Thuraya SG-2520

  • Released 2007, March
    170g, 18.8mm thickness
    WinCE 4.2
    128MB storage, SD ( 128 MB included ) slot
  • N/A 234,973 hits
  • 15 Become a fan
  • 1.9"
    176x220 pixels
  • 1.3MP
    Video recorder
  • 1280mAh

Thuraya SG-2520 - Specs

Network Technology GSM
2G bands GSM 900 / 1800 / 1900
GPRS Class 10
Launch Announced 2007, March
Status Discontinued
Body Dimensions 138.5 x 53 x 18.8 mm (5.45 x 2.09 x 0.74 in)
Weight 170 g (6.00 oz)
Display Type TFT, 256K colors
Size 1.9 inches, 11.4 cm2 (~15.5% screen-to-body ratio)
Resolution 176 x 220 pixels (~148 ppi density)
 Wallpapers, screensavers
Platform OS WinCE 4.2
Memory Card slot SD ( 128 MB included )
Internal 128MB
Main Camera Single 1.3 MP
Video Yes
Selfie camera   No
Sound Loudspeaker No
Alert types Downloadable polyphonic, MP3, WAV, MIDI ringtones
3.5mm jack No
Comms WLAN No
Bluetooth 1.1
Infrared port Yes
Radio No
USB 1.1
Features Sensors
Browser WAP 2.0/HTML
 MP3/AAC/MP4/AMR player
eZi Text Input
Voice memo
File browser
Battery   Removable Li-Ion 1280 mAh battery
Stand-by Up to 75 h
Talk time Up to 4 h
Misc Colors Light Silver, Dark Gray

Thuraya SG-2520 - User Reviews

  • I find these satellite phones WAY too expensive. I don't see a practical use for them (my current phone works just fine without any issues). It's just not worth getting them. There's terrestrial networks everywhere (at least where I'm from). Also, imagine if the iPhone XS Max 512GB was a satellite phone... it would be even more expensive than the highest configuration MacBook Pro!

  • it is a great machine, i used it with the Thuraya SIM, later i removed that SIM and used it with GSM SIM. This is a good product though quite expensive.

  • I happen to know someone who used this phone as a daily driver from 2007 to 2008. The experience, was in one word: interesting.

  • love it

  • This is so cool.

  • aaaaaaauy, only for the speakers

  • lets take our lunch at exact 10pm.

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  • Bad battery

  • the amazing phone ever.a satellite phone

  • your wish is fulfilled. satellite with android. enjoy.

  • what's up...?

  • A sattelite phone

  • you can't

  • You can contact Cygnus Telecom regarding your SIM and Phone queries. They are extremely good with the customer support for Thuraya devices.

  • my sim card is lost and i want to unlock my thuraya SG-2520 to use vivacell network in south sudan but i dont know how to unlock

  • +littl

  • what i sthis

  • Thuraya is an Arabic name and it means the Pleiades in English .....

  • Please does any knws how i can install nymbuzz,2go,wattsapp and instant msg messenger on this [email protected]

  • Before you criticise something you know nothing of and make fun of yourself, try to learn, at the very least, how write.

  • but at least it's worth it.

  • this is not just a phone but which is something life saving item for heavy travelers or those who are in high risk of their second life , sometimes for soldiers when they cant receive GSM signal or whenever they get lost .

  • ultimate muscle in cars h2 in phones thuraya where apple dont't work this phone starts from work there this is for big sharks not for kids ho wats to play temple run.

  • This phone doesn't have to be fun, it is made to have signal from SATELLITE. It's not made for playing with, lol :))

  • hahahahah winCE os windows crap edition

  • unique name!

  • One of my friend had this phone, he said it was boring... nothing was there in it... :/

  • g-man what do you mean?

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  • this phone is made 4 only one reson is to make calls throw sattalites where no one can spy on u but its mainally made 4 making teror actions in the middel east

  • They should release a dual core version of this with a 4.2" screen that runs android so I can do my shopping on Ocado when Im sat in the middle of the Rainforest.

  • you know nothing about this phone its not for stupid games or other unusefull games or themes if u can read the word SATELLITE then you can know what this phone is made for

  • thuraya is a nice phone

  • best phone ever, better than i iphone4, if this had anroid, it would be the best phone ever

  • you can't use as satelitte mode but in gsm mode for north america

  • the moon phone..

  • love this phne fred

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  • Oh yes vey much will there be white man

  • Thuraya SG-2520 is very good phone. can play gears 2 and fifa 09. has time like very much the shiny nose feature who win world cup?

  • very bad one

  • do u noe the price of the phone is equivalent to iphone?

  • hantu rayan... stop talking as if you are clever, and read about thuraya phone that uses (((satellite-based telecommunications solutions to travelers, governments and corporate users in industries))) so its not for multimedia and scrap

  • dis phone is rely2 suck...thuraya????? hahahaha better no need to produce.. hahahaaaaa

  • i like this phone...

  • check this blog B1 = Acer Aspire One AOD250 notebook runs both XP and Android, lacks Google integration

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  • call listening kami dito. nakakaantok na masakit p ulo ko tagal ng lunch

  • This phone is great. But you cannot use in Americas, because Thuraya has only 3 satellites covering Asia, Africa, Europe and Australia.

  • seems like a good satellite phone.. where can i buy a Thuraya SG-2520 here in the Philippines and how much.. thank you and regards..kindly email me at [email protected]

  • hola, manga de succionadores de mandiocas saludos desde tucuman argentina call center de teleperformance. abarajadme la ba�era!!!!!!

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  • Well, this is the phone you can use anywhere in the world.

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  • greetings, can we use it here in central philippines and also in mindanao. is the signal visible anywhere, what if signal is covered by trees, buildings. can this be apllicable at sea. maybe we use in case of brownout, rural areas, at the sea. do you have extended antenna. what the regulating voltage and current, on voice call, on messages call. thank you. god bless and regars jmc

  • GmPRS is supposed to be like the GPRS that you get on your GSM phone. Thuraya is apparently the first to put this application on its Satellites (hence called GmPRS). What it does? It does an amazing 60/15 kbps data which is like a turbocharged car on the internet highway versus the slow mo 2.4k data found on current satellite phones!

  • The great thing about this phone is that it encompasses almost all the things that you have on your standard GSM phone. Example - send and e-mail from your phone! GPS built in. SMS your GPS to anyone with a mobile phone. I think there is no doubt about the quality of the Thuraya voice but plus all these must haves (which is not yet available in the other phones) - it sets Thuraya from the rest. Cost for use? It is competitive to any other satellite phone in the market. p.s. Thuraya has just launched another satellite and they now cover not only 110 countries in ME/NA/Europe but also ASIA PACIFIC including the whole of China, Korea, Mongolia etc. What else do you need? ha ha!

  • what gmprs ?

  • Did you ask for GmPRS activation? If you're on a prepaid SIM, it's $20 (or 20 units from your prepaid balance). Without it, you won't be able to connect.

  • This handset is the business one of the better Sat phones out there, Easy to use reilable, all the things you want from a sat phone. I mean you dont want to be messing about trying to get a signal when u have a bit of a situation.

  • Is anybody using the gmprs? It does not work for me at all. After registration, no further data flow, and the customer service does not comminacate with me, just postponing any answer.

  • Arguably, the greatest GPS-built mobile in the market today. Experts knows it, Thuraya provide excellent tracking services and they put it in a mobile device.

  • very nice phone

  • Well , Thuraya ( Arabic for Galaxy or Star Carpet).. it's more of a GSM provider in it's services & packages . More friendly. Oriented to the ME/NA or Arabic Regoin.this phone is the first one I used since 2000. In the city of Nablus ( Crapped up between two 1100+ M mountians) GSM phones , remember the huge motorolla ones, had almost no reception we had an 3 externals antenas installed on our car , Appartment & Vella to get some decent voice Q.THat is if the israeli didn't knock down a couple of Cell-Towers for the fun of it so THuraya were the best option. this phone is the best & maybe only bridge between a Current Cell-Phone & a Sat. Phone. Now it's not for u if ur only sattled in an urban area/U need an extreme survival tool. it's for u if u do lot's of off roading as a hobby , travel to WAR ZONE ME ,Travel between the ME states alot or if your a Cell-phone user who wants to try these Sci-Fi gadgets . Salam

  • looks cool

  • first releases had unstable sw, however, they imporved the sw greatly in later stage. still the sw is not perfect, but can be classified as good.

  • price is roughly SGD1000. The SG-2520 is really a step forward for satphones, plus their coverage is going to expand into asia-pacific. worth every buck compared to other satphones.

  • For being a sat phone its footprint (physical size) is really a major step towards CDMA/GSM-only based cell phones. Having tested the SG-2520 for short period of time now its getting easier to see its pros and cons. Pros is the size and weight. Cons is the poor build quality (all plastic and "toy-like"), but then again... I'm used to ruggerized/weatherproof equipment, especially when you really need it in "not-so-friendly-terrain-and-weather". Cons is the very flakey OS in it. (Experiencing a really slow GUI with freezings only curable with popping out the battery and rebooting.) Cons is the limited battery life. (Could be remedied with the offering of an optional high capacity battery.) Overall impression of the sat phone though is on the plus side only because of the economy friendly option of Thuraya's satellite services compared to the other satellite telecommunication providers. (That is, if Thuraya's satellite coverage is the right one for your private/professional needs.)

  • Does this phone support SD-IO, e.g. for using wifi cards?

  • Compared to other systems, like Globalstar or Iridium, Thuraya is an outstanding service. I tried them all. Regarding Iridium: Data rates are slow, and handsets are bulky (last handset released in y2000). Connections tend to be unstable, as the satellites are moving and you have to make sure of a clear view to the sky to ANY direction! Calling charges are three times of what Thuraya costs. No GSM/CDMA-Roaming available. Regarding Globalstar: New handset released recently. However, this device is more a replica of the unit released in 1999 from which the cellular part has been removed. No new features though. Furthermore, the satellites are failing service, making Globalstar unusable at least until 2010, for when the second generation satellite constellation is scheduled. Same restrictions regarding connection stability as for iridium, as system architecture is similar. Further road map does not include GSM/CDMA roaming service any longer. Back to Thuraya, we have it all: Once a connection is established, it remains stable, as the satellites are geostationary and will not suddenly disappear behind a tree, mountain or something. Speech quality is crystal clear, and data rates are comparatively high. Additional services allow us to locate our position using the build-in GPS-receiver, or surf the mobile Internet using the WAP-browser. And, probably the best of it, paying less than $6/MB using Thurayas GPRS-like GMPRS-service, we can even afford it! Of course, even the Thuraya prepaid contract allows the phone to roam in local GSM networks, ensuring indoor coverage. The bottom line is that, where available, Thuraya offers far more value and innovative services than any other satellite product currently applicable. Only remaining competitor is Inmarsat, currently evaluating the distribution of worldwide handheld satellite service supplying coverage to the so far vastly unknown ACeS (Asia Cellular Satellite) devices.

  • so....sattelite and GSM phone....built in GPS receiver....mpeg4 player....and comes with 128MB card included.....sound really really good.... and if they work a little bit on the camera and battery life they they could get me hooked......

  • Sat phone with GSM sounds like a good concept, hope there are no hickups down the track, just have to wait for the phone to hit the market.

  • It seems like all in one phone, this is so cool, can not wait to get my hands on one.

  • This phone is cool and hope it launches with a price like 10grand

  • i think it�s a good deal

  • good phone

  • I heard about Thuraya nearly 7 years ago when they launched in Pakistan. That time it was so expensive on package but no idea so now. This is good to use in Aghanistan or Iraq mountains

  • I Never heard about this brand before lol

  • yes the one below me is right. this may be useful for those who need.

  • I think that this satellite is not so heavy considering that it can connect to satellites at many km above the Earth. It has a good camera, his battery is not so bad on SIM mode, it has bluetooth, infrared and an expansion card slot so it`s pretty good. Let`s hope that it will appear on market with a good price.

  • jeez, its a satellite phone.