?

  • yes this phone sell in singapore, just go into touwn and look for the blue bulding, that says moblle phone , ok i have one love it... .

  • i wish to have this. can u use this in philippines?? i kinda am searching for it but can't find where to buy. *scratches head*

  • can i use this in the philippines?

  • This phone have 450 MB in memory internal?

  • this phone is cool looking i want ti

  • the colour is so nice!! match with me the pink lover. the functions also great! luv it! ;D

  • My wife and I recently bought these handsets in Japan. We decided to buy the same phone so that there would always be a charger around and it was guaranteed we could trade information. We're australian so we're not really used to everyone having and loving flip phones here in Japan but we thought these phones would be compact enough to carry in pockets etc. Some of the other phones here in Japan and huge and inpractical. Anyway 2 weeks on and I'm not really impressed. Here's why. (Oh please keep in mind, this is coming from a westerners viewpoint who operates the phone in English mode) 1. The SMS and Messaging feature defaults to UPPERCASE lettering and annoyingly must be changed everytime I want to SMS. RETARDED!! 2. It says it has T9 which I thought was text prediction... well it doesn't seem to work at all, it's like the good days of the first digital mobiles where you die from thumb fatigue sms'ing. 3. The Voice Quality is OK accept the volume on the listening end is crap, it's could be soooo much louder, especially in Japan where noise polution is at a high. 4. The software that comes with the phone on CD is ONLY in Japanese and I had install issues with my english XP that meant I had to do a roll back on my system... :-| I recommend you buy the Mini card for the phone with a card reader or something for data transfer. 5. The bluetooth funtion is lame. It doesn't work in the sense that I can sync it with my mac (2nd computer here) or PDA and browse files etc on it. All I can do is use the bluetooth function for a headset and sending contact cards. 6. And finally (good report huh?) the retarded thing locked up on a function and wouldn't allow me to get into my songs and worse, phone book, so i had to do a master reset and about 1/2 hour later it worked again. accept I lost ALL my data... songs, contacts, photos, settings etc. What's this phone good for? Well, as a 450mg Mp3 player, it's a lousy phone (if you can get the songs onto it that is.) And it's smaller than most flip phones so that's a bonus. But I seriously wish I'd traded it's compactedness for something bigger that let me do the stuff i want... so, buy an iPod and another phone if you're a foriegner in Japan. NEC, thanks for nothing!

  • I HAVE LOST THE CELL PHONE SOFTWARE CD CAN ANY ONE HELP ME.please send me link or any related info on the email address [email protected] [email protected] [email protected]

  • It`s cute phone,especially the blue seems to be music phone and to use in Europe!I want it!!!

  • hi this telephone it'sa a veri veri nice

  • beautiful phone!!!!!!!!!i was yust wondering if i can use this phone in Europe(Croatia)tnx

  • nice colours

  • wow! such a cute fon. would hv loved it wit a radio though. the colour suits me cos, i love bein a typical lady.

  • i love it,it is goodddddddddddddd!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!­!1

  • gosh..nice luk lyk pink...the singer.i really like it.

  • i really love the color and the MEMORY-- my god its really convenient for a photo addict like me! but i have a question though... is this model already available in the philippines?

  • oh my god how pink is this phone???????????????????????????????????????

  • Hi. I just have a few questions. Where can I get a hold of this phone in the US? Does it have a place where I can insert my sim card? How's the reception with this phone?

  • hello i just thought i would say how cool this phone looks. I think it will be very popular with the girls.

  • colour is quite nice and all features are good and then made is NEC then no matter hope this mod comes to open market.

  • Woooo! This phone looks funky!

  • there are phone with 4gb internal memory (Sony Ericsson W950)

  • Yeah thats true, I mean, is it possible a phone has 450MB?!

  • nice phone simply looking but powerfull i like it:)

  • can someone confirm the internal memory of this phone? on this website, its says it has 450mb of internal memory. I've never seen such a thing on a phone (not to mension that it has card slot in addition). Is this typo? or is it really 450mb?

  • hey, i was wondering, could u use this phone in Australia?

  • Nope, if Singapore have it, I would have bought it liao.

  • so far, its only available in Japan.

  • It is a nice phone. good feature. another good phone from nec.

  • I should have said 'available in the UK'...

  • it's a moto v3 lookalike but it's much more packed with features. slim and useful. :)

  • Its an awesome phone,love everything abt it...

  • I really like the look, it has a good amount of features, (2mp camera) and i love the look of it in White. Very typical Japanese i think. Shame its only on Vodafone, hopefully be available as SIM free soon. Like it.

  • Well looks great! I'll bye it for my girlfriend

  • Cool phone .... and it says it will be available only for Vodafone ..does anybody the price on this phone ? :) PS : yupiiii , the first coment :))