Motorola A630

  • Released 2004, Q1
    100g, 23mm thickness
    Feature phone
    5MB storage, no card slot
  • N/A 424,980 hits
  • 12 Become a fan
    176x220 pixels, 8 lines
  • 0.3MP
    No video recorder
  • 850mAh

Motorola A630 - Specs

Network Technology GSM
2G bands GSM 900 / 1800 / 1900
  GSM 850 / 1800 / 1900 - US version
GPRS Class 10
Launch Announced 2004, Q1
Status Discontinued
Body Dimensions 99 x 45 x 23 mm, 82 cc (3.90 x 1.77 x 0.91 in)
Weight 100 g (3.53 oz)
Keyboard QWERTY
Display Type TFT, 65K colors
Resolution 176 x 220 pixels, 8 lines
 5-way navigation
Downloadable logos
Memory Card slot No
Phonebook 1000
Call records 10 dialed, 10 received, 10 missed calls
Internal 5MB
Main Camera Single VGA
Video No
Selfie camera   No
Sound Loudspeaker Yes
Alert types Vibration; Downloadable polyphonic, MP3 ringtones, composer
3.5mm jack No
Comms WLAN No
Bluetooth 1.1
Radio No
Features Sensors
Messaging SMS, EMS, MMS, Email, Instant Messaging
Browser WAP 2.0/xHTML
Games Yes + Java downloadable
Java Yes
Voice dial/memo
Battery   Removable Li-Ion 850 mAh battery (SNN5683)
Stand-by Up to 240 h
Talk time Up to 4 h
Misc Colors

Motorola A630 - User Reviews

  • i want to battary for Motorola A 630 mOBILE

  • dear friend, you required SUBCIDY CODE to unlock the phone.even i had same problem when i got it in 2005. please go to any phone repair(specilise in software) shop.

  • i want a630 main strip

  • ohh, i'm sorry to hear that.

  • I absolutely love this phone and I like the shape and size but, eventually, after using it for about a year... It started to act out. The screen and buttons would freeze, sometimes the screen would freeze into a hot pink screen and it wouldn't go away. I also think that the ribbon inside the flip area was too sensitive that it couldn't have the phone function while it was open. I didn't have any problems with charging. Just how it worked. Sigh. It really pissed me off. Haha.

  • i have a 630 motorola phone,it has stop charging and when i put any sim in that it says "unrecognize sim" kind ly help what to do.

  • that's exactly what happened to me, and this is only afrter a few months.

  • i got this phone brand new and i loved it, only problem, was after a few months or so i started getting problems with the speaker, this was only after a few months of getting it. my country does not even have pats for this phone.

  • i have this phone. iam from kolhapur. about 6 months my phone is not working properly the display problem is there. in kolhapur this model cant repair so what i do to repair it n from where?

  • why all of my multimedia content in this phone(picture, sounds)is lost?

  • I like this phone it works great but is anyone else having a problem recieving/sending picture messages?? It's frustrating becuz i pay for unlimited but the phone doesn't allow me to get or send them.

  • Hey thanks for the help!!! And yes it worked out great. Thanks again my friend. Randy

  • go to inbox,press the middle button (button in keyboard besides green dot), then you'll see the option if you want to delete all messages or just the specific one. Goodluck hope my reply is not late..hehehe! Just read it.

  • i'm not sure if the phone is worth the money you have to pay for it...

  • I have had 27 phones and this has to be the best one u can get. and miley had it on the episode of hannah montana!!!

  • I love my phone this is the second one I've had. I was wondering if anyone knows how to delete my text messages. I still have text on there from a year ago. Thanks for any help with this

  • I like the phone and all but i'm having problems with keeping my music ringtones that I downloaded from my carrier to stay on my phone and at&t doesn't have that many ringtones that I like what is a good site to download music for the model of my phone.

  • This phone is amazing. I have had 3. Just be prepared for the charger port to go out, the front screen to eventually stop working, and the inside screen to eventually stop working :( I cant buy another one. I'm tiered of having to get a new one every year. If anyone needs one for parts e-mail me.

  • I had brought this phone from USA to India. My microphone stop working and i can only hear through speakers. I don't have any suport in India for this model of Motorola as it is not launched here. Can anybody suggest me something as how to fix this problem.

  • how do u keep the fone from freezin. it wont stop and it pissin me off

  • It is d best phone...... but it has a smaller screen but still it's worth it

  • no there isnt any way you can expand the memory. just dont buy it its an old phone and there are many newer better phones on the market.

  • i am impressed with the phone....but it lacks expandable memory ,if u can plis let me know if there's sum way to upgrade d memory...thanks

  • I really like this phone, but I've experienced those irritating problems that most have talked about. First off, the phone has stopped charging. What I did, I picked up a free phone through my local freecycle that used the same battery. I use that phone to charge up and switch out the batteries manually. I bit of a pain, but I can still use to it. Second, the mic stopped working and I had to use a headset. After a while, it started working again on it's own. Maybe loose wire? The good thing is, this phone has been dropped many times and it's still working! It even fell off the hood of my truck and was found lying in the middle of the street and someone returned it to me. Scratched up, but works fine. I really like this phone and it will be a sad day when I have to retire it. If you have an old a630 that stopped charging, don't throw it away. You can send it to me at [email protected](o) Just remove the parenthesis

  • i love it

  • Never seen a sad phone than that in my Life

  • i am using that phone since one month and that phone look very good and function is also good but i wanna know this that,in this phone v can add yahoomesenger plz mailed me [email protected]

  • the design is great idea at a time where cell phone are huge huge hude to fit into regular pockets. They shall keep the design with more recent technology, such as VoiP, Wifi and large screen inside, and more battery.

  • hey i was wondering if any of u were having this problem...but when i charge my motorola it seems to just charge at one bar like it never seems to be like fully charging...can anyone help me wit this is it the battery or not?...plz email me at [email protected]

  • touch screen? ai cool =]

  • the phone is not up to the mark for anyone

  • hi people, can u please send me the emailconfiguration for this fone to my mail id ihs v urgent Thanks in Advance bye warm wishes Bala

  • love the phone however had problems with exterior keypad , dissasembled and found the problem , there is a small magnet that dislodged, a small dab of glue and a t-5 screwdriver is all needed, do not buy a new keypad not the problem

  • I loved this phone when i frist got and still do but i think motorola needs to step it up man, i've had to send just that one phone back and forth 4 times already and it's only been 2 years since i had it. So in my opinion the phone is great but motorola needs to work on making better products.

  • I loveD this phone to DEATH when i FiRST got it.. its been a little OVER a YR.. and the phone's having problems... I can't hear through the ear-part anymore.. I can only use speaker.. but.. gees let i dont' want the WHOLE world to hear my convo! so yeah. this phone is good when its NEW.

  • Does anyone know how to avoid being not capable of charging their A630. I just purchased one over ebay and I'm really hoping mines not going to die so quickly. thanks email me plz [email protected]

  • the nokia 1100 has the best camera in the whole entire world out of all the phones i have ever seen

  • wat is the memory of this phone and is there an option of extendale memory

  • i am unable 2 delete msgs and pics from my A630. please help me do so. plz mail me at [email protected]

  • Great phone if you like to text. It stops charging eventually. Motorolas are notorious for that, my screen has recently started blanking out, the outside display stoped working, and it wont charge fully sometimes. Dam Motorola and their shotty products. It was a great phone while it lasted.

  • d phone iz aaasssswwwmmm

  • this phone is is compact, bluetooth, convenient for text or instant messaging. the downfall to this phone is that it lacks memory, i would not be able to store my mp3s, pictures, and my messages. so expect to be deleting some of your memory every once in a while. other than that, this is phone IMO bada**. hope motorola will update this device and include an expandable memory card slot.

  • i have this set and i am enjoy this and i like but 1 problem memorey is to shot but i like it thanks

  • I have this phone, the thing has been replaced 3 time, why won't they fix the bugs in the phone and re-issue it, it is the most functionally dconvient phone of it's type on the market. but to quit this design and go the to , punching number to get alphabets, who stuck their head ina a hole in the ground?? re-maike the phone and fixt the problems and re-issue it..this speaker has a problem the microphone has a problem and the charging point has a problem. fixt the problem.. don't throw out the baby because the bath water is dirty.. it's insanity. No wonder american companies are falling behind in every category.

  • One more thing, my phone suddenly became almost impossible to hear through the speaker, even at full volume. Luckily I have a bluetooth headset and that has solved the problem, but if the battery dies on the headset, I might as well not answer the phone because I can't make out what the person on the other end of the line is saying.

  • My wife and I both have this phone and hers stopped charging about a week ago (we've had the phones almost a year). I've tried to hold the cord different ways to get it to charge and nothing works, now we're forced to buy another phone and our contract doesn't run out for another 3 months. I might have to reactivate the old reliable Nokia until we can switch companies and get new phones.

  • i had this phone for half a year and it stopped charging completely and my phone company couldn't fix it so i bought another one and it lasted a year and eventually stopped charging fully. so by the end of the year i had two non-charging phones. i wouldn't recommend this phone if you want a long term phone. but it is a good phone to text message and internet-ing

  • i had this phone for about 8 months before it stopped charging. the charger hangs loose and it doesn't charge at all.

  • I've had this phone for almsot a year, and the charger port is so big now that the charger plug just hangs loose. Basically, my phone won't charge anymore.

  • I'm on my 3rd one, the speaker is hard to hear through and my qwerty keyboard has sunk into the phone so I can hardly push the buttons anymore, also sometimes my screen blanks out and it also doesn't charge up all the way overnight. I've had it less than a year.

  • plus this phone is also samll.. i think its betetr than the sidekick one.. tat ones to big.. you cant put it in your poceket.. its to biih.. this ones liek the perfect size. -chrisitne

  • does the phone have aim and internet on this hing.. so liek if you can go to myspace or yahooo and to check your mail..? thats what i wanted to know.. i saw this phone at FRY's electronics...and i was blown away.. i begged my dad for it.. and he said maybe.. so im hoping to come back and get it. hopefully.. i jsut ahve to have this phone.. but that was my main questions. -chrisitne

  • I think this phone need to be back on the market. it is one of the best 2 in 1 phones. i saw and held this phone once and i've got soo much to say about it. Today i tryed to get one and i found out it was off the market. you guys should put the phone back on the market and let me know.That way i can pick up mine, then you guys can take it off any time your want. All i'm saying is i need to get one and you guys can help me, so help. I will be paying, so don't worry.

  • How is the calendar and to-do list functions? That's what I really need. Can you sync with Outlook, or Yahoo? Thanks for sharing your experience with this.

  • this is by far the best phone every invented. a texter's dream come true.

  • I've had a bad experirnce with this phone. This is the 3rd repacement, and it comes back to the same issue. When you put the charger jack into the phone it doesn't charge after a while. You will have to hold on it to charge, and after a while does not charge at all. Nice phone to have besides this. T-Mobile keeps sending a refurbished phone instead of a new phone.

  • I love my phone. My husband gave it too me for mothers day. the only thing that I seem to be having a difficult time locating a leather case for it. I am halfway through designing one out of a couple of other leather cases for diferant phones. But if I could fined one made for this phone I would be in heaven. Is there anyone out there that can help me? If not. How many other people are looking? So I no how many cases too make. Ha ha. Thank You Susan

  • To Bence: "413:Requested Entity Too Large" Most of sites on google are build in Html format,the screen size of this sites are very large and don�t work in many phones, my phone ( SE T630 ) have the same problem. I hope that help u.

  • I wanted to buy this phone, but it seems to have been discontinued. Can anyone tell me where I can get it? I've gone to so many places and they always try to push the RAZR on me. Seems to be a really good phone.. Why would it be discontinued?

  • This is a great phone.I loved it the moment i bought it from USA.I am using it in hyd,India. Everything abt the phone is so cool. Its so elegant and sleek.Controls are good. It is best for all the limited features that it has. I have used almost all the advanced OS mobile phones. Its a basic phone with good features. I was planning on selling it cos i have I-mate JAM right now. people interested in buying it may call me at +919849477818

  • I have the a630 unlocked and custom flexed form tmobile and using with cingula (ex-att), however email, aim still does not work. Web browser works with google, but not with many other sites, get error: "413:Requested Entity Too Large" Can anyone help? Here is the flex version I used: email with help if you can. Thanks!

  • im reading all the info and looking at the pictures of the a630.. im getting a new phone soon dat i need to keep til it breaks (lol says my mom)and this one looks pretty cool but can anyone who already have this cell phone tell me if its really good or not? like the negative and postitive things about it? email me or something =) thank you!

  • hey i have a motorola a630 which was unlock originally from tmobile. now im trying to figure out how i can use the web browser so i can download ringtones and stuff. i have a ATT sim card. please help and let me know asap.

  • Hey does anyone know when will cingular get the Motorola A630? Iv'e been wating since last year? I would buy the T-mobile version but im not crazy about the color? Help!!!

  • im thinkin bout gettin this A630 because if hiw it looks..and how it has tha lil keyboard..i was gonna get tha sidekick but thats to0 big so i found that tha A630 is somethin like it does have a camera and i could IM and text tha reasons why i want there any suggestions why i shouldn't get tha camera good..i love takin pics..thanks everyone

  • honestly, this phone is crap... reception is bad, no video player, no mp3 player, no nothin... needs a memory slot for uploadable mp3's or picture files... phone chips off alot while on the line, it becomes extorted at times...

  • i think this phone should b upgraded to be a 3g phone and much more feature like making it able to store videos and it should have a memory slot thats my opinion.

  • Im recieve this model as a replacement phone for my Danger Sidekick II. It should come in tomorrow. I just wanted to know if anyone knew any appz and site i would use to create and dl ringers and wallpapers, also any cool tips or things to know or get for this phone. Appz, Accessories, the works. thanks everyone.

  • i see that it does not do html pages. now what exactly does that mean. i have the v300 now and go onto espn. com all the time can i do this still on this phone if not that could be a killer.

  • extremely nice design but missing many options ...very nice screen tho...i would like to hear more info and comments on it tho from actually users..thanks..

  • better looking than the other ulgy motorolas....this thing looks like a palmtop or communicator....maybe ill get looks good. black and all....

  • better looking than the other ulgy motorolas....this thing looks like a palmtop or communicator....maybe ill get looks good. black and all....

  • AFter posting i read through alot of theother posts. I am pretty experienced with my a630 now, and can probably answer most questions reguarding its use. Feel free to email me if you have any. More than Likley i will respond from my phone :)

  • I ave had this phone for abour 5 months now and love it. mp3 ringtones made it easy for me to create and DL them for free. the keyboard is very easy to get used to, with exception of the m key. Always missing that, lol. By far the best phone i have had.

  • i just love this phone. are these models available in malaysia and how much will it cost. if not please make it available in malaysia. for the of god do it.

  • Can I use this phone with a cingular sim card? If so what do i do so i can use it

  • The sms memory is not on the phone, sms are stored on the sim card, if you can only have 15 sms saved, then you probably need a newer sim card that can hold more memory

  • i have had my a630 a few months ago and i love it, i have traveled to europe and it picks up wonderfully, i use it to email and it is so easy to use

  • Does anyone else have a problem with the camera? The picture looks clear when you take it. Once saved, it looks really blurry when you try to look at it through the album. This is my 2nd A630 (other returned for that very reason)..... any suggestions? Please and thanks guys!! -nana

  • does anyone know how to delete pictures?

  • I just got an a630 from a company called and its amazing! it offers lots of little features however lacks an HTML pages.

  • Hi, I have bought the Motorola A630 phone and they unlocked it for me in the shop, so I can use it with Cingular. However, none of the web application (AIM, E-mail) is working. Does it need to hack some of the company software to be able to use internet application? Can anybody help me ? Thank you.

  • This could be an SMS-head's dream phone. But, really, texting is all it's great for because of its keyboard. The blue-tooth functions are very limited, if not useless (i.e. can't transfer SMS text messages out to save them somewhere else.) And yes, the biggest problem with the phone is that there is NO WAY you can save SMS messages within the phone. THis is soooo stupid considering it's a phone designed solely for heavy texting. Quite disappointing!!!!

  • I just got my new phone a630 and i have a problem with three way conferencing ,when i dial the second number i have to put the first number on hold and after dialing the second number i am unable to link the first number.can any one help about this

  • love the phone, though there is not enough memory! doesn't hold many text msgs! cute phone though!

  • The phone is nice. But someone cud have done a better job with the menus'. Transition from samsung to motorola was tough for me and I still feel that my samsung SPH A 460 has a better interface than this. But the phone is real nice and does invite a lot of attention from coworkers. Photos not real good.

  • The phone capacity is only 15 text messages.Having difficulty accessing the web because i am using it with cingular.No beam!!The idea of a new model is to perfect and add features that the old one was lacking.Not take them away!!

  • Just got the phone and it is nice. However I am amazed that it does not have any SD card slot as being shown by so many sites.

  • help! i luv this phone so much but i was wondering if this phone available without a carrier ? i live in middle east we dnt have t-mobile stuff like that. plz plz plz help thanx

  • need more memory space + expandable mamory slot...

  • i really like the phone too...looks great, but one thing, motorola menus are always hard to understand...i wish nokia came out with something like this. i know nokia has 9300 now, but that doesnt have camera + a630 need more mega pixcel camera.

  • does anyone at all know when its released?

  • when u close it it's not good but when u open it it's good

  • Good reception and size. Lacks notpad for writing random notes (no, the Notepad feature in the manual refers to a feature that holds numbers entered into the phone and doesn't do text of any type). The short cut feature mostly results in "Shortcut not allowed for this item". Many features hidden deep within confusing menus. Still, better than any other T-Mobile phone I've used.

  • A630 is a great device and would highly recommend this phone. Holds up to 5 email accounts, text messages and AOL instant messanger. Phone is a great size considering all it can do. I like the A630 a lot better then the Sidekick. The Bluetooth works great and the speaker phone is crystal clear.

  • This phone is a great phone for those with speech impaired. A girl came in and bought this model and she had a heavy speech impairment. She is a very happy customer now!

  • the A630 doesn't have any memory card expansion slot built in it.

  • Is the text messaging really WAP based? I dont wanna have to log onto the internet anytime I want to send smoething

  • Does it have MMC slot for expandable mamory?

  • hey guys i was looking at this phone and the motorola razor. im not sure which on to get plus ones on tmobile and the other one is on cingular.which do u guys prefer? it would really help if soneone would respond.thanks!!

  • hey i just got the a630 and its a pretty nice phone cool, compact and fun. But i had to get it for tmobile and the reception is horrible so if anyone knows the unlock code or a site where i can get it free. please email it to me at [email protected]

  • Where can I get this phone on long Island? This phone is hot

  • pls i will to order for this iterm a630 pls let me price and the shiping cost to west africa so i can porsae the order. best regard

  • its the best

  • Not a bad design! I had a speech impaired girl that came to buy this unit today and she seemed very happy with it. We'll see how it goes, I hope no complaint will come from the customer

  • i really love this phone because it has all the features that i really like and i could text message anybody that has text messaging on the phone.also that i could take pictures on anybody.

  • So far this is the best phone I have used, I work for tech support for a usa phone company, we do have them in stock, they are shipping. It allows up to 5 email accounts. DOES not do regular HTML pages, bu wap sites work great. You can email your self wallpapers and ringtones, as long as they are in the right format and size. Being in tech support, I have access to all the phones, and this is what I use on a daily basis.

  • whoaaaa..!! when a630 came to indonesian? i realy reaallly want have this stuf!

  • where will i store my music and other files you fools never think with your mind thats why you always remain behind.

  • The Phone is too big but nice.While i will like 2 ve one 4 myself.

  • yo wer can i get da a630

  • I'm currently using this phone and so far am very impressed. Email me if you have any ?'s about it. Price is really good right now in the U.S. 199.99 IF you buy the bluetooth headset along w/ it.. because you get the 100.00 rebate (reg activation price 299-100 rebate= 199.00

  • good formation

  • yeah i can get one for my next video!! gay

  • this is my next phone for sure.. love it love it. thinner and lighter than v300. darn.

  • it looks like a nice phone is there also one with 850 like shows

  • The A630 is definiely here. I just purchased one @ a T-Mobile store in NJ, USA and the store had several in stock. I'm having a good time getting familiar with this phone/handheld!!

  • Don't get your hopes up. Amazon just pulled the phone and cancelled orders. The regional CSR manager for TMobile has no ETA on the phones availability. CIngular still does not carry the phone on its site and the 'release party' was in July.

  • about $400.oo

  • Hey a630 people. Ive had this phone now for about a month. Although it is an amazing concept,sadly, the phones performance is not the greatest. The v600, 525, and the v80 have better signal strength. The software is still the same as most v models. Hopefully tmobile updated the software issue. The camera is just ok so, again hopefully the software is updated. It is an excelent concept and the phone is light weight.and attractive. Texting is very easy. The keyboard is very small.I love it. Ive had one guy tell me it was too small for him. I would rate the phone a 7.5 out of 10. I feel the same about the V3. This is just my opinion. I love motorola, I just think its time for crisper screens, mega pixel picture capabilities, lightweight, dual color screens, more organized phonebook and quad bands. Any questions, feel free to ask

  • where can i purchase this phone

  • hey isnt this already out as a sidekick 11?? looks deadly alike! with exception of camera

  • Dealer: Phone is coming out in just over a week (confirmed) for T-mobile in the United States. Will have a nicer display than the Cingular version due to newer software already in the phone. Price is $299.99 before any rebates.

  • This phone will be released by T- Mobile by mid November. I will wait for it.

  • When will this phone be available through Cingular in the US market?

  • How much does this phone cost?

  • I love every Motorola phones. In my opinion Motorola A630 is one of he most coolest phones I had ever seen so far. I would like to know when motorola A630 will be available in USA. And, if there's anyway i could trade my current phone which is motorola v600 to the A630. THANK YOU

  • I like the A 630 very much and I want to buy it, but it is not available!

  • How many email accounts?

  • which phone would u guys recommend the v80 or this one. and do u know when this phone is coming out i really like it also does ne one know if it has a speakerphone?

  • Dear sir/madam I am in saudi Arabia and I want to purchase motorola A630 but when can i find in saudi arabia and how much the price .Can this mobile will work in saudi as well as India also?

  • That phone is crazy hot send me an email on when it comes out

  • Can you please let me know when this phone will be released.. I need a new phone I know Have the Color Side kick and hesitant to get the Side kick II so please let me know when this hot phone will be available. I seen it on The show Entourage on HBO

  • this is a tight phone. what is the price?

  • is the a630 able to surf the web?? you know, like the sidekick..

  • I think that the mororola A630 is going to be the hottest phone out. i can't wait till it comes out so that i can get it.

  • when is this phone coming out? My old phone broke and I want to buy this one now.

  • this is a great phone...its small but contains many usefull features i love it when i can take pictures of my friends without a camera because its in my phone ...definitly get it today!!!

  • no memory card? how to keep those MP3 ringtones??

  • The phone in those two video's is the Motorla E398..

  • It was just listed on Amazon. $99 with rebates

  • I recently emailed a Motorola representative and she told me this exactly "Thank you for your recent inquiry regarding the Motorola A630. We are very close to launching with Tmobile at this time. I can not provide you an exact date. However, the tentative date is the week of October 15th. Thank you!

  • where can i buy one of these in the charlotte nc area?

  • where can i buy a A630 at i cant find one no where i live in ky

  • i am looking for price of motorola a630 and i dont know sure how much that motorola price let me know soon as possible as

  • It's Simply the best!!!!!!!

  • I want to buy it now! When will it be available on cingular? When will it be available on tmobile?

  • Man if anyone know where i can get the Motorola A630 can u please let me know i have been looking for this phone for a month for my boyfriend...thanks i would greatly appreciate...but to give my comments this is the phatest phone i have seen in a min...motorola keep up the good work.....

  • i love it how can i get bye one ?

  • I was wonderin' when the Motorola A630 is goin' to come out and under who's service can you get it? Thanks!

  • It lacks expandable memory. Could have been my top choice.

  • i just wanted to know if u guys knew when the motorola A630 phone comes out?

  • Had a motorola similar to this a few years ago. it was awesome. this phone is the new updated version and i can't wait to get it

  • Hello, I wonder... Where can I buy that Motorola A630 any stores that i can buy? i have been looking around for that kind of Motorola a630 and i was buy a magazaine and saw motorola there and not tell where to buy at.. I just want to know where is it at? Thanks bye

  • that is a sweet phone, and yet its more than a phone... where and when can i get one of these... raftheleo

  • Why's it taking so long to put the Motorola a630 on the market? I would love to purchase one but I have other model options I'm considering. Can anyone tell me when this thing will hit the stores.

  • this is one of the sexiest set

  • 100 percent .

  • What is the release date fo this cellular phone motorola a360 please its important cauz i need this shit! thx

  • will this phone release in malaysia?? do anyone know abt the price of this??

  • As soon as i saw this i wanted it and i still do. It is one of the best phones u have made.

  • i want to know when this phone is coming out

  • so... maybe anyone knows when will this phone be in stores... cant wait

  • Is this phone locked? I have tmobile and are wondering if this phone can be used with tmobile service? Motorola a630

  • Hey..saw a phone like this in the music video for 50Cent's this the phone..cos it has that swing action..or is it an older model??

  • i think the a630 is a hot item but i want to know when and where can i buy it???

  • You "ghedo" talking people sound so stuped and dumb, dont talk like that, I mean come on, yo homie I gots cha bozzzz, that so gay...

  • when will that fkn' coming soon will end end it ll be realesed... cant waint no more!!!

  • i would like to know when it will sell this one?? how much cost??? is it include weather, news, and everything?? phone??

  • I love cell phones I always try to buy new one that i don't have.I like to keep up to date on my phones i would like to know the price on this phone please . Thanks

  • who knows wat the fone is in black eyed peas video and lil bow vid and j kwons tipsy is it this one help!

  • i thought this was the handset off the black eyed peas video. but i think its slightly different cos im sure it had a bigger inside screen.

  • what is betta the sidekick or da a630 well emaill me when dis phone comes out so i can go buy it.

  • this phone is killa. its hot can you send me a e-mail when it becomes available to buy.

  • the A630 cost $250.00 in the USA.

  • how about the memory?? how many MP3 ringtones can it store? i only worried about its memory!!

  • nice

  • Anyone notice, im pretty damn sure this is the phone off the black eyed peas film crip; Lets Get it started (get retarted). Looks pretty much like that one, and it is a motorola in that clip, so how could they have it already?

  • when is that phone coming out i been wanting .... im ready to give the sidekick UP for the a630 ... can someone PLEASE LET ME KNOW SOMETHING.......

  • Anyone know how this compares to the upcoming Sideick II? And do you have to have the phone open to use the camera and just about every other function? Also, is it connected to the internet working with AIM & an HTML browser? --sean

  • there is no sd card slot and it will be available with services thru t-mobile(my favorite) and cingular wireless. it should be between $200-$300. i think its an excellent phone and will prolly get it my self but i wanna know more about it cause if it cant top the sidekcik 2 then im not gonna mess with it, cause thats my next choice seeing that it has more functions than before (speakerfone, send/end button, more control buttons, shoulder buttons(mute button/volume button) actual power switch, and built in camera)

  • i hear prices to be in the range of 250-350

  • Does anyone have a round about idea of how much this may or may not cost?

  • Screen is too small to have Real time web browsing like the sidekick. This thing should be out by the end of August here in the States.

  • i saw the news of this phone! ­

  • i need to know when this thing is coming out .... because i have the color sidekick you what it wont be long.. lol ... i talkin about this a630

  • I would also like to know the price and release date for this item + where I can get it..

  • One of the most innovative phones I have seen out there. Qwerty keyboard,65K color, Bluetooth,SD Plus strong battery lifee too!!! I will definately be getting one as soon as I can find it anywhere

  • What company is this phone going to be sold thru??

  • Its gunna come out by da end of July. Eventually TMOBILE is gunna have it too...

  • Cingular is gunna be the service provider. prolly gunna cost bout $200-$300. Nice looking phone. Check out the CNET review:

  • when it will come to malaysia??

  • I would like to know the price before buying. I'm deaf.

  • when can i buy motorola a630

  • Motorola is making an annoucement on this phone on 30 Jun at a New York out for it !!!

  • Please contact when phone is in stores and under what service provider. Thanks.

  • I want to know if this is going to have the BlackBerry software on it!! This totally rivals the Treo 600 using GoodLink.

  • when is it to come in europe and in what price??? pls mail me

  • add this to my bag when sending.

  • Anyone know where i can get this phone??? (A630)

  • Is this mobile going to come in Europe and when and with what price? PLease answer at my e-mail immediately...Thank you!

  • Yo this phone is tight. Anyone have the four eleven on this mug. Hit me up on my email and let me in on this four eleven aiight. peace out

  • i hope this thing will come out soon n the price also not so high

  • when does this model come out

  • if this phone compare to nokia 9500 which one is better? how about the price?

  • i need to know who is gonna be the service provider for this motorola a630.. i would like to know when it is coming out asap, thank you

  • motorola!!! when this thing will come out?? i have been waiting since this phone appear in this web site when??when?? will it release in malaysia?? or i need to import from other country?? wat the price??

  • i have a sidekick that i have been waiting to sychronize for 15 months. i cant wait to drop kick it through the upwrights. cant be too soon.......

  • i wan a phone tat has mp3 ringtones , VGA camera , keyboard n bluetooth this phone is the best

  • amazing

  • This phone is Hott! Can someone please tell where I can get one for myself. Holla!

  • hello.. can i ask will this phone available at malaysia??? if somebody know pls email me

  • Hi. I want to buy Motorola A630 in Hong Hong. or online. How much ? or How process ? Thanks Jeong Won.

  • I love it so far. I have the accompli 009 and the A630 will give me the text messaging, web browsing, bluetooth and a camera. I can't wait to make the purchase.

  • the best phone

  • motorola !! can u tell me when will release in penang??? i need it if somebody know please email me

  • Where can I find one to buy. Please get back with me I would like to know where I can purchase one at. Thanks

  • good!! got mp3 ringtones cam keyboard better than NOKIA 6820 FOR 100 TIMES SUCKER NOKIA!! ha..

  • When is the phone expected to come out????? And who would be carrying it?????

  • what the price of A630 in malaysia? i wantit!! when will release in penang? somebody if you know please email me thank you very much!!

  • does it release at malaysia? when?at penang ? im waiting 4 it ok? somebody please tell me the price

  • I would like to purchase one of those motorola a630 but cant find one where do I find one and how much is it cause im tired of the tmobile sidekick

  • What is the price of the Motorola A630? who would be the service provider.

  • sweet!

  • Also I dont want it to run on MS Mobile...

  • This phone is cool looking. IrDa is nothing compared to bluetooth, so dont worry about not being able to do IrDa needed stuff. If this phone truely is based off of the 009 then it will have email. I wish it had a 1.3 Mega-Pixel camera, a camera flash, a camera zoom, a better screen, and video calling. Just add those things and I am sold. Great product Motorola...

  • i would like to know the price and the release date

  • hey, when ya set for motorola A630??? let me know please..... send me back ok bye

  • I think it looks like a great phone with some great features I cants wait to get one I hope in the future it will be on the T-mobile network and then we can really see those features get put to great use.

  • This looks gooooooood! I have an accompli 009 now, and a normal cell phone for calling, but it would be great to have one of these, everything wrapped in 1... I hope there will be a pop3 mail client on it though...Ive read on some other sites that it WILL have a pop3 and an IMAP4 client...

  • I was wondering how I can get more info on this phone and I want to know does it beam info like my accompli 009 by motorola

  • I think it's a cool looking phone. The pad to dial the phone numbers on is a bit unorthodoxed though.

  • when will the a630 be available in stores how much will it cost and is it available for use with the cingular employee rate plans

  • Mai laife will not be complete until ai have deez electric telephone in my store in Malaysia. Ai laike very much. You must send to me eight-hundred million of deez model. Mai address is: 284 Dodgy-Dealingstreet Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia Ai eagerly await mai telephones. Thank you very much yes please.

  • I think the motorola a630 looks like a great phone to use and it has great features and the design looks ok but it should have all the included things the sidekick has plus the features it bring cause then you'll bring out the best of this phone and your companys industries will make a lot of money off this device.

  • gostaria de saber o pre�o em dolares e qual a forma de pagamento, moro no Brasil e minha tecnologia � gsm sera que funciona aqui.

  • I have heard the speculation that a phone was coming out to replace the hiptop sidekick and the messiah has been revealed. This looks to be a promising product yet another outstanding achieviment for motorola company I am a keyboard phone veteran i have had the talkabout, timport p935, v100,nokia 9290, the accompli 009 ,nokia 6800 and now the sidekick but the a630 surpasses them all motorola has broken the mold.

  • this phone is hot!!! when is it coming out!! im getting tired of looking at the picture. i want the physical thing!! when can i get it?

  • This phone is so cool...gotta have two, one for me and one for my boy friend...!!

  • you have any idea how much the A630 might be???

  • when and where can i get it? how much do you want for it. I have to have it!

  • This thing is hot! gotta have 1.

  • Who is going 2 be the service provider for the motorola a630?

  • Works much better than older one. But screen is a bit slow. Very expensive than the others.

  • finally come out with extra memory slot product but without OS the memory are useless, right?? if compare, P900 still better if compare

  • I think it will be beter than P900 overall because A630 has a keyboard and it is just what I'm looking for. I can't wait for it

  • To Whom This May Concern, Please notify when this is for sale & the total price. Thank you, Robert Drexler Haven Park West, Inc.

  • No IrDA!?! - Ok that's minor problem...but with this QWERTY keyboard and without e-mail client ...that's stupid really stupid! Anotjer thing - No OS so no apps ....otherwise not bad

  • umm not bad not bad at all

  • wow this is what I been looking for.Another 3way type of phone and the camera is in it.For all of used who had the accompli and used the keyboard feature.thank you motorola.I want one of these soon as it work with the u.s. gsm network

  • it's very goooooooooooooooooooood!!!!!!!!!I want it NOW""""""""""""""""!!!!!!!

  • this fone is WOW