Panasonic GD75

  • Released 2001
    82g, 16mm thickness
    Feature phone
    No card slot
  • N/A 210,217 hits
  • 12 Become a fan
    6 lines
  • NO
    No video recorder
  • 650mAh

Panasonic GD75 - Specs

Network Technology GSM
2G bands GSM 900 / 1800
GPRS Yes (GD76 Only)
Launch Announced 2001
Status Discontinued
Body Dimensions 106 x 46 x 16 mm, 75 cc (4.17 x 1.81 x 0.63 in)
Weight 82 g (2.89 oz)
Display Type Monochrome graphic
Resolution 6 lines
6 screensavers
Background pictures
Memory Card slot No
Phonebook 200
Call records 10 dialed, 10 received, 10 missed calls
 Several fields in the address book
Message templates
Camera   No
Sound Loudspeaker Yes
Alert types Vibration; Downloadable polyphonic, monophonic ringtones, composer
3.5mm jack No
Comms WLAN No
Bluetooth No
Radio No
Features Sensors
Messaging SMS
Browser WAP 1.2.1
Clock Yes
Alarm Yes
Games Yes
Java No
Predictive text input
Voice dial
On/off timers
CallerID graphics
Battery   Removable Li-Ion 650 mAh battery
Stand-by up to 150 h
Talk time up to 6 h
Misc Colors

Panasonic GD75 - User Reviews

  • good phone

  • Thise is a verry good mobile phone

  • i want to buy this panasonic gd 75

  • The GD75 is agood cell phone i have an old one it is locked and i can not open it can you help me please

  • Press the joystick 2 oder 3 times.

  • This was my first cellular phone when Digicel came to Jamaica in 2001. A tough, dependable phone. It will always hold a place in my heart.

  • my keypad is locked. How to release it. This is the first phone i bought years back. I am starting to reuse it. please help.

  • this is a nice phone with high vibr & powerful ring tone.people who travel more & work more this phone is perfect for them. its battery life is very long. comparing with all other phone this is perfect

  • My very first phone when Digicel was launched in St. Vinvent. West Indies/Caribbean, strongest phone next to Nokia.

  • u still got it? thats impressive, im trying to buy this phone, cant find it anywhere, yes i no its a few years late, but i just broke my phone and need one in the interim, and ive always loved this phone. good job on still having yours, even though u dont use it :P.

  • This was my first phone which i bought in 2001. it was perfect and wway ahead of the other nokia and samsung phones of that time. joystick was great, good response, customizable ringtones and displays, ringtone creation, good colors to choose from for display, good battery was perfect and very sturdy. i want panasonic to make the same phone with all the new cool stuff packed into it. the only drawback of this phone is the silver color as it got scratched very easily and then it dont look good. i still have this phone, although i dont use it..

  • Really Panasonic GD75 is the best phone I ever seen or had if u r a serious phone user in terms of dialling , receiving & SMS. It is very easy to carry bcoz of its oval edge shape. Actually I never find any phone with auto turn off. Many many times it has fallen down on the street & water but no probs still working fine for 7 years. Now I would like to request Panasonic company to make the same phone with latest advantage such as good camera with flash,3G,TFT 16M color,card slot, bluetooth,USB, GPRS, WLAN, unlimited phonebook entries with 30 dialled,receive & missed call & a good music system with radio. In addition it has to be with a very good battery life. Thanks in advance

  • This was my first phone, Amazing!!!!!! and way ahead of its time.could record your own ringtones from audio cds and stuff!! excellent.

  • please help me on how to unlocked and locked my x100 model cellphone. thank you.

  • i bought my gd75 7 years ago after those years i have superb using it till it reach its end...but i didnt trash it or throw it coz its the best phone and had to keep it

  • iam not ablee to download the ring tone ..or else i dont know how to doen load.

  • I like the solid, robust casing of the phone. Good, loud polyphonic ringtones and buttons with very stable operation. Battery is a bit weak, lasting only 3-4 days.

  • The key pad of my GD75 has got locked and a �key� sign appearing on the screen. None of the keys are operating except the red button for switching off & green button for receiving calls. Hope some one can help me with the key pad lock deactivation code.

  • All my contacts are on the phone and I'm changing phones. I can't find the function to copy contacts from phone to SIM. Does that exist?

  • i bought this phone in 2003 but still it works just fine after 4 years ive change the battery once, this phone is realy tough at any condition it wont let you down even you drop it!!! it still intack not like other cellphones goes in many pcs... i accidentally drop it outside the car while running 40kph when i pick it up it still working 100% jst a few scratch on it.. good work panasonic!!!

  • good fone ,bought in2005

  • Very good phone, more freindly then nokia phone and very reliable also.

  • guys, don't be fool...this phone wasn't made for downloading games, logos, ringtones etc...When it appeared in pubic. it was one of the best phones ever...i bought in 2001, i still use it when i am in need of a cell phone and it works perfectly...Panasonic used to create excellent phones...NOW NOT...Why?...thanks a lot...

  • good phone still have it as my second phone its nice and practical

  • i am using this phone since 2001 andit working like that.if anybody wants to give me his phone inreturn to this,i will not is the bestest.

  • I've been using this phone since 2001 and it's still fine until today. It has many great features on a monochrome phone, i.e. anti-scratch screen, speaker, voice-dial and joystick; that hardly appear on other phones. These features make it a futuristic phone during its era.

  • this is the best phone ever, for the hard working person -- blue collar jobs. Built-in shock absorbs gives this phone a life span of anywere between 5 to 10 years. All the basic features to get the job done.

  • Nice phone, light, easy to use but one problem... a tendency for the browser to start accidentally in your pocket or purse due to joystick being accidetally pressed. As I remember, it was the first option on the menu (when that really should be messages or calls)n so it was tiring to have to exit or veer away from that option. That's all. Cheers

  • its a nice phone i bought it in 2001 and since then its working fine.

  • this phone very nice, I have more then 3 years but ring tone and logo downlode problems pl help me

  • i have this for 4yrs and dont have any flash file for this... the problem of my phone is... when i turn it on it only appears searching.... pls help me...

  • The instrument is closed by number of an umbilicus and not I am capable of its openings and reserved for the connection by defined number he wrote the word "only" after the total

  • ihave this phone for 4 years but i don't know how to download ringtones to this phone via web

  • Lock and unlock keypad is click on your middle button and goto the left where its a key, that will lock. To unlock you press down on your middle button *while its lock* and you scroll to yes to unlock it

  • i have 2 year with this phone it is realy nice phone but one ringtone problem on it

  • I don't know how to unlock and lock my key pad on my phone can someone please help me.

  • nice basic phone, using it for 3 years. panasonic made good design and very stable phone. the bad: no sms storage (only on sim), no cool ringtones to add. address book a bit simplistic

  • my phone model is gd75 but im having a really hard time in downloading tones and logos... can u please tell me about it... i really want it... and by the way how can i change my silver cover because its already torned... thanks.. hoping gor a nice response...

  • its very cool i am using it for the past two years very nice but i dont know how to download the logos tones can any one suggest me a method to do this

  • Similar looking to smaller sister fone gd55. The gd55 is a lot better looking and very sexy. Gd55 is smallest fone in world

  • i want panel for gd75 plz give me the details for approch for pannel

  • very hard downlode ringtone and logos. Pl. what function, mail me?

  • can you please send the information to me on how to dow load ringtones on my phone which of course is a panasonic gd75 and can you make them with internet survise so that they can go on the internet. Apart from all of this i think it is a great phone just need to develop some more the weight is ok could be lighter and the vibration can be heavier than it is. the picture that you have on it for screen saver they to tell you the truth they do make it try and make them more up to the time and the ringtones are very anoying.

  • hi iwanna ringtone for gd 75 panasonic

  • if any one know how to download 3poliphonic tones and 3logos.plzzz mail me .thanks.

  • can you please send the information to me on how to dow load ringtones on my phone which of course is a panasonic gd75 and can you make them with internet survise so that they can go on the internet. Apart from all of this i think it is a great phone just need to develop some more the weight is ok could be lighter and the vibration can be heavier than it is. the picture that you have on it for screen saver they to tell you the truth they do make it try and make them more up to the time and the ringtones are very anoying.

  • i am not able to download ringtones can u mail the right method of it my handset is GD75

  • I have got GD75 with me and u know what now i m actually able to tease people around with its looks, features,etc. But would someone tell me how can i get free ringtones(mono/polyphonic) in India. I need it badly!

  • i have a panasonic gd75 and i am very praoud of him i cant find free ringtones for him but is oana

  • What is the cost of the mobile phone Panasonic GD75

  • sir, can i get a metallic cover for this model in india. arvind

  • its a perfect mobile phone for specially the features and others!!!

  • Dear sir /madam I use panasonic GD75. couldyou please how I is use polyphonic. with best regards. Serdar

  • The only thing I dislike about this phone is the fact that it does not allow you to with-hold your phone number at will. My number is always displayed and I would have liked the option to allow number display or to with-hold it as I feel fit.

  • good recordable, downloadable ringtones. (I had one of a rooster crowing) hard keypads and one wrong press and your sms message is gone. nice cut and paste feature for sms.

  • i want software edit logo&ringtone for gd75

  • i don't find this sms user friendly at all. i cant add my own 'words' like the t39. btw, i was so pissed off when i found the keypad light was green!! they only show the blue screen, but don't show the ugly green keypad light!! thats kinda false advertising. overall, i love the tones and games.

  • hi.... tomorrow i am going 2 buy a mobile... can any body plz help me what should i buy as i am very confused.... tell me plz which 1 is the best... siemens C55 , S45, S45i ,panasonic GD75 or samsun n500

  • I had it for 4 mts and unfortunately lost it coz of it's weight!! I did'nt notice when it fell out of the pocket! the ONLY things i didn't like is the little flaws w/keypad: u can accidentally press the red button instead of "3" (this can cancel a whole sms instantly and i love to sms), joystick OK often "includes" up/down (are my fingers too big? I'm a programmer, not a fisherman :-?). Speaker could b better and it's a pity only ericsson features copying numbers from sim>phone and vice versa. BUT IT HAS A COPY/PASTE FUNCTION! MAN! Only months before i was half kidding when i mentioned to a friend "would b cool if someone built in copy paste... i have to save and edit versions of the same sms. :-( ". Voice memo/record is accessible during a call on the menu.. pretty simple

  • I just can't find out how to use the dictaphone function. There is 'Voice memo play' but I don't know how to record voice. Can anyone shwo me? Thanks

  • give me the keypad lock deactivation code. mine shows key on top of my phone

  • I think it is a great phone. I really like it and its features. My problem is to download some ringtones for my phone. My number is 1758-715-6075

  • i'am in a little dilemma in here!siemens mt50/panasonic gd75.bouth are made by good companyies,bouth r little,blue display(i love this).the advantage of siemens are:downlodable logos and screensaver more easy to find,germany quality of products and fiability and batteries stand-bye.advantage of gd75 i think are:design,menu.can u tell me what should i bye.please mail me

  • If you want covers, you should buy the GD67. You can personalize the back cover with anything you want.

  • Superb!!!!! Nothing better than this one!!!!!

  • can you get different covers for the panasobic GD75??

  • Great phone. I have given it to my daughter and she is in love with it. I bought the gd68. Gd75 is one of the best in the world.

  • Thanks Panaman,I am planing to buy it and I didn't know about backlight.So,this phone is great for you,right?!I would not make a mistake?

  • Please provide its Manual in

  • Ofcourse you can turn the backlight off, just read the manual, you can choose between the duration of the backlight or to turn it off!

  • can somebody tell me is there an option to turn off backlight?thanks!

  • hi ı want to learn how can ı find gd75 display pictures and animations. thanks

  • i acnt find ring tones, composer

  • i lİve İn turkey. i want gd 75 very much. price is not important. help me please. it is a wonderfull phone

  • I bought the GD75 phone about 7 months back & is satisfied with it. It has got some good features, Polyphonic ringer, Alarm, Scheduler, Hands free, Voice dial, Grouping & looks good in Silver & light. Only problem I faced is with less standby time, Handset going off automatically due to the battery compartment / terminal contact. Could fix this.

  • I have no prob with the style...but i need to download screensavers and ringtones (new songs). Help! I'm bored with my ringtones! I'm from Phil.

  • I have no prob with the style...but i need to download screensavers and ringtones (new songs). Help! I'm bored with my ringtones!

  • The download of ringtones and logos is a matter of where you live. If you're living in Asia, you can download ringtones and/or logos with the help of Digiplug (see Panasonic box, in Europe, it depends of your mobile operator. Problem with battery: use it the right way in the first weeks and it should last for more than three days (not at night)

  • Good phone, using since last 10 Months. Good performance. Good features: You can record your Fav. Tune for 10 Sec. and set it as a ringtone, joystick, hands free, small & light weight, Can compose 1 ring tone like Nokia, calendar- to do list etc. Problem : Can not download logo, ringtones, wall paper in India, battery life is short compare to other brand. OVER ALL : �Use it you will love it.� If need any assistance contact me, will help If I can.

  • in India i can't able to download logos/music/ringtones.If possible kindly sms to my mobile +919843162847

  • Good phone, but not many features... no automatic keypad lock, difficult to download ringtones and many more... BUT! This is VERY reliable phone! 1) The software is very stable 2) Even the phone is so light and small, it is very solid... I've dropped it thousands of times from more than 1 meter high, and nothing happened! It always works! I think it could be used as a weapon in case of need :)

  • je vu achete un portable panasonig je donne le prix merci

  • Sister, Please check it.

  • I know that a lot of people are looking for ringtones and logos since Panasonic is closing down their download campaign. Now for all those customers from Belgium, you can download polyphonic ringtones via Mobistar, the Belgian operator. Check your local operator, maybe he's giving the same opportunity to do this. Mobistar provides ringtones for almost all Panasonic mobile phones of the latest generation.

  • hi sir i m sonal jain from india.plz ur panasonic gd-75 , full informaion mail me. i m waiting ur respons ok.

  • I have got Panasonic GD75 but I am not able to down load the various ring tones which other cell phones can easily do. Kindly let me know how can I do it in my cell Phone (GD75). Regards.

  • Mine is allways saying:"network not allowed". Everytime i'm in a place where my network has no coverage and another has,i get this message in display. It's not bad but it's quite annoying because i have to unlock to keyboard do press ok and then see the display if i have messages or phone calls!

  • My GD75 gets off frequently when network connection is not present. Please advise

  • Its Good but i would like if u send me some ringtones or suggest some sites to download them

  • very good and nice to watch nice to watch and good to use

  • excellent phone and the drawback is the tones cannot be downloaded

  • there s a download logo and ringtone section but i can't find any interesting or fine logo even a melody, anyway its a cute phone but company doesn't support their product and product owner

  • does anybody know were i can buy cable for download melody and logos for gd 75.if somebody knows please give me adress of shop or send me cable if you have one more on to my adress : yugoslavia / montenegro/ 81000 podgorica/street: 27 mart/ number :56/miljanic niksa/

  • i have this phone 5 is great and very nice and it is just say perfect..the best.better than any type of nokia or is the best...YOU HAVE A BIG CONGRATULATIONS.....NIKSA FROM YUGOSLAVIA...

  • thanhk you to panasonic

  • I am residing in India and I cannot download ringingtone in my handset

  • does anyone know if u can unlock the phone with a data cable and do u need software to do this and if so where can u get it from??

  • i want you to know that i will like to buy from your site.Thanks

  • This phone is very good. I bought it last June and have been using it since. The menus are quite intuituve and all the features are there, for a device of this segment. Buy it, you won't regret. I don't give excellent to this phone because the standby time...i think Panasonic could do better because 150 hours is quite small nowadays.

  • i like this phone a lot, but the one thing that i dont like are the ringtones. i hate the way they sound so i end up putting my phone on silent all the time. and i wish someone could tell me where i could get some new ones.i would preffer some r&B or some rap tunes.

  • Great!!

  • I think the phone's great n all but the whole downloading of ringtones and logos, the whole support thing isn't satisfying me. It seems like all they care about is the customers buying the newer models. On their homepage you can download ringtones for all the other models except the gd75. You get redirected to another third party company who only allows you to download 1 sucky ringtone or logo, and since they're closing down even that function on 31 dec i think panasonic could have done this whole thing better.......

  • I like Panasonic GD75, because it had Polyphonic Ringtones, Voice Ringer and futuristic

  • good

  • :)

  • Plz, if someone can send me web address for ringtone, logo in INDIA. Phone is too good using frm last 8 months.

  • Great looking phone I have had mine for 12 months , really annoying nobody does Logo's or ringtones for the ppanasonics though so i'll probably go back to nokia next month

  • Hi. I need to know what entries does phonebook in gd75 have??? Does it have only phone and name, or it has multiple entries like street address, e-mail, home phone, work phone... ???

  • its great hp for me :) but need more on the toughness.

  • i'm the one of who belonging GD75. more new features compare my previously mobilephone exspecially joystick . but what i feel unconviniece by some function inside, which is we've go to more dialog box to do comfirmation, such as send sms, make a calling and receive a call. thanx

  • I have been using this mobile for the past 6 months. It is great in looks and price. The speaker phone, voice dialling and joystick are notable features and are great. I simply love talking over this. But I have got some concerns about this. The thing is that, when u call someone, u can switch to handsfree mode on a single click but when u receive a call , u can't as easily switch it.. and one more thing is that the size of the sms storage. It really makes me feel when it tells me to remove the messages to receive new. apart from this, I would say, this is simply great! sskb

  • i was a little worried when i could not stop myself from buying this. the nokia salesman had brainwashed me several times to avoid strictly anything other than NOKIA. friends & relatives had nothing better to suggest. looking back, i feel that i now own a best seller. i would give full marks to this. this is no way less than any nokia, if not more.

  • this model gd75 is damn good as compaired to all other ones in the same range like n-500, gd75 is better as it has very good features like speaker phone & much more,it's lighter compact..&&& much's got everything except multi colour display.. "sandeep"

  • I'm interested about this phone so i would like to know some informations about price and place where i can buy this phone. Thanks

  • Hi! I have just bought GD75. It's COOL!! Light weight, nice colour and style. I enjoy recording funny sound for my own unique ringtones. Anyone who want to have a friend to talk about this phone, feel free to e-mail me. :-) I am in Thailand. BYE guys!

  • hi, I am also the user of Panasonic GD75. It is really cool mobile on the market. It's low cost, style and light weight makes it the perfect mobile for student like me. But I don't have friends to share my feelings. If anyone wants to make friendship with me can contact me. my email is

  • Value for money..yes that is panasonic gd75. I appreciate its performance for its clarity , battery backup and looks. this is my first gsm phone. i am simply in love with it

  • i want to know that this gd 75 is capable to download ring tones through sms or not through airtel or escotel prepaid connection. please reply.

  • i have to compose ringtone.sombody help me.where i can find them

  • I love this phone!KISSSS!

  • i'll give ya some bad point to this phone - extremely scratchable cos the material they use as their casing - the joystick is kinda stiff at the 1st time, so u need to get use to it - dirt easily could get in to the small gap in the keys - battery life not tat good - ringtones is really really soft, cos the speaker is under the phone, u need to turn over the phone when its lying on the desk or somethin, sms is hard at the 1st time, need to study more in the manual, these all wut i thought, im not lying about this

  • It's wonderfull! It's worth the price.

  • Ringtones i receive through Sms from other phones ( shows 8 bit data nothing can be done with that only delete why it is so, can't we can have different ringtones

  • I want this phone !

  • very useful item, but 2 small!

  • Hi am in India.. Cool phone.. ONly thing is I cant download ringtones.. Not available for India..any other web site?!?! anyone?!?! Otherwise this phone has it all!!

  • How can i buy this product (Panasonic GD75) Cause i live in Jamaica

  • is it easy to type..especially for us who is used to typing very fast

  • I live in jamaica and i want to buy this product.

  • To any genuine Beatle Fans across the globe! I live in Liverpool, England the home of The Beatles. Anyone who sends me a GD75, or similiar, will recieve lots of "Fab Four" paraphernalia in return...

  • - but hurry up the offer on free ringtones will be running out very soon.

  • it rules

  • beautifull

  • it is very hard to download polyphonic ringtones to my phone. i live in jamaica and may be that is one of the reasons why, can you help me

  • I just got it today and its cute, lovely, sexy, EEEasy and just IRRESISITIBLE

  • How can I download the ringtones and logos. It is not in any Mobile service provider's compatiblity list. How can I change the format and screen savers other than given in the phone.

  • Everyone has said about its good point, so I give some bad point here: *User interface is not good at all, it is beauty but not practical in use, lots of room for improvement. It is good if user can customise the user interface. *There are too many steps for lock, but 2 direct press for unlock! What a stupid design! Also, when the keypad is lock and u accidentally press the joystick (it is quite easy to press since it is �taller� than other buttons) for 6 times, then it will connect to the internet and wasting your money!! *Looks so fragile, easy to scratch However there are many good point as everyone said here, I rate it 8/10

  • This fone has been very good for me for the last six months, but I've just upgraded to a new GD67 (�20 from Vodafone) and I won't be looking back.

  • i have just one question about this phone-is it have last 10 dialed,received and missed calls in own memory?thanx

  • i want the site to download logo and ringtone please send that site thank a lot

  • Ringtones are poor,need a better selection!.

  • hello. i live in croatia. and i must tell that the panasonic gd 76 is great mobile phone.please contact me about the price of gd76.

  • Does anyone know where te download polyphonic ringtones (for the netherlands)i can't find any. perhaps via wap?

  • First of all, with the ringtone converter, mentioned in this list, you can use Nokia ringtones on the GD75. The GD75 has a list with missed calls, dialled numbers,... this phone has it all! Even the battery is good, up to four days standby with one hour of conversation. I turn it off at night, ofcourse!

  • panasonic GD75 is a very versatile phone.The only problem is that it never support any ringtone like NOKIA.

  • Thanks for the link :) But the ringtones doesn�t sound right when i key them in!? Hmm :) To Morpheus: There is a received/missed/dialled call list, I don�t know how many entries it keeps and for how long, but I am at 8 at the moment and the oldest goes back to 7/8.

  • The phone look great, and it has interesting features, but I need to know couple of things before I buy it. Can some confirm or denie the statement that there is no dialed/missed/recieved call lists?

  • The Panasonic GD75 is great. I always had Panasonic GSM's. I tried other brands but the Pana's are definitely the best!!! The GD75 is small, light, very reliable, has some good features on it, a big and clear screen. The joystick is fantastic! I don't need gadgets on the phone like ringtones and logo's but all who's interested in it, there are some sites for Panasonic phones. They've been mentioned in this list. There are other sites on the net, you just have to look a little harder.

  • I want to download free ringtones. Can u guide me how to do it and in which site it is available

  • i have just purchesed the gd75 and all i can say is that it is a great phone

  • Here is the link for the converter if any body requires it...........

  • Hi, I think this phone is quite good. The battery last about 4-5 days for me, but I have set it to switch of automatically every night and I dont use the backlight during the day (no need for it anyway, eventhough it does look awesome :)). The only thing I miss is decent ringtones. Somebody mentioned a ringtone converter, so you can use Nokia ringtones? where do you find that, coz I have been looking, but no luck so far.

  • i would like to ask if it is possible to download a games to panasonic gd75?? logos?? I know one site but i would like to know another. could you please inform me if you know any other web site!!! thanx.

  • In order to put new words in the dictionary follow the instructions. First of all create a new message and use T9 to write a word. If you get stuck, change the characters and use "abc" to complete your word. Then save your message and your word will be saved. If you delete this message your word wont be deleted. If you have problems and questions please contact with me. I'm looking forward to hearing from you.

  • Does the GD75 have a Colour Screen and is it as good as the Samsung T100. Kindly clarify. Thanks.

  • Damn! Can't hear the ringer! This is POS phone!

  • the phone doesn't have last ten dialled numbers, received calls numbers etc.....very disappointed. only realised after purchasing it

  • hey, just realised something as well on the images of the phone. the tip of the joystick seems to be pointed but mine is flat. whats the shape of the joystick on your gd75 phone?

  • was just browsing this forum. i see people claim that their gd75 lasted up to 3 days! kinda suprised ... how do u charge the phone bcoz i can only get 1 day out of mine ... its brand new ... i charge mine when the phone bleeps and say battery low, etc .. let it switch off by itself and then i plug it into charge which takes only 2 hours to charge. my battery is a: 3.7v 650mAh Li-ion.

  • for those of you who want ringing tones, there are lots on the internet now. basically u just get a nokia ringing tone in key press format and there is a convertor available which will convert it to panasonic keypress format. or you could always just record your 10sec ringing tone :)

  • btw, has anyone been able to get this phone unlocked? my phone is locked on to bt cellnet :(

  • great fone ... but battery life is totally crap ... only last me about 1 day ... maximum it has lasted 4 me is 1 and half a day!!!

  • Those who don't know to put extra words in the dictionary (T9) e-mail me to tell you. The manual doesn't say anything.

  • I want to know about Panasonic GD 80 model.

  • i have one and i'm not amused. it's a slow starter and it's absolutely unreliable

  • Thank you Mr.Chris Ehab Elgawady

  • i'm using gd75 in mumbai india and it is very good but i cannot download ringtones from panasonic's website becouse there is a no option for dowloading ringtones & logos for india. if possible pl. help me.

  • Anybody can told me, how to use build-in speaker phone? Where can I looking for manual..

  • To:Ehab Elgawady No there's no way it gets Nokia ringtones. A friend of mine has this phone. Cool design and very light but battery life sucks

  • Hi.. Does this phone have Arabic Language ? Does this phone accept Nokia ringtones via SMS ? Thank you ... Ehab Elgawady Cairo , EGYPT

  • cool

  • GD75 fantastic some it up. A compact phone, with all the features, crisp clear reception, hands free built in. If you need a mobile phone the GD75 is the one you your after....Panasonic you have won me.

  • hmmm good one

  • it's very nice and weightless and easy to use

  • what games does gd75 provide? What kind of ball game?

  • i just bought it and i find it very usefull in its feautures, especially the open talking system... you have it the desk and you?re talking without touching it... very good... and i like the 80s style the games have... the battery life doesn?t bother me at all, 3-4 days its ok... but i want to know about free ringtones (not those on the panasonic site...) and screensavers... well thats it... see ya... oh and have a nice summer all.... i know i will!!!!

  • Great phone, but dissapointed with the fact that it has downloadable ringtones and there is only one site i have found to accommodate this. the site is a free one but will only let you have 5 downloads. if anyone finds a site for ringtones please let us know.

  • i have find this . . .

  • Non riesco a trovare il kit vivavoce (auricolare). Sono di Alessandria. Qual'� il punto pi� vicino per me. Grazie Elio Vuillermoz GualaClosures 0131-204111

  • i want the ringtone of GD75 where can i load it

  • very sexy phone! but very limited downloadable ringtones & logos.....hmmm...bad point! luv the blue light (not as bright as nokia 8250). ringtone volume not loud enough too. very light but a little too big for ladies who will like it.

  • They said free downloadable ringtones, screens, etc. are widely available. Other than the 5 free off the Panasonic website - I cannot find any more!

  • great fone,good transmission n reception clarity,simple menu interface and clear display.standby only 56hr.

  • At last I bought it, but I agree with Ericssony "2 very bad points: poor battery life, poor ringtone volume. These characteristics are the very essence of a cellular phone and it is lackluster on both facets." The games are poor too!

  • I need info about how to compose a ringtone, screen savers an more

  • Outstanding reception and transmission. Girls love this phone's looks. Voice command is cool. Blue display is cool. Silver is cool, black looks like shit. Hands free is way cool. Charge the damned battery fully and discharge it fully when you first get it. Get a protector for it; the outsides scratch easily, especially the display. Great ringtones; Panasonic is giving away a total of 5 tones or idle displays (or both). Gotta wait for this phone to catch on; it will get attention. Got DM Free Love for my g-friends tone...she fucked my EYES out. Plenty of phone for the money; in Italy it's 199 Euro. The only thing that pisses me off is the looks are totally RUINED by Omnitel's insistence on stamping their fuking name right on the display here in Italy....hope the rest of Europe is not selling this spitfire of a phone like this....

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  • fucken sick phone and u r gay

  • I'm trying to decide between a Panasonic GD 75 and a Sony J70. Which one does everyone think is the most reliable and best to use?

  • Oh..I just found a place to get ringtones from:

  • I'm in Australia. I just brought the phone and I'm very impressed with it's deign, features and fast stable software. One thing that I'm worried about is the battery. I thought I charged it full before. But the battery lasted about 3 days?? I had been playing around with it alot, but if it doesn't improve after I charge it again I might contact Panasonic. Perhaps the games could be a little better. If the battery turns out fine I give it 9.5/10. I'd never touch Nokia 'crap' after using this :D

  • Just got the fone a week ago. And i love it. Only downer, i culdn't find any place where i can download ringtones specifically for GD75. Can anyone help?

  • it's cool telephone.

  • still searching web sites that offer the ringtones and graphics. used up all free downloads in the panasonic web site.

  • it looks a very nice phone

  • Planning to get this phone. A bit worried about all the claims on short battery life span. Since it's a lithium battery, did u guys make sure you charged it right b4 using it? Coz I think u need to have a Lit batt fully charged each time to optimise usage... or is that Nick-Cad...?? Anyway if someone reads this and is from Aust and owns this phone, can they reply to me about whether they've had probs with the batt life on this phone? Thanx.

  • I like it!

  • i think the GD75 is awesome except for the ringtones. i can't find any to download to my phone!!!!

  • It's a very nice working and good looking phone! but where can I find a ringtone and logo site??? can anyone help me???

  • there should be a memory for reminder....


  • This is a very good phone. I always change my mobile phone whenever a new one comes out. And this phone is the best ive changed to so far.

  • how many messages can be stored in this phone?

  • This phone i think is very good:good price and good quality.but i havn't bought it friend has one.gd75 just costs about 200 us dollars in China.

  • i am getting the sites form where i should download the ringer tones and logos

  • How much is this Panasonic GD 75

  • Can I calculate menstrual days on this GSM like on Samsun400.

  • PLEASE! In the netherlands the gd75 cost at least 249 euro's. In other country's it is much cheaper I notice. PLEASE does anyone maybe have some good tip for me where to buy this phone online in Europe? Hope to hear from you email:

  • This is a nice phone, but I miss 2 things. You can not copy contacts to the phone memory. There is no reminder function and you can't set the end time of an appointment.

  • At last i have to admit, there is something fr this phonw makes me very dissapointed. The battery life is very short, really short. Here in Indonesia only up to 30 hours. Is it only happen to me?

  • id recomend this phone to anyone its absolutely fantastic!!!! too many features to tell you about!!!!!!!

  • I just bought this phone today, overall this is a great phone, the only major feature i cant find is there is no auto key lock features like ericsson. i think it is very important avoid us pressing to keypad accidentally, and i can say, i do enjoy having this great phone, by the way, it is not to hard to send sms, just push your joystick once and push 63, then write ur sms. viva panasonic

  • send the price! i would like to buy this phone tell me where can i get this phone in ROMANIA THANK YOU!!!.......

  • i have been using the phone for a month and i am very satisfied with it's performance so far. reception is good, software flawless and does not hang or crash like nokia phones. something diferent. got it at a reasonable price for a phone packed with features. less than 8,000 pesos here in the philippines.

  • İt has a great softwear,wonderfull design.The joistick is amazing.Really,i recommend it. Concureaza modelele consacrate Nokia/Ericsson,prezentand functii asemanatoare la un pret decent. Uygun bir fiyata bircok �zelliği birarada sunan bu modeli tavsiye eder,yeni cıkan pahalı Nokia/Ericsson modellerinden almadan,değerlendirmenizi �neririm.

  • anyone know where to download more ringtones..(pop songs)

  • Wonderful! Try out Panasonic GD75 before you buy any Nokia mobile phone.

  • nice cell very good what is the can u tell me

  • Panasonic -=keep walking=- ;) great

  • i think that it is a great telephone because it is so small and in a word it is wondefull.

  • it sounds great and i want one can u send me some info on it plz!

  • i think yours telephone good but i need a lot inform about gd75 of course also price important for us.i interested import and export in turkey

  • Howw can i get one free of charge

  • to expensive

  • Hello Can someone comment on the reception quality? Thks

  • These sell heaps well, for the price we sell them for in AUS, customers are very have with the Serivce that Panasonic Provides. I would reccomend people to look at Panasonic phones more highly in the future.

  • this phone is the best!! its light weight, sexy, does loadza cool stuff and its not to expensive!! BUY ONE!! NOW!!

  • Is there a cable available for this phone to connect to PC?

  • i want panasonic GD75 ringtones.... MI2...

  • I have just ordered one of these from, and i cant wait to get it!! it looks sexy, has loadza cool features, but the only thing im bothered about is loadza people say the battery life is shit!! Is this true?? And ive only just realised they come in black, those ones look ugly, i wanna silver one!!

  • i'm interested with GD75 but i really wanted to know if the name of the sender of the SMS appears or just the number (like other brands)?

  • nice phone but does it have the blue back case light which was there in gd-93 ? please mail metelling me about the backcase light does it have ?

  • It's a trendy and stylish phone. If you want to download ringtones go to the site­ffer

  • I find this mobile very easy to use and comfortable to carry.It fits easily in my palm.

  • It's small, light, looks really good and has alot of really useful and cool features. One "problem" is the lack of anywhere to download stuff.

  • Brilliant phone. I had a GD90 before this. I simply love this one. Keep Up the good work, Panasonic.

  • My Panassonic is fuckd up

  • One of the finest mobiles around...but still not popular as Nokia or fact where one can find where to download Screensavers and ringtones????

  • is wonderful,super keep it this way. good luck

  • How can we download new ring tone?

  • The standby time is kinda short.... had problems composing the ringtones... any idea where i can get the ringtones for Panasonic GD95 ?

  • The phone is unable to read chinese characters and while playing the game if a call or message is received the game ends.

  • I live in australia and I dont know of any sites that I can download tones or logos from that can be sent to my phone

  • Best phone ever

  • I would like to ask you,how i can use the ringtones for gd75.(the synthesis is not with's like D,E,E#. My opinion is that the menu itS not beter from the other panasonic models.More options.yes but no easyer.

  • the best gud lookin phone ive ever had BELIEVE

  • not long ago i got a nokia 3330 but that was just to use until i can buy this and now that i can buy it on bt cellnet pay-as-u-go i can't wait it's light it's sexy it's well built and it has loads of great features like record ur own ringtones and voice memo and etc etc i also recommend motorola phones they are also nice and reliable(nokia/siemens/ericsson)can got to hell this my advice if u want a nice decent mobile phone get a panasonic or motorola or trium the rest suck

  • Hello, i am really cofused with what phone to buy, i really like the Panasonic GD75 and the Motorola V66!! I dont know which to choose. Can Anyone Help Me, i have MSN messenager so you can add me or just email me and tell me which is better in looks and styles. Thanks Alot.

  • how much is it

  • could you sen me a price list of all you phones

  • I have the standby time problem, here in Spain, 2'5 or 3 days only. I had a nokia 3310 but this is much better, the quality of sound is excelent.

  • I have had no problem with standby time in australia...been around 4-5 days.

  • this looks like a lovely phone even though i don't have it..but i trust Panasonic to always surpass expectations with splendid ideas

  • Great mobile with great features... i think as compares with the other panasonic mobiles, but very disappointing with it's battery. Stand by time up to 50 hours. Did anyone heard anything about this? If anyone knows whats happe please mail me.

  • it's nice!!

  • i dunno y its rated 8.5 at the design......coz it doest look cool at all......short and fat..... i dunno y its got 8.3 in performance when the stand by sux......... 8.3 for features which r nothin great........nothin revolutionary!!!! i dunno y u r checkin out the opinions section coz u shudnt b thinkin about buyin this one.... :-)

  • Very short standby indeed. One good step Ithat helped a lot was to uncheck "automatic network search" and check "manual" in the network settings. This greatly reduces battery consumption and did not cause any network problem at all, at least for me.

  • I have also been charing the problems with very short standby, about 40-60 hours. If it aint getting better I�m gonna leave it in for guarantee-reparation, this sucks! Otherwise it�s okay, light and good looking

  • her

  • He's nice

  • I have been used the GD75 for one week. And the batery can standby for two and half day (60h) only. Compare to the spec (up to 190h), has a long distance. Why the actual use has most different compare to spec??

  • seems to be a great revolutionary stuff that could be a tuff challenge to nokia..s

  • das ist gut!

  • just asking... what's the cheapest price for this phone in singapore and where? without any plan and line...

  • تليفون جميل جداً به كثير من الخواص الممتاز­;ة .. أريد أن أعرف سعر هذا الجهاز فى مصر أو فى الامارا­;ت العربية­; المتحدة­; ... شكراً

  • very impressive phone and glad to own one. hope the ringtone and logo wed page will be ready soon to challenge with nokia phone

  • puede que sea mi proxima adquisicion, como ves cambio de idea como de calzoncillos,en fin esta cojonudo y es chiquitito.ricky te ingreso hoy por la ma�ana

  • it is nice in design and feature except it has very limited language support like it do not support chinese charater. would like it to have this support soonest.

  • hi i recently got the gd75 and think its great, though im having trouble composing ringtones. Do you have any advice or tips on how to compose ringtones? I would really appreciate it if you could reply to [email protected] Thanks

  • Screen lights up in just one colour - blue.

  • can i ask that how many LCD illuminates colours in GD 75?

  • Good user interface, and many improvements over the GD92 and 93 even though the basic operation remains the same. Battery life is disappointing though, especially if WAP is used. Many strangers have complimented me on the phone's looks, although some mistook it for an Ericsson T68 at first glance.

  • I always trust Panasonic Products.Could anybody tell me Where can I get this phone in Egypt or in the Arab World ?? Thanx

  • Hi there ...i heard this phone have the composer similar to Nokia....if yes i will get it right away..please remind ASAP!!! i need a new phone for the festive seasons

  • Hi Editor I think your entry on the display ("LCD illuminates in 5 different colours") is incorrect. I have been to the panasonic website to check but unfortunately there is no mention of 5 different LCD colors. Otherwise I would have gone out and got it immediately! :) Dave

  • well well this fone's a pretty one...i hav enuff ppl in spore with nokias...boring! heard this fone got promotion in singapore, at the heeren from 30nov to 2dec...go win some fones!

  • the best of Panasonic GD75.

  • The new Panasonic has fantastic design and features. I think it will make the biggest sales among all the Panasonic cellular models.

  • Well, I decided to get this one and so far-I really like it. Unlike most of the literature tho it doesn't have GPRS and only one backlit screen but does weigh less. Does anyone know where I can download ring-tones for it?

  • did any1 noe when tis phone will launch in singapore??

  • STO

  • a good quality/priceworth phone good for poor people if you have the money bye another phone like an ercsson t68 or a nokia 8310 i tried them both , they are the best !

  • Your lucky that you live in UK, as they and Scandinavia, will get ALL GSM-phones first, within 1 month or so, and two-three weeks later in the other european countries. Sorry, US, you'll have to wait for a very long time until you can get this phone, or other advanced, gsm-phones.

  • does anyone know when this phone will be avalible in the uk and a rough idea of the cost of i got it sim free or pay-as-u-go i love panasonic i think their products are much better than sony

  • @ uris:Yes.

  • I'll say you thrth: I hated Panasonic phones before I met this one! And now I want to buy it! I live in Latvia, so I hope that GD75 will come to our shops before new year. If somone had seen it on i-shop, plese, tell me. And one more, does it have POP3/SMTP or no?

  • GD 75 will cost about 180 Euros, GD 76 (with GPRS) around 240 Euros. more infos here :

  • around 250 euros

  • smart phone, how much?

  • hii.. i heard that Panasonic GD93 got some motherborad problem..Is this story true did anybody had any experience as such?..I heard GD75 might have the same problem if someone knows bout this pls let me know thank u very much...

  • I'm sorry but I'm not sure if it will ever be released in India. I'm sure that it will be released in Scandinavia (Sweden, Finland, Denmark and Norway) very soon (within 2 months) and 2 weeks later in the other GSM countries (except USA where it will be released much later). I will cost USD 150-250 in Scandinavia.

  • Hey cool phone man when can i put my hands on this phone (when will it reach india)

  • Great handset like sexy girl.

  • Alus, euy HP-na!!! Iraha rek beredar di Bandung. Mun Murah mah urang meuli hiji. Hade Panasonic. Made in Jepunkkk.....

  • great phone

  • i lyk dis fone

  • have are now? for malaysia thaks!

  • have are now?

  • e nashpa rau de tot

  • selam birak sana yardim edim hic kuskusus panasonic gd75 daha iyi turkiye de bu senenin sonunda cikar

  • which one is best Alcatel 511 , Alcatel 701 or Pansonic GD 75? When can I find this phone in Turkey?

  • less than 300 euros

  • This phone looks great,light & smart.I always trust Panasonic products.Could anybody tell me about the price of this phone in the Egyptian or Saudi markets. Thank you

  • thnx anyway

  • Well that's not a easy decision: Both versions look really great, but I prefer the black version. But taste differs sometimes ... ;-)

  • go to and and plz say to me which is the best color out of these two gd75

  • thnx nobody

  • @Irish: will be released in 4th quarter(more to the end than to beginning.....)According to, Panasonic has not yet released a definite price, but indicated the device will lie in the mid-market range.

  • @Unknown: My sources are several web sites like: in English in English in German in Norwegian in Czech multilingual German,English,French and Italian There you'll find up to date news.

  • Hi! every body .I am from India, Could any body tell me when this phone gd75 will be in Indian Market ? and what will be it's price? THANKS

  • Nice

  • frm were did you learn that nobody ?

  • thnx i'll wait for gd 75

  • GD75 will be released in 4th quarter, GD95 according to Panasonic in September(!) which I cannot believe ;-)If you want a panasonic phone with GPRS(will be called GD96) - you'll have to wait a little bit longer ...

  • is this phone comingh out before gd95 so when ? i am from france thnx for your reply =)

  • thnx for your reply

  • Best phone ? Think S45, best design 400K flex memory, then panasonic and at least ericsson - cause EMS doesn't play any important role now ...

  • whta phone is the best ? this one , ericsson t65 or siemens s45 ?