O2 Xphone

  • Released 2003
    130g, 24mm thickness
    Microsoft Smartphone 2003
    64MB RAM storage, MMC/SD slot
  • N/A 197,870 hits
  • 10 Become a fan
  • 2.2"
    176x220 pixels
  • 0.3MP
    No video recorder
  • 64MB RAM
    TI OMAP 710
  • 1000mAh

O2 Xphone - Specs

Network Technology GSM
2G bands GSM 900 / 1800 / 1900
GPRS Class 8
Launch Announced 2003
Status Discontinued
Body Dimensions 120 x 50 x 24 mm (4.72 x 1.97 x 0.94 in)
Weight 130 g (4.59 oz)
Display Type TFT, 65K colors
Size 2.2 inches, 35 x 44 mm, 15.2 cm2 (~25.4% screen-to-body ratio)
Resolution 176 x 220 pixels (~128 ppi density)
Platform OS Microsoft Smartphone 2003
Chipset TI OMAP 710
CPU 133 MHz ARM925
Memory Card slot MMC/SD
Internal 64MB RAM, 32MB ROM
Main Camera Single VGA
Video No
Selfie camera   No
Sound Loudspeaker Yes
Alert types Vibration; Downloadable polyphonic, WAV ringtones
3.5mm jack No
Comms WLAN No
Bluetooth Yes
Infrared port Yes
Radio No
USB Proprietary
Features Sensors
Browser WAP 2.0/xHTML, HTML (PocketIE)
 Pocket applications(Outlook, IE, MSN, ActiveSync)
MP3/MP4 player
Voice memo
Battery   Removable Li-Ion 1000 mAh battery
Stand-by Up to 90 h
Talk time Up to 3 h
Misc Colors

O2 Xphone - User Reviews

  • password o2 xphone

  • The xPhone lol, at least apple couldnt sue them because the iPhone wasnt revealed yet.

  • i have o2 Xphone ..and i want to know that from where shall i repire my phone ?

  • password

  • password

  • hey guys i need to kno so badly how do u put or install applications on the xphone gold i realy need to kno ty all

  • GPRS mode is ON but can't connect, always get: unable to connect, verify network coverage. The thing is, when I move the SIM card to another phone at the exact place, I can get connected. help please

  • my experience about o2 xphone is very bad handphone...!!!

  • this looks like a phone wen i was born hello were in 2006

  • sating gprs poblam

  • my phone is on flight mode and is no longer working also nothing is opening . the message i always receive is that access denied , cos the program can not start because is not digitally signed with a trust certificate. pls i need a solution to all this i have listed.

  • I'm a O2 Xphone user. I like O2 Xphone cause it is a STRONG HP, but the BATTERY is not too good.Now, I don't use this HP cause the battery was DAMAGED. May I know,where Ican get O2 Xphone BATTERY...??? TANK'S

  • good features.. however, it tends to stall/hang quite often.. and the joystick is a joke. battery life also not too good..

  • this phone has features of a rating of 10.0 not 8 as this page has sed. this is fabtastics, im finally seen as the kool kid at skool i am the myster now im there i have made it! yay for the o2 xp0hone

  • Its very good handset compared to another handsets.........i like it most.

  • i want active vibrate ring type , but it not worked but i have one game with vibrate

  • Hi, I just got this O2 Xphone. I could receive phone calls and send and receive SMSes. The only thing is that, I could not make ANY phonecalls at all. Anyone can help me? email me at rezal_21 @ hotmail dot com Thx. I am using the phone for Singapore's network Singtel by the way.

  • FOR ALL THOSE WHO GET AN ERROR :- NO application starting saying an error, this program cannot start coz it is not signed or verified by a digitally trusted certificate Thus the phone enters into flight mode aloways you have to follow these instructions :- the phone's root certificates (there are totally 6 certificates inside them) hav been deleted !! i also got this problem this is because of some virus or some electricity overflowing inside the cell's ROM memory, that has caused the root certificates to be deleted !! WELL THE ONLY SOLUTION :- is to take the phone to O2 company and u have to reinstall the windows smatphone 2003 !! only they can do it, and we cannot !! so, it costs around 47 SGD $ in singapore o2 company, and it can be waived if the phone is in warranty, luckily my phone is warranty so i got it waived then i requested while installing 2003 , to them to upgrade my OS to 2003 Second edition, well this was possible, as the ppl gave and upgraded the phone os to 2003 SE thus now this o2 does not hang and is much better !! only for singapore i know, as they can even repair the discontinued o2 X phone but i do not know for other countries !! hope my info was useful for other details, contact [email protected] sorry for english errors !!

  • I'm hving problem wid dis phone plz any1 can help me???.....problem is described below... If u think u can help me then plz email me at [email protected] . I am unable to make calls but can receive calls 2.Can't operate a single thing in my device....this happened because of....... When i bought i activated my GPRS so as to use messenger on my handheld....but i needed yahoo messenger in this so downloaded agile messenger on my PC and connected my handheld through data cable and copied the file into it.My device was still on data cable and i open the agile messenger file to install it but it gave the error "NOT A VALID WINDOWS CE APPLICATION" , then there was an option "associate the file" (in my phone) i clicked that and selected app.exe(application manager) but it still didn't worked.So i thought i would take space so i deleted the file and from that day onwards my phone never showed any response.It starts and comes to desktop but when i open anything it doesnt respond.

  • this phone seems to be one of an i-mate phone like a smart phone....

  • came dis fone take a 2 or 1 gig memory card

  • no vibratin my xphone, please give me a tecnical information for that.

  • my phone is troblem shooting. i am enable to receive call and i can't make any call , and the progremm is no longer opening. pls help me out in finding solution. t thanks customer ismaila momoh (Nigeria)

  • my phone is on flight mode and is no longer working also nothing is opening . the mesage i always receive is that access denied , cos the program can not start because is not digitally signed with a trust certificate. pls i need a solution to all this i have listd. thanks mr. luke

  • sir, i brought x2 phone before 1 year .now i have a problem on that, now i can't able to open programmes from onthat. pls give advice to me. any time i open it only can open sim functions only but other functions didn't

  • i bought this phone in early 2005, been using it mainly for receiving sms as it can store thousands of sms. no high-tec things tried, the music is good, though. a suggestion on the battery prob: i found that the phone battery reacts to different types of memory card installed. i've compared 128mb kingston rs-mmc, no-card installed, and 128 apacer sd-card. the sd-card drains quickest, while of course the no-card config lasts longest. had a 256mb sd-card once (now it's missing) but don't remember the effect.

  • I'm very sastisfied with O2 xphone my phone. But, can I use this phone for Pocket Office ( Word, Excel, Power Point, and PDF viewer ) ???? please help me ! Thank for all.

  • hi everything is fine wid this mobile but the only thing is that the battery life is very less.it doesnt even hold for one full day

  • Hello All Guys, I Just Biught Tis Phone some 2 weeks ago ! No BODY SHOULD BE FED UP ITH SUCH A GOOD PHONE !! I Swear ! Tis Phone is really No.1 ! I have installed A Merriam Webster Dictionary, A ROM Flash Update, A Universal Media Player That Supports More THan 60 Multimedia Formats !! I m serious , i made it support AAC, OGG,MP4, and some 57 other formats !! LOL Then I have Installed A Pocket Emulator THat Supports GBA(Game Boy Advance) Roms, GBC(Game Boy Color) Roms, SEGA GENISIS RoMS, Nintendo(NES) Roms And Super Nintendo (SNES) Roms, So Guess THe NO. OF Games I CAn PlaY = aNYTHING (U HAVE MANY WEBSITES THAT OFFER MORE THAN 1000 ROMS FOR DOWNLOAD AND I CAN PLAY THEN ALL IN TIS 02) For Those Gamers, i have installed Quake I, Quake II, Wolf 3D And Doom 3D THEn,,, (Still Not Ended..)i have installed A Reader that can read Microsoft Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Adobe PDF, Notepad, And Macromedia Flash Files !! I have also installed A Notepad Text Editor ! OK, now i m not a software engineer, blah.. etc. Guess My Age ?? Its ONLY 14 I have 512 Mb MMC Cardm i ve able to cram each and evry bit of my phone ! it still works fast as i have overclocked my phone !! So , Thhis phone is the cheapest of all that i ve come across , i got it for Sing. $ 220 (USA $140 etc) and i ave put tis many features !! So my phone is THE COOLEST and ofcourse cheapest IN my school ! LOL if u dont believe me, send a mail to [email protected] and i ll send u bak the caps (photos) of various softwares i ve got in my Phone !!

  • hi i got question for my xphone... got some problem with my bluetooth...they say no bluetooth hardware installed on it.. what to do and can i send stuff using the infrared and can you email me the respone

  • it should always be connected to the battery charger if i do any operation otherwice its flat, most disturbing thing is if i remove da MMC its custom setting is changed. for various calls it rings different tones it and even in asia GPRS setting is a headache.

  • how to set gprs?

  • i was tring to load an application on my phone, it just went still, and i had to remove the battery, since then the phone dont come on again, when i switch it on, it writes autoproof.exe can not be executed.i need help on the phone, cos the phone is really cool

  • it is acool stuff in a very low price

  • my brother sent me 02xphone of:maker-02xphone,processor-ARM,o.s-window CE,version-4.20(build o).And i don't know much about it's operation.i need the usb cable,memory card,software and manual.

  • serious complaints about the smartphone battery. 24 hours standby and 30-45 minutes call and its flat. Have emailed smartphone twice for suggestions and have yet to receive a response. Am about to seek a refund under Trades Practices Legislation as the item does not meet specs on box. If any one from smarthone reads this, why not give me a call. The number is on file on the emails sent to you. (Assuming my battery isn't flat of course) Norm

  • im using da spv e200/o2 xphone. ive had da fone 4 two months and its da best smartphone fone to date.it sounds best when music played ogg format. the phones sound is so good it even gives the se k750i hard time when it comes to sound.lcd is good,windows media player plays mp3,wma and wmv formats, it also plays 3gp,mp4,wav,ogg,mu3 files. im using a 1gig on da fone and i have about 300 full songs in ogg format, lots of pics, videos and programs such as gps,3d games,music players and gba\sega emulators. it runs on microsoft windows mobile.i dont plan to change this fone as it stands out from da rest. i wana say well done to microsoft and orange spv and o2 for making a dream machine.

  • How to hard reset O2 Xphone! Help....

  • here are the link for its cool stuff www.modaco.com www.smartphoneprograms.com www.coolsmartphone.com www.all4smartphone.com for many more mail me to [email protected]

  • Hi Xphone or SPVE200 users it is the phone which made me crazy it has wonderful features it is easy to use the one problem i found in it is the joystick i suffer a lot due to its joystick otherwise it is the coolest smartphone ever

  • my xphone just died, keypad went crazy, overall its so so, love the name search, other is not too bad, batt live really sucks..

  • Its cool but i cnt open videos n music sent by anoda fone.pls email me if u can help a sista [email protected]

  • good phone nice to have opne with me

  • it got n please can i get spv e100 user manual please thankyou

  • im using an o2 xphone right now,and it is a very cool phone..guys, if you want to know how to utilize and maximize the use of your phone just go to www.vegafria.com for free downloads like wav files,themes,games and much much more! and read how to's and forums about tips and tricks..promise you,ll never regret the day you bought your phone.

  • Hi Does Any one knows how to set up internet connection I mean this phone is nt in UK yet i went to my network operator store (o2) but they dont know it either... so if anybody knows how to use it plz mail me \Thanks... my network is o2...... just need gprs and internet settings for this o2 xphone...well its a great phone by the way....

  • Anybody can teach me how to connect the storage card with the phone? How to install application softwares? How to install games? How to activate the infrared? What is the bluetooth for? What is good for this Xphone? Please help me,I'm suffering since I do not know how to use the Xhone. If no body tell me how to do so, The only function I can use for this xphone is... Throw that dog which chase me everyday when I go home...

  • The WORST phone that I ever bought... Bluetooth can not communicate with other device... Setting for GPRS connection is too complicated... frequently hang even I never install anything but just changing the themes with the themes provided... batery drained very fast... and finally the keypad is not working properly... great.. just great.. I WILL NEVER BUY O2 ANYMORE...

  • does anybody know the uk gprs settings for the o2 xphone? Other than the support for this phone being an asian support (so i dnt understand them) its a great phone, got it for my birthday and its never hung on me (maybe im lucky) its functions are great, although battery life is a bit crappy.

  • i didnt buy any of this. my friend did. we had all the fun snapping candids and all until i realized there is no way to share it through irda or mms it. if u have to take out the memory card and stick it to a card reader just to share em, that aint no sharing. thats just hard work.

  • i do not like this phone. it did not specify that it was a business phone and it was perceived as a small phone. it is quite large. disappointed

  • i like my new O2 phone but does it not work with other specifications of memory cards? the ones specified are not common here.

  • i just bought xphone but i don't know how to set wav as ringing tone. any ideas how to do? one thing, i am so shock because everytime i play mp3, movie clip, or run program a bit long on it, it alway stuck (have to remove batteries off to restart).

  • Cool Phone

  • does xphone1 have radio??coz i like radio very much!!

  • right i have the orange spv e200 version but the emulators and games (e.g. wolfenstein 3d) play so slow on this is it because of the 133 Mhz processor ? would you need a processor like 400 Mhz to play these games properly and since this os ain't windows smartphone 2003 SE ?

  • i should be getting this soon for about �60. is it worth it ? i'm looking forward to playing games like doom, quake, wolfenstein and emulators like gba and being able to browse real internet pages with proper msn messenger too. the only smartphone i had was a symbian phone but it didn't impress me so hopefully windows mobile will impress me this time.

  • this phone should come in more colours....like green and black....silver just looks to bland and plain and so common and boring.....give us more colours!!!!

  • Hi. If U haven't gotten some software for windows mobile 2003 you can check www.all4smartphone.com. it's in bulgarian , but i guess U'll manage to register and find all the program that are on the sait :) Good Luck :) dont' answer that mail couse it's not my outlook :) my mail is on [email protected]

  • i have this phone for 3 days. i bought it in second hand. it was 1.600.000 rupiah (about $US160). but now i wont to install some application. where can i get a instalation program (freeware or shareware it's ok)?please mention some website. thank u

  • Every cellphone has its own advantage and otherwise.. 02 Xphone is a personal computer disguised as a cellphone.. (that is if you know how to utilize its features to the maximum) Instead of complaining why don't you just explore your Xphone and enjoy it.. well, this just my penny worth .. You have the power to choose..

  • Hi all I got my O2 Xphone, it was in good condition but suddenly I used the wrong funtion then it went freezing now. I dont know how to retore it and brought to many phone repair shops in Ireland and refused and told that they are not qualified to fix it. Any ideas about how to get it fixed tell me please and any software suggested for this would be grateful. Please mail me at: [email protected] Bye for now.

  • i have o2 xphone very problems in joy stik plese send sole the problems and send e-mail on [email protected]

  • Need help to use the phone as a modem,I have installed the nescessary driver and configuration and still cant connect.All three connection usb,infrared and btooth say there is a hardware failure on the the phone(modem).

  • Does anyone know where can I download 3rd party software for Chinese support on Xphone II?

  • it's actually too long.but i like the media player.

  • judgin by the features this fone looks really new can anyone tel me when this was released as i work for o2 and i have never ever come across this

  • why doesn the phone vibrate when i put it in vibrate mode?????????????????????????

  • I had this phone and just replaced it with a P910i. I cant fault the features (except that I could not find the update for IE, had to go into the Orange shop for it), but the battery life sucks real bad on this phone. If you want a smart phone, go with the P910i. Just one mans opinion though.

  • O2 Xphone is the worst phone of all. Given 2 batteries in the pack, I thought O2 is being nice to me. But to my surprise, this phone needs 2 batteries full charge for standby 1 day. This is not acceptable. When I used on phone for 30 minutes, the battery is like running out so fast. Never never buy this phone. Just 1 week of use, I cannot stand it and I traded it for a Nokia 7200. And I am still using it after 9 months. Beware.

  • hello guys, i wan to know why my xphone can't connect to the bluetooth device

  • To know more about this phone, especially with the applications and some advance features you may refer to this website, www.coolsmartphone.com, it includes all the downloadable games and softwares you may upload on yor phone. But for a reminder, make sure not to input so many application on this phone if you dont have enough memory to prevent hang-ups. Other websites for help: and www.modaco.com...

  • hello,guys i want to know how to restart my xphone because there is somany application ...Please reply ASAP

  • Its a good fone.Well actually its a crappy fone if you dont know how to use it.To my pinoy friends,unfortunately globe doesnt have the capability to maintain this kinda fone.That is the same question I asked from teh people from globe. All in all,I love this fone.Its a fone and a pda combined in one.Something that you dont find in other brands.Like what we say here in the philippines,SAAN KA PA!

  • "its quite good, but its only the design... not eye catching at all... if u wanna stay in style dont buy this fone. ill recommend this for buisness needs." how about an o2 xphone ii i think that looks more attractive

  • "I am attracted by O2 Xphones, can this phone runs MS excell and MS word? Thanks lot" yes

  • I am attracted by O2 Xphones, can this phone runs MS excell and MS word? Thanks lot

  • its quite good, but its only the design... not eye catching at all... if u wanna stay in style dont buy this fone. ill recommend this for buisness needs.

  • just found this phone at last for some backup and comments.ihave spve200 on orange but no orange site its going to be a good christmas.this model is spot on exept for battery & weight.ive bought 2 batterys so iget allday ouy ofit but u hav to charge one battery then charge the other over nite.like all the others on gsm arena have had lots of phones but this ones great its like amini computer in you hands.does anyone know if you can use the new software that puts advd on to 128m/byte sd card or is it just for sep900.thanks,i love my fone its the best ive had since 1998,have had 14 in all,my 2nd best is the siemens s45 bye 4 now

  • i've bought this phone.. and after using it for about 2 months, i think this phone is good.. coz u can install many programs in this phone, including ROM for NES-games. And I think it's expensive not only because it's VGA camera, but coz it has bigger screen,u can also play movie in LARGE screen mode.. very good.. I just have one critic.. why the battery does not last long??? just about 3 days... hm... well.. I don't know.. thanks..

  • Ot is a good Phone , however some modification is desirsble

  • nice smartphone..thumbs up!! Does anyone here know how to install software with .XML extention? Do I need to use specific application to run this file ? if yes, then where can I get it ?

  • I want to buy this phone this month, but before can anyone tells me about this phone? How it looks, how it works? etc etc. Please, I am waiting

  • can anybody tell me where can get downlaod games or application software for O2 xphone. thanks.

  • I deleted some files in explorer and now my xphone not run properly even install CAB files. also lose wallpaper of window mobile and volume. please help me.looking forward to your mail. thank in advance

  • how is the performance of Xphone?

  • Would you please to inform me authorized dealer in Indonesia. Thank you.

  • the price bout USD500

  • File manager? How do I access it? If you mean the Task Manager, yeap.. I cant access it. Same reason when I tried accessing Camera/other program

  • hm, i think u can delete it all simultaneously thru file manager, just that i dont know if this file manager is telecom carrier dependent program or not

  • Pros: Great apps & play steroe sound MP3. Cons: low battery life, bad camera lousy compare to nokia6600, old design like tanager which was produced ancient times no radical new innovation

  • Suddenly this phone has a 'Radio Off' status! And now I cant use my phone or any program in it! Help me please! It says' Access denied. this program is not digitally signed with a trusted certificate'! help!

  • I want to know about the range of xphone and when we coompear to sony ericsson how will be the picture quality?

  • can u please let me know the an average price for xphone02 thanx

  • so right about the design, like the Nokia, ugly.... Only VGA camera????? Way to expensive!

  • Nice phone! Latest ROM revisions seem to work well and work nicely. It's a good combination of a PDA and a phone, but with more focus on being a phone. I like the functions of the XDAII more, but with my fat behind the screen would get crushed in my jeans. The Xphone is in the form factor of a phone, slightly heavy, but well built and very convenient to use. Feature rich, lots to learn but a very good convergence device.

  • i dont know about ur product can u tell me with send in my e-mail about price and etc thank's

  • The design is ugly like Nokia

  • this phone rocks!! i have had it 1 week and still getting used to all the great functions... one question to any of you who know.... is there an easier way to close down programs??instead of going through the task manager?? seems abit too much effort for such a smart phone?? maybe i'm not smart enough for it??!! email me @ [email protected] if you know what i am talking about thanks

  • i want to know more about 02xphone

  • This is a cool Smartphone but why sometimes when i use this phone the vibrate doesn't work??...And i have a same problem when i use a O2 xda, is this a weakness of O2?????

  • I think this is a good phone, except for the frequent hangups and slow opening of programs.. overall, pretty good. the only thing thats stopping me is that I am not sure if Globe (philippines) supports this unit. If there's any soul who has news if this phone is compatible with globe, please email me.

  • pls send me more detail about o2 smart phone, i already bought this phone from singapore but i loos manual and cd.so i can't use this phone properly.and my 64MB mmc is not suporting, i have 64MB SD,compny NCP mmc.pls give me some informetion about this.i m from india.here can not get manual for this phone.reply me as soon as pos. thanks

  • Made in Thailand???

  • Guys, please, there is no EXCEL nor WORD inside XPHONE!!!!!!!!!!

  • hey all...those who have the phone...i'd like to ask if typing in this phone is as easy as nokia's?? especially the dictionary mode...

  • First of all, the orange phone, the imate smartphone, and the 02 phone, are the same phones developed by HTC. They are identical inside, just maybe different on the outside a little. It's the same phone, by the same manufacturer. So cool it with the insults.

  • THe thing about smartphones is that you can add programs into them to correct their flaws.such as the sms thingy and others if you can find.

  • hey guyz if u all need some rockxx stuff email me....i got a lot,i play pacman on my phone.and i got Super Nintendo emulator on this phone also The world best phone i ever use!!!Thnx 02 u did a good job...but too bad without chinese language support and low battery lifetime

  • i've heard from somewhere that u can't delete all the sms in ur inbox at a go. u've got to delete them one by one. is that true?

  • I am interested in this phone....any1 knows hw much this cost in Singapore? And when you compare this phone to Nokia 6230,which one is better? I'd like 2 know cuz' i wanna chg my phone 2 either xphone or nokia 6230...

  • This phone will probalby have bugs, this phone will probably have been taken from another company, but this phone is still very good. And this is to "o2 sucks"....tell me why do they suck?...is it because they were the first to release Bolt ons??....is it because they are the first to release a digital music player where you can D/L music through GPRS on your phone?....tell me coz i dont understand????????

  • can I play MP3 format?

  • plz i look for softwaer arabice for my o2 xphone and to upgreat my media player and reall player

  • Very good phone but it has to be smaller and lighter. The function is complete and very good but the response when you press the key is quite slow but this could be caused by the Windows OS. The battery is sucks, need to charge it more often. Over all performance is VERY GOOD.

  • It's very difficult to find a phone with all these smart features, we usually find it in PDA's Phones but not in the cellphone format.It looks great, beautiful design and useful options like Word, Excel, etc.Great camera and resolution.The size is perfect maybe the keyboard could be improved. I can't get this phone in my country because my service provider doesn't have this brand. I wanna buy this phone, please contact me if you want to sell it.

  • excellent smartphone i hope that o2 will improved the battery life becouse it very mad me crazy despite this the phon is graet you should buy it

  • Very Good We have a cellphone on computer

  • Looks exactly like SMART's (philippine network provider) Amazing phone. I recall that SMART had their phone manufactured by another company... is this just coincidence?

  • one thing for sure, smartphone is still in premature stage as of this moment

  • i need globeamazing phone here in d phil. smart s crauiptz!@!!

  • it's great, it's fantastic, good camera, but needs fly spray.. too many bugs.. how can u use a fone that hangs 3-5 times a day? but gota say.. it's a cool fone... if only it gets rid of the bugs

  • THIS o2xphone seems amazing and a likely buy for me,, however there is one this im very into that it doesn seeeeeem to have. Is the o2xphone java capable? if not will there be a downloadable update to get java?

  • Orange SPV E200? It's here in the UK, dunno about the rest of you. All in all, one of the best phones in the European market market and O2 have copyrighted a class model from Orange. Screw you O2!

  • It's cooooooooooooooooooooooooool

  • I want to know the price of your product. I have interst with your product. I hope here from you soon p|s.

  • Great phone, great feaures, and I sold my Dell Axim 5 and buy this gadget instead. However, it's not as pretty, battery life very short and one more thing, and it's got no Word or Excel....

  • This phone ROCKS! Totally great! Amazing display, great sound quality, it plays MP3 and WMA, Bluetooth, IrDa, MMC, and all! Great! :) (But the battery life is not so great...)

  • to Aragorn, o2 are in germany and isle of mann to, so they are for that market

  • Good Smartphone, but need larger display

  • One of the best and kool smartphone =)

  • UGLY

  • 02 have just got a Orange SPV And stuck 02 on it how sad

  • aragorn u suk ass mi freind

  • O2 branded phone Not available in UK....?????

  • this fone rocks