VK Mobile VK520

  • Released 2004, Q2
    23mm thickness
    Feature phone
    No card slot
  • N/A 80,444 hits
  • 6 Become a fan
    128x143 pixels
  • 0.3MP
    No video recorder
  • 720mAh

VK Mobile VK520 - Specs

Network Technology GSM
2G bands GSM 900 / 1800
GPRS Class 10
Launch Announced 2004, Q2
Status Discontinued
Body Dimensions 76 x 44 x 23 mm (2.99 x 1.73 x 0.91 in)
Display Type CSTN, 65K colors
Resolution 128 x 143 pixels
 Second external CSTN display, 65K colors (96 x 64 pixels)
Memory Card slot No
Phonebook Yes
Call records 10 dialed, 10 received, 10 missed calls
Main Camera Single VGA
Video No
Selfie camera   No
Sound Loudspeaker No
Alert types Vibration; Downloadable polyphonic ringtones
3.5mm jack No
Comms WLAN No
Bluetooth No
Radio No
Features Sensors
Messaging SMS, MMS
Browser WAP 1.2.1
Games Yes
Java No
 Predictive text input
Bio Rhythm
Battery   Removable Li-Ion battery
Misc Colors Blue

VK Mobile VK520 - User Reviews

  • this phone is the shex recomend for anyone whose looking!

  • best part of this mob: hold the top of mob on ur right hand and don't let go.now swing ur hand and let it touch ur back.now throw the 'camera' as hard as u can and let the dog chase it.

  • I must admit this phone isn't the best phone ever. But it is very stylish for anyone out there who wants a small stylish phone to talk and send texts. the features may not be great, no, it can't surf the net and you can't put your own music on etc. but if you just want a phone to use for the general reasons than i recommend this phone. it can take a good fall. i've had it for 5 years and it's never broken down on me. and i'm a person who tends to drop alot of phones. my previous phone the 'chocolate' was cute and had better features but it could not take a hit at all. this phone hasn't cracked at all. I don't see myself buying another phone. because for me this is the best phone for using for the general reasons and it's in the low price range. the style is just a great bonus for me.

  • Hey, I got this phone for Christmas 2006 and I was so excited, it looked gorgeous. So small and fasionable. My opinion soon changed as I discovered its limited features. My question is that it seems unless you have this phone on predicable you can only use upper-case. Please tell me if I'm doing something wrong through an email. Thanks x

  • This phone is cute when u open it is it about the same size of ur hand lol

  • you should all get some money and afford a proper phone... cheapskates yo

  • I hav this phone, it's simple for people who don't bother with downloading ringtones and wallpapers; I prefer it's small memory and slim design for people who don't depend on their phone a whole lot I prefer it to more complicated designs. People having problems with it functioning should read the care guidance in the booklet; but like i said it's not really a phone for the more downloading phone owners (really designed for texting and calling only)

  • Hey, I have got this phone it is really kool but only thing is I don't now how to download pictures to my computer....Is it possible. Please email me I am really stuck. Thankx!

  • I used to have this phone, its okay if you want a nice simple little flip. But it looks much nicer than it works.

  • Hia people im lookin for a mobile and my fav coler is purple so i thoght oh this looks like a nice 1 i also saw the pink 1 and i thought that 1 was nice 2 but the ourple 1 was cheaper so think i should get it i havnt got it yet but all the stuff about it has put me off please tl me if its a nice mobile or not thats if u have it l0l XxXxXx

  • i have had this phone sice xmas 2005 it mint but it onli holds 50 pics n thn it says memri full wen u want 2 rcord a vid n the vid as no sound on it n it wont let u dwnload real tones i dnt lyk the ariel evva :p

  • i have this phone n it dosent even have bluetooth i think thet it should

  • Heyyyy guys! ummm my friend told me that the diamantes on this phone light up when you're called, is this true? i absolutely love the sound of it! xxxx

  • does anyone know how to get the calculator on it?

  • im gettin 1 tomorrow when i was lookin 4 mobiles i saw a pink 1 but then i saw this 1 i was like wow that is so cool gotta have 1 so i can take piks of my boyf

  • i fnk it's groovy it's stylish n small n gr8 4 a xmas prezz specially 4 teen girls i was opin 2 get 1 of dem eithr 1 of those or the vk 570 but overall i fnk it's wickd

  • i got this phone so cute but does anyone have any ideas where i can get the settings for wap and picture messaging as i havent any joy so far please.....

  • I loved the look of this phone when I first saw it, I origanally was looking for pink but couldnt find a video camera one so I found this one and looked at shimmer, didnt have 'em where I went so I got black and its gorgeous! xxx

  • Hi! I got my phone last April, i loved it my screen has cracked, the phone always freezes, the volume doesn't work, camera doesn't open (it holds 50 photos), screen goes black and white, the phone switches off when writing my texts sometimes and it doesn't show the balance when I send texts or make phone calls. I would not recommend this phone to anyone, I am ringing tescos tonight to see if they can take my phone back. Just thought I'd warn you xx

  • Hiya .. I was gonna buy this phone for my christmas but would like 2 know how many pictures is holds. Could somebody who has the VK570 please tell me through posting another opinion. Please cos I need to know asap. Nicola xx

  • i got this phone for xmas 2004 and i loved it 2 start off with but after awhile it started goin wrong . There isnt enough memory on it and you can't take may pictures or recieve them. also you can't download ring tones and everything . if you don't wanna listen 2 me then fine but i warned u

  • i have just brought this mob and i love it! so far so good ! the look of it is so cute, its a realy girly phone ! i think its easy to use and got some good features. the only porblem is so far that its really weird to text on it ! but over all its a 7/10 ! xx!

  • well i have this phone and i think it is really good because it even has a mirror and you can take pictures from the frount of the phone when the phone is closed xx it just depeneds what you like in a phone

  • I have a vk520 and i think this phone really sucks. 1) you cannot download any ringtones 2) you cannot download any wallpapers/logos 3) battery life does not last 1 busy evening 4) easily scratched/marked 5) over time the speakers stuff-up. Sometimes I cant hear callers talking, or I cant hear my phone ring! (Lucky for vibration!) 6) doesn't come with features like most mobile phones eg: mp3 etc. I would not reccommend this phone to anybody!

  • Also if you order in silver the colour comes in a pinky purple silver colour and its glittery inside :D

  • I just recieved my vk570 its gr8 and so cute. But at the moment it will not recieve pics hopfully i can get this sorted out. You can get this phone from little woods for 120 pound. Well worth its money :D

  • i realy wanted the samsung T500 cuz it looks realy good but it doesnt hav a camera and this one does n its looks simalar to it but i just wanna no if its a good phone does it hav voice recorder n is the camera goood ect plzz write back! em ....

  • hi. ive bouht the pink vk530. its a really nice small good looking phone. But after a couple of weeks the colour goes weird and u have to shut it for about a minute. and u can only hold 50 photos!! compared to some phones thats rubbish! it scratches quite easily aswell!it runs out of batterry quickly. i wouldnt recomend this fone to people who want a really good reasonablt phone but i would to people to like good lookin fonez!! lol inabit

  • i've got the vk 570, which is the black version of this. its very good on perfomance and looks, but i'm not kean on vodaphone, its too expensive

  • I just thought i would let you lot know that red and silver isnt the only colours the vk 570 comes in because i own a black one i have had it for 2 days and it is reali reliable and it luks lush i think this a girls phone only lol bye x

  • Vodafone will be stocking a version of this phone with The "bLiNg" on it. it is either the VK 800 or th VK 570.

  • when i take a photo on this phone and save it to my gallery and then view it later, the picture looks like scrunched up news paper, pleassse help?

  • The only place to purchase this phone out of hong kong/asia is on ebay

  • i love this phone so much. where can i get 1

  • can somebody tell me if i can use this phone ( or the vk530 ) in Holland? and how much is this phone or the vk530? pleas mail to me!

  • can some one send me a picture of this phone when its open. and would it work in new zealand on their networks?? does it come in any other colurs?? and what is the price??

  • hi, please could someone tell me all of the features of this phone. i llike this aswell as the vk530, which is better, is this more expensive, does the batterie last longer etc. please tell m,e Laura xxx

  • I really like the look of this phone...especially the diamantes on the dial and the fact that it has two 65, 000 colour screens...very cool.

  • ok forgot to put this lol... with the phone you get pc sync which wont connect to my pc of my friends pc.. thankyou

  • ok i got this phone paid a lot of money for it.. i got it from ebay and it was shipped from hong kong which made it �20 more.. i love the fone its so dinky.. but,, and its a big but.. this phone isnt very good you cant download tones for it ive sent mono and it saves them but there is no way of using them for ringtones.. most of the wap sites say this phone is not compatible.. i can take a pic and use it as wallpaper but if someone sends me a pic i cant.:(.. when writing text messages sometimes the text just starts dissapearing and the phone as to be restarted..the battery life isnt too good but the fact that you get two makes that ok you can carry a spare round thats charged if your other dies..the ringtones are not very good.. and there is only one message tone which isnt too bad but would be nice if there was a choice.. i would advise against getting this phone..

  • im contemplatin` on purchasin this mobilefone and im just wondering if the features in this fone similiar to the ones in the samsung t500 ??

  • Except for on the webpage..where can u download things like ringtones and wall papers...? Is it compatible with any other phones type of ringtones/images? how much(feks pic wise) can the phone store, and how many mb does the camera have..? ive got the phone, but dont know this. Also, can one upgrade the software anywhere?

  • hi i have just got a vk520 from hongkong its a great phone but i find the battry last a short time like 2 days i think this is wrong as i did have a vk207 and it lasts around 4 to 5 days please can any one tell me if this is right thanks chris

  • i really love da phone i reackon its da coolest phone ever but i live in australia i want to get one that doenst cost to much well thanks 4 ya time.

  • i really love da phone and that i want 2 get one but i live in australia so where can i get one that doenst cost to much money for one please write back soon thank you.

  • i finally found sth for you. The charger is on bidding at ebay, but its a taiwanese ebay. remember to be quick before it expires. These chargers will never cost more than A$100

  • Hello all, my charger was stolen and i was wondering if anyone would know where i could find a replacment charger. I have looked every where but i am still too find a compatible charger. Willing to spend AU$100+

  • Indeed, this is a Korean company

  • Is this is a remix of Innostream INNO90 and Samsung T500?!?!?!?!?!?!? If this is a korean company, thts ok.. if not, consider to be punished by copying without permission!.. JK..JK...lol