Sony Xperia X Ultra

  • Cancelled

    Android 7.0
    64GB storage, microSD slot
  • N/A 485,619 hits
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  • 6.45"
    1440x2880 pixels
  • 19MP
    Video recorder
  • 4GB RAM
    Snapdragon 660
  • 3050mAh

Sony Xperia X Ultra - Specs

Network Technology GSM / HSPA / LTE
2G bands GSM 850 / 900 / 1800 / 1900
3G bands HSDPA 850 / 900 / 1900 / 2100
4G bands LTE (unspecified)
Speed HSPA 42.2/5.76 Mbps, LTE-A (2CA) Cat6 300/50 Mbps
Launch Announced Not announced yet
Status Cancelled
Body Dimensions -
Weight -
 IP68 dust/water resistant (up to 1.5m for 30 mins)
Display Type IPS LCD capacitive touchscreen, 16M colors
Size 6.45 inches, 107.4 cm2
Resolution 1440 x 2880 pixels, 18:9 ratio (~499 ppi density)
Platform OS Android 7.0 (Nougat)
Chipset Qualcomm SDM660 Snapdragon 660 (14 nm)
CPU Octa-core (4x2.2 GHz Kryo 260 Gold & 4x1.8 GHz Kryo 260 Silver)
GPU Adreno 512
Memory Card slot microSD, up to 256 GB
Internal 64GB 4GB RAM
Main Camera Single 19 MP, AF
Features LED flash, panorama, HDR
Video Yes
Selfie camera Single 13 MP
Sound Loudspeaker Yes
3.5mm jack Yes
 Active noise cancellation with dedicated mic
Comms WLAN Wi-Fi 802.11 a/b/g/n, Wi-Fi Direct, DLNA, hotspot
Bluetooth 4.2, A2DP, LE
Radio To be confirmed
Features Sensors Accelerometer, gyro, proximity, compass
Battery   Non-removable Li-Ion 3050 mAh battery
Charging Fast battery charging 18W (Quick Charge 3.0)
Misc Colors Gray, Red

Sony Xperia X Ultra - User Reviews

  • wait a minute >18:9 display >mid-range speckz >very long boy isn't this just prototype Xperia 10?

  • C9 pro is 430, my bad

  • Comparing C9 pro with Nokia 8 , only one thing of c9 pro is ahead and that is its price . 400eur of c9 pro is nothing compared to 400 eur Nokia 8

  • just love Samsung...... because c9 pro have 6 inch screen and4000 mah battery radio .. dual SIM and memory card have another place....a lot of function and price is 28 to 40000...

  • I love Xperia X Ultra

  • Now its rumoured to be announced on MWC 2018 Sony is rumoured to ditch the OmniBalance design and adopt the new Mirai design

  • FYI MWC 2018 is in 26th Feb. Get your facts right please.

  • Well, this didn't end up being announced at MWC.. I don't think it's coming. A shame. Would have loved to have seen a successor to the Z Ultra. Thankfully Xiaomi's Mi Max series is a substitute.

  • So narrow it hurts

  • Hahaha! Been a whole year... Don't think this will happen anytime soon...

  • Sony Xperia X Ultra Beautiful Mobile

  • Oh I see. I'd prefer top and bottom bezels over having a notch in the display, but that's personal preference I guess.

  • Lol i mean top and bottom bezel...

  • Plz. GSMArena tell something about Sony Xperia X Ultra

  • What is The Sony Xperia Out of Mobile Market

  • what kind of spec's is this? Sony please don't tell that this phone is coming without OIS, and a battery less than 3500. 90% s/b: is also expected

  • Sony mobiles lack back support. Last X1 Ultra had 2700mAh , this Z Ultra is supposed to have 3050mAh. These are very few batteries. Where are their battery bank backed covers => none. Who wants to carry a 2700mAh, it cant suffice half a day. Battery covers unavailable. Another lacking is 4K feature . Almost all brands adopted it.

  • I am hoping that this is going to materialize soon. Sony needs to rebuild their smartphones, yeah! Specs wise they're up there but the look of their phones, everything is similar and nothing comes out new whenever they release one.

  • Lolz what.. the Bezels are too big... I need to zoom in so I can see them...

  • Thos bezels are so big i hope someone will remove selfie camera and get 98-100 screen to body ratio

  • Perhaps 2018.

  • Son of my Z Ultra XD

  • It is still rumoured, but next year maybe there will be a XPERIA X ULTRA, and they could have a new bezeless design

  • As of mid september, above 16Mp and high ppi phones with large screen are not available even in the rumor mill. I would like to see in the nearest future Sony Xperia X Ultra in the market. I found S8+ 's 12Mp single cam weak, also Note 8 has two lesser 12Mp cams. Technically megapixels do not add to make 24Mp.

  • Holly craft, i cant wait to lay my hands on this Beast of the Moment. all i know is that Sony will always keeping it real for sour.

  • Why so let Sony Xperia X Ultra

  • I also love xiaomi phone, but they aren't that popular, except in developing country because if their price to performance ratio,.

  • They got their charms, i suppose lol speaking for myself, i was a long time Samsung fan-boy, but not anymore, now it's all about Chinese phones. Would love to see Xaomi mi note 3 or 3 pro with a 6'' screen or so, love love Xiaomi mi note 2, just wish the screen were bigger.

  • Please tell something about lanch date

  • Explain vivo and oppo success than... I'm waiting with my popcorn

  • great phone...!!! but the size matters

  • True fact will always stand, good quality phones will always sell more and long last in the market than the mediocre ones. no matter how much fancy-pasted marketing you put into, if the quality of the phone is no good, then people will eventually know and word-of-mouth travels fast and you're crappy phones are not really sold anymore, that's just how it is. Quality is always testament of time.

  • Better phone doesn't mean more sale, better marketing translate to better sale

  • in contrast to your saying, so look at how much profits they make on each phone model and how much potentially they could have made only if the phone is nice and with nifty features. use brain and conventional common sense and make better phone and sell more of it. just a simple fact of reality check. you can hardly compete in the fast market if you'll just look at lame sense of it but not what people want.

  • Sony Xperia X Ultra with Android 7.0 Why not with Android 8.0

  • U know that this smartphone is still rumoured right? Facepalm

  • why took sony so long to release this ultra, is it cancel like z4 ultra?

  • I think so too, nice device

  • Cavemans thats correct. Our most richest persons on the earth will always find a solution how to become even more rich and rob poor people. For example an enine working on clear water from ypur sink at home has been developed 50 years ago but the man who made it has been gone from the world. Someone get rid of him so countries like Saudi Arabia could earn from petrol until its depleted forever.

  • Solar panels are cheap nowadays because government are working on renewable energy. They would spent billions of dollar on R & D because they can sell the patents and earn back..... Phone company have attempt to integrate solar panel on phone years ago but it is not feasible. So they spent money to improve on battery and energy saving processor. For your information, our current technology is limited by the battery and will be in the future. When our fossil fuels depleted, we will all be back to caveman. xD

  • This would be a great replacement for my Xperia Z Ultra. Hope they release it soon.

  • I love the Z Ultra the X Ultra looks like a super nice phone

  • This is a midranger smartphone. All Ultra phones from Sony are midrangers

  • This looks like a good replacement for the Z Ultra. Here's hoping.

  • I'll be patiently waiting for this.

  • need procesor snapdragon 835 and little bether battery

  • So let say you are right but truth is one device can outcome many others. Like mobile phone. If technology comes this way after like 50 years we all will be marked like cattle's for monitoring :-) Now its difficult to have some privacy. You never know who can see you or hear you. Like google earth technology allows you to watch anyone anywhere via satellite.

  • Navigation, camcorder, camera won't be pulled from market, i can confirm that, only the market share will drop

  • Battery should be needed but not needed to replace I.E. battery consumption will be much lover. Same for a lot of other things. Like for example new Iphone has wireless earphones. So the company will save on making plugs. And noone will need the plug. Like 20-30 years ago we had walk-mans camera which needed audio cassettes. Theses has been erased from market by CDs, then DVDs, came and now blue-ray media we have. Soon everything will be streamed directly by internet and noone will ever needs any of theses. Everything going out from market and not new going in. Like mobile phone pulled out from market Navigation, Camera, Recorder and lot other things.

  • That's maybe the case, but when the solat panel is cheap, the circuitry is not, and don't forget even it powered by solar, it still need battery if not, how will you use your phone in the home, at night or just laying in the table when not in use while you use, so battery still needed

  • Man maybe you dont know but phone working on solar technologies exists. Instead of classic alluminium chasis its have solar panels which powers the battery. You dont need to charge it at all. Zou just need any form of a light. 1x1 meter of solar panels cost like 200 USD but 1x1M of solar panels its enough for maybe 20 phones. And now you have a cheap made technology which makes phone runs till its dies forwer. Thats for an example. But if we implement this tech into mass production noone will ever buy new battery or replace.

  • Seem's you are into conspiracy, but that suppose to make it easier for you to understand how money work, nowdays, what you make need to be patented so other will not copy even it only concept without any working prototype, and patent isn't cheap, the fact that patent even have expired date also doesn't help, that goes one money, also testing thing isn't easy, program will let you know if a thing work or not but it won't tell you what's wrong, beside there are many technology, i know that, you just make my point clear that there are many technology out there that are not for mass market, in fact we have a battery that can last a month with a single charge and take a minute to fully charged it at the size if smartphone but the material is very expensive + manufacturing process, even nowday a $700 price tag is big for a phone(it is) but think what it has, our phone actually can serve as mini satellites as it has the processong power for that

  • So i was right. Phone isnt car thats true but these iprovements or research are everywhere the same just a different product. Anyway testing its like PC diagnostic. You run program and the program get results for you. And i dunno like in your country but in mine is diagnostic for free. Because plug phone to PC and let program do all the work for you can do every noob. And if we call about new technology to be honest theres lot more technology you have no idea its exist but maybe only for millitary or special forces. Implementing something for causal people is not in the thing of a day. You really have no idea how powerfull technologies exists but noone is willing to implement them for causal people for lots of certain reasons. Just for your information for example engine which work on casual water you can found everywhere (even a rain water can be used) has been developed and manufactured 40 years ago. But these greedy oil barons get rid of the man who make this engine for a simple reason. Noone would need to use gas anymore in cars, buses, planes and so on. And there are lot more techs which maybe never come into the world due to same reason. Nikolai Tesla had same idea. Now where he is dead and ended like beggar. And there are lot more stories i know but i rather cant tell for a certain reasons. Have a nice day man.

  • Son Of a Bitch SONY!, add more battery in there, the phone is big with a skimpy battery. always hit and miss, otherwise this one would be very nifty indeed.

  • First, This is a mobile phone, not car Secondly, improving something doesn't necessarily cheap. Why? Because improving need compatibility and compatibility doesn't fall from the sky, they can make any additional feature and improvement they want but first they must test it to make sure it actually work because they are working with software, any small mistake can cause it to misbehave and worse, crash that may result in permanent system corrupt, if we talk about car, yes it small improvements, but, the small improvement need to be make sure that it properly integrated to the base one, cause we don't want our car explode in the middle of the road didn't we? Beside watching tv documentary is not the same with actually developing it, it may seem like it easy cause the one doing it is the pro, but in reality, it a lot harder and stressful to make thoso "small improvements" If we are talking about premitve era of technology, it may be easy as there is so much ro develop but nowdays, theyre barely anything to develop, mostly what can we do is improving today technology, like Gigabyte LTE, DRAM camera, etc

  • Man truth is theses companies like to rob people. Research is research in here i understand something tottaly new. For example Buggati Veyron and Chiron are 10 years away from first to second model and the second model got motor from first one just with some improvements. Whole chasis and everything else is based on first model just with some improvements. How i know that? I watched in tv series were they was making new buggati from beggining till final step. And price difference is over a million eur between Veyron and Chiron. And it took Buggati 10 years to make new one. Mobile technology is same. They always improve old until something completely new is developed which noone seen ever before. And to be honest improve old wont cost so much they ask for. Like Android android 7 is based on 6. There are just few improvements and android its google made but lots of apps you find in your phone are from other manufacturers so. Google dint need to pay all the expenses lots of other companies which wants to have their product in android as an application paid google to do that. Like facebook, messenger and so on. With other componnents its a similar. Many companies made something until one major company complete the product to whole. Now try to say i am wrong. Have a nice day dude.

  • I always look forward to this kind of phone, as an xperia z ultra user we find if very useful this kind of device. For people who hates to bring tablet but or not satifisfied with 5" display, this phone is really the answer. What I noticed on the opinion are a lot were complaining about the price or costing of the device. But people should realized that costing is not always about the sum total of the parts in making the device. But the compensation is also for the people who's mind are behind in every innovation. If you developed or improved a certain part of technology even you will put a high price tag. Anyways the phone are for the avid fans, and loyalist of the brand but if it happens you are not one them, its better to have a transparent opinion with a kind tone.

  • Manufacturing price is less than $100? That the most uneducated thing i ever heard How about the cost of developing the product, testing it, r&d and stuff? Believe me, if this you call "greedy big company" doesn't charge extra, they won't have the money to make all those technology in the so call "affordable and non greedy chinese company" The chinese can do that because they didn't have to charge extra cause they didn't develop anything other thann skinning android, which also they get it by free from google, so google still need money to develop the android, which is powering almost all of smartphone brand, apple need money to futhur develop their ios security(though their price can be a little less supposely), sony need money to develop their imx camera, samsung need money to make the display or making today chipset possible, In return we get a code to drive a system that powered by android and ios, we get an advanced camera that rival point and shoot camera, a great display and powerful yet low power & efficienct SoC, all in one package we call smartphones, while the "affordable chinese company" just buy and snap in, take other design and voila! You get a smartphone You suppose to be grateful that all of this "greedy company" want to sell at all, their money and time consuming, developed product to the chinese company, if not, our smartphone today wont be this complete For example, developing a camera sensor cost at least $100,000 Imagine developing a complete new soc

  • Same like sony or apple. For Example battery of iphone 6 even a new one on average usage last up to 8 hours. Which is not event a half day. And anything which isnt apple isnt supported. Like memory cards or so. Even a powerbank isnt supported because its not apple genuine. Crap. Samsung is maybe even worse. They create billions of products each year and sell for super expensive because they hope they can. They making so fast they stop care about quality. Only quantity matters. Stupid.

  • Still holding on to my 3+ year old Z Ultra. C'mon Sony... let the X Ultra have Adreno 540.

  • Samsung is joke with its childish design and laggy software.

  • Seriously? 3000mah battery for a 6.45 inch display??

  • Like lenovo. But they use money with all the cleverness sony invest everywhere and so they are so expensive. They dont care where to spend money only how to rob people. They were expensive from beggining. They think they are Vertu or something like that. But if we compare price and specs its a joke. Whole Sony is Joke.

  • Hi Seriously!? Take it: those are ugly lanky looking Spicy Stir Fried Octopus inc phone right there... in this moment X Ultra is just a concept and this just concept is very nice also it has good looks! With looking ahead...

  • I'll wait till Sony add a 4000mah battery in more then 6inches smartphones and also hope it'll be available in not more then 500dollars.

  • That's one ugly lanky looking sushi inc phone right there...

  • Lets all have a "Har Har" with your "old" lady in the back...

  • It's not being positioned to beat its sibling flagship model buddy. Rather than that, I think it's ridiculous that a 6.4" chassis can't fit a 4000mAh battery instead.

  • What are you talking about. Sony's phones have minimal side Bezels already, Look at Xa ultra or the new releases. And with the concept art image of this X ultra you can see that it will have minimal bottom/top Bezels too. And the screen ratio will be something like that of S8. This 6.45 inch won't be as huge as you think it is. Much smaller than Xperia Z ultra.

  • No OIS, no samoled display. X ultra is just a copy cat of Samsung S8+

  • This seems perfect , unless they omit the fingerprint sensor Hope that the price is between is below 500 bucks

  • Well then tell me the last time you got a security patch for your phone.Cause Sony provided monthly security patches.And please man!These companies do invest this money on both advertising and research.And you should check for other brands as well.......

  • I am having Lenovo and they release updates often so i am satisfied. I am using my Lenovo phone from 5.10.2015 and still working with top glance. Anyway why pay 2-3 times for for same product if other company can make the genuine same for much less. If apple releases Iphone 8 and ask for Iphone 8 5000 dollars everybody will buy because its iphone in present era noone cares. They are like drug addicted. And these dealers lnow how to charm people.

  • Dream or not its real and possible. And manifacturing price is less than 100 i know it and i can prove it rest is greed of company. Its not that Chinese sells cheap. Chinese wants to earn money and so they sell for affordable price. But other non chinese companies sells for much more because they like to rob people. If Iphone 8 will release for 5000 dollars everybody will buy it because is Iphone. Thats the difference between greed and using a brain.

  • Sony it self is bug. Because its sony price is astronomical dude.

  • Sony perfects their product not like other brands using updates to fix all kinds of bugs on their phones.

  • Damn,... Add some more battery life, a Snap 835 and an iris,... this phone will rock

  • dude! it's just a 'rumor'.. can you read?

  • It seems like you have no idea on how Sony deals with battery life. You surely don't :D

  • display 6.45 battery 3000 stupid Sony

  • Alright, so it's KitKat Let me apologize for that mistake But again, other than OnePlus, whose Chinese OEM/s can offer the same amount of support? Even Samsung, LG, HTC, and Asus give better support

  • This will be a really huge phone... Sony design usually comes with big top and bottom bezel not to mention big side bezel.... HUGE!!!!

  • Why is the battery capacity always small. SOny is Now a Yobo

  • I 110% want to BUY this X Ultra (I hope they make a IP68 Dual Sim version) Sony, You could be No.1 (if) You make WaterProof Phones again (like Samsung & iPhone) stop apps starting in the background (give control to the user) make a Basic Tough Phone with Big Button theme and long battery life for older people (like my Granny) make your Devices easy to Root (So People can Play)

  • A star trek like community is no other than a dream, a dream that all hardworking people want, but just look the fact, manufacturing a single product is cost way much than a 100 dollar, and that only for material cost, not accounting the overhead cost of operating the plant, account the software development cost and the royalties that had to be paid to certain company, blame the strict patent licensing, because of that royalties had to be paid just to use some tech, if chinese copyright patent law is strong, most of chinese product will be sued right away by you know what company, fact is Chinese government even encourage local company to copy other, so there's a big cut in development cost, and the biggest cost in making smartphone is development cost and advertising, heck OnePlus and Xiaomi are the only company that can pull a flagship grade smartphone at a fraction of the proper flagship price, company like vivo and oppo had some overpriced stuff in their lineup, even a 720p mediatek phone cost almost $500, and the highlights is the selfie camera which is debatable in its quality, so where the extra money go? The same thing goes with the two, advertising since paying the celebrity to advertise their products is not cheap isn't it, also huawei is a chinese brand and it not cheap either

  • So far way better than Chiang Chung bros (Samsung+Lg) xD Excellent job Sony !

  • Man clean up your glasses if you check the Sony Z2 at GSM arena it started with Kitkat not jelly bean and many phones had support like this. Oneplus One also supports from kitkat to marshmallow and its still chinese. And there should be lot more but i am tired of searching for you. In era of first oneplus. One mobile came out as a superstar and all other phones were left as shades in wain.

  • Nope. I am speaking of new era where rich and poor will be equal. Its like a Star trek movie. Money doesnt exist and are gone for good to history books and tales for our children and grand children. Whole population forks and live for passion and joy of whole population. This system where rich are even richer and poor begging for money and starving on streets will end very soon. Anyway just for your information Manufacturing price of Iphone 7 is less than 100 dollars. But developing and constructing all the components and then under one roof making a phone from them, advertising, people wages cost of transport shipping and a lot lot more make this phone one of most expensive. Even a manufacturing price is really low. Its same like gas. In Saudi Arabia gas cost 0,01 eur per litre. In US 2 dollars. Sony and Samsung is Same. Manufacturing i mean basic price is much much lover than selling price. But because everybody needs to earn on sales final price is ridiculously high.

  • I like this, since s8 released I imagine if sony create a similar look but with Xperia XA design of the first type with a thinner bazel top bellows like S8 must be very beautiful

  • I see... You are describing a cheap device that you proud of

  • Man i am dont need to blame them. Samsung Note7 was beggining soon all these co called leaders of market will follow. I dont need to do anything dices were thrown long time ago. Only i need is to wait till time come. Clocks ticking tik tak tik tak.

  • Bad ration they made a chocolate phone with nice look but bad usability.

  • Writing this from Sony Xperia z original. "View is nice "

  • Guy it's stupid shit to blame Sony apple or other company for this situation it's the chines government who responded for this. But if chines support they government that means thay ok with this. If you want changes you have to start it by yourself and not waiting for some one who wil do it for you!

  • A proud Chinese advertiser -IP Rating -Stereo Speakers (HTC or LG level) -AMOLED screens (that outperform Samsung's) And I can still continue Is there any Chinese phone with those features in one? I'd not ask for an up-to-Android-Z support, but I'll get one that can match the Xperia Z2's length of support (JellyBean to KitKat to Lollipop to Marshmallow)

  • Hard to say. That top bezel is probably housing some sort of speakers or, again, it's just a concept.

  • This are just rumors lol

  • I am not highlighting Chinese i am trying to say these dumb companies you mentioned are greedy as hell. Maybe you never saw it but in 2011 a video came out of nowhere in one of the largest china warehouses where they manufacturing Apple products. These Chinese workers were treated as slaves working 18 hours a day with 10 minutes break time for lunch and for a minimum wages. When this video came out Steve Jobs came before people from news and magazines and said this will definitely stops. But truth is no-one of Apple CEO came to any of these warehouses to do something and these people still works as slaves and company robs them. Because everyone wants money and leaders have always some pawns to spare. Samsung and Sony are not different. In my country people works for Samsung. They work really hard at least they have 30 mins of break time but still for very low salary and often do over shifts. Again Samsung or these who stands behind Samsung are extremely rich and the pawns are starving on the streets living from bare pay and from one wages to another without even a chance to buy family holiday once a year. You know what happens if someone from Company founders comes to visit? It will ask why these people must work so hard and for so low. And any of warehouse manager will say. They are happy to have a work because without us they have nowhere to do and they will work for even less. Rather give money to me and i will raise your productivity. So its always like this. World is full of kings and pawns no-one between exists. Trust me or not. Its your choice but i am stand to my words which i am able to prove.

  • How when? Saw many sony mobiles in my life and they are everything else but not a god. Man wake up. Its just your dream.

  • 6.45" screen on a 'weird' aspect ratio would be taller than the S8+, also Sony didn't seem to cut the top bezzel. I can't imagine how tall this phone would be.

  • FYI, products are assemble from many components...and where does those components come from? China. China already surpassed USA economics.. And China is already catching up with other countries, including German craftsmen skills. Exclude creative/innovative, their reverse engineering skills is no.1 in the worlds, they can copied new product within 1~2 weeks. Please stop being frog in the well. In additional, Chinese brought over Japanese tech firms for their technology and setup the factory in China.

  • Can't hardly wait to get it.

  • Don't group Sony with Apple and Samsung. Sony is a god amongst company.

  • Hope that: this phone is not only a concept also Sony Zeus! Both are impressive especially Sony Zeus

  • Don't try to highlight Chinese Johny come lately tech,China in technology will never be able to catch up, Boeing, Siemens, bosch,Mercedes, swatch, Nike,so it's not supposed to push away any of IPHONE OR SONY products, even Samsung is lucky to be here somewhere let alone those Chinese new commers

  • I like big phones but good big phones. This one is as good as pile of rubbish made of plastic, glass and aluminum. So definitely no. Era of Sony Samsung Apple and so is going to an end. From good to worse. Soon noone buy phones from these brands.

  • Agree. Even a low Sony model will cost monthly wages. Sony is expensive company and they think they making quality products like Samsung or Apple. But truth is in present era even a quality products lasts only as long as your guarantee and then you have to replace your device or renew :-)

  • Nope this is new beggining of sony. Or new end. Big phone with super small battery.

  • This one made in Japan or china? Hopefully made in Japan

  • Everyone who hates 21:9 screens also hate cinemas/theaters as well

  • Gsma proves that doesn't it.... Waiting for current gen Xperia device to break 80 hour endurance rating barrier

  • Yes, Again and again and again! X Ultra is impressive actually! 3050mAh = 5000mAh in your favourite Chinese phones!

  • If 3050 mAh is impressive you are blind

  • It is too big, why sony not made size between 5 and 6 , many user prefer size 5.5 or 5.7.almost standard size . sony must see A and C series of samsung it is popular and it is very good features for mid-range

  • This phone would fit in my pockets but as long as it have 3050 mAh battery not only I but noone else will be interested. This phone is nightmare. Like whole company which making phones with stupid small batteries.

  • Huge bezel?? Lol what are you blind?? Also its much better looking than a shitsung!

  • hope fully Sony uses high performance CPU & battery not less then 4000 Ma h li on

  • everything is OK.. bt battery suck the mobl

  • Very tall phone. Screen is too long and huge top and bottom bazels. This phone won't fit in any pocket for sure.

  • Does it have hard keys, damn it would be disappointment

  • I wonder when it's going to come out ,it's almost got the same specs as the XZ Premium

  • Finally Sony is coming out with another big ultra. I been waiting for a long time for another great phone from Sony. I still have my Z Ultra and I still love it and I have a Pixel but the Pixel is to small I like big Phone's. Let's hurry up with this Phone Sony it's been almost 4 years since Z Ultra. I hope waiting this long for a new big ultra was worth it. I love the Google pixel but it is too small. I was always a Sony phone buyer. Except for the Google Pixel and that is a great Phone and I still love my Sony Xperia Z Ultra but it is getting old I'm ready to upgrade that Phone.

  • Nice remote control

  • Looks awesome

  • 3050mAh is enough! Still you do not know that smartphone is smartphone is not TV is not desktop is not console...

  • Wow. a brilliant mid range phone.

  • WTH battery indeed :)

  • yeah right dream phone - battery 3050 WTH

  • Hopefully it's use snap835 for cpu :)

  • This is just a dream phone.Don't think it would come in real

  • I want this phone to happen. Expecially with this display and latest sony camera.

  • I dont really care about chinese oems. I have trust issues with them so I never considered them (but this is just a personal issue). I just want a small yet powerful phone. Only the iPhone 7 suits all the things I want. I have held it and it actually fits my hand for one handed use so its the only thing I want right now.

  • Hopefully that xz compact is real to even things out.

  • Up to 5 to 6 inch

  • Precisely, I don't understand why the top and bottom bezels are just too big... I hope Sharp refreshes their Aquos range, I'm stuck with the Aquos Xx... And with XiaoMi copying the Xx while taking the crown, I was hoping Sony or Panasonic give a comeback, but no, they're clueless in the design language... Fujitsu and NEC locks themselves in Japan... Samsung and LG seems to be the only player doing what people wants (except exploding), though I got a feeling Lenovo is going to surprise many since they already had a working concept foldable screen phone... Huawei is playing their expertise game... Not gonna mention about the countless other brands making their existence known...

  • Isn't this just a concept by someone, I saw it on xperiablog. They clearly stated it is just a concept.

  • Sony xperia chenelyn of the galaxy XYZ ultra saber

  • I'll definitely buy this one!

  • As you speak, it is probably already too late! :/

  • It's almost as if this phone, the LG G6, and the Samsung Galaxy S8 are punishment from the phone god who reigns above for my heretical comments about how much I hate how much phones have increased in size in the past four years.

  • Samsung and LG doesn't do that by their own will. Google tell them to do that.

  • I have the XA and the big bezels actually makes the phone taller and uncomfortable for small hands. Makes me wonder why Sony didnt utilize these enormous bezels for dual front facing stereo speakers. If they had, it would hav been alright.

  • Sony is doing April Fools all wrong

  • Always that problem we encounter with SONY smartphones, battery capacity choices are always bad.

  • Hahahahaha reminds me of the old iPhone 5 parody video the length of it lol

  • Sony Lightsaber X Ultra

  • It is a regular (among many other similar) services that generates a clip with the desired text:

  • I hope this elongated screen crap is fake. I hate it so much. I only believe in normal smartphone aspect ratios. Its Samsung and LG that started this shit and i hope it doesn't spread anywhere else.

  • U r right damn good

  • 6.45" and only 3050 mAh battery. Really?!? What a piece of sh*t design that is.

  • All feature and specifications are Tremendous 👌💃 but battery should be of min 4050 or otherwise if possible.....Launch it as early as possible and Crash the mobile Market 😀💐🌹&#127­758;🙋

  • Regardless my Next Sony cell if released in USA 2017!!

  • 2017 Sony Remote Control

  • Considering how XZ is high tier, X is supposed to be the Mid/High tier, so is expected this device. Also, considering that XA Ultra is so popular in some countries it was expected a Snapdragon version. And seems that there are leaks.. So XZ Compact is hard to see, but is possible to see the X1 Compact with Snapdragon 660.

  • my option is dont buy any low or midrange phone from sony because of you need to wait a few months for new updates for example I have Sony Xperia XA Ultra since I bought there was only 2 updates, they promised us nougat will come early 2017 so you can calculate from july to may, still waiting for nougat

  • The name "X Ultra" is very unlikely, maybe "XZ Ultra" Sony Mobile has got to the XZ line, the Z and X lines are nothing more than history.

  • Where is this from? Like XZ Compact , no rumour to support it...

  • Gflex

  • My Next Sony cell in 2017!!!

  • Sony will never actually make a practical phone for reasonable price

  • Its just a concept by some designer (no matter who he is). Its unbelievable to think that Sony would give us a ultra-low bezel phone. I like Sony and I would love such a phone. But the chances of it happening don't really seem that high. Happy with what they bringing for now.

  • 6.45 inch 1440 res screen and 3050 mAh battery ? are they for real ?

  • Damn that picture with spiderman... hope that's real, but scrap the onscreen logo and give it a bigger battery.

  • you asking sony to lessen the bezel? why dont you just get the S8 then. if all oem go for that design language then all phone will surely look all the same in the near future. Sony has their own design which i really love it also look very sturdy and futuristic to me. Besides xperia XA looks really good though, very sexy. how i wish sony put the specs of Xperia XZP on the XAUltra :(

  • Wow what a battery beast! Well done Sony for fitting such a large 5030mah battery inside a phone. oh wait, it's 3050mah

  • 6.45 inch and a 3050 mah ... yeah right :D

  • Ugh why are red Sony phones not in high end models

  • More like LG started it with the G6. But i do remember long phones from LG over 5 years ago. I think it was like a chocolate bar. Not sure of the name.

  • How did you do that admin? I mean the GIF animation then reroute to Google search? Really nice :)

  • I'm not really a fan of this elongated aspect ratio. I mean, full screen does not apply on photos and videos (unless you zoom them, which will massively cut other parts from view). But I guess since Samsung started it with S8 other brands will follow suit.

  • I hope sony make future bezeless x compact 5inch in the current x compact frame. S8 are beautiful but no need to be that long.

  • Its already launch all mobile of sony mwc..

  • THis concept photo has fingerprint on the side

  • Sony xperia x has smooth corner..but people used to call it brick or box

  • small device, sony make something bigger.

  • For you information..that photo is just a concept.You can found it on xperiablog

  • The stupid thing is that most contents are always in either 16:9, the standard of almost all contents, or 21:9, the movie ratio in cinemas. To my honesty, 16:9 is easier to scale up to 21:9 than 18:9 or the even more stupid 18.5:9 by Samsung

  • My next phone :v

  • Wow sony smoothed the corners. It looks nice and from a dream. Although 3000mAh is a flop especially if they use 1440x2560. A9 pro got 5000mAh for a 6incher. 4000mAh for this phone at least.

  • Where did this device come from? I like Sony, I use the brand a lot and was actually complaining that they weren't putting much attention in their phablet arena. Then suddenly this phone appears out of nowhere. Its about time..!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Thank you for being nice to me and to that information to enlighten me

  • Huh? Since when did I claimed that everybody dreams of SD660?

  • It has a gaddam fingerprint on the side

  • Gods??

  • Please don't tell me these stupid aspect ratios are going to become normal now with the S8 fiasco!

  • Great phone if it have a fingerprint sensor.... Plzz make it a little bezeless from bottom but don't remove Sony tag from front bcoz after this it looks very bad.. Ugly...may be a new Sony era begins in future

  • Looks weird phone, and still no fingerprint censor..

  • no fingerprint sensor Really again Sony come on it's 2017

  • Just use your brain:

  • everyone dreams of sd 660...

  • I hope this phone is true. But with bigger battery of course and new design.

  • It has a 21:9 aspect ratio. Which means it is THE PERFECT size for watching movies. 99% of movies are recorded in a 21:9 aspect ratio. - ... and the bezels are SUPER thin. -

  • COme from xperiablog..xperiablog said it is just a concept.21:9ratio

  • Sony phones are dump phone. All comes with a small battery capacity.

  • I'm guessing you also complained about the "huge bezels" on the XZs / XZ Premium. People are never satisfied...

  • Nothing but another bar of plastic and what not with android running in it , Sony mobiles should come up with some true innovations if they wanna get back to top levels in the market ...

  • What is this? I'm a Sony fan, but where did this come from? Not even XperiaBlog reported this, at least not yet Is this a GSMArena Writer's dream Sony phone or so?

  • Gods , look at that pill shaped phone. Why don't they just retire this ridiculous aspect ratio? Basically no content actually support it, it merely helps to pretend that you have a bigger screen (you actually ain't , it's only more elongated).

  • X Ultra is truly Impressive!