Siemens ME45

  • Released 2001
    99g, 21mm thickness
    Feature phone
    No card slot
  • N/A 300,438 hits
  • 23 Become a fan
    101x80 pixels, 7 lines
  • NO
    No video recorder
  • 840mAh

Siemens ME45 - Specs

Network Technology GSM
2G bands GSM 900 / 1800
GPRS Class 8
Launch Announced 2001
Status Discontinued
Body Dimensions 109 x 46 x 21 mm, 76 cc (4.29 x 1.81 x 0.83 in)
Weight 99 g (3.49 oz)
 Dust, shock and splash resistant
Display Type Monochrome graphic
Resolution 101 x 80 pixels, 7 lines
 Navi key
Downloadable screensavers and bitmaps
Memory Card slot No
Phonebook 500 x 14 entries
Call records 10 dialed, 10 received, 10 missed calls
 Flexible memory20 voice dial numbers10 voice commands
Camera   No
Sound Loudspeaker Yes
Alert types Vibration; Downloadable monophonic ringtones, composer
3.5mm jack No
Comms WLAN No
Bluetooth No
Infrared port Yes
Radio No
Features Sensors
Messaging SMS
Browser WAP 1.2
Clock Yes
Alarm Yes
Games Yes
Java No
Voice memo/dial
Predictive text input
Battery   Removable Li-Ion 840 mAh battery
Stand-by 60 - 300 h
Talk time 100 - 300 min
Misc Colors 2 - Pebble Grey and Safari Grey

Siemens ME45 - User Reviews

  • Do you know if it is good for a car kit BMW E46 ?

  • It's only splash proof, believe me, I put it under a "water resource" and it just died :-(

  • But it is waterproof!

  • True. Such an amazing phone. It should be water proof :-(

  • i got mine in 2001 when i was living in shanghai, i brought it back and forth to the USA w/ me, lost in in 2012 in a taxi in shanghai..just found a few of them on ebay..gonna buy one' just can't wait to see my old friend again!

  • Best phone I ever owned!

  • How reset the shortcut key? thanks

  • you can batterys in australi 20 dollars

  • This was my dad's best phone...but my brother lost it years ago>I really want to surprise my dad and get him a new one but i dont know where or how to get one,can someone help me find one

  • best phone ever!!!!

  • I am using this phone daily. (I own 1 of each coller, no special edition :) ) I also change batery wich is replica. The brand is called Koracell, you can buy from Romania aprox. 4 EUR+shipping. The inside is the same with the S45 Siemens.

  • I had this phone for the past ten years.still working, the only thing the battery is very weak. I have seen in your post battery available in serbia. I am in India. Is there any way to get new battery. If possible please reply to my email [email protected]

  • I had this phone for 3 years it is what i call a classic phone hardhitting durable bugger .dropped many times

  • Oh yeah agree.Why don't they build a phone like this nowadays? I had this phone in around '03 and travelled, worked with me in the Arabian desert,in the hinterlands of Africa, and back to the city center. It fell so many times from above roof tops and cranes, survived but I had to retire it in '08 because there's no more replacement for its toughened cover and batteries. I like the way you put it: Built like a tank. Phones must be built this way.

  • Very good and durable cellphone. The design sold it for me, but the rubber protection around was very practical as I did drop it accidentally many times. Menus were logical and buttons were designed to to be able pressed even closed eyes. Finally the battery performance went down and I missed more space for SMS storage and bought a new cellphone. I keep my ME45 just to remember the nice design it had.

  • The phone also came in a special winter edition silver/pearl white colours - it also rocked a red backlight and red lit keypad keys (yes, entire key was lit not just the number markings). It really stood out in 2001/2002. If i remember correctly it had a stock box-stacking game installed - a feature favoured by one of my colleagues who used to drain my phone's battery playing it all the time. It's a shame I sold it, I just hope someone else is happy with it now :P Carried in your pocket, all screen scratches would smooth out (wasn't a feature but still!) - true story. It was actually the toughest handset i ever owned. Using it as a soccer ball wouldn't harm it. I loved the plastic screw holding the battery cover. This handset shows what German engineering means when it comes to cellphones. It's everything-proof nature had a slight drawback though - the rubbery keys sometimes missed a stroke while texting but once you got familiar with the keybord the issue became non existent. One handset I'll never forget!

  • Solid piece of electronics and plastic mixture. Very ergonomic menu and functions included. Every time i forgot how to use one or other function of the phone, and in no time i find it over. Engineers who made it, realy thinked about user. Real business class phone. Using as main mobile since 2002, only change battery every ~2-3years (made in China). Today I bought another siemens me45 "limited edition" (red - Vodefone), because originals screen stopped to function, only back lite is functional. I think i will able to fix that later, somehow. :)

  • Yes there is a replacement battery, about 6 euros.Easily to find here in Serbia.

  • I have this phone since 2001 until now..still working...however the battery just can call for 40 minutes.

  • Still have it, but the battery broke in parts...

  • Still have it, but the batery broke in parts...

  • Very good phone. Is it possible to buy it now ? Anybody knows?

  • My friend cooked this in his microwave, it looked AWESOME!

  • i got 1 since 2 days ago. it is superior when it works. just do not take out the battery! it will not work.

  • Simply the best cellphone I have ever owned. Built like a tank. Battery that last eons. Strong antenna receive and transmit power. A true take it anywhere cellphone. Used my till 2006 and have to stop after that because I couldn't get the battery for it anymore.Now retired and kept inside its original box Too bad Siemens cellphone division fold and got sold to LG. Siemens ME45, IMHO the best cellphone ever, enough said

  • Look for the word "Sprache(n)"

  • My first phone as well, the best i ever had

  • yeah,, i miss my me45, beside i use as modem, i was also use for mobile email, ym chat n google search, still proud to use it till 2008 ,impressing phone! But my me45 have been destroy in 2008 thrown by my angry wife hiks ;,,(

  • the best phone I ever had till now!!!!!!! I really miss Siemens mobile......hiks...hiks..

  • just the best phone i have had. still works after 9 years!!!

  • I have one ME45 more than 10 years and still working without any problems. And it is my spare mobil phone I am concerning about replacement of battery beacause no more this model avaiable in my region (Macau) China

  • Super phone. I use ME45 from 2004 to now (2010). (I lost 1-st ME45 in 2005 and buy 2-nd ME45). Ideal design (for me), best keyboard, very stable firmware, very durable case.

  • Best phone. It was a blackberry in 2004 when compared with nokia 1100.

  • have one myself, the best quality there is! love it

  • Most reliable phone you would have ever owned...And such great technology for being launched in 2001. Very Very Durable....never lets you down...Wish all phones now days were made to this quality. Mine is still going now in 2010. Use it as a backup.

  • it is one of the best phones

  • I always loved siemens phones (i had: S25, C35, C45, A60, ST55), and recently, 1 week ago i got an ME45, and its a really great phone. I use it now. However its very old and the phone sometimes freezes, gives a strange buzzing sound, and then turns off. Does someone know what can i do with this? these happened rarely as time passed, so i think its the accumulator which was not used for 4-5 years.

  • siemens me 45 Great phone, used to be I had have...I miss this I am using me 75...

  • yeah,the phone great.i want to sell it at 250USD .

  • hi siemens lover...what is the condition of your ME45? how can we reach you easily any phone number or ym?

  • Hi, To siemens lovers in Jakarta or any part of Indonesia if you want a Siemens ME45, please somehow give me something to contact you. If you were in Jakarta and near my place, we can meet, and you can try it first before you buy. I'll sell you my ME45 for a dirt cheap price. :) I'm not using it anymore. I just got Nokia 1616.

  • Congrats 4 stil use n own the magnificent Siemens ME45!! I miss it so much...

  • Pal...ur the lucky one 4 still own the best product of siemens n use it, congrats bro...

  • Oooh......henpon ini CAKEP BANGET...aku bener2 kagum, ini bnr2 masterpiecenya henpon!! Aku kangeeeeen bgt ma my siemens ME 45 ku, I love all Siemens mobile product.

  • Had it from 2001-2004 before i replaced it with S65, which then I regretted it. I remember back then, i never really 'put' this phone my table/bed or even floor, I threw it most of the time. Miss this phone a lot.. if i encounter one for sale, for sure i'll grab it!

  • The best cell-phone ever!!! no kidding

  • The "space" is the number "1" key.

  • It is a beaut phone only thing I can't figure out is how to put in a space when texting -can anybody enlighten me with this- thanks?

  • i still have one, and still a live till now... just awesome phone that i have ever had, bravo SIEMENS ME45 !

  • Have the phone now 8! years and still use it for my siemens homestation [so u can connect a normal telephone] and not a single problem, best mobile phone i ever ever had.

  • this phone remains undefeted. i do mad things with it, front flips on bike(that ended up really nasty, but phone still in one piece) unbelievable yet siemens has now just made it believable.i also tend to hit walls alot too and the phone stands till this day... 8 years (1 battry replacement.

  • This is my beloved phone for 4 years...i love this phone...oh btw mine is orange-white, so cool!!

  • great phone... i have it since 2006 from a second hand.. but it's still good working until now, even its dropped many times.. just made battery changed when i bought it.. else awesome!!!!!

  • My first BIG phone! The best i ever had so far!No one bug since 2003! Still 100% operational with just 2 battery changes! AVE me45!Eternal!

  • best of the best using it since Christmas 2002 :)

  • Nothing compared to any cellphone until now!!! it was a great phone and moment with it!! I love ME45...forever

  • The best phone I ever had ! It's still working with my second number. I have another one for back up but i've never used it. Bravo SIEMENS !

  • this is my great friend for 5 years. i use this thing with all condition in tropical season, rain, wet, hot, even i drop it many time but... amazing... it's always ok... i love this cellphone. great cellphone.

  • The phone that I won't forget. It is sturdy and reliable. Mine has been drop many times, and yet function greatly. I used to amaze my friends, when I put my phone next to swimming pool, and let the phone getting splashed by the water.

  • i am upgrading to a lg cookie, but this fone has been gteat, i can throw it and it just wonnt brek .

  • This phone is rocksssss!!!! i love it...the best cellphone in this planet ever had..i feel sorry for siemens mobile destiny....

  • hi mike. i was wondering when you said that you bought the refurbished it working on you? i was planning to bought the new "refurbished" one at ebay too, but i got doubt myself. please give me some inputs... thanks!

  • i'm using 3 6 years old.never any phone ever.i'm happy!!!!!!

  • I have 2 phone..and used right now..the best phone all off time..

  • First of all,i'm a Siemens fan and i use this phone even now for almost 7 years.This phone it's almost undestroyable,and it's verry lovely.If Siemens company would start again production for mobilephones,i'm sure that they'll have a huge success.Can anyone make them change their mind?(of course,without the Benq derision) Siemens,people love you!

  • I Like this phone. This is can be paired with my PDA (Ipaq 4350). This is can be made GPRS Modem..... I have this since 2004....

  • I have to add my praise for this phone. I was lucky enough to have some trouble with my previous phone, an M-35i... ( ) ...three times in a very short time period. So when I had to return it to the shop for repairs for the 3d time, Siemens gave me an ME-45 instead. (I really liked my yellow M-35i, by the way. Especially for being yellow. And for *not* being a Nokia or Ericsson, like *everybody* had). Anyway, the ME-45 was actually a much more expensive phone than the M-35i, so I was rather surprised by Siemsens� generosity. (Very pleasantly so, of course). Still, I was wondering if I should go with this new phone or have my C-35i repaired (or possibly get a new one) -since the new ME45 wasn�t yellow. (My kind of "signature colour") I really dig yellow things. :-D But hey, how could I say no to getting a new, and much more expensive phone? So I went with that one, and I�m really glad I did. This phone is about 8 years old now (!) and there has never been a problem with it. Not only that, but it has endured falls, bumps, freezing temperatures and being submerged in an energy drink (some kind of Red Bull lookalike) for ca.5-10 minutes without any hiccups at all! Also the keys are a bit firm, so I never have to use the keypad lock, like virtually everybody else! I love that too :-) If I were to get myself a new phone, I would like this phone -with a camera.

  • ..this post is for my best friend she have this phone it is oldtimer and she will put him in museum but she doesnt whont to by is 2008 year plese i now that this phone is good but by newwwwwww.....

  • This phone is great. I always want have siemens me45 and now i have ;) I'm very happy. I think that is one of the best mobiles in the world. Other is nokia 6310, 3310, siemens sl45, siemens m35i. ok tha's all see ya

  • me45 its my fav phone. so why? and where are you Siemens you have Loyal Fans please back to bussiness.... we'll wait hey i think BenQ M7 most like ME45 but where i can buy? [email protected] to Siemens : where are you? please come back

  • hi, today i got my totally refurbished "like new" me45 pebble grey i bought on ebay. absolut new condition and i payed only 9,51� for this great phone. it replaces my s45 with broken display. very nice piece of work. in totally excitment mike

  • just got a new battry for RS 250 (3.5$) ... unlike new mobiles got to charge it approx 2-3 times a week .. functions a re great [email protected]

  • agreed ... built like a tank, been all over the planet like me,even got to it drop in water and mud a coupla time, wipe it off and it still works ... got to retire mine coz i couldnt get spare battery anymore ... :(

  • the best phone ever in its class... still using it till now since 2001. just got a new battery pack 2years ago. the only problem is i don't know where to get the back cover. lost it last year but i'm still using this phone apart from my other hps.

  • By far the BEST MOBILE PHONE EVER. Still have it - since 2001 - and the only 'problem' now is battery life. STATE OF THE ART!

  • had this me45 and been with me halfway around the globe. sadly need to retire this phone coz both my batteries are dead. can't find any more spare

  • Best monocrome, less weight and easy use phone ever.Hard, tough and long life battery compare to other.If you all guys saw the movie ' Bourne Identity '. Me45 was use by Bourne himself to tracking and copying CIA sim card and others. I still using it with the same battery although it surface numbers at almost wipe out.Six years's tough like Bourne..

  • Best phone I have ever had, wish seimens would make another updated version, with shock, water and dust resistant

  • had it years ago when they first came out... strongest phone ever.. it was the best at the time...

  • this phone is the hardest phone ever... dropped from motorcycle, diving in bathtub, dropped from 3 metres and still survive!!

  • Best phone in its class and era.

  • this phone is one of the best phone i ever had. i use this phone since 2000 until last month for my postpaid. now i'm using it for my prepaid. i really love this phone.thank a lot for siemens for creting this phone.

  • my dad first bought the me45 after a year or so he gave it too me i used it and i really loved it very much but it got stolen i want to buy it but coudnt ireally miss it and it was one hell of a strong phone fell down the stairs once and work perfectly after that

  • It's been with me for 6 years with the same battery and I love it. Nokia had 5140 but couldn't match it. I hope to use it for long time, I don't need camera phone though GPS would be nice.

  • This was my 2� cell phone. I really loved it. It served me for 3-4 years. I bought it used for 30 euros. If was the phone given to customers by the vendor when their own cell was broken. People used this phone, so I found it full of sms by other people, and even audio registration. After many years of punishment the cell finally broke up ( to be honest it crashes), so now i need to buy another phone. I'm thinking of buying another cell like this, but maybe is time to change. See you my lovely ME45, you served me loyaly for many years. May you rest in peace.

  • My ME45 has finaly reached the end of it's lifetime, after serving loyaly me for 6 years. Best non-colored phone a man could ever have, and far more trustworthy than any new colorfull one. Now it's time for me to change to... my 2nd ME45 which is patiently waiting in it's box in a drawer for 3 years now :D Bought it brand new on ebay :) May it last another decade! -tilt

  • I'm on my fourth ME45. i've lost 2 phones and my last one took an extended dip in a lake. Down right the best value for money phone ever.

  • it is the best fone with the simple and best features i had this fone but unfortunatally it was not working i am wishing to get another phone it was my first phone and i like it very much

  • I really love my ex-phone Siemens ME 45 ! The best phone for non3G age!

  • the best for sure, i replaced it for ME75 and used it for three months, eventually sold the ME75 and now back using ME45.... just the best

  • my first phones ever but i hated it every annoying, but now i have my best friend the D900. HEHEHE

  • Best cell-phone ever made!!!!!!! I bought ME-45 in 2002 and it still works very well today.. (even I had dropped it few times and accidently slipped it into water...) I had both HP iPaq hw 6915 and Nokia 6233, but I always proud of my ME-45.. Siemens ME-45, the best of the best...!

  • ME45? One hell of a phone! This phone made me stucked to siemens! Unfortunately, nothing comes close to it, worst they discontinued its production w/o even trying to resurrect it with new cool features like color screen and a camera at least for its phonebook's id application! Mine didnt breakdown but lost after 3 years of using it, even soaked it in water once, for 15 mins and worked still w/o even repairing it! I salute siemens for this phone!

  • i still waiting the new product ME45 for low class but still awesome.Must give repaire fitur for best seller : white display, Poliponic and Mp3,radio fm,stereo sound and 60mb memory

  • This is one of the old good Siemens phones and I used it for whole 5 years and used it with its original battery.It's very sad,that Siemens didn't hold the line of style and performance of those mobiles...

  • i still have a me45 and its been through a lot.the display is only now giving me trouble but that after 4 years.if only i can find something that come close to my me45, i will b extatic.

  • My ME45 broke after almost three years. The person with which I talk does not hear me. I was expecting to last more...

  • I had one of these phones and absolutley loved it. Unfortunatley i suceeded in runing it by leaving it in my jacket pocket and letting it go through the wash machine. That was 3 years ago and I still have not found a phone i love as much. I can not find one for sale either. :( enjoy your phone folks and don't let it go through the wash cycle.

  • Download link for the Instructions Manual for Siemens ME45 - from the official site: Full instructions in English (3.45MB)

  • This phone has been with me for 4 years now and although I've been thinking about replacing it I cannot find a phone that is as small, as good looking and as simple to use, durable and robust as this one. This phone has been through any abuse you can think of and it still works, amazing! German quality...need I say more?

  • does anyone have a manual on the siemens m45 or me45 mobile phone i can downlaod

  • I'm using it for 3 years and it's still working like a new one. I won't change it 'till it's gonna say "no more phonecalls" !!!. I'm very pleased with it. Phones with VGA or color screens are crap.

  • It would be great for benq to reincarnate this phone keeping old body but with new entrails.

  • Probably the best Phone Siemens could make. I am using it since 2001 and still it is workin as good as it was new. I still have not changed its battery and it is absolutely fine. I think I am gonna keep it for another two to three years.

  • I have this phone since 2002. Few weeks ago i got new battery - the now one keeps 4 days. I think the phone will work for more 4 years, at least.

  • haha... same here... i have this fone since 2001... still one of the besst fone that i ever have and I WILL use it till the end of its life, i wont sell it..

  • great phone. i have it since nov 2001 until now. i must recharged the battery every night but it's ok, it never dropped off in the middle of conversation :)

  • I want the manual made available. Thanks

  • Its the best phone ever. I got it for 3 years and still I am in love with it.

  • This phone is processed. In shop you wouldn't get it! Remember it!

  • -touch wood- this phone is really the best, some days ago i submerged it in water -again- for about 20seconds, i noticed that the recharging rubber plug wasn't inserted properly, when i took it out it was suffering, i removed the battery and sim, with the help of a hair dryer, the heater and some prayers, i went back to work perfectly, at first some buttons didn't work, then the ringing tones had some troubles, but in a while all went back perfectly functioning.... and people still wondering why i have been using this phone for over's amazing

  • mty me45 still working. its more than 3 years. i bought week ago motorola razr V3, i compared her to my old siemens and now I know that siemens rulezzzzz! yeah this moto is a f.... crap. piece of shi... where is timer? calendar is weak and quality of calls is really bad :/ GOD BLESS ME45, best phone ever !

  • My beloved ME45 of 3 years has finally said goodnight (well the 2 most important buttons , confirm turn on and make a call dont work) No fault of the phone really but my ignorance on water damage. Got a bit soaked in sea water, froze and wouldn't turn on. I thought that was the end but in any case just tried to charge it and then kept trying to turn it on in hope it would revive. If only I knew that was the WORST thing to do. It did manage to work a little again but got worse and worse the more i used it. You might think your ME45 is invunerable as I did but make sure to remove the battery straight away and fully dry it before thinking about testing it! Woe is me, I now have a crappy Sony K700i

  • absolutely the best, almost three years with me, only a few days i had the courage to submerge it for about 3 seconds in water, i took it out and it was still working perfectly, really amazing phone, i don't care about all the new applications..... the me75 will be out soon, maybe i will buy it, let's wait and see.... Siemens, we want tough phones, no camera, bluetooth, coloured screens...bla bla bla... just tough phones... ciao

  • Best phone ever, but I'm in need of a battery and a new case won't hurt me too. Cant someone tell me were to find them on the net?

  • The best mobile phone ever made by Siemens.

  • Wow, it's a hardcore phone.

  • need help where to look for reflashing software for me45 coz my unit were corrupted during upgrade of newer version

  • Nevil, on the SDS, click the button to convert files. Next way you drag and drog files from flex memory to computer, it will convert to wav

  • Probably the best Siemens mobile ever made. One thing still drives me crazy so I could use some help: HOW TO PLAY .VMO FILES DOWNLOADED FROM ME45 TO PC?! If someone has a solution or at least good idea about codecs neccesary, I would appreciate it.

  • anybody knows where i can buy this phone (original product)? the english version pls. i found many in ebay but are german versions.

  • Best mobile phone by siemens this far. it's still work in the rain or after incidental drop. but it's hard to get original battery in my home town. this is my 3rd year with my tough ME45 :)

  • i love my phone, but iforget my phone code cause i has move, any body can tell me how to change it cause no siemens service at my city it's small city, but do you know the signal is greet anyway i love this phone.....

  • Any one knows how to change open the casing of ME45?I think my keypad has problem,need to open the casing and take a look.Please teach me how.Thanks.

  • Very reliable telephone with many features(excluding java:/)!

  • Hey, Can anyone tell me if there is a software update for the ME45?Getting drive error and phone freezes up. I really like this phone and i want to fix it. If there is an update, where can I find it and is it downloadable? T

  • me45 is very beautiful and very good in features.but battery is not available easily.

  • Best phone I ever had!!!!!

  • The ME45 is one solid little nugget of a phone. All phones should be built as durable. Put Bluetooth in the handsome ME45 shell and I'll upgrade.

  • A great phon

  • The 4th year using this phone. Best phone I ever had.

  • This is a reply for Cristi: That message you receive when turning the phone on is part of the phone's security system so you can't remove it BUT it won't appear anymore if you enable the PIN protection. Actually the whole idea is that the phone was built in such a way that it won't start by mistake (so you either have to insert your PIN or airplain check it) Lenea e cucoana mare! You should have read the manual!!! GREAT PHONE! I WANT IT

  • When I turn on the phone, a message is displayed: Aircraft check - Please confirm on. How can I get rid of this? (I want turn on the phone an that's all) Thanks, Cristi

  • i have been using this phone since Xmas 2002, i wanted to change it a lot of times but never found sth. better, lately wanted to replace it with Nokia 5140 but found out it was withdrawn from the market due to some software troubles, so it sucks, as for the new M65 i think it's good, but not enough to replace my ME45, so i i changed my mobile cover from grey to black for a change, bought a new battery, and i will use it till the last moment.... if i could ever replace it then i will go for Nokia 6250, but i can't find it anymore anywhere...

  • Is best mobile phone by Siemens!

  • Hi guys, after one year of usage, i cannot see any display of the phone... i can connect, i hear the sound of getting in, but i can not see anything.... anyone out there with these problems ? thanks a lot carlos

  • Can you supply a ussers manual, please

  • how to replace its casing

  • dear sir i need the software ( update ) for my mobile ME45 please , because i have a problem with mine , it's not wroking good and very slow respond . thank you in deed .

  • Dear Sir/Madam, I very very like this phone. But I could not found it in Vietnam. Can you help me? Thank you very much! Nguyen Minh

  • Very good for outdoor activities.

  • I have bought this phone (second-hand) after my Siemens S55 was stolen :'( Why I have gone 'back' from a S55 to an ME45: I had the S55 for about a year and a half and realized that I never used all those new features (MMS, camera, BT, Email).. The only thing that is imported to me is durability. As I said my S55 was stolen and I needed a replacement. I didn't what to spend a lot of money, it had to be durable and I wanted a Siemens. I could not afford the new ME65 so the ME45 was the best shot. I was afraid that the ME45 would lack some features, but no! it has everything I frequently used on my S55. The 55 and 45 series are very close to each other, the 45 only lacks the new stuff... So after a few days I'm very happy with this 'old' phone. The only negative point untill now is that you only can receive 10 SMS, but when necessary you can move them to the archive Oh not the forget: I was very happy with my S55 too and it was very durable considering that it is not really an outdoor phone. It has survived some rainfalls, drops on the floor, being sat on. It has survived different rockfestivals....

  • it is the best mobile phone i ever have. it`s has many good feature that the people needed.

  • This is one of the best phone it's very relayable.

  • Fair all round phone, tough and reliable. Possible improvements: Could do with more durable key pads. More info for dialled calls record. Easier addition of numbers displayed on screen into existing addressbook entries. Otherwise great service from a window cleaner's phone which has been through the mill.

  • @viperfox: You seem to don't know the phone quite well. In fact, a)It IS shockproof. It's better than Nokia 5210 in this case. b) I have tranfer many ringtones and logos via IrDA without problems.

  • it`s an excelent phone, full of features, but take care when u update the software; the case is waterproof but not shock proof (it`s not like on nokia5210, it's plain plastic); bad: infrared port can ONLY be used to connect phone to computer as modem, u cannot send rings and images thru irda, only datacable; the big arrows button is a little tricky, it's not circular, it's oval

  • Have had 3 ME45,s great phones, tough reliable will upgrade asap to new model

  • Please inform me about the time of voice memo on this siemens me45, thanks

  • i want you to send me the manual ofthis GSM ME 45 i will be very glad to recieve it.thank you.

  • An excelent phone in the class of tough devices. Rain, dust and some drops and still working as new. You can change your girlfriend but not a ME45. :-)

  • My Siemens ME45 is blocked beacuause of three wrong entries in screensaver lock function. Does anyone know how to un-block it without sending it back for service? I remeber the correct phone code.

  • a good phone without finicality. it`s a buisiness phone with shock resistant, waterproof and very cool - flex. memory.

  • the best phone . i whatnt to make it me45i. can someone help me? thanx . bye

  • Exellent gsm

  • One good reliable cell phone

  • turkey to send possible

  • GOOD CELL PHONES for me... cause I LOVE SIEMENS!!! I'm used for GPRS with PC (connect with data cable)... and good connected with GPRS class 8. Why Sie ME45 not entried POP3 email in this features? Can the Siemens ME45 to be up grading for POP3 email?

  • Does anyone know if Siemens is planning a successor for ME45?

  • I want to have this product. But it's very difficult to find this hp in my town. What should I do then?

  • it is the best phone that ever romania is 80 euroz

  • ME 45 is really cheap in my country nowdays. In Serbia it costs 130 EUR. I like the functions of this phone but i don't like the orientation of buttons which are already very hard to press (i have about 2-3 keys per second) and it's piss*** me off

  • does me45 have an mp3 player it says its optional how can u use it plz explain

  • the link to the manual gives 404 :(

  • I use it for 10 months and i agree with Tule Loom. One of the last real phones in the market. It took the place of a Nokia 3310 (Horror!) and when i'll replace it, my next phone will be a Siemens too. No more Nokia's anymore! For Bismark: You have to go to Profiles -> Options -> Change Settings (i thing that in english menus it writes "silent alert" for vibration - my own has greek menus)

  • I already use ME45 for over 1,5 year. However there are so many color hendset with polyponic nowadays, but I cannot find the feature like ME45. FYI, I already upgrade my ME45 become ME45i with pop3 email. Maybe only SE-T610 can replace ME45 because However ST55 has camera, it does not has IrDa and bluetooth. It's so pity.... When will Siemens launch a new product with water and dust resist again?? :(

  • please i have me45 but cannot locate the vibration option

  • It's amaizing phone. I love it. I think God made this phone for me. My last phone was a Motorola. It sucked. I liked the m35s very much and i was planning to buy it when i saw the me45. I have it for about 2 month now. It has a Grand prix 2002 cover and it looks great. See i like water resistant things. I have a Casio G-shock watch :). In other words BUY IT. It's worth the last cent. I cost me about 170$.

  • I tried to upgrade my ME 45 firmware which downloaded from siemens site but it does not work " software error " .PLs give me some tips if possible. Thanks

  • Hi, I bought my ME45 week ago. The price was really low (145 EUR in Baltic States), because it is probably sold out in this season. I still think that ME45 is the last REAL phone in the market. It does not have polyphonic ringtones, which means you could hear it ringing even in traffic. It does not have color screen, which means its battery lasts much longer; it does not have changeable covers; which means it stays in the one piece, then dropped. Most phones produced in these days are good for everything else but speaking.

  • I've bought me45 Winter Edition. Onlz one Issue - the mother***kers made red backlight, terrible thing. Don't you know If it is easily possible to change it 2 blue LED colour? Does any of you try something like that? Thanx a lot. It is great phone at all. Have a nice day

  • Please i did not find the word language in siemens me45, because i want to change the language from german to english, can u help?

  • Water resistant, are you kiding. I have a proof. The 3 months old phone fall in the small water. Result: loosing the network. Gentlmans from Siemens, shame on you

  • The phone is okay in terms of features. The only problem is that everytime you charge, you need to remove the rubber covering. Doing so might damage it. Is there a way to purchase a replacement for this? If so, where?

  • Very good! A combination of the smart and elegant S35 with the tough M35. Its 500-entry addressbook with 14 field each are so useful. Melody composer capable in composing up to 147 notes melody. I have created 23 melodies in my ME45 now. Good signal for a cellphone with internal antenna. Only the MIDI ringtone/signal volume seems too low, compare to the previous type like the 35s series. Anyway, with the organizer and reminder, GPRS, IrDA, etc., this is the most complete cellphone I've ever had (I don't need any color-screen or polyringtone). For about US$180 price (in my country), it's very reliable to own.

  • Very good...but Siemens may consider to have aexpansion slot for more memory like the SL45...

  • Hello Sir , I have urgent need of manual set model is ME45 siemens ............ I wil be very thankfull to you for this................... Yours Abdul Razaq Mirza

  • i went to give aweb that i can get free ringtones to my ME45... Please

  • I have had my me45 for about six months now..all in all its a very reliable phone.. good reception...usable features and tough as a shit brick house..Im almost tempted to see if works if I drive over it =) Only complaints being that the speaker phone wont allow you to turn it on when ever you like. regardless if your making a phone call or not..and I'm buggered if i can find a site that I can download any logos or tunes for it?? any info on that let me know..

  • ROLLINGSTONES: "God gave ME45 everything you need...!"

  • I want to buy a me45

  • nice phone! i had one before, but sometimes the receiver signal is gradeble, so i can't hear the voice clearly. i like the menu and the features. It's the best phone i ever had. i plan to buy a new one later. may be s55 .. GOOD GOOD GOOD

  • Need to buy one.

  • One of the best phones ever made.

  • goooooddddddd....!!!!!!!!!

  • hi pal! i'm using the me45(it's called 3618 in HongKong) since Jan02. It's still working well. My next mobile phone will definitely be s55(=s57 in H.K.). Ciaoooo.

  • Highly recomended hand set, choose it and be inspired

  • Go to a Siemens service center and upgrade your phone's firmware. I strongly recommend ver.23 or ver.26. AVOID ver.28!

  • Hey, just got the phone.. love it! only one small problem, , the English T9 Dbase isn�t included. As weird as it sounds, the latest firmware version on is v21, which won�t install. They ( are selling the T9 dictionary nowadays� might you guys have any idea on where we could get/download the English T9 for the ME45 for free� or any other suggested solutions?

  • This Siemens is great, very elegance and very profesional. small,simple and beautiful

  • the greatest mobile phone in all over the world,i love it!!!!

  • i want know the price off me45 the winner edition please tell me to bath

  • Just excellent phone, I highly recommend it!

  • This is probably the first really feature packed Seimes to have adorned the shelves in the UK. The design, the colour, the functionalities, the possibilities with this phone were exceptional. Although it was a little on the pricy side. If this phone were made a little cheaper by any reason and it were evolved into a future with added functionality, i.e. triband capability and/or blue tooth, this could give the sony ericcson and nokia a run for their money. Shame that it had been discontinued. This one had potential!

  • Wanted to buy ME45 Mobile of Siemens but not available at all in Bombay - INDIA

  • Yes, the covers can be changed for about 50 euros.

  • i'm about to buy the phone but it's only available with the "black" facia. are they (the facia covers) interchangeable or fixed? cheers :)

  • Dear Ehab, no, it doesn't... (happily)

  • Dragan, You should contact your local service provider for wap connection settings.

  • Hello.. Does this phone accept Nokia ringtones sent by SMS ?? Thanx Ehab Elgawady Cairo,Egypt

  • This is a highly recommended phone

  • hi... Please, can you help me how to setting wap on my phone (ME45). I have problemwith this. If is posibile to send me instruction how to do. Thenk you for understending Dragan (my english is not so good, but you understend me)

  • The price is about 170-200 euros

  • I would like to know the price of this phone: SIEMENS ME45.

  • is phone available in france or spain? how much?

  • It is the best phone I ever had! Excellent features and performnance. And, by the way, if anybody has problems with the keypad, should have in mind that he can change the covers for about 50 euros. I changed mine (peeble grey to safari grey).

  • Very good features!!! I just dont like the rubber buttons being hard to press.... and also the buttons wearing out in so short a time... It is becoming white as the days go by... But I still like the phone very much!!!

  • great phone, surfing with this is very exciting. The batteries can take 1 week .

  • Excellent phone!!!

  • i like it very much...

  • It is one of the best phones available in market. A masterpiece from Siemens, as it is tough, has many features, nice design and strong battery. Now in Greece ME45 costs about 180 euros.

  • please send me information plus price me45 mob phone. thank you,

  • I love this mobile! Compared to all other phones in it class, it's the best price performance.

  • The best phone I've ever used!!! Mine is Safari grey and my girlfriend's is Funky orange. Excellent phone with reasonable price. Throw away those Nokias!!!

  • i love the compactedness and ruggedness of the new me45,i am in love with it.

  • Forget the flashy Nokia phones and try Siemens. No bugs, reliability and, the most important, excellent phones. The Siemens ME45 is much better than any Nokia toy.

  • A very tough phone. My wife's unit was overrun by a car twice and still runs perfectly. Just a scratch. Some people in this review are liars to say that any Nokia is better. Nokia-fanatics are blind with their emotions. ME45 and S45 is the best even when compared to the latest Nokia phones

  • One of the best phones.

  • It's a wonderfooll of tehnic today !

  • After careful consideration over the last six months. I have decided to upgrade to this phone. I chose this over a sony erricson t68. reason being, would I actually use all those gimicky features? probably not. My erricson r310 is now over two years old and still goes like a charm although it looks as though its had better days =) durablity was important to me so this was my choice. so far I am very happy..a sturdy phone,small light and with enough features to keep me busy for a decade. sound qaulity is excellent even on overseas if your look'n for a good choice of durable handset..this is definatly one u won't be disipoited with .

  • I have a Siemens ME45 and I think it is an excellent phone. Good features, good quality and it even looks good. Well done, Siemens.

  • Very-very good mobile phone... Good size/weight ratio, lots of features, battery that lasts 5 days without recharging... I highly recommend this phone!

  • Get rid of nokia. Siemens is a new breathe for gsm world. I own this phone. Its like a dream come true. Thank you siemens.

  • Bin your Nokia. ME45 is small, light, durable and you get 4 days of use from one charge - what more can you wish for in a handset?

  • Hi .. It is a good phone,but Ericsson T39 is much better. Ehab Elgawady Cairo, Egypt

  • Hi I am trying to get hold of a ME45 MANUAL.

  • it's a great phone!!! you'll never regret it, fine software, great download, fun to carry, IT'S STYLIST MAN.....!!!!!!!!!

  • very-very good handphone

  • nice and compact

  • In Greece this phone costs now about 180-200 e

  • How much ? Whre I buy it ? Thanks From Giman

  • It's a good and hardy phone. Although it's sms feature is not as quick and easy as Nokia's 8310/6510, i like the speaker phone feature best! No more messy earpiece wires to worry as I move in/out of the car. It's an intelligent piece of work!

  • Much better that a Nokia piece of junk!

  • It is one of the best phones that someone can get. Reception and sound are excellent, battery lasts for 4-5 days, orange backlight and big screen. Very very good phone!

  • It works... sometimes. It is nice... in the dark. Guys, you'd better buy Ericsson T39!

  • ME 45 is a phone I got rid of with pleasure. It is not even the half tough it looks, the latest firmware version is sluggish, buttons are mushy and wear out easily, the menu is user HOSTILE, the communication software shipped with the phone simply does not work... do I have to go on?!! In three words: DON'T BUY IT. I HATE TO SAY IT BUT ANY NOKIA WORKS BETTER.

  • It is a great phone and a great value for money. Excellent features and performance. It is durable and won't let you down. I strongly recommend it.

  • Siemens ME45, It all I need

  • What happen if I want to buy this phone in Vietnam (Hanoi cap)? Where sold it in Hanoi? How much?

  • I received it yesterday and now i can say i definitely made the right decision. Surfing the internet is just amazing. I highly recommend to everyone.

  • Excellent phone!

  • I just ordered one. I hope i didn't make the wrong decision?

  • Thats it ok telef.

  • This phone looks like a cockroach.

  • does me45 have an mp3 player it says its optional how can u use it plz explain

  • The Most Interesting factor of ME 45 is its look. Probably this is the best phone that I ever imagine to buy.

  • i think that Siemens product is excellent especially in inovation technology at least until this moment, but i did not see any product of Siemens which similar with NOKIA9210's class. i'm looking for that for my rush field activities...

  • O.K

  • I want 2 buy this fone, but how much does it cost in Viet Nam?(or Asia)

  • Want Detail and big picture

  • Its a fantastic phone, much cheaper than a clunky Nokia, over here in malaysia its selling at the same price as a 8250, but it seriously outclasses it, definately within the feature range of an 8310. except for the dumb radio which i doubt anyone wud wanna use... ive tested the IR with a Sony Clie and a Nokia 8850.. works like a charm! I LOVE THIS PHONE!

  • It is wanderfully gsm mobile i ever seen

  • Come on guys this phone is really REALLY UGLY! Easily the ugliest phone you can buy today. Tough? I don't think so, it uses the exact same board as the S45. Water resist? Nope, you can't even wash it in tap water. If you want a tough phone get R310 or 6250. The rubber buttons are mushy, lousy.

  • Hey, has anyone noticed how low the speaker sounds outdoors? or is my phone faulty? I dunno, but sometimes, while in the street, i can't hear a damn thing! any of u have this prob.?

  • its awesome...the best of the best

  • Can anybody give some advice? Synchro software sqs v.2.0.6 (on original CD-ROM) does not manage to synchronize Outlook Calendar items. Synchronizing Outlook Contacts works fine. sqs v.2.0.15 (new on my-siemens site) is impossible to install. During Installation setup asks for Disk2 ?!... Can anybody give a hint how to synchronize Outlook Clender items or how to install sqs v.2.0.15?

  • yeah, I'm facing the same problem in Romania: no accessories! are they deutsche-only or what? man i hate shit like that...its either no accessories, bad assistance, or the phone misses some minor detail that makes life easier & the lowest models got...:{

  • is ME45 can listen mp3 , or need add some hardware ?

  • This phone sucks. Menus are unstructured (who expects to search for the Alarm Setup under the main menu "Preferred" or to find voice control settings in "Office"?). Another annoing "feauture" is that you need to confirm the short-cut-key. E.g. every time you press the main left button you will be asked if you really want to activate the feature assigned to that button. Siemens software for synchronization with Outlook has probably never been tested - try to synchronize more than 30 contact items with your Outlook and you will be totally fucked by disfunctionality. Physically it is a robust phone and I like the way the light fades out! Shame on Siemens to make phones like washing mashines and shame on the person who stoled my old Nokia.

  • me45 have 'more' talent

  • I'd like this mobile.I choose Siemens product cos it famous ,looks strong,can take it every condition...and ME45 proove this.BRAVO SIEMENS

  • uneasy to activate speaker phone (not like my R250PRO with only one click). the keypad is too hard to push. quite good battery. cant send sms picture with SL45 each other, dunno why? they suppose to be brother (same 45 series).

  • it is one of the very best phones

  • very very good

  • It is absolutley out of this world.. i have only one comment to add.. to get free logos, screensavers and ringing tones is difficult as not a lot of sites supports the ME45 and we can not in Jordan Suscribe to the site!!

  • pls teach me how to down load the logo Ihave save in my pc to my ME45

  • this phone is great.had firmware upgrade to version 21 and got 25 additional phone message space, a new game, text msgs 760 char long, and can now save Vcards. Also the tone composer is so easy to use I compose all my tones, no need to buy!!and have bitmap photos of my family ..can use as operator logo or screensaver. 500 entry addressbook is just right. great product...just perfect.

  • Really good phone, woried about the keypad wearing out like the m35 keys turning white. Wish it had smaller dimensions but then no phone is perfect...yet

  • this phone is R0ck !! too bad Siemens doesn't make colour (RGB) display like my S25i :( i really .. really love that.. if u have any problem try (Serious 'April-bug' in S45 and ME45 When setting the date on your mobile to any day in April and then enter the calendar, your mobile will shut down. This seems to be a bug in all firmware versions. 'Easy Solution': Set softkey to 'Favourites', choose it, click 'OK', mark 'Calendar' and click 'Select'. Upgrade: The problem is fixed in firmware version 14 for S45/ME45 and firmware 05 for 6618/3618. Contact a Siemens Service Center for free upgrading.) other tips, technical data & documentation try

  • The keypads are vulnerable!!

  • The siemens ME45 is a good and handy fone to use, the only thing i would change would be the colour. LOVE YOUR COMPANY ANDLOVE SIEMENS karen ~x~

  • How many minutes voice memo is on me45?

  • nih...coy gambarnya

  • Siemens ME 45 is great phone. only cant save a business card that you receive direct to phone or addressbook, or i cant figure out how...have to edit then save in outbook then transfer to addressbook ..if any of you out there have a direct way of saving...pls tell me.. thanks. otherwise a great phone.

  • D-acord cu tine! Am avut si eu unul si am fost relativ multumit... De curiozitate, ti s-au curatat deja tastele de meniu? Daca al tau e din generatia mai veche inseamna ca are lumina f. putea sa incerci sa-l schimbi cu ultima generatie de S35 prezentata la Hanovra, si care are display electroluminescent, nu cu led-uri... Astea le recunosti dupa culoare, au fost produse doar argintii complet, si tastele sunt ca la M35, deci nu se mai curata.

  • Nokia e wax!Am avut un 3310 luat din Franta si-mi murea la 2 linii de power.L-am dat pe un S35 si am de 2 ori mai multe facilitati inclusiv management cu laptop pr infrared.Treaba nemteasca...

  • The 14 SW version (or 5. for the asian market) fixes it allright, along with some other minor glitches, but I've got some bad news about the "on-line update" ideea: it can't be done - and the SW is already available! U have to go to a Siemens service center, bring some papers with u, to prove u bought it (that's such a load of shit!Bought it or not, it's their product and they should fix it, damn it!), leave it there for 1 to 5 days(!), although some people-mostly cute girls;)-reported that theirs was fixed in 1h... Add to this the keyboard that will start peeling off (remember S35i...?) and there u have it! Good intentions, Siemens says...well the way to hell is paved with good intentions! PS: I forgot to mention that one's a lot luckier if living in Germany, as seemingly they have three testicles, are wiser and have better customer service at Siemens :p...Talk about favoritism! - U must understand that it is quite frustrating to pay 300$ for something and the have to piddle around with it to make it work...that's why I'm sayin' all this.

  • Here's a little task for the ME45 owners! It has sort of a Kinder-Surprise result, but u'll thank me in the end! Now, Got to the time settings and set your date to...april, 14. Then got to the calendar start it! Surpise!!! I'm waiting for your comments!

  • Very cool phone.. The best i have ever had. Can anybody tell me some places for logos & ringtones??...

  • Did anyone have a problem with the arrangement of the buttons. I want to get this phone but I'm worried that the 'curved' button arrangement will annoy me.

  • What do I need to type for it to display the software version? Thank You

  • a lot better than Nokia models of its time yet lower in price. Feature-packed

  • diesterstraat 55 tessenderlo

  • het is gewoon geweldig die siemens zoals gewoonlijk

  • very good

  • It's COOL mobile phone!!!

  • I like it

  • go there for logos, animations , rngtones and info !!!!!!!!

  • Mnogo IAK telefon. AMA MNOGO. I naistina IAK. Tramvaia dvoikata da mine prez nego - pak shte ostane cial. DEMEK - SURAKOUSTOIHIV telefon. Dazhe e po-funkcionalen ot S45 - sirech ima poveche extri. Dori ot onaia prychka s mp3-oikite e po-iak. GPRS!! Cool! Samo deto tia balyci GloBul i MTel skoro mai niama da pusnat GPRS-a v BG shtoto kato gi znaeme kakvi sa kreteni... Edinstvenoto koeto mozhe bi mu lipsva e BlueTooth... :-/ No SIEMENS mozhe da pusnat sled vreme nova bateria za ME45 s vgraden BlueTooth! Shte si go kupia! Utre oshte! Vecherta mezhdu 18.30 i 19.00 ;-))

  • A great phone. I just bought it yesterday. Beautiful screen, a lot of functions. Menu is a bit different, coming from a Nokia 6210, but some options show up in different menu's (very practical). Anybody know good synchronisation software that also allows import/export to eg Excel ?

  • please tell me how can i find a logo or a ringtone for my me45 thank you

  • Is the Shi

  • I only faced battery problem with ME45 when browsing internet by GPRS.. Only can stand for 4.5 hours. Thanks

  • is ok

  • To [email protected]: It's different by not having that MP3 player. As of the Water-shock resistant thing, I havent had the heart to try it out yet, But I hope it's for real. Personally, I love it for the menu and 4-directional keys. Not such a good talk time.

  • hi , i think itz a beautiful set ! design is awesome ! we dont have them in pakistan , plz gift me 1 , ill do some markin 4 u this way ;)

  • Buy it?

  • Fratzilor, daca e vreunu dintre voi care le ciordeste, sa nu fie zgarciob shi sa-mi vanda shi mie unul la 250$! Astept o vorba la [email protected]. Daca accepta schimb cu diferenta e shi mai bine, ca am un agregat de scapat de el!

  • I got this phone yesterday, and its so kool man ! i love this phone. can just easily upload midi files becomes ringtones and BMP into logo/graphic using PC. No need to buy/download from internet. The thing is only the 360kb internal memory is not sufficient to save all those stuff.

  • Well, the phone's cool allright but the price is fu**in hideous! 320$!?! As far as I'm concerned, it can wait 320 years for me to buy it! It ain't no Lexus and it wasn't built with outter-space materials you snobish jerks! I'll stick to my 3310, oldfashioned as it is!

  • Fevol ... i feel u ! I know what u mean !U R Right ! Shi ME45 potzi sa il comanzi la orice ora ,daca ai card, de la siemens de pe site shi te costa 850 DM la fel ca shi S45

  • evo treba sad valjda da dobijes stranu sto sam nasao o simensu, ako ne dobijes poseti

  • I ja bi ga tija imat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • I mentioned the Ericsson T68 and the Siemens ME45 as being the best phones, but now I would like to add the Ericsson T66 as well!!

  • Please send me complete information & price

  • completely agree with MarkLV

  • Cool phone! I'm gonna get it soon. Does anybody know what's it's max connection speed?

  • The ME45 is IMHO the most purposeful looking mobile phone on the market. It definitely is the Audi of mobile phones. If it had tri-band, I would have given it a 10/10.

  • This phone and the Ericsson T68 are the only new GPRS phones worth buying. Avoid the Nokia and Motorola crap that will be out soon..................

  • In alta parte n-ati gasit sa chatuiti? Apropo cand apare in romania me45?

  • How do those germans keep on doing it. Inovating the functionality of the telephone for prices that just don't make any sence. Except for the SL45 & SL45i all products are affordable for anyone who is looking for a good, trendy and functionel telephone. With an easy to understand manu and a logical manual I am realy planning to continue using Siemens. After a C25 an S25 and an S35 the siemens virus is rushing through my blood faster and faster and mora and more. Top ten no. one product!!! Take a crazy persons word for it. P.s. Kids this phone can also be used as a toy!!!

  • just got an ME45 2 days ago, its really cool. menus are so flexible. lots of shortcuts. the speakerphone is great.

  • l-ai primit? da sau nu?

  • ce faci frumoaso ne vedem pe net in doua min

  • am revenit .ce mai faci iubire mie tare dor de tine si abia astept sa te revad sau macar sa iti aud vocea pt ca simt ca inebunesc fara tine.acea dupamasa cu tine a fost de neuitat si sper ca nici tu sa nu o uiti.saruturile tale calde mau inebunit si nici nu stiu ce n-as da pt un sarut de la tine te sarut dulce peste tot ciufulici ul sa ma suni ca inebunesc de dorul tau ok?}{}{}{}{}{}{

  • ce faci puisor sper ca am nu esti suparata pe mine pt ca nu teai mai logodit si sper sa te aud odata ca imi spui ca ma iubesti pt ca eu tin mult la tine si nu o sa te uit nici odata chiar daca nu ne vom mai revedea.acuma te las ca tre sa plec dar mai revin si cu altele

  • I just own one (Sept 11 2001). It is a great phone with good looks, design & features. The menu is better than previous Siemens phone but still confusing a little, the battery dry so fast, is it really a water resistant phone ?. Anyway I love it and hope the car kit will be available soon here in Jakarta.

  • This is my new Cell-phone, but unfortunately it doesn't have 'rubber seal' on battery casing like M35! That means ME45 didn't support Water resistant!

  • i like it.i am throwing my 8250&r 310 it was just released here in the philippines siemens is cheap but it's features are uncomparable!!especially it has a handsfree actually my phones are just new

  • Does anybody know when the phone is due in the UK and how it will be priced compared to the S45

  • De ME 45 is in Nederland amper verkrijgbaar wat geheel onterecht is want het is een wereldmachine. Klein, licht en toch goed te bedienen met grote handen. fantastisch scherm, lekker groot en goed leesbaar. Alle belangrijke zakelijke functies zitten er in en zijn eenvoudig op te roepen. Adresboek is klasse. Kortom TOP!

  • Nokia phones all sound the same, can't personalize the message alert tone, models are changed but with the same screen, not even a "one touch" silent mode.

  • I currently use an S35 but look forward to buying the ME45 when it's available in Kenya

  • how much did you all baught the Me 45 ? thank you very much for your reply

  • the new siemens me45 is excellent, and i think it must be ranked the first.

  • I am gana to bye it this coming weakend, I didn't find a substitute, so , I advice every body to go for it.

  • First I wanted to wait for the Panasonic GD95, but I just bought the Siemens ME45. This phone is really unbelieveble!! The ONLY feature that this phone misses is Triband. Sorry Panasonic, but I just fell in love with Siemens

  • does this phone have an mmc slot like sl45 ???

  • I heard Seimens was releasing some new products in Australia in Sept. Does anyone know if the ME45 is going to be one of them. Has anyone had probles with them? Cheers.

  • Look at this

  • Daniel, would you recommend it? How much is it (in dollars)?

  • I'm living in Germany and ordered the ME45 phone today!! It was released this week here. When comparing S and ME on the site there is only ONE difference: ME: 99grams S: 93grams (that's because the ME is shockproof& waterresistant) But inside, the phones are identical and also the battery is the *same*: 840mAh Li-ion. 60-300 hours and 100-360 minutes So EPM (and the old PM also) are available on both the ME45 and S45.

  • Here is a cool picture of the ME45: Enjoy!

  • This phone actually has picture messaging (EMS more precisely). It just doesn't have the old siemens standard pic msg. So you will be able to send/recv pictures off a T20 but not from a SL45. Cool! In rest it is a very good phone. I think it will be my next one (if it *ucking appears on the market)

  • Nokia is the best!Siemens is STIFT !My oppinion !Sorry.

  • what will it cost in holland

  • It's cool!

  • when come into indonesia?i would know much info about me45, specially diagram of much it(price) ?

  • When this will be available in Asia Pacific??

  • Battery times are incorrect on this site, actually they are like following: ME45: Stand-by time (with standard battery)60-300 hrs, Talk time (with standard battery) 100-300 min S45: Stand-by time (with standard battery) up to 300 h, Talk time (with standard battery) up to 6 h Also, S45 supports picture messaging while ME45 doesn't.

  • mp3 player on ME45???

  • Bad news on this phone - I called Siemens and they said it won't be released until early September!

  • For me one of the main differencies between ME45 and S45 is much stronger battery in ME...

  • boring black

  • i would like to receive more information about about this mobile and to know if I can get it in my country. my mobile service is TMN. From Portugal. May adress: rua padre m�ximo, 3-b, Santa luzia Angra do hero�smo, terceira, A�ores Portugal, 9700

  • I think it's a matter of personal taste as to which phone is preferable. Personally, I prefer the me45, but many will opt for the s45 instead.

  • Seems that S45 is sleeker and more desirable for gentlemen; ME45 is obviously more sturdy?sporty with longer-lasting battery but more bulky and is designed for outdoor activities. Fair comment, guys??

  • This is a very stylish looking phone. But what does it offer that isn't offered by the S45? I guess it's more sturdy and shock resistant, but other than that this is a clone of the S45, except with different styling.