VK Mobile VK4100

  • Cancelled
    25.9mm thickness
    Feature phone
    128MB storage, Yes slot
  • N/A 202,170 hits
  • 10 Become a fan
  • 1.8"
    128x160 pixels
  • 0.3MP
    No video recorder
  • 800mAh

VK Mobile VK4100 - Specs

Network Technology GSM
2G bands GSM 900 / 1800 / 1900
GPRS Class 10
Launch Announced 2006, March
Status Cancelled
Body Dimensions 104 x 52 x 25.9 mm (4.09 x 2.05 x 1.02 in)
Display Type TFT, 256K colors
Size 1.8 inches, 10.2 cm2 (~18.9% screen-to-body ratio)
Resolution 128 x 160 pixels (~114 ppi density)
 Downloadable pictures and animations
Memory Card slot Yes
Phonebook Yes, Photo call
Call records 50 dialed, 50 received, 50 missed calls
Internal 128MB
Main Camera Single VGA
Video No
Selfie camera   No
Sound Loudspeaker No
Alert types Vibration; Downloadable polyphonic, MP3 ringtones
3.5mm jack No
Comms WLAN No
Bluetooth Yes
Radio No
USB Proprietary
Features Sensors
Messaging SMS, EMS, MMS
Browser WAP 2.0/xHTML
Games Yes
Java Yes, MIDP 2.0
 MP3/AAC player
Predictive text input
PC Sync
Battery   Removable Li-Ion battery
Misc Colors Black

VK Mobile VK4100 - User Reviews

  • sick lil phone if they repaced the hole front with a touch screen and made it lil thiner then bang a master piece

  • i like this,,,his model,,,

  • Looks like something out of "The Fifth Element"

  • its just a phone!its look craftsmanship for me! He have got a lot of very nice futures and the best design! I just wanna phone for make calls!

  • Honestly best phone E V E R. I mean Apple has gone in hibernation after looking at this sheer blue colored legend from venus. I guess you too should grab a flight straight to venus with this.. legend,,,,, wait for it ary... legendary phone ever deEr!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.... You really are the best person in the galaxy

  • Sweet looking phone, nice lines, good design, vibrant blue (my favorite colour) I'd pick one up!!!

  • i'am afraid, it's so ugly.

  • gogogogoogog power rangers. HAHAHAHAHAH.

  • Looks like a space ship. More to star treks editions. Can it shoot rocket? Long live VK mobiles...

  • Dire. �adjective, dir⋅er, dir⋅est. 1. causing or involving great fear or suffering; dreadful; terrible: a dire calamity. 2. indicating trouble, disaster, misfortune, or the like: dire predictions about the stock market. 3. urgent; desperate: in dire need of food.

  • this phone is a kick asssssssssssss...........................

  • the phone is very futuristic and eye candy like ..but it still have some areas of improvement.

  • oh gooz wtf is dit

  • @bodge: LOL! yeah! hahaha! POWER RANGER BLUE!!! hahaha!! let's volt in!

  • This phone reminds me of something.....

  • power ranger! blue!

  • LOL! oh no! haha i was surprised with the design! haha! hhmmmm... some kinda futuristic? nah. i thought that it was patterned to a jersey shirt on a thumbnail view, my officemate here thinks that it looks like a cockroach. hmmm just wondering why it was designed this way, any thoughts guys? :)

  • this mobile looks like a bike.......!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • this handset has none!

  • LoL!!!!! Looks like a remote control! And I also agree with the alien theory XD

  • To hell with good internet services if i have to move around lookin like a time traveller or alien of sorts!

  • This Phone has exellent internet service providings.

  • Hello to you. My name i tomrat. I like you very much. I like this phone not very much.

  • its seems aliens have left this phone when they visited the earth....

  • is that my supporter?

  • is that my space ship?

  • Have u ever seen the movie alien vs. preditor that's the alien lol

  • ha ha ha ha ha ha ha .....haaaaaaaaaaaahahahahahahahahha

  • oh my gosh this phone is ugly

  • mind blowing! expand image and look at it. I hope its not released yet! there should be the award for buying it..lol

  • is blue!!!!!

  • this looks like something out of captain planet...except not even he would be seen with something this uncool. When will this small mobile production groups realise that if they really want to get into the market that they are going to have to design something that is stand-outish, has great features, and is something that you "would" be seen with - design is one of the most important aspects in creating any device these days - and forgive me for saying but this phone really doesnt will any of those categories.

  • hey man! thats my phone!!! i lost it when i got shot!! give it back!! aahhhhh!!!! ahiiiiii!!!

  • ey man that's my phone!!! aiiiiii!!!!ahhh!!!

  • this fone should have been the fone of the diva from the fifth element...,, hahaha

  • Bit late to be released now. Announced in March of 06? Don't blame them for not releasing it. I don't normally knock a phone but this one is awful, design wise. It looks like some kind of blue monster with a weird hairstyle.

  • beast

  • It looks very awesome. better than nokia's indian phones atleast with love - SAMUAL RAHILDINO MOBILE RETAILOR

  • this is wicked

  • this is CRAP if i lived in the sea underwater then i'd buy it cos it would only look nice at the bottom of the sea hidden inside some coral reef

  • yep.. its made for south africa, it would fit perfectly under the lower lip

  • This style of phone rocks! love the look and the colour! other phones should follow this great example! well done guys! also looks ideal 4 sports lovers! cheers! keep up the good work! kind regards south africa

  • and that revolution would not be good for this f***in phone.

  • This phone will bring a new revolution in mobile phone desinging.

  • This is a marvelous phone which primarily was designed to make people buy it and later realize the huge mistake they made. With love and many kisses, Johny, the phone maniac!

  • cool phone not 2 bad

  • wow... i never thought it possible but this phone has just proven that images can literally burn your eyes

  • ano ba 'to? flashlight??

  • I need to get this phone for my mother-in- law..

  • and the winner of the World's Ugliest Phone Award goes to..........

  • why do people make such ugly phones????

  • ew that is such an ugly phone...

  • it reminds me of a UFO (unidentified flying object) but nice design though maybe it should have been better if they added more options ...

  • this phone looks like an alien! it's U-G-L-Y! puuuuuke!

  • it looks really cool but the question has to be how strong is it?

  • this phone is better than my current prividings but it cannot be as good a new providing from teh new providings.

  • wow, this is better than the n95 beautiful, when will vodafone get it

  • dis look craaany!

  • lmao!! how fantastic does that phone look??!! way coolios ^.^

  • what is the hell is that, "is that an alien phone", but i like it it have alot of feature.

  • Hahahaha. What a strange looking thing. I dont even think we get them in Australia. Sort of rivals the tictalk haha

  • ha ha............. what is this. Even a kid won't accept this as a toy.

  • am 4m india,dis phone is nt in indian market,bt if it wil b der.i'll love to buy it.it luks gud, bt wt abt vodio making.............

  • The only problem with this phone is the huge delay it`s facing to reach the market. It has it`s share of customers, and I`m one of them! I don`t know what you people think you`re looking at, but this is a great achievement in design, bold and worth to be baught. Just because it is THE ONLY ONE OF IT`S KIND. The spec do not matter at all. I would have gone for a Nokia 3310 inside that "shell" and it would have still been sold pretty good. Just wait and see boys, just wait and see... ;)

  • it looks very funny~~

  • ahahaahhaaa just picture yourselfs with this phone. ... .. ... it so not even worth buying. wut tha heck is this thing eeewwl

  • HEY! Well i must say this is the hottest beast of a phone i have ever and i mean ever seen in my entire life! By the way hi ebony!!!

  • when you say 'good features' what are you talking about?

  • its seems like a ferrari car. so its not to use,because i already have a ferrarri car.

  • That is not a phone.... its like an alian or something. Who would design that thing. God they failed.

  • ohh my god ! wtf is that ?? an alien ??..oo it's special all right :)

  • is nice..... i like it... special.... i dont like ppl who critism it..

  • a strange object

  • there is only one thng to say about this phone...........................................­..it is the most hideous looking phone i ever saw!!!!!!!!!!!

  • its hideous

  • my initials are vk and it just gives vk a bad name

  • Oh my god......... I thought i was looking at an alien space craft invading earth, it seems its just the VK Mobile VK4100. Phew, crisis over....:P

  • i'm goona buy dis fone man and it wil be my fone 4ever!!! hey joke only

  • this phone is great. it is unic. one of a kind. anyone who wants to feel different shulod buy y-this phone. it was time for motorola to make somthing like this. for every stupid user of nokia,i can say just to continue buying commercial phones,who crashes and looks like chocolate. sugar babies-sugar phones.hahaha

  • good features, a sporty like design and cool what can i say about the phone of mine. like this is my phone man!

  • from the side it looks like a fish hook .... ugly ass phone

  • I lIke desing & performance ;) Nice Phone:P

  • I like the futuristick design :)

  • hahaha...this mobile maked my day:P

  • its ok but i dont like the design

  • if the point of vf was made an stupid and horrible phone, they made it so bad, i just can�t understand who want to buy this... thing.

  • xaxAXxXAhahA Is it possible?are there any others phones like this? p.s.(i want to say are there any others uglies phones like this? :PP)

  • this phone is the most ulglyest phone i have ever seen, iam from the carribbean, trinidad, and this phone looks like somting from the swap, we think they should start making smooks may be people would stop smoking, may be candy found use for it but we over here, its a no no, you need to come to trinidad for a vaction, .. people its great 18687050135

  • wtf is that lol it lookes like a undwater pone lol all rubbery i wouldnt buy it !!!! i guess they didnt copy this from samsung hahaha

  • i wont like

  • what�s that? so dem�ugly

  • mmmmmmmmmm I can imagine what you thinking "Amy"/"Candy"..just keep it in vibration mode..and there are so many ideas..hehe!!

  • when I had 8 years I dreamed to have a phone like this, but 8 years boys don't buy phones... humm I'm curious to see who can buy this bunch of plastic

  • I love this phone. It looks like my "lazer". Beam me up scotty!!

  • You know guys...those who thinks this is an ugly phone..you got a mistake...this phone coooollll....take a look the design...it's an slide phone..the looks is so good, the design...i'm wishing that i could have this one... Brad

  • it looks seriously wicked tho i know some people think its an ugly phone. honestly it looks a lot better than some phones...

  • That Phone is so ugly

  • i personal think this phone is attractive in a way it gives me a fuzzy feeling below!!!!!! on sooo many levels!!!!!xoxoxo from candy

  • oh my god who makes these ugly things????

  • this is a strange looking mobile, looks like a soap box to me ...............

  • I think its a spaceship. Look very cool though

  • If you want to stand up from the rest, use this phone. And soon everyone will noticing you.

  • its really good bt no edge faculity in this mobile

  • is this a phone or a spaceship??

  • i think the ones who got it designed had come to work after watching Alien movie....true films do inspire

  • Wow!!!I have the posibility to be a designer also!!If these guys are still working for VK,then there is a space for me in this business!!!!yahahahha!Mobile phone for Aliens!

  • wahaha the design looks like the opera alien in the fifth element

  • I think VK pushed their mobile phone designers out a window when they thought of this

  • this phones is strange amazing looks like something out of the future maybe a deep sea divers tool crazy design wow

  • Dont know about how good the phone is to use but it looks amazing!

  • looks like a photography flash meter integrate in to phone ? how can they make this stuff !

  • i just can�t believe that are someone how buy this thing.

  • if you dont have anything good to say about somebody elses' hard work, rather shut up. the phone is a piece of art. innovative.

  • This is stupid...ugly phone

  • wwwwwwwwwwwttttttttttttffffffffff is dat man. this is the worst design eva so shhhhhh

  • dis fone is mad ugly it really does look like a fone frum the future but it really looks like shyt but i wouldnt say its a waste of money on buyin it coz it has mad features they real gud thou cnt deny dat!

  • this phone is from future...realy nice design...too bad that it can't be found in Romania...

  • dude....is this a phone????? c'mon this looks like dark's vader's phone

  • madd beasty looking fone, in blue nice 1 hope it hits england v.soon SPOT ON

  • This thing looks like a pen clip if u ask me!

  • it mobile not found in m country..i hope talk vk coumpany for it

  • What is that thing? A plane, a bird, a commet... no it's the strangest phone ever :)

  • Very nice and unique design! Good on u VK.