Sony CM-DX 1000

  • Released 1997
    235g, 32mm thickness
    Feature phone
    No card slot
  • N/A 225,042 hits
  • 52 Become a fan
    4x16 chars
  • NO
    No video recorder
  • 1350mAh

Sony CM-DX 1000 - Specs

Network Technology GSM
2G bands GSM 900
Launch Announced 1997
Status Discontinued
Body Dimensions 150 x 45 x 32 mm (5.91 x 1.77 x 1.26 in)
Weight 235 g (8.29 oz)
Display Type Monochrome graphic
Resolution 4 x 16 chars
Memory Card slot No
Phonebook 100
Call records
Camera   No
Sound Loudspeaker No
Alert types Monophonic ringtones
3.5mm jack No
Comms WLAN No
Bluetooth No
Radio No
Features Sensors
Messaging SMS
Clock No
Alarm No
Games No
Java No
Battery   Removable Li-Ion 1350 mAh battery
Stand-by 70 h
Talk time 10 h
Misc Colors

Sony CM-DX 1000 - User Reviews

  • You drop this phone 6 feet it breaks but still working, you drop your android 6 feet say goodbye to to your money..

  • 3 decades ago was not in the market yet sir.

  • My first phone

  • That was my first phone.

  • No, but you can use it as a nut crusher 😀 I had this phone 3 decades ago and it was good phone for that time.

  • What the... (Don't tell me you take jokes seriously!)

  • I have this phone and its work!!

  • Good Phone for the time!!!

  • yes can .install

  • How do you insert a SIM to it? Thank you!

  • Still in use this cell since 1999 and no problem at all ... and have a sony smart phone and both are really awesome... Rock this phone...signal is the only matter..

  • Can I install Android 6.0 Marshmallow on it and run Gta on it?

  • ******old is gold......******

  • so nice in that time so qute

  • Hi I need a manual for this one, as I have it and do not know how to start it/

  • Mine also still in use...

  • Bought it in 1998 and still in use today with the original battery! Can any smartphone compete with such a longevity?

  • It was my first Handy. Unwieldy but great for that time. I used it for official purposes and has served four years.

  • This has a big screen (4x16). Have you ever seen?

  • Iv'e got one. My first cellphone. Mom payed for it. Battery is probably very dead. Not selling it! :)

  • i want this mobile

  • Does somebody has still this sony i want to buy one of course it must work and batterie still ok. thanks

  • do you still have it?

  • This was my first phone ever back in ...1990 something, loved it, it was wicked cose you could answer the call by sliding the earphone up and the antena was cool too plus it was one of the first phones that vibrated. I remember it, loved it at it's time, still a sony ( ericsson) fan 16 years later.

  • wow teaser of android kitkat

  • How to install Temple Run on this phone?I can't even find the android market.

  • Can I install Whatsup or Viber, I can't even upgrade to JellyBean

  • is this with android 4.3

  • Can I upgrade tis ios7?someone help

  • That's made my day :'(

  • Truth be told, these phones in those times were more useful than smartphones today. Respect the past!

  • Agreed.

  • we must dont make fun our past if we do the future will make us fun

  • yes it was a brill phone had one myself

  • 16 years from now our children will make fun of our galaxy s4.

  • Haha, Make fun as much as you want. But you should remembers BACK in 1997. This phone was one of the best and up to date phone, in just 16 years, the phone has changed ALOT.

  • owesome!! I love the 20mp camera and Android OS 10.5 (Pizza) the screen is very cool especially when watching HD movies hahaha!!!

  • really amazing!! this phone will destroy both apple and samsung!!

  • HD display is awesome, any news on when jellybean will be available for this phone?

  • lol, a video call? are u high?

  • sarcasm in this comment is too damn high

  • Hi guys! Please help me how to make video call with this cool device. Thanks in advance.:D

  • i was also a proud owner of this phone in 1997. bought it for usd 880 (Rs 40000/-).During that time whenever i was speaking over this phone at least 100 odd eyes would look at me in awe! amazing thrill,still fresh in my memory.

  • My first cellphone, have it at 1997. Very descent phone, to make or answer a call you must slide up the speakerphone, antenna is retractable, rugged..drop it several times but no major damage. Too bad I sell it two years later for Nokia 5110

  • I had buy one like this ( I still have it in perfect working condition with the official SONY car kit hands free !) . I bought it exactly when it came out in Germany (Winter 1995).I had first buy the first SONY gsm mobile with the code CMD-100 . I have also this in working condition . You see these years a SONY was a ...SONY !

  • This was my first phone, I have a wave 2....that time we coul'd not even imagine these new smart phones...Technology is tooooooo fast...

  • Yes I have that phone but my father makes collection of old phones so I cant give you :( sorry

  • does anyone still have this phone? i want to have this one...because it's a lot of memories for me, it's my first celullar phone...i'm very glad if someone give me for free...thanks before

  • are you still use that phone right now?

  • I get CM-DX1000 (First Release, Battery 1200mAh) in 7/1996 when GSM lauched in Czech Republic.

  • One of my best phones I ever had, when it comes down to reliability, stability, robustness and ease of use. Standby- and talktime was impressive at that time... I bought in in 10/96, so it must have been released prior to 1997.

  • I too got this phone in Nov 96 when it was a new release in the UK. It was super and I enjoyed it.

  • The best phone ever :-) but it wasn't introduced in 1997 because I had already in august 2006 when gsm was beginning in the Netherlands

  • phone disabled

  • I've a Sony CM-DX1000 almost new cpl.with loader (transformer and car) cover,etc. If you're intrested, make me a offer. [email protected]

  • I have just got one of these phones in a job lot I bought off someone via eBay. It looks in fantastic condition but doesn't have a battery. Does anyone know where I can get a battery for it as I would like to use it. I have tried eBay but no-one has listed any batteries for it.

  • this phone was announced in 1997,how is it possible to you to have this phone three years earlier than it was produced. please do not think that people are fool.

  • i had this lovely set way back in 1994, superb value at the time. still have the set with me.

  • I am also a very content user of this CM-DX-1000 in the Netherlands.

  • Interesting...Great for fending off a would-be robber....

  • looks like a brick though!

  • This is mine first used cellular phone! They made 23.February and 13.November 1996 (I've got two). I think it's oldest in my area! I'm proud on them. Everything do perfectly, battery last 2 days, charging for 3-4 hours, clear voice,...! Not for sales!!! Good old cm-dx 1000!

  • It was my first mobile phone and if I could buy one now in perfect condition I would do it immediatly!!!

  • I love this! Forget the iphone, this rocks

  • Dude.. I catn wait for this model!! this is gonna rock!! does anyone have any information regarding it's release dates?

  • oh, and by the way, i only got another phone about a year ago, definetly a monster phone

  • i've had this phone for ages and the only reason i dont have it anymore is my lazyness to fix it ( i have two of them ), bloody thing took a dacade of non-stop operation ans harassment, fell countless times, went into water two times, broke a plywood cupboard in a burst of rage and kept on working !!! bleedin indestructable!!! best phone ever

  • I bought this mobile today, but saw at home that it haven't adapter for mobile card. Could somebody send me manual to try solve problem

  • This phone is everything i need. i love it like a man loves his wife. its the cheese onmy toast..... the jack in my coke

  • i love this phone

  • i am love in it this was my dreem phone maq

  • this phone is i like very much its looking very beutifull tonight i is wanting for dinner tonight

  • What a great phone!It's the best phone!

  • I need SONY GSM phone CMD-X1000 User Manual possibly in italian language. If you can send in pdf format to my address. Thanks

  • I need a new battery for my old Sony CM-DX 1000. Any chance for that ? Kris

  • wowee. what a great phone. i dont care if my friends larf at me. i think im ql. does anyone know if this phone has bluetooth?

  • ahmed if u want te battery u can go tu a cheapskate shop and any one who say tis is a great phone u must be kidding me thank u

  • horrid fone its is an old brick there needs to be some improvement!!!

  • Iwant sony becauseit look's like the ihad siemen s4 andi's so good for me.

  • I am looking for a battery pack QN-011BP for a Sony handy CM DX 1000. Where can I buy it??

  • am unable to send sms .i have set service centre ,do i have to set protocol id ? am receiving sms without any problem VIJAY SINGH EMAIL :[email protected]

  • My sweet mobile ever

  • I need Sony CM-DX 1000 manual. Thanks

  • can it download a ringtones or how to reset the phone because it refuse a knew sim card

  • My god,it`s my telephone,favorite telephone!!!!! Please,i whant one of this model,PLEASE...I`m serious,please,send it to me.It`s very good mobil.Iulian.

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  • i sell sony cmdx 1000 for 45 us $.

  • s

  • i have one of these phones for sale at a low price.who is interested in buying it e-mail me.i sell it with desktop charger ,in his original box.

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  • the phone is great, and 'tosser' obviously is. And he would probaly rather take it up the ass than win a holiday.

  • where can i by one of these sony phones

  • Please send to introducted to my

  • I bought this phone this year, for a second pre paid phone number, and i love it. I believe it's more reliable than my other Panasonic GD 92 dual band.

  • see model sony cmd 1000 for 500/- rs.

  • hellou if you have eny think to help me to open cod of this cinde of mobilies becoase my doughter clost... i cant open phone code on this mobiles. thanks very much.

  • id rather take it up the ass than buy this phone

  • This cell phone is great!